Đồng nghĩa của old

Alternative for old

older, elder, oldest, eldest, olds

Đồng nghĩa: abandoned, aged, ancient, antique, elderly, former, mature, obsolete, outworn, stale,

Trái nghĩa: new, young,

Tính từ

(of a person) Having been in existence for a long time
elderly mature aged older senior grey grizzled hoary ancient decrepit doddering doddery ripe senescent senile superannuated venerable septuagenarian ageing aging geriatric octogenarian unyoung nonagenarian centenarian gray matured abiding long-lasting longevous advanced in years along in years getting on gray-haired grey-bearded grey-haired in one's dotage long in the tooth no spring chicken not as young as one was not long for this world not young of age on in years over the hill over-the-hill past it past one's prime up in years long-lived age-old antediluvian hoar antique immemorial dateless timeworn as old as the hills olden old-fashioned not as young as one used to be long-standing feeble traditional very old antiquated archaic deep-rooted weakly out-of-date of advanced years frail oldie long-established rusty retired past your prime time-honored established faltering of a certain age anile outmoded enfeebled cobwebby primeval worn ancestral primaeval been around creaky past old-time pensioned time-honoured lot of mileage mossy time-worn moth-eaten on last leg old as the hills pensioned off advanced usual customary childhood from way back long forgotten outdated obsolete bygone middle-aged patriarchal primordial white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly vintage well-established tired declining relic worn-out full of years passé on its last legs dotard shot ripened long in tooth weak past your sell-by date of an advanced age wasted debilitated infirm senior citizen worse for wear from the past fogyish incapacitated weakened tottering old as Adam former crippled fragile in second childhood in your dotage emeritus ex- early conditioned seasoned major out of shape discharged classical ageless enduring historic in bad shape anachronistic lasting first ritual dated put out to grass mouldy clunky earliest moldy ritualistic fixed rooted Elder I First of yore timeless resigned in retirement emerita prehistoric atavistic forever old hat tried and true tried and tested of long ago horse and buggy leading above high-grade oldest higher over primary eldest first-born centuries old the elder mellow rooted in the past next higher more advanced

Tính từ

(of clothes) Has been worn or used many times over a long period of time
worn worn out shabby threadbare holey torn frayed patched tattered ragged yellowed out of date outmoded cast-off démodé tatty hand-me-down moth-eaten old-fashioned scruffy decrepit dilapidated seedy ratty battered tatterdemalion raggedy worn-out tumbledown neglected mean tacky well worn beat-up dog-eared mangy worse for wear grungy dumpy faded miserable timeworn scrubby sleazy run-down unkempt down-at-heel down-at-the-heels bombed-out in tatters having seen better days warby raggedy-ass shoddy untidy falling to pieces weather-beaten worn to shreds down at heel in rags falling apart at the seams the worse for wear ripped decayed used rent damaged scraggy dingy poor in shreds shaggy frazzled deteriorated in holes out at elbows ruined poorly made gone to seed badly worn full of holes badly dressed beaten-up scuzzy outworn ancient seen better days split rundown ragtag crude desultory unpressed shredded contemptible unfinished down at the heel grubby dowdy dirty in ribbons broken-down sorry crumbling time-worn grotty disfigured rickety bedraggled degenerated meager tired ruinous desolate bare decaying poverty-stricken meagre deteriorating pitiful slipshod overused run down overworked busted destroyed dinged totaled lined clapped out wizened poorly maintained wrung out pegged out well-worn on its last legs worn-down impaired injured frowzy used-up down-at-the-heel beat up broken rugged torn to pieces in disrepair unravelled unravelling unraveling distressed worn thin unraveled worn through cut lacerated slit severed cracked separated fractured ruptured wrenched mangled cut open sliced slashed cleaved snapped burst gashed decrepit. in ruins ramshackle falling apart broken down falling down

Tính từ

Characterized by outdatedness and something that's not trending at the moment
outdated obsolete outmoded tired dated unfashionable unhip demode oldfangled relic rusty behind the times on its last legs out-of-date out of style old-fashioned antiquated archaic outworn antique out of date ancient superannuated obsolescent bygone antediluvian prehistoric anachronistic passé medieval old hat mossy old-time quaint mediaeval moth-eaten out of the ark old-fangled defunct fossilized mouldy moldy demoded out of fashion old-world fossilised past moribund clunky creaky dead out vintage musty neolithic kaputt Noachian kaput superseded fusty former prehistorical primitive Stone Age vieux jeu olde worlde old-school extinct backward-looking retro aged horse-and-buggy not with it feudal old-fogeyish square retrograde old-timey past it crusted traditional olden frumpish rinky-dink frumpy square-toed disused conservative behindhand passe has-been stale worn-out corny timeworn past its sell-by date horse and buggy historical discarded discontinued old-hat of old démodé out-of-style not current dowdy passé hoary of the old school fallen into disuse antwacky of yore overused anachronous dusty forgotten as old as the hills odd vanished nostalgic unstylish neglected rococo disapproved period not modern grown old old-style of olden days out of it expired last year's elderly decrepit no longer in use retrogressive crusty immemorial historic backward back-number age-old past its prime very old old as the hills anachronistical done to death faded antiquarian exhausted cobwebby worn out unpopular hackneyed broken-down geriatric threadbare parachronistic evocative out-of-fashion gone obscure deprecated dinosaur fossil backwards of yesteryear dateless venerable hoar hacky remote back number abandoned picturesque clapped out fogeyish having seen better days antediluvial lapsed dry as dust primeval primordial classic had it done for old fashioned no longer used in period style old world primaeval enduring timeless boring dull heritage ageless previous dead and gone gentlemanly courteous veteran wiped out bypast past one's sell-by date late redundant one-time long-gone waning declining unemployed stagnant nonextant ended chivalrous ceremonious courtly classical gallant craft unremembered erstwhile unrecalled ex- dying out gothic barbaric inactive disappearing becoming obsolete ageing way back way back when latter-day lost lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion on the wane on the way out senescent undesirable on the decline aging growing old going out of use going out of fashion no longer active overfamiliar

Tính từ

Marked by having extensive life experiences
mature wise sensible experienced knowledgeable well versed familiar accomplished capable competent hardened master practiced practised professional qualified seasoned tested trained tried versed skilled skilful skillful adept expert veteran full of years of long standing past your prime patriarchal well-versed worldly-wise proficient masterful masterly great virtuoso polished ace good educated consummate professed crackerjack complete pro vet gifted dexterous dextrous efficient adroit able deft talented worldly sophisticated handy habile crack clever mean compleat been around practical long-serving battle-scarred refined established weathered brilliant well trained matured ingenious genius worldly wise apt savvy versant wizard learned nifty whiz been there old hand artful workmanlike sharp bravura wicked brainy topflight delicate a dab hand at smart on the ball cool wised up quick a hand at smooth tuned in there time-served habituated certified instructed prepared toughened au fait versed in well up in tasty disciplined exercised long-time old-time inured steady knowing cultured urbane cultivated initiated knows one's stuff not born yesterday wise to ways up to speed from way back of the old school streetwise suave media-savvy unprovincial in the know well travelled having been around with experience methodic methodical systematic effectual effective fit sure-handed slick all-round all-around fitted taught well-rounded tutored multiskilled multitalented employable schooled long-term excellent fine agile first-rate nimble stellar superb outstanding first-class exceptional elite intelligent facile magnificent impressive top-notch ready suitable superior superlative faultless supreme marvellous formidable precise bright hot peerless astute neat resourceful nimble-fingered marvelous flawless impeccable demon perfect deadly accurate finished splendid world-class nippy graceful keen effortless conversant creative versatile flexible inventive active magic hotshot out of this world class up to snuff proper canny exquisite prompt big league dazzling equal dynamite ambidextrous fleet remarkable alert useful exact artistic up to it serviceable with it quick-witted lithe sharp-witted top-hole imaginative ingenuous cunning wonderful terrific tremendous lively spry immaculate pure lissom whip-smart sprightly thorough strong light-footed suited limber acrobatic supple light adaptable smashing awesome fab fleet-footed leading equipped painstaking specialist multifaceted productive acute perceptive ideal phenomenal satisfactory lightsome tip-top precocious shrewd twinkle-toed balanced very good endowed adequate many-sided discerning plastic varied mobile pliable functional elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various fast perspicacious choice crafty supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent finely judged reliable exceptionally good fluent top-drawer highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained champion crisp nimble-footed original complex complicated eligible sensational fantastic fabulous innovative powerful unrivaled intellectual businesslike strict best well-executed unrivalled inspired careful extraordinary clean innovational variable scholarly brill A1 profound erudite penetrating cerebral fertile elaborate rational lissome swift quick-moving innovatory originative Promethean zippy eggheaded whip subtle lithesome featly light-foot gracile feline brisk sly very intelligent deviceful knowing the score having know-how Einstein whiz kid sharp as a tack know the ropes on the beam class act no slouch no dummy quick on the trigger shining at quick on the uptake prodigious confident very well decent straight decisive impeccably credentialed prolific right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy well-endowed spot-on sure-fire stringent kosher quintessential exemplary ultimate mighty well credentialed pitch-perfect happy express categorical first class classic hardy voluble redoubtable virtuosic notable sure-footed glorious licensed chartered invincible indomitable hot tamale preeminent transcendent leet certificated advanced specialized switched-on well-informed acquainted inch-perfect elegant handpicked capital deluxe hep hip appropriate top topnotch distinguished super star drilled phenom sussed universal dominant perfected dynamic ultraefficient specialised organized cute sik exo easy puissant amazing well executed select beautiful enterprising intuitive insightful perfectly-executed wide-awake vigilant feasible forward supremely skilled worthy responsible astounding admirable right fitting malleable authorized having good hands having the know-how rounded sport accustomed well up receptive rangé arty untainted ten paradisiacal matchless aces utopian untarnished foolproof crowning beyond compare unmarred unequaled absolute culminating sublime paradisiac A-OK out-of-this-world stainless excelling classical defectless blameless spotless sound indefectible unblemished clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional quick-thinking licenced proved authorised accepted trailblazing razor-sharp rad phat schmick organised teachable killer useable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable sufficient know backwards and forwards highly endowed know one's onions golden desirable preferable up on pioneering the right stuff knowing one's stuff broken in adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous nobody's fool quick to learn deep observant sensitive thinking outside the box nimble-witted quick off the mark have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age all there vigorous smart as a whip wide awake mercurial quick on the draw curt wired know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know one's stuff know the answers very able know stuff well suited well qualified adapted athletic discriminating springy sylphlike tripping artsy-craftsy having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer cut out for having a knack for having the right stuff like a pistol has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task up there able to perform unflawed unequalled meticulous fastidious ground-breaking causative teeming constructive avant-garde demiurgic forgetive formative fruitful poetical breaking new ground ultra-fine dainty close finical fine-drawn dead on finicking hairsplitting orderly incorrupted finespun minute hairline definite persnickety winning detailed nice nuanced unerring particular finicky light on one's feet

Tính từ

So often used that it has become repetitive and tiresome
banal hackneyed hack trite overused overworked tired stale stereotyped clichéd platitudinous unoriginal derivative unimaginative commonplace common pedestrian prosaic stock conventional out of date outdated old-fashioned outmoded archaic obsolete defunct extinct antiquated antediluvian superannuated hoary passé arid boring cliché-ridden colourless colorless drab dreary drudging dry dull dusty flat heavy ho-hum humdrum insipid jading jejune leaden mind-numbing monochromatic monotonous numbing ponderous repetitious slow stodgy stuffy stupid tame tedious timeworn tiresome tiring uninteresting wearisome weary wearying corny antwacky hacky cut and dried fuddy-duddy old hat out of the ark played out run-of-the-mill time-worn worn out unexciting lifeless routine vapid uneventful unvaried bland uninspired plodding lacklustre lackluster uninspiring samey mundane ordinary blah unremarkable quotidian unvarying fatiguing workaday bromidic laborious characterless sterile spiritless repetitive everyday soporific well-worn deadly banausic dead lacking variety ho hum dull as dishwater as dry as dust unstimulating stereotypical monochrome wooden enervating exhausting stiff vanilla featureless prosy dullsville dreich dim draggy dry as dust well worn laboured stilted uniform threadbare turgid mediocre usual soul-destroying cliche unchanging wishy-washy unenjoyable unentertaining depressing shopworn labored worn-out nowhere barren nothing monotone ornery inane truistic plain vanilla lacking variation big yawn mindless safe vacuous pedantic worn feeble bloodless limp forced predictable weak unrelieved normal mechanical moth-eaten hackney obligatory cobwebby musty toneless sluggish lame desolate empty dull as ditchwater weariful dragging white-bread unexceptional day-to-day dismal prolix downcast yawnsome treadmill garden variety innocuous deadly dull nondescript a dime a dozen lacking excitement lacking interest nothing to write home about no great shakes common or garden not up to much naff passé undistinctive neutral indistinct irritating annoying unlively unpassioned unmemorable unnatural awkward artificial clumsy passionless soulless serious stolid solemn boresome vexatious depressed cliched unspirited irksome cautious unanimated uninterested tepid circumspect zestless non-stimulating deadening antiseptic heavy-going formal typical customary regular prudent unsophisticated droning quiet sleepy slack staid cardboard chary bleak dowdy plain without variety stagnant middle-of-the-road garden-variety wintery raw sorrowful dispiriting damp oppressive wintry windy verbose overlong attentive monotonic all the same reiterated recurrent sing-song samely unchanged overdone simplistic crude meager meagre unproductive unprogressive inactive weighty pointless vacant timid uncreative unfeeling lusterless milk-and-water watery unexcited expressionless mat dulled unexpressive matte interminable pabulum mortal poky snooze heavy going average one-horse dead-and-alive flat as pancake puts one to sleep gingerly heedful unadventurous considerate wary calculating careful matter-of-fact uninflected hard to digest endless conservative half-pie bog-standard OK so-so unseasoned unpalatable blind sapless muted whitebread cornball ancient inoffensive unenterprising lead balloon namby-pamby unobjectionable long-drawn-out harmless mainstream hokey dime-store old-hat old-chestnut tripe out-of-date old-saw played-out halfhearted diluted leery not so hot lined aged dated decrepit boiled down without punch ragged weathered broken-down rundown familiar tune dog-eared shabby wrinkled outworn the worse for wear battered tattered frayed used pale faded subdued lustreless anaemic anemic pallid washed out grey gray somber sombre soft unlustrous dingy dark pastel apathetic torpid ashen flavorless toned down flavourless lowered faint ashy washed-out restrained listless tasteless subfusc poor subtle inadequate low-key undistinguished illustrous black understated half-hearted zero softened dull-coloured thin matt muffled stifled ineffectual ineffective suppressed unimpassioned dark-colored low hushed indifferent toned-down inaudible mild static pathetic achromatic dark-coloured unobtrusive shaded deadened light unconvincing wan run of the mill passive drivelling driveling uncolored watered-down mellow mute achromic lackadaisical washy silenced enervated indiscernible gentle lacking vitality waterish unmoved unpolished mumbled unclear flat tire imperceptible low-pitched dirty greyish lethargic puny unenthusiastic useless emotionless desiccated beige hollow futile strangled unburnished profitless bleached flimsy cold unsuccessful plebeian unromantic fruitless vigourless shallow clear paltry inexpressive etiolated tenuous grayish distasteful unappetizing savorless unsavory languid gloomy smothered uninventive derived unimpressed implausible whispered obscure irresolute slothful deadpan inept mousy indecisive muddy meek inarticulate lacking in vitality languorous unintelligible sober heavy-handed unsavoury unhearable without color long prosing nonglossy bummer drag cloying drear bomb second-rate inferior inert impotent powerless least Milquetoast unmodulated undemonstrative wordy long-winded earthbound trying frustrating unartistic shadeless tingeless disinterested delicate yawn darkish filthy unimpressive unsatisfactory discoloured discolored watered down in the doldrums unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic nitty-gritty literal terrestrial unemotional factual unadorned unfateful noneventful unnoteworthy inconclusive nerdy wimpy unappealing nebbish fatuous slight reluctant perfunctory vigorless energyless unostentatious unpretentious square lurid ghastly cadaverous sickly white waxen doughy blanched livid soft-hued sooty dun grimy phoned in sludgy vain reserved two-dimensional unenergetic lukewarm unresponsive weakly trivial puerile backward unrewarding spent backwoods comatose unwilling impassive cool blasé devoid of feeling devoid of emotion worthless murky sullied tarnished opaque lacking energy greyscale grayscale aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless not shiny discreet behind the times otiose unavailing bootless inefficacious abortive murmuring insufficient hueless unfruitful unfilled unprolific inconspicuous vague diminished muttering faltering light-toned graceless inelegant sour uncoloured insubstantial unnoticeable repressed unflashy simple cream ungainly hoarse hazy fuzzy black and white tintless not in color black-and-white low-keyed gauche scarcely audible out of earshot bated ill-defined greige sand superficial unbelievable distant reedy unstressed unaccented taupe oatmeal ungraceful rough-hewn rigid uncomfortable rustic rustical uneasy spoiled droopy ecru improbable untenable questionable buff fawn gawky maladroit submissive melancholic dejected spineless languishing melancholy dispirited despondent mopy weak-kneed inconceivable sketchy unpersuasive incredible blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate unconcerned broken downhearted sad drippy bumbling unhandy inflexible obstinate unyielding unbending turned off stone-coloured indefinite stone mushroom light-colored putty down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down light-coloured stinking malodorous noisome foetid spoilt stenchy fetid dried parched reeking smelly thudding

Tính từ

Well-known or long established
enduring lasting familiar customary conventional established ritual ritualistic habitual set fixed routine usual inveterate perennial time-honored wonted historic folk ancestral age-old long-established long-lived long-standing old-time old-world time-honoured traditional classical classic accustomed rooted ancient entrenched deep-rooted popular settled regular universal proven widespread standard orthodox ingrained confirmed typical permanent respected venerable tried and true tried and tested vintage taken for granted highbrow prescriptive serious concert heavy symphonic heavyweight accepted deep-seated official dyed-in-the-wool common normal general prevailing well-established incurable expected bred-in-the-bone ineradicable deep-set hard-core intrenched deep acknowledged stable mainstream acceptable widely used recognized congenital irredeemable approved old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound stock officially recognized sanctioned true recognised secure unshakable vested persisting abiding radicated indurated persistent continuing stubborn lifelong obstinate innate sworn adamant long-lasting seasoned habituated inbred firm ordinary chronic everyday natural hardened unshakeable indelible commonplace average prevalent well established prescribed staid firmly established run-of-the-mill staunch household valid quotidian basic proved implanted frequent fundamental workaday inured going current daily garden-variety built-in characteristic inherent inbuilt hard-shell regulation unremarkable unexceptional cut-and-dried constant explicit through and through intrinsic embedded complete durable radical authorized incorrigible infixed diehard steadfast ineffaceable uncompromising inborn irremovable day-to-day authorised ceremonial methodical prosaic cut-and-dry deep-dyed systematic bona fide plain well worn formal irradicable definite steady absolute express instinctive thorough proper long-term committed thoroughgoing dedicated profound loyal faithful devoted worn unwavering correct received legal unapologetic unashamed ubiquitous understood favourite favorite ceremonious representative lawful longtime fashionable out-and-out legitimate public subconscious lingering die-hard instilled common or garden unreformable compulsive impenitent immutable inexorable unchangeable essential native constitutional true blue orderly immanent rigid card-carrying through-and-through standard-issue inexpungible full-fledged deep-down hereditary vanilla deeply felt bog-standard typic integral indigenous hardwired constitutive deeply ingrained matter-of-course ingrain mechanical automatic out and out undistinguished garden variety indwelling in-built long-living unfading determined precise time-hallowed gut unforgettable indestructible undestroyable unremovable surviving long-existing comfortable defined exact utter driven in certain longstanding strict unswerving unrepentant full-bore unfaltering right-down arrant regimented documented authoritative inannihilable staple majority overall genuine archetypal archetypical agreed mad keen shameless certified traditionary ruling boilerplate canonical deep down sop stipulated wont keen as mustard ground-in planted mimetic uneventful humdrum stereotyped reprobate ceremonialistic formalistic lodged in one's brain to the core mimic endorsed admitted one-size-fits-all same old imitative predominant unadventurous conformist obdurate unregenerate apish standard operating procedure playing it safe by the numbers in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle touted endemic doctrinal immemorial stated required unoriginal unopposed passed legit okayed preferred slavish well-known epigonic epigonous agreed upon appropriate obligatory mandatory compulsory fitting canned val emulative resolute devout in vogue tried and trusted arrived at inalienable repeated periodical periodic fervent earnest vehement stalwart wholehearted ardent unyielding formulaic methodic overused fiery torrid fanatical zealous obsessive intransigent supreme repetitious practised practiced reiterative iterated ongoing addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory consistent cyclic sicker central connate underlying elemental inherited organic structural hard-line implicit instinctual inseparable engrained unalienable inward distinctive indispensable subjective resident genetic intimate latent internal connatural individual inner elementary integrated original red-hot all-consuming predictable in one's blood in your blood hard-wired part and parcel fortified brassbound plastic rife white-bread so-so grind simple in the blood grounded dug in set firm based on

Tính từ

Lasting for a very long time, especially for the duration of one's life
lifelong enduring lasting continuing abiding eternal constant permanent immutable durable persisting persistent fixed perennial remaining steadfast firm fast established stable prevailing secure steady lifetime inveterate livelong lifetime's long-lasting deep-rooted long-lived long-standing long-term long-running all-time for life for all your life perdurable perpetual undying everlasting ceaseless immortal never-ending continual unending imperishable unceasing unchanging never-changing ongoing dateless uninterrupted endless ageless timeless incessant longstanding chronic unfailing recurrent deathless sustained annual yearly seasonal regular returning yearlong pursuing maintaining persevering sustaining progressing advancing carrying on indelible surviving ingrained irreversible changeless indestructible unfading unbroken dependable unwavering interminable non-stop unfaltering unremitting reliable inexpungible inexhaustible indissoluble sempiternal forever in for the long haul till the cows come home continuous ineradicable lingering invariable unabating settled relentless unchangeable unalterable unrelenting unyielding infinite unvarying unrelieved incurable deep-seated set strong solid continued habitual nonstop indefinite stubborn without end undeviating immovable long-established amaranthine residual inextinguishable irreparable irremediable recurring tenacious irrevocable prolonged unbreakable traditional stout confirmed living resistant sturdy standing unabated irretrievable boundless existing unflagging running unforgettable obstinate inborn ever-present inbred unrectifiable incorruptible irrecoverable toughened absolute beyond repair binding routine usual certain protracted extant repeated ineffaceable irredeemable unshakable round-the-clock immemorial heavy-duty sound illimitable hard-wearing consistent rigid unchanged unrepairable dogged severe vestigial unswerving current undestroyed final time-honored accustomed rooted unmitigated hard-and-fast infrangible resilient uniform classic sure inextirpable always time-honoured inured hopeless in existence hardened stationary resolute frequent inflexible reinforced untiring unrecoverable armoured equable never dying static indefatigable termless tireless never-ceasing inevitable armored staunch cast-iron invulnerable alive rock-solid unredeemable shatterproof made to last lost past hope beyond hope unreversible unappealable well-built well-made age-old ancient peremptory unrepealable hard set in stone incorrigible around non-breakable tried-and-true round the clock invariant unstoppable habituated undiminished tough adamantine nagging accepted entrenched even rugged infallible hardy long-drawn-out robust trustworthy true dyed-in-the-wool seasoned faithful unquenchable unsalvageable uncorrectable memorable unshakeable fated haunting steely past mending airtight unassailable incommutable predestined predetermined unwearied unfluctuating irrepressible decided neverending inalterable impregnable fortified unlimited extended limitless well-established doomed lengthy stabile conclusive safe unmodifiable same monotonous strengthened drawn-out invincible determinate written off well fortified well-founded marathon bottomless well made tried and true tried and tested long-living inseparable long-l about long-existing outstanding left behind never-dying open-ended day-and-night atemporal agelong fresh unspoiled youthful time-hallowed niggling gnawing continuing on in progress nonbreakable beyond cure in circulation serious unended still existing predictable dragging slow unsuppressible brass-bound tight pushy maintained unwaning wear-resistant repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent unflinching leftover consecutive well established unmovable world-without-end implacable dangerous acute perduring irremovable unbending sacrosanct inerasable weatherproof proved valid hard-shell staid inannihilable firmly established irradicable worn level on an even keel unvaried periodical periodic going on always-on hard and fast staying repetitive unexpungeable dire alarming extreme grave irreclaimable irreformable for keeps death-defying ever living spun-out flat adherent never-failing on a treadmill day and night interminate unwearying nonperishable phoenixlike undeadly set in concrete uncontrollable regularised regularized standardised frozen forever and a day left over fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians calm standardized without respite decisive definitive gone forever lost and gone strongly made committed fail-safe loyal surefire can't-miss unerring present well grounded staying put solid as a rock irrefutable unerasable stirring rememberable stunted imperceptible shrunken token indisputable incontrovertible definite that will never die that will live forever measureless unbounded tried oft-repeated around-the-clock immeasurable being existent responsible straight assiduous delivering there come-through rock solid diligent counted on impenetrable hard as nails stormproof knockabout heavy well-armed inviolable cohesive storm-resistant well defended well-protected impassible well protected flourishing unattackable bombproof concrete hard-bitten irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable undestroyable undestructable unruinable irrefrangible unconstrained unchallengeable ultimate untold incalculable compelling inestimable abundant abounding balanced stalwart effective determinative inexpugnable unanswerable emphatic indeterminate great trustable immensurable about in circulation to the fore unmanageable insuppressible unrestrainable uncontainable unrestrained finished unfathomable horizonless cogent not to be forgotten never to be forgotten overlong undivided fathomless indubitable honourable trusty bulletproof honorable calculable classical intractable inexorable wild having no end not stopping proven customary ritual conventional traditionary well balanced well-balanced prescriptive orthodox out of control substantial long well-defined well constructed well built well-constructed well founded doctrinal standard ritualistic widespread popular common normal stereotyped prescribed categorical extensive unrestorable expanded broad irremedial ruined destroyed cureless broken impossible irreplaceable widely used beyond recall spread out drawn out of considerable length strung out stretched out very long dragged out long-drawn

Tính từ

Belonging or happening near the beginning of a particular period
early first foundational initial original inaugural maiden preliminary antecedent earliest prior embryonic foundation prefatory raw pilot prelusive opening precursory undeveloped initiatory nascent precursive inceptive inductive preceding primitive beginning inchoate introductory young preludial trial foremost incipient test fledgling infant starting brand-new lead-in elementary primary basic rudimentary fundamental preparatory commencing germinal budding headmost developing preparative emergent initiative pioneer virgin leading leadoff emerging immature rudimental premier incomplete aborning essential primal underlying unfinished imperfect elemental proemial uncompleted provisional anterior primordial unformed primeval crude dawning growing basal hasty unpolished prime indigenous aboriginal evolving unrefined quick sketchy cursory abecedarian meat-and-potatoes autochthonous prodromal prelim rough exploratory autochthonic pristine prodromic coarse embryonal primaeval prelusory just beginning underivative underived substratal simplest uncomplicated simple unprocessed uncut rough and ready prolegomenous premature new originating seminal potential experimental advance explorative unindustrialized impending ancient readying preparing newborn prehistoric unfledged up-and-coming burgeoning in its infancy start antediluvian antique native in an early stage lower ur- proto- prefatorial preambular preambulatory larval nuts-and-bolts bog-standard radical primigenial prolegomenal exordial prototype prototypal uncomplex ABCs plain simplified simplex primo clear entry-level uncivilised unevolved barbaric uncivilized previous formless first-hand duck soup child's play meat and potatoes amorphous unshaped shapeless just begun inexact imprecise clumsy unprecise roughhewn makeshift roughly made rough-hewn roughly-made rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready

Tính từ

Which has broken down and, as a result, is no longer in working order
broken-down broken damaged defective faulty inoperative malfunctioning kaput unsound bust down non-functioning not working busted dilapidated dud finished not functioning duff in disrepair knackered rumpty acting up clapped out conked out conked-out done for gone haywire gone phut out of order playing up worn out on its last legs on the blink out of commission not in working order on the fritz inoperable shot unserviceable wonky out of whack non-functional gone kaput out of service out of kilter nonfunctional out of action broken down nonfunctioning nonoperating kaputt jiggered useless out of use inactive unusable ineffective ruined out disabled worn-out had it up the spout imperfect not functional spent dead gone haywire not in operation unavailable for use run-down fallen apart gone to pieces in the shop on the shelf not in service incapacitated given up the ghost in need of repair not in use gone bust stopped working packed up failed done in impaired flawed worthless done sunk doomed valueless inoperational non-operational unoperational off bonkers kerflooey wrecked crashed unavailable no good S U unfunctional in a state of disrepair unproductive unavailing dysfunctional scrap doesn't work bootless abortive wracked in repair decommissioned exhausted unsatisfactory weak feeble invalid ineffectual unworkable coming unglued screwed up coming unstuck nonactive inefficacious gone to pot null and void hors de combat bad amiss blemished shoddy cracked warped deficient scratched deformed torn incomplete buggy buckled idle substandard fallible unfinished gone wrong sick injured on the bum stopped distorted chipped inconsistent smashed unable to be used not operative non-active futile awry inefficient confusing silent turned off incorrect astray askew inappropriate problematic poor abnormal seconds unhealthy unreliable subnormal wrong not right unfit inferior unsellable second-rate unsaleable shabby below par partial limited crummy tenth-rate below standard immature lousy patchy undeveloped rubbish inexact ropy rudimentary sketchy disfigured not up to scratch inadequate minus junk vicious garbage lemon not up to snuff faultful low schlocky few bugs two-bit not much cop bottom-of-barrel marred

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