Đồng nghĩa của unmoving

Tính từ

Characterized by sluggishness or weariness
lethargic sluggish listless torpid languid lazy inactive sleepy slow slothful apathetic lackadaisical inert languorous drowsy indolent passive enervated somnolent indifferent idle dull tired heavy lifeless phlegmatic slumberous dopey spiritless snoozy impassive laggard comatose unenergetic fatigued weary dilatory shiftless draggy exhausted quiescent supine stolid dormant blah lackluster lacklustre unenthusiastic narcotic debilitated stupefied sleepyhead moony wimpy nebbish stretchy laid-back out of it without energy having spring fever latent motionless still immobile quiet peaceful smooth silent resting serene placid deactivated asleep slumbering tranquil fallow inoperative undisturbed stagnant calm in abeyance gentle unruffled unagitated at rest unused unoccupied disengaged vacant free unemployed abeyant mothballed turned off stationary on hold static not in use low-key in holding pattern out of use stopped off slack slow-moving dozy leaden uninterested limp dreamy leisurely lymphatic unconcerned unresponsive weak yawning yawny easy lax energyless languishing nodding flat slumbersome lagging slumbrous relaxed unhurried heavy-eyed tardy otiose dead procrastinating emotionless disinterested plodding casual numb slow-going loafing fainéant half-hearted ponderous do-nothing hebetudinous dawdling measured creeping lacking in energy sleeping feeble crawling unemotional negligent flagging deliberate snaillike half asleep Laodicean passionless delaying inattentive moderate loitering pococurante logy faineant tortoiselike postponing easygoing cold remiss workshy slapdash bone idle slow-paced blahs pining lukewarm soporific depressed out careless infirm sedentary sluggardly good-for-nothing spent stupid stuporous work-shy stoical cool asthenic oscitant neurasthenic groggy offhand unmoved dallying detached unfeeling undemonstrative stoic uninvolved gradual impassible insensible affectless benumbed somnific slow-footed cold-blooded aimless faint sickly drained uncaring bovine lumpish stagnating declining down wearied hypnotic dozing sedative pooped beat laid back unambitious opiate insipid drugged dying moribund knackered effete weakened inefficient incompetent vigorless vigourless droopy tepid bored blasé slap-happy worn out wooden unenthused unmotivated incurious unexcitable dispassionate deadpan nonchalant somniferous slumbery somnifacient all in insensitive damp callous untouched dry asleep on one's feet could care less what the hell couldn't care less lacking energy don't give a damn being lazy taking your time spineless yielding vegetating acquiescent submissive servile pliant docile bleary-eyed drowsing burned out unproductive uninspiring heedless paralyzed sodden paralysed matter-of-fact inexpressive sullen sluggard sleepyheaded stiff mooney drippy uninspired empty blank expressionless catatonic soporous soporose hibernating unflappable inconscious vapid uncompassionate frigid desensitized drony half awake half-awake characterless abstracted vegged out out cold perfunctory desensitised nodding off sedate steady inept shot insouciant out to lunch unrushed laboured tortoise-like comfortable undemanding unimpressed neutral cursory worn dead to the world bloodless sapped shattered tired out kaput unenterprising dragging leaden-footed snail-paced snail-like dillydallying pokey poking poky lacking vitality along for the ride neglectful laggy lollygagging late behindhand lumbering dead tired irresponsible feckless improvident worthless unexcited aweary bushed prostrate done labored imperceptible sentimental romantic daydreaming laissez-faire halfhearted derelict loggy jaded beaten bleary slipshod easy going dazed deceitful unindustrious dubious dishonest suspicious directionless untrustworthy devious dopy procrastinative restful disregardful delinquent neglecting disorganized sloppy disorderly not enthusiastic spring fever non-committal worn-out ready for bed dog-tired asleep at the wheel disorganised easy-going unprofessional regardless slovenly asleep on the job permissive half-asleep done in dead beat wiped out played out burned-out washed-out tuckered out burnt-out tapped out hardly able to keep one's eyes open dispirited

Tính từ

(of a person's eyes or expression) Showing no interest or animation
glassy expressionless blank empty vacant deadpan dull impassive lifeless emotionless fixed wooden motionless glazed vacuous cold distant faraway fishy dazed stupid inexpressive stony poker-faced unresponsive indifferent numb flat unemotional inscrutable spiritless absent uninterested inanimate absent-minded unfocused lacklustre lackluster glassy-eyed unfeeling insensitive frigid unimpassioned colourless dispassionate torpid unsympathetic inert leaden passionless soulless apathetic asleep callous hollow inhuman benumbed numbed colorless devoid of emotion anesthetized lukewarm senseless insipid still paralysed dead toneless anaesthetized paralyzed vague dreaming dreamy thoughtless stolid abstracted idle inane catatonic ditzy unthinking incurious uncomprehending foolish vapid unexpressive witless silly daydreaming straight-faced unreadable undemonstrative bemused stoic absorbed distracted preoccupied oblivious inattentive bland musing remote unaware detached phlegmatic stoical calm impassible affectless matter-of-fact nobody home cold-blooded devoid cool distrait unheeding glacial heedless restrained controlled aloof inactive lusterless reserved fish-eyed chill icy impersonal nowhere unaffected imperturbable heartless nonemotional immovable pokerfaced self-controlled cool, calm and collected stony-eyed reactionless dumb unintelligent perplexed unsmiling serious po-faced withdrawn rigid introspective meaningless stiff uncommunicative masklike noncommittal immobile unexcitable placid impenetrable enigmatic lethargic heavy insensate mysterious supine dry passive insentient laid back insensible cryptic inorganic defunct uncanny mystic occult deep enigmatical arcane unsystematic scatterbrained disorganized forgetful unreliable undependable azoic exanimate giddy feather-headed empty-headed erratic dizzy birdbrained scatty feather-brained sphinxlike nonliving unconscious dippy dappy hidden sphinx-like indecipherable mystified disorganised nonplussed puzzled baffled bewildered pensive abiotic negligent careless nonvegetable inoperative nonanimal absentminded inadvertent neglectful wool-gathering impossible to interpret unmindful unobservant far away without life non-organic not alive not with it somewhere else omitted minus bare deficient with a mind like a sieve with your head in the clouds miles away lost in thought in a brown study not with us in short supply

Tính từ

Not physically able to be moved
unmovable immovable nonmoving unwavering unbudging inflexible nonmotile unbending firm immotile obdurate adamant rigid steadfast stubborn unyielding obstinate irremovable tenacious steady unrelenting immobile stiff stable fixed fast secure set anchored rooted attached established hitched hooked located locked nailed quiet settled situated solid stationary still tight made fast secured safe braced cemented riveted unshakeable taut moored jammed embedded unshakable vigorous forceful snug fastened lusty welded unfluctuating wedged soldered stuck screwed frozen substantial tightened mounted lodged iron bolted hard balanced motionless static sure stabile compact unpliable non-flexible tied unshaking solid as a rock sturdy set in stone unshaken inelastic tough compacted unmalleable dense impliable renitent compressed resolute uncompromising unflinching single-minded inexorable staunch implacable relentless intransigent dogged determined pertinacious stalwart unswerving persistent headstrong merciless unappeasable ruthless stiff-necked grim hardheaded willful adamantine inconvincible wilful hard-nosed mulish opinionated pigheaded bullheaded indurate bound dead set on dedicated unfaltering committed resolved devout intractable cruel constant intent indefatigable persevering pitiless harsh steely true unsparing insistent remorseless true-blue strict unforgiving rigorous unchanging self-willed hardened ossified pat perverse self-opinionated unflagging wholehearted rock-ribbed bound and determined locked in immobilized immotive unbudgeable severe immobilised hard-line uncooperative unpersuadable hardline iron-willed loyal faithful stiffened diehard unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable bloody-minded exacting stringent draconian unswayable hard-core immalleable durable hard and fast refractory not giving an inch uncompliant devoted ineluctable reliable dependable necessary ironclad mean business unchangeable no going back hell bent on like death and taxes compulsory good pious down-the-line trusty stanch enduring ardent tried-and-true abiding allegiant liege trustworthy unqualified intense changeless unquestioning never-failing stern sedulous assiduous unstoppable tireless driven unswervable undaunted earnest unabated mortal hard-headed brick-wall hanging tough iron-fisted pounding unhesitating strong-minded strong-willed purposeful purposive decided deliberate spirited brave bold manful courageous plucky stout bulldog indomitable strenuous unflappable four-square untiring stout-hearted gritty mettlesome strong serious valiant unbendable gutsy undeviating compulsive full of determination perseverant spunky meaning business

Tính từ

Partly or wholly incapable of movement
paralyzed paralytic immobilised immobilized immobile incapacitated paraplegic quadriplegic tetraplegic hemiplegic monoplegic palsied paraparetic paretic crippled disabled inactive inert nerveless paralysed torpid lame handicapped helpless infirm bedridden debilitated laid up invalid powerless wheelchair-using numb maimed housebound impaired weakened confined having a disability differently abled physically handicapped physically challenged physically impaired sidelined benumbed insensible dead wounded useless weak learning-disabled out of commission hurt incapable enfeebled broken-down laid-up out-of-action having special needs having learning difficulties hamstrung having a mental disability injured confined to bed harmed out of action deadened unfeeling frozen insensitive insensate desensitized diplegic palsified unfit disadvantaged indisposed damaged desensitised deterred foiled restrained stymied blocked hampered impeded checked obstructed curbed balked limited burdened restricted encumbered deformed impotent wornout undermined baulked ruined halt destroyed hors de combat bedfast prostrate ailing ill bedbound spoiled lifeless spoilt mutilated gimp mangled broken hog-tied defective game marred sick shaking trembling mentally disabled physically disabled flat on your back neurasthenic diseased rheumatic shaky arthritic tremorous sclerotic atonic challenged exceptional disarmed wrecked stalled decrepit run-down worn-out out-of-commission with a disability sore bruised gammy battered tender afflicted aching stricken stiff pained smarting painful throbbing hurting stinging cut inflamed crushed discoloured scarred discolored black-and-blue bad beaten grazed scratched raw burning on the sick list sensitive lacerated gashed crook chafed reddened agonised knackered ruptured in hospital in the hospital mauled bleeding agonized disfigured scraped nicked in pain struck busted up hit limping hobbling fractured poorly unwell smashed shattered limp sickly frail gimpy feeble ill in bed below par off colour smitten excruciating agonizing delicate tingly distressed under the weather achy afflictive prickly twingeing irritated severe gnawing suffering biting uncomfortable smartful laborious nagging sharp troublesome searing piercing pounding tingling agonising hurtful caustic abscessed harrowing red tired nasty achy breaky grievous ulcerated shot buffeted tortured warped

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