Đồng nghĩa của segregated

Alternative for segregated

  • được tách ra, bị cô lập

Tính từ

Screened or sequestered from access or view

Động từ

Past tense for to separate, used especially of social policies that directly or indirectly keep races or ethnic groups apart
isolated separated dissociated divided insulated sequestered closeted cut off detached disconnected excluded partitioned protected quarantined secluded set apart severed shielded chose chosen divorced ghettoised ghettoized islanded selected sorted out discriminated against kept apart singled out closed off separated out set aside split up sundered out parted split removed sundered split off shut off put to one side decoupled disassociated disjoined distinguished cordoned off disengaged disunited put a cordon sanitaire around uncoupled freed blocked off unlinked unyoked dissevered resolved disjointed ramified sealed off shut away abstracted shut cordoned cloistered closed alienated sifted screened off fenced off divided off unfixed taped filtered out taped off formed a ring around weeded out confined marked off broke up broken up cocooned demarcated unfastened rent rended loosened estranged distanced unhitched disbanded partitioned off disrupted loosed curtained off disentangled withdrawn withdrew differentiated sectioned off fenced moved away walked away dismantled sealed set at odds disaffiliated marooned disassembled dismounted spread shut oneself away cut oneself off shut oneself off set off split in two put at a distance put asunder undone undid barricaded restricted sorted left abandoned separated off stranded cushioned barred roped defended screened sheltered saved marked safeguarded retired kept out roped off untied unbuttoned unhooked unzipped dispersed embroiled rived kept safe kept in solitude extracted wadded inlaid treated lined coated filled kept from harm dissolved unbridled avoided broke broken brake chopped off enisled pruned off clipped off secreted hacked off isolated oneself secluded oneself pulled off hid nipped off scattered winnowed out sifted out individuated individualized moved off tore off torn off stripped off stript off sieved setted at variance characterized diverged teared broke off broken off segregated oneself setted oneself apart removed oneself hid oneself away closeted oneself taken apart took apart differentialized singularized characterised delineated individualised cleaved ripped off wrapped up in cotton wool stripped made distinctive divided in two come apart made something stand out placed far off subdivided moved apart stript particularised articulated kept at arm's length itemised particularized kept on one side itemized made unique made different sliced opened portioned dichotomized sectioned segmented riven rove extraught hidden torn tore withdrawn oneself withdrew oneself drew apart drawn apart came apart drew back drawn back gotten rid of got rid of broke from broken from withdrawn from broke with withdrew from broke away broken with broken away cut cut in two untethered luxated branched disarticulated bifurcated put away cut up broke down dissected unstrapped abjugated broke apart broken apart delinked reduced decomposed extricated forked disintegrated factionalized dislocated divaricated unmarried dismembered dislodged moved relocated cleared splintered branched off unclasped branched out amputated docked bisected forked off unbuckled unbolted turned off shied unravelled hewed off sheared off lopped off ruptured sliced off unraveled broken down uncombined carved unpinned wedged apart divided up pulled apart unclicked become disconnected unsnapped come away become detached torn apart tore apart corve carven became disconnected became detached came away broken open broke open gone separate ways went separate ways

Động từ

Past tense for to assign to a particular class or category
classified categorised categorized classed grouped sorted graded ranked ordered arranged codified pegged ranged placed assorted compartmentalised compartmentalized distinguished typed labelled labeled catalogued organised organized separated filed pigeonholed relegated branded systematised systematized indexed distributed compartmented assigned digested typecast typecasted rated tagged listed list tabulated cataloged systemized tabbed bracketed named divided put putten allotted alphabetized allocated coordinated sized ticketed collocated docketed consigned stratified matched correlated numbered regimented broke down broken down buttoned down sized up put down as put down for put into sets put away ranked out took measure taken measure designated partitioned sorted out characterized marked characterised identified described stamped defined delineated denoted indicated showed charactered constituted illustrated individualised individuated individualized exemplified regarded stickered considered slotted specified portrayed represented presented triaged marshalled marshaled outlined recorded flagged depicted logged styled qualified typified put in order featured sketched enrolled put in shape symbolized symbolised betokened put labels on peculiarized singularized personalised personalized set out set forth put stickers on denominated put down shown apportioned meted appropriated ghettoized assembled sequenced counted detailed ghettoised structured methodized entered standardized painted culled combed riddled sifted screened winnowed picked selected evaluated settled valuated fixed fixt estimated established judged included valued registered posted inventoried stereotyped type casted displayed rendered evoked modeled chronicled epitomized recounted modelled personified standardised drawn drew introduced interpreted related unfolded exhibited narrated pictured expressed inscribed documented reported epitomised emblematized signalised realized signalized realised embodied stated instantiated booked inserted specialised attached labels to underlined notated pinpointed discriminated differentiated informed specialized ticked made up evinced marked off checked off pointed out met the requirements of pointed to traced chosen chose book belonged to shown the position of showed the position of

Động từ

Past tense for divide into parts
partitioned divided separated portioned shared subdivided split sectioned segmented severed apportioned broke up broken up divided up split up carved up cut cut up dealt disbursed dismembered dispensed dispersed distributed screened sliced parceled out parcelled out portioned out shared out cut in cut into divvied up doled out measured out sized into divorced compartmented sliced up separated out allocated allotted meted out divvied assigned handed out dished out administered prorated bestowed lotted dealt out passed out divided out disseminated meted rationed passed round parcelled parceled measured parted given out gave out halved issued supplied gave given consigned appropriated rationed out furnished forked out shelled out redivided imparted diced cubed doled fragmented served allowed conferred circulated come across with diffused delivered fitted out payed out pieced up granted favoured kitted out dispatched gone even-steven yielded sliced the pie went fifty-fifty forked over paid half given away offered accoutred went even-steven passed around fixed up armed gone fifty-fifty paid out rigged out afforded presented stocked favored sent fitted up lotted out admeasured accorded outfitted equipped accommodated provided provisioned dished up endowed gave away handed over begave yold begiven equipt yolden gave with given with came across with broke broken brake gone halves in went halves in gone halves with gone halves went fifty-fifty in went halves gone fifty-fifty in gone Dutch went Dutch went halves with

Động từ

Past tense for make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, sex, or age

Trái nghĩa của segregated

segregated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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