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Alternative for errorless

errorless /'erəlis/
  • tính từ
    • không có sai lầm, không có lỗi; đúng, đúng đắn

Tính từ

Exact in correspondence or adherence to something
exact precise unerring faultless perfect correct right accurate literal scrupulous meticulous careful conscientious fastidious unwavering punctilious particular painstaking stringent thorough rigorous veridical unmistakable defined judicious methodical rigid systematic unambiguous specific detailed flawless reliable definitive certain infallible explicit pinpoint formal delicate uncompromising error-free clear-cut strict finicky nice fussy persnickety exacting close diligent punctual faithful heedful proper attentive refined perfectionist fine true factual laborious veracious authentic truthful genuine discriminating scientific matter-of-fact mathematical studious solid skillful skilful definite pedantic nitpicking picky assiduous demanding religious finical pernickety cautious ultra-careful elaborate conscionable orderly spot-on regular just deft sharp concrete distinct discriminative on the button ultraprecise severe stiff on the nose overnice prim deliberate exhaustive thoughtful circumspect hair-splitting observant subtle industrious hairline nit-picky nuanced exquisite hairsplitting minute fair convincing realistic lifelike microscopic veristic verisimilar stickling duteous true to life ordered controlled on the beam telling it like it is on the nail fact-based on the mark bang on spot on inflexible choosy on the money word-perfect persevering as it really happened white-glove dotting the i's crossing the t's sticklerish fixed puritanical tough priggish prissy choosey dainty well organized circumstantial hard-working ultra-fine fine-drawn dead on winning superior finicking incorrupted finespun nifty stiff-necked ceremonious stilted decorous starchy nit-picking intricate overconscientious overscrupulous polite civil seemly formalistic courteous conventional considered sagacious involved right on good eye prudent vigilant simple plain fancy well-executed well-made well-crafted objective unexaggerated unvarnished levelheaded balanced rational logical reasonable pragmatic deep reasoned bare unembellished well thought-out well-grounded mature unadulterated gospel stark straightforward undistorted veritable historical actual nonfictional hard narrow documentary real honest apparent unembroidered written usual verbal natural ordinary critical not figurative word for word bona fide sedulous provident dedicated full intensive searching regardful thoroughgoing concerned selfdisciplined chary loving discreet strenuous in-depth by the book by the numbers going to great lengths

Tính từ

Accurate, true or factual in nature
veracious accurate true faithful exact precise factual strict authentic correct veritable literal realistic unelaborated unvarnished proper genuine straightforward unerring close credible dinkum right so valid veridical direct kosher legit true-blue undeceptive bang on dead-on spot-on on-target spot on high-principled on the nail like it is on the level on the line on the up and up as true as I'm sitting here as true as I'm standing here faultless perfect on the money definitive error-free infallible reliable undisputed unrefuted unimpeachable good on the button on the mark without error certain flawless impeccable irrefutable unquestionable meticulous conclusive just definite on the beam on target free of error on the nose unambiguous authoritative thorough undeniable scrupulous acceptable convincing specific detailed explicit undistorted actual unmistaken trustworthy dead on right on on the right track absolute right as rain clear-cut verisimilar believable safe certified accepted certifiable similar lifelike failsafe established identical particular real conventional unfailing unequivocal preferable downright express clear sharp verbatim distinct fail-safe all right sure blow-by-blow inch-perfect unswerving nailed down bull's-eye on the numbers inevitable uncanny deadly assured word-perfect appropriate regular standard OK O.K. dead positive invariable inerrant inerrable sure-fire okay legitimate righteous rigorous equitable stone amen truthful for sure on track right stuff along the right lines on the ball on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle canonical minute straight official final word for word matter-of-fact honest concrete methodical defined bona fide fact-based true to life careful punctilious pure unmistakable unadulterated solid skillful rigid discriminating judicious punctual deft systematic scientific discriminative skilful objective simple ultraprecise echt indubitable dependable verifiable historical nonfictional hard documentary unembellished unfeigned creditable pucka pukka natural lawful fair unfaked legal frank candid pinpoint guileless ingenuous forthright telling it like it is open as it really happened square exactly right dead right just right severe naturalistic case original sound unalloyed fit just so undoubted ideal hunky-dory indisputable in accordance with the facts reputable sincere what really happened what actually happened proved complete plain upfront authenticated bonafide attested uncounterfeited in accordance with reality surgical determinate decisive categorical individual overt straight from shoulder up front aboveboard just what the doctor ordered just what we need unexaggerated plain-spoken well-defined bare dead-center absolutely right by the book to the point very accurate exactly correct fair dinkum gospel stark free-spoken round narrow based on facts truth-telling plainspoken outspoken unreserved straight from the horse's mouth for real the real McCoy meaning what one says apparent unembroidered written usual verbal ordinary critical characteristic archetypal typical archetypical representative artless unaffected not figurative de facto unpretending average normal unpretentious effective existent undesigning fitting sure-enough honest-to-goodness dinky-di real McCoy conscientious painstaking veristic nice

Tính từ

Displaying logic and common sense
good logical practical rational sensible analytic analytical cerebral certain circumspect collected commonsense credible deductive discerning enlightened faultless infallible intellectual intelligent justifiable objective perspicacious philosophic plausible ratiocinative realistic reasonable reasoned reasoning reflective sagacious sound synthetic thinking thoughtful trustable unquestionable veracious veridical cogent coherent colorable commonsensible commonsensical confirmed corroborated hard impeccable inerrant informed knowing levelheaded meticulous proven rigorous secure shrewd sincere substantiated sure truthful validated verified accurate calculable careful certified cognitive defendable defensible definite empiric empirical exact explicit judicious maintainable open precise prudent sharp stringent supportable sustainable tenable well-advised well-reasoned well-grounded clear-cut letter-perfect spot-on well-thought-out dead-on on-target valid solid well-founded justified sober just firm wise consequent well reasoned sage astute lucid reliable together well thought out insightful clear perceptive clever systematic politic sapient consistent methodical pragmatic organized well-informed grounded organised well organized level-headed matter-of-fact well advised cool well grounded learned knowledgeable educated dependable acceptable feasible canny savvy articulate viable orderly percipient balanced profound responsible plain understandable down-to-earth advisable sane joined-up no-nonsense farsighted full of common sense all there hard-headed factual congruent comprehensible intelligible well informed relevant supported dispassionate meaningful unemotional straightforward prosaic trustworthy showing great knowledge with great knowledge identified cold unimpassioned deliberated fair regulated equitable unidealistic honest intuitive straight deliberate ordered thorough well-organized mathematical straight-thinking scientific decent erudite well considered strategic tactful smart experienced impartial believable legitimate clear-sighted clear-eyed common-sense with both one's feet on the ground cogitative contemplative desirable trusty moderate restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced argute scholarly foresighted tactical unexcessive right admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason legit unextreme convincing well-expressed considered well-presented thought-out fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind based on good sense weighty authoritative well presented well expressed well-structured well judged telling satisfactory satisfying full of insight recognized flawless watertight correct recognised established orthodox accepted true unassailable thought through right-thinking well founded right-minded holding water holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together discriminating discreet serious-minded mature attentive conversant au courant steady-going having all one's marbles in right mind

Tính từ

Competent or talented
good able adept capable competent gifted masterly proficient quick skilful skilled skillful talented accurate clever dexterous dextrous efficient masterful multiskilled multitalented proper reliable satisfactory suitable useful versed very well virtuoso accomplished balanced consummate crackerjack deadly expert knowledgeable mean nifty polished qualified seasoned trained adroit all-around all-round au fait dead-on deft educated effectual exact experienced first-rate fitted handy master on-target practiced practised precise refined right on schooled serviceable sporting spot-on stringent suited sure-fire sure-handed taught thorough topflight trustworthy tutored veteran well well-rounded workmanlike hardy ace great crack complete compleat professed brilliant savvy excellent professional apt wizard artful fine well versed tasty stellar outstanding wicked first-class smart habile fit sharp superb bravura delicate genius magnificent pro effective slick up to speed impressive supreme marvellous formidable on the ball ingenious superlative marvelous practical learned top-notch exceptional equal a dab hand at elite whiz vet big league out of this world old superior magic demon hot up to it with it up to snuff well-versed dynamite agile strong dazzling splendid equipped versant specialist peerless brainy leading intelligent world-class facile cool hotshot endowed class there smooth adequate nimble-fingered well trained extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly trained highly qualified wised up tuned in a hand at wonderful terrific tremendous effortless powerful eligible exercised nimble finished awesome familiar hardened long-serving smashing fab certified very good exquisite battle-scarred conversant ready prepared tip-top tested tried brill best exceptionally good remarkable disciplined instructed A1 know the ropes on the beam no slouch knowing the score top-drawer methodic methodical systematic decent employable long-term champion kosher quintessential sensational fabulous fantastic exemplary ultimate perfect happy pitch-perfect mighty virtuosic faultless licensed chartered fluent appropriate handpicked deluxe choice capital redoubtable preeminent transcendent certificated switched-on acquainted well-informed dominant invincible indomitable phenomenal extraordinary drilled phenom sussed hep hip first class artistic star top topnotch distinguished super supremely skilled right fitting time-served leet authorized well up desirable preferable ideal puissant amazing cut out for having a knack for class act shining at clean rounded accustomed sport licenced proved accepted authorised admirable astounding up on very able sharp as a tack know stuff no dummy top-hole cunning easy alert knowing bright keen in the know worthy responsible the right stuff knowing one's stuff broken in sufficient neat established mature well suited well qualified adapted crisp astute highly endowed worldly-wise like a pistol having the goods knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task having the right stuff having know-how up there green thumb able to perform old-timer nippy know backwards and forwards know one's onions hot tamale sophisticated worldly wise steady weathered long-time old-time inured all around know one's stuff know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday been around wise to ways of the old school canny shrewd informed au courant sly conscious abreast matured adult ripe up-to-date full-fledged quick-witted actual wily developed crafty streetwise aware grown cognizant street smart full-grown up foxy perceptive cagey sharp-witted no stranger to full-blown ripened sensible at home plugged in out-and-out genuine advanced street-smart understanding bona fide across grown-up calculating businesslike apprised fully developed fully fledged real versed in familiar with full-size full-term active working finely judged prompt cute resourceful cognizant of at home with well up in kept posted used to well versed in skilled in proficient in well up on au fait with experienced in clued up genned up au courant with in full bloom well-read tough unbelieving confirmed verified impeccably credentialed prodigious well credentialed habituated productive organized toughened of age rangé credentialed organised of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years worldly wise been there dynamic ultraefficient well versed well informed having the know-how prescient fully grown feasible fleet senior full privy omniscient knowledgeable about percipient sentient abreast of informed about witting alive comprehending into acquainted with apprehensive in your prime evolved prime cultured cultivated reasoned considered perfected mellowed consummated aged cured culminated killer useable realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable posted down appreciative top-shelf perfectly-executed well-executed flawless impeccable tuned-in having good hands practised in well informed about apprised of clued-up up to date with-it full grown full scale full blown switched on with an understanding of with a knowledge of in the loop fully-fledged devious guileful tricky specialized applied firsthand experient up to speed on plugged into up to date on perfect in genned up on clued up on down with confident empirical specialised sure designing scheming objective hands-on on top of things deceitful existential experiential experimental empiric subtle slippery Machiavellian manipulative duplicitous deceptive in control competent at conversant with confident with inventive pragmatic heuristic non-theoretical factual grounded total well-developed fly imaginative fiendish slim sneaky cagy beguiling dodgy pawky vulpine introduced mindful carny in the field how-to in on insidious dishonest deep at ease with completely developed

Tính từ

Without flaw or error
impeccable faultless flawless perfect unblemished irreproachable pure stainless sinless ideal immaculate spotless unimpeachable blameless incorrupt exact exemplary exquisite guiltless innocent model moral precise untarnished upright virtuous absolute cleanhanded clear inculpable indefectible letter-perfect lily-white picture-book picture-perfect seamless squeaky-clean uncorrupted unerring white accurate aces A-okay apple-pie beyond criticism beyond reproach clean correct fleckless infallible nice note-perfect right squeaky clean ten unflawed unsullied above suspicion above reproach on target whiter than white as pure as the driven snow error-free meticulous classic textbook whole bang on spot on on the button copybook faithful scrupulous without fault without blemish foolproof supreme intact crimeless unguilty just so unspotted proper right on on the mark on the nail true spot-on categorical distinct clear-cut strict unbroken dead-on to a T close dead right perfected bull's-eye on the money to a turn polished inerrant detailed inch-perfect unsoiled pristine unstained neat spick-and-span ultra-clean speckless tidy fair snowy-white trim spic-and-span gleaming shining chaste antiseptic shiny spruce neat and tidy unexceptionable bright snowy taintless spick and span as clean as a whistle neat as a new pin righteous consummate untainted undefiled good excellent unmarred saintly sublime honourable honorable pious uncorrupt spiritual just sound devout undamaged unimpaired meritorious defectless holy commendable reverent devoted classical angelic religious honest ethical mint decent godlike godly unspoilt upstanding sainted trustworthy divine tip-top worthy superb devotional laudable saintlike praiseworthy unassailable sanctified believing dedicated matchless peerless unspoiled consecrated as good as new pietistic prayerful hallowed finished blessed unworldly pietistical humble revered glorified venerable seraphic venerated sacrosanct god-fearing admirable outstanding uncontaminated unmarked exceptional unpolluted principled noble superlative archetypal definitive prime quintessential irreprehensible imitable reputable law-abiding respectable straight prototypical optimal peak punctilious high-minded conscientious stand-up right-minded dutiful as sound as a bell noble-minded all right without errors untouchable on point unquestionable beyond compare splendid skillful paradisiacal unequaled culminating accomplished paradisiac utopian A-OK out-of-this-world expert crowning excelling skilled adept experienced skilful highly respectable unchallengeable prepared unfailing masterly fleek reliable dependable untouched word-perfect ultimate irreprovable entire complete idyllic fitting optimum reproachless unblamable unrealistic fanciful acceptable satisfactory unobjectionable inoffensive best beyond question beyond suspicion snow white A1 uninjured modest unhurt inviolate representative pure as the driven snow unequalled moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful coherent uninterrupted ordered logical harmonious uniform consistent smooth chivalrous aboveboard distinguished fine best possible gallant magnanimous decorous square courteous kosher have-it-all estimable indefective clean-living salt of the earth true-blue paradigmatic sterling archetypical applaudable bueno very good neato idealised idealized supplicant not bad supplicating pleading batting a thousand not too shabby beseeching soliciting entreating anti-corruption imploring suppliant supplicatory God-fearing equitable impartial deserving charitable philanthropical philanthropic creditable

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