Đồng nghĩa của up to it


(rare) Personality traits of persons, when referring to their own ability
happy able capable competent dextrous dexterous expert gifted good learned masterful masterly proficient qualified savvy skilful skilled skillful talented trained adept adroit agile au fait balanced brilliant decent deft effectual efficient effortless experienced practised practiced serviceable smart strong hot kosher up to snuff up to speed with it pitch-perfect accomplished fit suitable virtuoso effective clever apt knowledgeable equal great adequate suited crack ace endowed habile dynamite know the ropes on the ball intelligent fitted powerful tasty cunning easy knowing bright keen ingenious equipped alert genius artful know backwards and forwards sharp highly endowed prepared know one's onions worthy ready responsible handy useful proper like a pistol having the goods having the right stuff knowing the score adapted having know-how up there knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes veteran green thumb like a one-man band able to perform old-timer equal to the task excellent polished wicked wizard magic deadly nifty mean sufficient know the answers know one's business crisp know ins and outs know the score know one's stuff all around crackerjack complete no slouch master consummate versed quick educated nimble professional exceptional compleat seasoned slick fine first-rate professed workmanlike first-class astute well versed outstanding brainy stellar delicate impressive bravura top-notch facile magnificent quick-witted sharp-witted elite whiz whip-smart perceptive neat marvellous superb nimble-fingered smooth resourceful canny discerning perspicacious marvelous fast formidable supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent all-round schooled shrewd pro all-around acute superior creative precise multitalented penetrating scholarly a dab hand at splendid big league prompt multiskilled functional precocious accurate hotshot conversant nippy versatile out of this world supreme demon superlative intellectual active quick on the uptake dazzling wise appropriate inventive class practical ambidextrous cerebral cool remarkable right fitting well-versed nimble-witted eligible ingenuous refined top-drawer sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded topflight employable wonderful terrific flexible adaptable specialist extraordinary old finely judged multifaceted peerless observant vet awesome quick-thinking erudite choice phenomenal smashing there fab profound rational satisfactory many-sided sly plastic varied mobile pliable elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various crafty quick off the mark exact tip-top wised up highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained A1 a hand at sharp as a tack meet graceful businesslike seemly tremendous becoming deep productive correct apposite befitting complex complicated feasible certified disciplined acceptable deserving pertinent relevant due mighty innovative preferable versant apropos decorous expedient rightful lively best fleet original useable correspondent applicable available usable conformable well trained highbrow ultimate just convenient equitable instructed perfect fantastic fabulous variable imaginative alive swift good enough clean sagacious teachable admirable hep wide awake sapient brisk comme il faut sensible subtle eggheaded whip exceptionally good brill calculating artistic witty all there on the beam very intelligent quick on the draw quick on the trigger no dummy very good top-hole Einstein whiz kid class act tuned in shining at reliable very well methodic methodical prodigious systematic right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough sure-fire stringent prolific straight decisive well-endowed finished fluent organized handpicked capital deluxe magisterial quintessential ideal desirable hardy redoubtable drilled phenom rangé cute leading invincible indomitable exemplary organised strict express categorical long-term champion licensed chartered first class sensational sik exo star faultless virtuosic certificated painstaking dominant well suited well qualified specialized PDQ credentialed universal having good hands inch-perfect leet penetrative quick to learn forward mature puissant amazing cultured studious academic bookish bluestocking up to scratch having the know-how rad phat schmick exercised supremely skilled specialised sharp-sighted astounding adept physically malleable world-class hip cut out for having a knack for nobody's fool authorized clever with one's hands good with one's hands swotty multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional not born yesterday licenced proved tried authorised tested accepted adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous out of the ordinary noteworthy have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age exquisite super sublime glorious well read receptive heavenly inspired enterprising intuitive insightful very able know stuff mega banging cracking crucial amenable eager docile divine bosting of the first water pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory sophisticated fertile razor-sharp originative Promethean sensitive book smart pioneering thinking vigorous mercurial curt wired thinking outside the box deviceful hot tamale careful enlightened logical well-informed sage judicious cautious prudent lithe limber circumspect understanding together comprehending lissom discriminating wily supple smart as a whip very smart having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on hardheaded clear-sighted suss hard-boiled heads-up clear-eyed sussed pawky heady argute worldly-wise long-headed street-smart slippery as sharp as a tack discreet frugal foxy having fancy footwork street smart watchful wary streetwise cagey spry acrobatic sprightly top lissome zippy quick-moving light-footed fleet-footed lithesome athletic big time springy sylphlike twinkle-toed light lightsome tripping featly light-foot gracile feline major league of use robust stupendous big-league of value major-league major important earth-shattering energetic number-one epoch-making splendorous big-time dynamic skookum efficacious earthshaking exploitable operable practicable -worthy


The ability or power to do or understand something
capacity ability competence faculty power competency gift aptitude intelligence aptness capability forte adeptness cleverness facility potential potentiality proficiency skill strength talent capableness efficiency flair genius knack skilfulness accomplishment bent brains caliber calibre experience inclination qualification adequacy might readiness stature know-how the goods strong point what it takes expertise mastery expertness dexterity adroitness prowess savvy endowment fitness knowledge finesse deftness propensity head understanding command mind nous smarts grasp artistry virtuosity wherewithal technique skillfulness instinct brain skills perception means ingenuity turn sense craft touch promise chops suitability skillset leaning acumen savoir faire excellence stuff comprehension art potency brilliance discernment quality quickness intellect reason savoir-faire makings mentality awareness moxie attainment right stuff abilities qualifications wisdom effectiveness credentials goods disposition expertism sharpness predilection proclivity enlightenment possibility judgment qualities nose education judgement attribute qualifiedness mastership professionalism natural ability handiness apprehension intellectuality insight cognition perspicacity puissance prospect wits grace IQ tendency sagacity sophistication eligibility sagaciousness penchant clout sageness common sense training polish intuition familiarity grip acquaintance wit cognizance perceptivity discrimination distinction shrewdness masterfulness learning sapience character erudition feel percipience astuteness reasoning feasibility gumption resourcefulness tact giftedness predisposition repertoire mental ability likelihood eventuality preparedness grounding scope background fluency constitution habilitation set merit sleight worthiness conception appreciation agility taste thought cunning prospects intuitiveness panache headpiece brainpower refinement penetration braininess poise artfulness class address heedfulness temperament I.Q. perspicuity worth endowments perspicaciousness discretion practice thoughtfulness acuity perceptiveness prudence canniness keenness the right stuff foresight rationality tactfulness green thumb intellectual capacity mental capacity intellectual power mental acuity horse sense clear-sightedness superiority eminence hope trick probability savviness standard plausibility opportunity record past conceivability dexterousness odds essence gifts strengths virtue force value shot accomplishments suitableness likeliness acquirement bias features inventiveness proneness outlook function cultivation feeling property peculiarity pre-eminence judiciousness way impulse affection intimacy development form versatility competitiveness slickness pizzazz ableness masterliness deeds portfolio partiality devices affinity habitude bone worldliness authority conversance smartness pzazz intellection vigilance brightness practical knowledge craftsmanship coherence sensibleness wariness logic circumspection pragmatism practicality watchfulness curriculum vitae humour knowingness ken wizardry scholarship consideration acuteness forethought sanity lucidness lucidity incisiveness providence ratiocination soundness levelheadedness gray matter profundity druthers rationalness marbles commonsense mental agility sharp-wittedness powers of reasoning quick-wittedness good judgement clear thinking powers of discernment cognitive faculties good reasoning sound mind idiosyncrasy life skills presence of mind susceptibility quickness of mind brain power soundness of mind good sense clear mind logical thought scientific thinking type humor sound judgment turn of mind good judgment elegance talents docility mental powers cerebrum psyche possibilities specialty feature numen speciality encouragement characteristic powers the makings parts creativity senses history light faculties facilities resources exposure involvement dynamism innate knowledge workmanship loaf kop sixth sense advance advancement oil headway progress formula dodge nimbleness ingeniousness effectualness efficacy physical ability reach imagination maturity impression style gracefulness artistic ability expectation future agency originality superability inspiration asset contact action creative power the formula opening chic glamor splash presence zip glamour shine cutting it hacking it seasoning preparation personal talent natural gift approach method secret certificate attributes empiricism evidence doing hindsight proof participation observation suaveness making the grade cutting the mustard consciousness great ability control mindfulness appropriateness edification acquaintanceship schooling employability hang of something practicability diploma document degree aplomb concept hold realization attentiveness assimilation attention hang of it good chance preference orientation achievability learnedness clue interpretation rightness warrant licence bag appositeness acceptability workableness chances acknowledgement cognisance pistol take ability to understand aha apperception slow take realisation double take prehension propriety achievement fluency in ability in felicity attainability attainableness aim tilt mind-set inclining head-set tack urbanity seemliness familiarity with insight into sensitivity to acknowledgment acquaintance with chance fittingness felicitousness circumstance occasion occurrence instance stab play knowing way around nature properness weakness for thing for prayer toss-up happiness couth breeding civilization personality wish desire temper artistic awareness belles-lettres letters gentility intellectual awareness urbaneness outside chance liking fancy stamp spirit complexion make-up prejudice weakness thirst stomach science finish improvement kindness nobility elevation politeness civilisation courtesy aestheticism fashion manners culture dress good taste dignity velleity need longing fondness mettle list aspiration craving yearning hankering grain soul mood urge cup of tea movement groove attraction drift pleasure soft spot thing trend whim persuasion attachment will attitude tendencies mould ego individualism individuality cast of mind inner nature structure makeup emotions mold distinctiveness cast frame of mind kind alertness precocity foxiness trenchancy precociousness cageyness caginess brain cells grey matter appetite passion love itch relish hunger yen lust eagerness favor favour drive ambition like liability enthusiasm dream intention appetency zeal direction pining ardor notion want intent ardour purpose fervor fervour favouritism favoritism willingness devotion enjoyment motivation tenor compulsion caprice infatuation love affair zest ache avidity palate habit gusto choice craze goal objective greed flavour letch interest motive flavor use partisanship whimsy mania tone lustfulness design one-sidedness run prepossession tide current concupiscence alacrity rapture eroticism fascination covetousness thirstiness pursuit option jones vein libido atmosphere lechery vagary flash lasciviousness sentiment pick voracity custom tendentiousness libidinousness prurience plan target slant amativeness salacity wind erotism pruriency addiction nonobjectivity cupidity ravenousness rapaciousness vision resolve idea endeavor endeavour mission selection obsession mindset Holy Grail demand appetence swing parti pris kink course conceit appetition frenzy solicitude whimsey impulsion quirk tooth object gameness unfairness tinge ply bearing doting crush flow mark impetus fixation vocation end holy grail calling push fire in the belly nepotism pretension bourne raison d'être object of desire desired result urgency preferential treatment manner unfair preference consent volition horniness adoration admiration salaciousness note progression propension intolerance compliance warmth dish hots shift bigotry daydream desirousness avidness tenderness miasm vulnerability fantasy burning lustihood devotedness spin standpoint thrust regard illiberality chauvinism illusion megrim enchantment emotion delusion adulation focus aspect preconception lech narrowmindedness favorite resolution ardency determination foible requirement susceptibleness path inequity favourite essential hobby ideal sweet tooth scheme area stream requisite necessity undercurrent destination bourn desideratum preoccupation stimulus fire in belly hang-up strong interest jobs for the boys sudden inclination loyalty faithfulness climate device hungriness estimation eye bond openness indulgence fetish grail ambience milieu liking for fit temptation positivism nominee end goal catalyst sympathy viewpoint impatience excitement ingrained tendency innate tendency natural tendency ease emphasis hungering clutch vibe positiveness candidate appointee yearn amenability inherent tendency snap decision want-to cause extemporisation extemporization hunch actuation lash impellent influence appeal excitant heading gravitation turning strong want intrinsic tendency zeitgeist ripeness agreement agreeableness goodwill obligingness nostalgia cacoethes confidence choosing bet preferentialism freak amorousness besottedness favorite activity fallback answer contingency big eyes driving force fad curve cooperation narrow-mindedness solution liberty election alternative maggot sport crotchet fire mind trip feelings ageism injustice classism meaning mode vagrancy bee crank verve sentimentality go-to theme moral fibre make moral fiber decision sudden notion whim-wham occupation avocation pastime position turn-on what floats one's boat illiberalism presumption presupposition key deep affection positivity substance purport trajectory hatred intolerantness possible course of action burden fervency fanaticism freedom of choice heart strong suit trait small-mindedness wrong imperative deficit call absence necessitude scarceness exigence market exigency needfulness scarcity scantiness dearth cry out support drought assumption preconceived idea import gist thread sudden idea earnestness committedness militancy zealousness soft-heartedness softness passing thought message significance prejudgment prejudgement wave tang energy vigour vigor projection angle track strain respect friendship component mannerism hallmark tender-heartedness undertone predetermination region range ideation facet earmark element trademark dimension evolution body pith meat course of thought core fierceness intentness perseverance stick-to-itiveness dazzle enterprise diligence what-it-takes dispatch initiative intensity hustle sincerity vehemence bustle department domain metier realm field sphere racket discipline province arena métier profession amity idolatry amour suggestion hint eros diagnostic particularity criterion specific differentia marker point fingerprint attribution symptom gut feeling preconceived notion envisagement chimera phantasy phantasm eccentricity contrivance allegiance flame case worship piety cherishing delight fidelity oddity streak reverie hallucination fantasm picture envisioning figment imaginativeness murmur overtone aura point of compass fixed idea lineament stripe thumbprint frame singularity badge chimaera mirage fabrication romancing connotation nuance intimation trace ambitiousness essential quality romance vibrations implication vibes suspicion eyes for pipe dream typical feature whisper echo wuv go-getting subcurrent colouring pie in the sky luv castle in the air fool's paradise hidden feeling indication coloring eddy insinuation crosscurrent riptide pull

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