Đồng nghĩa của non partisan


Just, honest, and free from bias or prejudice
impartial fair unbiased equitable unprejudiced just objective neutral dispassionate disinterested detached indifferent evenhanded equal square uninvolved candid nondiscriminatory uncolored independent unbigoted nonaligned unaffiliated uninfluenced unaffected unimplicated middle-of-the-road on-the-fence fair-minded even-handed balanced non-partisan open-minded impersonal non-discriminatory honest on the fence without fear or favour straight reasonable upright uncommitted aloof anti-discrimination on the level with no axe to grind honourable honorable cool free from discrimination scrupulous even undecided nondiscriminating unconcerned rational on the up and up fair and square decent clinical ethical good right proper cold moderate unemotional virtuous uninterested aboveboard distant above board inactive inert impassive noncombatant nonbelligerent middle-of-road unaligned easy calm neuter collected bystanding nonchalant nonparticipating disengaged poker-faced pacifistic relaxed righteous egalitarian legitimate trustworthy moral on sidelines conscientious unallied principled unselfish unmoved lawful apathetic outside judicial upfront unslanted uncoloured justifiable without favouritism kosher true level without favor sincere sensible blameless fair-and-square sitting on the fence removed unincluded steady unswayed equable unprepossessed genuine matching selfless clean straightforward on the up-and-up strictly business equalized without distinction dinkum equalised legal legit noninterfering laissez-faire pukka free from self-interest without prejudice well balanced uncorrupted frank civil unruffled level-headed logical nonpassionate composed disconnected right and proper on the square on-the-level in proportion that takes everything into account on up-and-up according to the rules upstanding right-minded pure respectable conscionable incorruptible noble truthful rightful reliable dependable due full of integrity stand-up mild conservative midway controlled compromising cautious noncommittal disciplined modest inexpensive proportionate unrelated unconnected autonomous floating even-steven cricket fair-to-middling stable noninterventionist centrist square deal fair shake free non-aligned undeclared non-radical non-extreme uncertain free-floating unattached vacillating restrained casual free-spirited fence-sitting laid-back non-reactionary central not excessive not involved pacific safe uncontroversial cut loose middle ground middle of the road don't care open to reason callous unconcerned about unsympathetic unresponsive offhand about uninvolved with unimpressed unfeeling apathetic towards passionless casual about nonchalant about uncaring about insouciant heedless of apathetic about regardless uninvolved in careless uninterested in regardless of frivolous about uncaring impervious bored by reckless about careless of emotionless cavalier about dismissive of mindless of oblivious to unimpressed by inattentive weary of lukewarm about pococurante unmoved by phlegmatic about unresponsive to unenthusiastic about heedless blasé scornful unsocial unaroused stoical silent haughty uncommunicative phlegmatic diffident superior listless heartless supercilious highbrow not giving a monkey's insensible uncurious incurious perfunctory complacent oblivious insensitive bored carefree hard-hearted deaf unmindful of unenthusiastic impervious to indifferent to lukewarm weary immune untroubled untouched unperturbed negligent unworried unimpressible unaware stony unmindful unflappable nonplussed stubborn lackadaisical unaware of unconscious of proof against untouched by unaffected by deaf to cavalier selfish hardhearted not interested immovable trivializing glutted jaded dismissive trivialising offhand world-weary cloyed laid back unexcited insusceptible passive not caring withdrawn remote negative blithe undesirous serene blasé devil-may-care happy-go-lucky unhearing unanxious unconvinced uninspired insert unstirred lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair just watching the clock not giving a damn unconcerned with self-willed unwilling intractable pigheaded perverse obstinate headstrong strong-willed mulish dispassionate about pertinacious bullheaded dry-eyed undismayed supine reserved unbothered not bothered at ease hardened forgetful self-centered feckless undisturbed blind undaunted self-centred stony-hearted stolid cool, calm and collected unconscious incurious about distant from insensible to without a care in the world not giving a toss could care less turned off detached from undesiring to listen blind going through motions aloof from bored stiff stoic resolute impassible innocent unknowing nescient incognizant ignorant unacquainted uninformed clueless unwitting non-discriminating broad-minded non-participating immune to insensate unyielding imperceptive obdurate impercipient unperceiving not taking sides ignorant of blind to without knowledge of unsusceptible negligent of insensitive of in the dark about based free from care about what others think not caring what others think indifferent to what others think untroubled about what others think unworried about what others think

Trái nghĩa của non partisan

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