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licenses, licensed, licensing

Đồng nghĩa: approval, authorization, consent, permit, sanction, warrant,

Tính từ

Conforming to, permitted by, or recognized by law or rules
legal lawful legitimate licit allowed authorised authorized constitutional permissible sanctioned valid allowable legalised legalized permitted proper rightful acceptable admissible legit official statutory warranted binding enforceable fair just right sound statutable above board genuine honest ex cathedra kosher upright within the law aboveboard acknowledged bona fide card-carrying chartered condign contractual decreed de jure due enforced enforcible enjoined granted innocent judged justifiable justified ordained passed precedented prescribed protected straight sure enough on the level on the up and up approved recognized accredited recognised authentic accepted real true certified correct documented validated verified endorsed certifiable authoritative authenticated ratified formal confirmed by the book going by the rules suitable appropriate established admitted explicit methodical orthodox canonical empowered okayed pro forma sanctioned by law echt dinkum sure-enough pucka pukka qualified expert professional bonafide credible for real undisputed actual veritable effective usable unexpired legally acceptable legally binding in effect true-blue signed and sealed in force licenced tolerable passable tolerated OK satisfactory vested sanctionable excusable pardonable venial all right in order within accepted bounds juridical judicial decriminalised ordered decriminalized commanded warrantable ruled legislated enacted jurisprudent mandated legitimatized jural codified constituted of right reasonable representative democratic ensured supportable tenable okay sensible defensible by law likely probable pertinent concedable rational possible logical applicable relevant worthy well founded fitting in accordance with the constitution not unlikely not impossible sufferable

Động từ

To have granted something to someone
allowed granted approved authorized gave sanctioned countenanced assumed bestowed presented legalized legitimated legitimatized authorised legalised licenced warranted permitted endorsed accredited OKed ratified empowered consented to validated entitled enabled passed let okayed accepted confirmed blessed blest consented commissioned approbated certified cleared qualified acquiesced in formalized homologated finalized chartered bought agreed to finalised formalised said the word backed mandated gave the green light to given the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the thumbs up to supported acceded to acquiesced acceded signed off on said yes to let pass assented to given the OK to gave the OK to gave permission given permission suffered legitimized tolerated vested agreed privileged concurred in greenlit greenlighted rubber-stamped concurred invested gave the go-ahead had given the go-ahead given the nod given the green light gave the go-ahead to conceded signed legitimised gave the green light affirmed given the go-ahead to gave the nod made legal seconded endured caused green-lighted green-lit brooked admitted condoned said yes gave leave sanctified humoured indulged admitted of granted the right to assented vouched for given leave rubber stamped cut a deal humored franchised subscribed to abetted given permission for gave permission for given approved of given something the nod gone along with gone for went for shaken on shook on went along with gave something the nod conferred complied subscribed endowed enfranchised recognized made awarded given the go-ahead for graced gave the go-ahead for upheld advocated recommended delegated provided consigned entrusted capacitated espoused dittoed accorded gave permission to given permission to conformed adopted embraced contracted facilitated favoured freed up granted someone the right consigned to passed on left had coming given authority heard of got behind bestowed on boosted took kindly to pushed for lapped up concurred with gave assent to made valid made eligible made law armed qualified for vested in granted the right lent your name to lived with sealed invested in favored winked at recognised endowed in blinked at given assent to granted to conferred a right gotten behind caved in knuckled under gave authority to agreed with given authority to entrusted to conferred on stumped for conferred a right to fitted for given the thumbs up said uncle contracted out come round gave the thumbs up taken kindly to said the magic word bought into gave authority sat still for rated upholden gave leave for given leave for gave to given to came round given five gave five gave in given in gave power to given power to given go-ahead gave go-ahead taken up took up gave leave to given leave to given the right gave the right to gave the right given the right to gave something the go-ahead given something the thumbs up given your blessing to given your consent to given something the go-ahead gave your blessing to gave your consent to gave something the thumbs up gave something the green light given something the green light given okay given the O.K. gave the O.K. gave okay given approval to given consent to gave one's seal of approval to given one's seal of approval to gave consent to gave the OK gave approval to given the OK given the word gave someone the authority gave the word given someone the authority gave a blank cheque to gave authority for gave one's assent to gave the green light for given one's assent to gave one's consent to given the green light for given authority for given a blank cheque to given one's consent to gave someone authorization given someone authorization given someone leave gave someone leave gave carte blanche acquiesced to given your blessing gave your blessing given carte blanche

Động từ

Past tense for grant a licence to
authorised authorized permitted allowed warranted accredited certified empowered enabled commissioned chartered entitled qualified sanctioned let franchised invested recognised recognized validated vested gave authority to given authority to gave authorization to given authorization to granted authority to granted authorization to OKed rubber-stamped gave a licence to given a licence to gave a permit to given a permit to gave leave to given leave to gave permission to given permission to gave power to given power to gave the right to given the right to granted a licence to granted a permit to granted leave to granted permission to privileged suffered gave approval to given approval to granted the right to gave a blank cheque to given a blank cheque to gave the stamp of approval to given the stamp of approval to licenced approved endorsed appointed entrusted granted capacitated vouched for backed favoured favored championed supported promoted deputed guaranteed advocated recommended ratified delegated certificated equipped mandated enfranchised legitimized charged endowed okayed legitimised invested with power given authority gave authority equipt gave permission given permission given a right to gave a right to gave the go-ahead to gave the means to gave means to gave the power to given the means to given means to given someone the authority given the go-ahead to gave someone the authority given the power to given a certificate to gave a certificate to gave a diploma to given a diploma to gave the green light to given the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the thumbs up to gave the OK to given the OK to

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