Đồng nghĩa của impassible

Alternative for impassible

impassible /im'pæsibl/
  • tính từ ((cũng) impassive)
    • trơ trơ, không xúc động, không mủi lòng, không động lòng, vô tình
    • không biết đau đớn
    • không thể làm tổn thương được


Cold and not feeling or showing any emotion
impassive unemotional emotionless apathetic passionless stolid phlegmatic undemonstrative stoical indifferent numb affectless stoic unconcerned callous insensible cold-blooded unfeeling dispassionate cool cold detached aloof calm unresponsive unmoved frigid reserved restrained distant remote uninterested insensitive passive matter-of-fact deadpan heartless flat unexcitable wooden insusceptible unflappable glacial expressionless imperturbable disinterested dry self-controlled dead chill uncaring stony unimpressionable sober controlled unruffled reticent placid unaffected collected listless impersonal blank vacant lethargic incurious uninvolved poker-faced icy unsusceptible impervious to immune to blah thick-skinned cool, calm and collected self-contained unloving stiff serene withdrawn composed taciturn formal unapproachable heavy untouched inexpressive dull unexpressive frosty chilly lukewarm hard-hearted equable tranquil anesthetized benumbed nonreactive asleep deadened senseless torpid uncompassionate bland hollow toneless sluggish impervious supine inert laid-back nowhere nonemotional unimpassioned immovable hardened coldhearted hard-boiled anaesthetized along for the ride stony-eyed sangfroid catatonic empty uncurious bovine inactive enduring resigned philosophic indomitable groggy lymphatic desensitized lifeless desensitised neutral unimpressed unstirred impartial cold-hearted ardorless impotent inhibited rigid repellent forbidding austere unbending unromantic cold-shoulder loveless dry-eyed undismayed unperturbed untroubled uncommunicative unaffectionate contained stony-hearted unworried pokerfaced close unforthcoming secretive guarded oblivious heedless immune straight-faced laid back unfriendly offish unmindful nonplussed resolute clinical lackadaisical non-committal bored half-hearted languid insolent unenthusiastic annoyed unsociable offended impudent impertinent unwelcoming procacious solitary stand-offish standoffish offhand insensate heedless of stubborn unyielding oblivious to unambitious unmotivated level-headed businesslike cool-headed hard-headed pococurante Laodicean unmindful of proof against deaf to feelingless crass unkind hard as nails hardhearted bloodless hard tactless tough obtuse imperceptive rational unagitated unsentimental draggy droopy dispirited lazy wimpy moony what the hell could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less objective quiet obdurate marble unsympathetic inscrutable unfazed going with the flow rolling with the punches unimpressible indurated unrevealing sedate nonchalant inexcitable spiritless insouciant casual careless easy-going forbearing long-suffering relaxed patient temperate easy uncomplaining inhuman accepting soulless philosophical self-possessed blasé complacent unresponsive to unmoved by unbiased nonpartisan unprejudiced evenhanded nonaligned impenetrable enigmatic moderate numbed tolerant accommodating cryptic fatalistic mysterious realistic logical indulgent practical deep even-tempered starchy unreadable insentient carefree perfunctory hard-bitten unconcerned about apathetic towards regardless longanimous offhand about uninvolved with nonchalant about uninvolved in bored by candid mindless of equal careless of inattentive lukewarm about phlegmatic about unenthusiastic about unexcited devil-may-care happy-go-lucky abstract deaf impossible to interpret indifferent to blind to with the patience of Job glazed unclubbable antisocial asocial standoff uninfluenced puzzling undecided removed uncommitted negative nonpassionate unflustered unpassionate blithe buttoned-up analytical scientific glassy insipid understanding just watching the clock not giving a damn cynical cold-eyed iceberg paralyzed still paralysed non-emotional cold fish steady nonaffected considerate unanxious neuter on sidelines nonparticipating nonbelligerent on the fence unincluded middle-of-road unaligned fair-minded noncombatant bystanding disengaged pacifistic case-hardened forgiving lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair weary harsh cold-fish cool cat persistent easygoing mild lenient persevering kind stilted unbothered not bothered without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss forgetful self-centered feckless undisturbed blind negligent undaunted self-centred submissive equanimous untiring mild-tempered gentle unaware gelid bureaucratic uncharitable ruthless indurate unconscious going through motions good-natured aloof from self-restrained bored stiff turned off detached from incurious about fortitudinous distant from featureless uncolored strictly business straight depersonalised inhospitable faceless cold turkey unpassioned colorless careful depersonalized gray colourless grey measured nondiscriminatory uncongenial anonymous monolithic pitiless inhumane cruel compassionless pachydermatous remorseless stonyhearted stoney brutal unsparing slash-and-burn merciless take-no-prisoners unmerciful ironhearted equitable innocent unknowing nescient incognizant ignorant unacquainted uninformed clueless unwitting inflexible lacking compassion impenitent toughened marble-hearted inured casual about apathetic about uncaring about uninterested in enlightened wise profound moral ethical deep-thinking learned cavalier down-to-earth uncanny enigmatical arcane mystic occult frivolous about just reckless about dismissive of unimpressed by regardless of fair cavalier about square unstudied artless defunct extinct as hard as nails plain effortless leisurely loose cursory superficial breezy lax flippant light disimpassioned impercipient unperceiving weary of sphinxlike pragmatic indolent simple informal inorganic mineral motionless ignorant of negligent of untouched by unaware of insensitive of unaffected by unconscious of without knowledge of in the dark about mundane prosaic sensible unsocial unaroused diffident supercilious highbrow scornful silent haughty superior with a heart of stone free and easy straightforward unvarnished no-nonsense unembellished literal unimaginative factual indecipherable hidden sphinx-like non-organic exanimate commonsensical hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative unadorned abiotic quiescent humdrum pedestrian not giving a monkey's faithful serious naked straight-thinking truthful accurate with both feet on the ground unembroidered undistorted exact prosy feasible unidealistic nonvegetable without life inanimate nonanimal not alive deceased inoperative nonliving azoic idle


Impossible to penetrate
invulnerable invincible protected safe secure strong impermeable impenetrable impervious impassable impregnable resistant waterproof tight sealed solid dense inviolable closed hermetic hermetically sealed watertight airtight water-resistant water-repellent damp-proof nonporous imperviable leak-proof rainproof thick unpierceable hard unyielding unbreakable puncture-proof indestructible unassailable unattackable unpiercable compact murky firm close bulletproof substantial tightly packed fortress-like immune inaccessible unconquerable insusceptible unbeatable proof indomitable shut tough blocked obstructed tamper-proof fastened unaffected locked insuperable unstoppable insurmountable unreceptive untouchable obdurate stout rigid fortified repellent resilient well fortified well defended safe and sound proof against unaffected by stopped up unnavigable padlocked cinched flinty rock-hard undefeatable sacred hallowed sacrosanct holy coated vacuum-packed wrapped fixed taped up stuck down unshakable immovable well-defended shut tight holdable untouched unmoved unswayable protectable unfeeling impassive unapproachable unwavering unmovable unbending adamant defensible sturdy hardy repellent of impervious to unsusceptible to invulnerable to immune to sound hardened able to be protected insensitive unsusceptible unshakeable imperviable to powerful lost unimpressionable not subject to unresponsive clumped plugged bolted smothering snapped proofed treated untouched by unmoved by weatherproof soundproof fireproof childproof windproof leakproof bombproof able to withstand


Capable of withstanding great physical force
strong robust durable firm secure stable solid steady reliable safe sturdy impregnable invincible invulnerable unassailable enduring established hard hardy heavy heavy-duty immovable impenetrable indestructible reinforced sound tried-and-true well-built well-founded well-made dependable fortified hard-wearing rock-solid strengthened hard as nails hardened inviolable unyielding airtight armoured armored bombproof cohesive concrete fast fixed imperishable knockabout steely toughened unattackable unbreakable lasting long-lasting resistant well made well protected stormproof storm-resistant well defended well fortified cast-iron everlasting flourishing hard-bitten seasoned well-armed well-protected inured tough stout resilient rugged impervious vigorous substantial stalwart bulletproof staunch steadfast resolute rigid permanent protected unshakable waterproof strongly made unshakeable set perdurable well built tight tenacious unwavering windproof forceful unconquerable iron unbeatable indomitable trustworthy inflexible adamantine constant responsible secured made to last tried riveted deep-rooted well constructed stiff insuperable immune honourable honorable determined unstoppable insurmountable stiffened frozen immutable true upright untouchable built to last stony faithful unfaltering unfailing lusty infrangible anchored rooted infallible taut unchangeable sure braced cemented abiding trustable long-lived long-standing nailed calculable snug insusceptible moored tightened continuing honest jammed fastened trusty eternal weatherproof lifelong lodged stuck repellent unmalleable consistent rocklike indurate bound solidified rocky proof against powerful impassable rock-hard rock-like as hard as stone as hard as iron safe and sound serviceable uncompromising compelling effective hearty cogent emphatic indubitable wear-resistant shatterproof shellproof inexpugnable unrelenting assertive non-breakable aggressive well-defined well-constructed well-established well founded nonbreakable purposeful foolproof clenched clinched bold zealous brass-bound indissoluble incorruptible tied vice-like risk-free immalleable impliable low-risk holy sacred hallowed sacrosanct surviving perduring diuturnal long-continued inspiring distinctive individual water-resistant unaffected as hard as a rock recognized attested riskless well-defended compact granite clasped fitted galvanized tempered galvanised certain locked error-tolerant fixed firmly insensitive reputable proven remaining long-established long-running done up buttoned down loyal good straightforward trusted never-failing unsurmountable unsusceptible to unaffected by repellent of impervious to invulnerable to immune to solid as a rock prevailing persistent persisting credible predictable unswerving unflinching dauntless indefatigable unbending ongoing perennial time-honoured immortal traditional long-term fortress-like sterling recognised committed invariable unalterable irrepressible undefeatable supreme irresistible tried and true tried and tested tried and trusted imperviable to safe as houses invariant irreversible changeless unpliable characterful balanced equable decided incommutable indurated impermeable settled embedded stationary motionless treated proofed rainproof imperviable perpetual inevitable unfading ineradicable inalterable hard-and-fast unvarying renitent concentrated childproof soundproof fireproof tamper-proof leakproof well balanced well-balanced proof unmovable unmodifiable unchanged damp-proof wedged unmoving welded unfluctuating able to withstand mounted bolted soldered screwed irremovable immobile hard and fast set in stone

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