Đồng nghĩa của de facto

Alternative for de facto

de facto /di:'fæktou/
  • tính từ & phó từ
    • về thực tế (không chính thức)
      • de_facto recognition of a state: sự công nhận một quốc gia trên thực tế (không chính thức)

Phó từ

In fact, whether by right or not
actually in effect in fact really in practice in reality actual existing genuinely in actuality real tangible truly veritably in actual use in actual existence from fact certainly honestly absolutely admittedly indeed verily assuredly truthfully authentically forsooth easily for real as a matter of fact literally categorically in point of fact frankly beyond doubt undoubtedly surely unquestionably indubitably very clearly positively nothing else but for fair no ifs ands or buts fairly in truth precisely certifiably of course legitimately unmistakably indub confidently well all things considered in the concrete in actual fact if truth be told to all intents and purposes in sooth to tell the truth essentially doubtlessly evidently manifestly undisputedly unequivocally obviously undeniably sure incontrovertibly without a doubt alright inarguably doubtless incontestably unarguably plainly so in all sincerity indisputably definitely all right hands down for sure for certain without doubt by all means decidedly by all odds irrefutably beyond question beyond the shadow of a doubt patently no doubt without question to be sure conclusively to be honest beyond any doubt beyond a doubt completely with certainty without fail emphatically exactly openly demonstrably without dissembling palpably far and away to tell you the truth needless to say for a fact come hell or high water as sure as eggs is eggs totally quite rightly altogether entirely candidly unambiguously just plumb one hundred per cent plain unimpeachably downright simply overtly transparently undoubtably in all honesty distinctly explicitly apparently seemingly there are no two ways about it beyond a shadow of a doubt by a mile firmly verifiably accurately reliably hands-down perfectly ostensibly supposedly exceptionally seriously probably markedly without any question indefensibly even cert posolutely by far beyond shadow of a doubt how almost certainly noticeably right on avowedly agreed inevitably nay visibly as expected inexorably granted allowedly confessedly there's no denying it no ifs ands or buts about it unavoidably acutely conspicuously recognizably prominently perceptibly recognisably discernibly unfailingly infallibly unshakably unerringly fixedly sure as can be sure enough as it happened very much as it happens very well decisively thoroughly utterly beyond any shadow of a doubt beyond shadow of doubt rain or shine come what may unreservedly it goes without saying wholly unconditionally you could say it must be admitted to be fair speaking truthfully naturally speaking frankly it must be said it must be allowed it cannot be denied it must be confessed factually to be frank honest Injun without pretence in plain language dead sure no question sure thing no two ways about it steadily confirmedly veraciously in every respect directly in plain English straight out bluntly forthrightly straightforwardly laying one's cards on the table with all your heart to someone's face with no punches pulled with all one's heart straight freely sincerely point-blank matter-of-factly baldly starkly outspokenly forthcomingly without prevarication level very honestly on the line dead level truth to tell to be frank with you without reserve laid on the line dead on with no holds barred on the level without beating about the bush straight from the shoulder from the hip

Tính từ

In accordance with the truth or facts
true genuine real right authentic actual accurate exact precise proper correct veracious factual honest natural pure veritable legitimate archetypal archetypical bona fide certifiable certified characteristic faithful good guileless ingenuous legit regular representative typical valid artless concrete dinkum echt indubitable kosher simple strict truthful unaffected appropriate authoritative average dead-on direct effective existent fitting normal standard undesigning unpretending unpretentious veridical honest-to-goodness pucka pukka sure-enough dinky-di real McCoy very certain tangible substantial definite objective positive material firm corporeal sensible physical historical unimaginary realistic hard substantive existing unquestionable absolute non-fictional clear-cut explicit conclusive unequivocal confirmed unambiguous verified fixed undeniable attested definitive indisputable plain manifest clear decided categorical detailed set in stone real live for real honest to God sure enough sure literal lifelike unadorned fair credible documentary unvarnished verbatim circumstantial nonfictional unadulterated verifiable undoubted verisimilar unexaggerated veristic unprejudiced scientific unbiased matter-of-fact fact-based true-to-life true-life card-carrying on the level word for word as it really happened telling it like it is straight from horse's mouth palpable non-fictitious intrinsic bodily current unimagined living irrefutable solid corporal embodied perceptible rightful sound incarnate present live evident official undistorted original unembellished unerring straightforward the real McCoy dinky-die professional approved licensed qualified expert authorized accredited licenced authorised not copied reliable bare true story gospel stark dependable reputable trustworthy narrow apparent unembroidered written usual verbal ordinary not figurative scrupulous critical methodical true to life straight from the horse's mouth on the nail based on facts creditable complete utter out-and-out spot-on thoroughgoing authenticated honest-to-God for-sure no buts about it straight real stuff on the up-and-up sure-thing really-truly empirical everyday practical real-life thorough perfect total consummate downright so satisfactory on-target unqualified sheer unmitigated admissible unalloyed outright arrant watertight inerrant bang on immaculate unmistaken rigorous solemn amen right on in every respect

Trái nghĩa của de facto

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