Đồng nghĩa của pliant

Alternative for pliant


Easily influenced or directed
compliant tractable docile amenable malleable biddable obedient accommodating yielding pliable manageable meek susceptible persuadable impressionable receptive responsive influenceable controllable governable agreeable manipulable suggestible adaptable persuasible susceptive adjustable suasible easily led easily influenced easily swayed like putty in one's hands submissive acquiescent flexible passive deferential complaisant obliging cooperative dutiful unresisting resigned ductile unassertive conformable willing easy obsequious law-abiding nonresistant tame subservient open tolerant humble obeisant respectful duteous accepting subdued ingratiating lamblike servile unresistant bootlicking tolerating soft resistless longanimous easily handled convincible easily persuaded mouldable mild patient teachable forbearing regardful reverential gentle plastic slavish milky attentive sensitive self-effacing well-behaved quiet fawning moldable ready assenting easy-going gullible assentive timid unprotesting complying long-suffering spiritless toadying acceptive devoted uncomplaining accessible self-abasing docious good grovelling non-resistant cool laid-back supine reverent deferent credulous abject nonresisting loyal faithful observant groveling menial impressible quiescent perceptive well disciplined open-minded formative enduring well trained well-disposed under one's thumb in one's pocket in one's power in one's clutches at one's beck and call compromising conciliatory forgiving unformed conformist versatile polite civil courteous pervious willing to compromise inexperienced consentient assentient accordant spongy putty lithy considerate consenting thoughtful giving bending tameable stoical awed protean resilient all-round all-around multiskilled universal able to be influenced tamable putty in one's hands conscientious acceding truckling cowering cringing easygoing weak-kneed mellow usable childlike complacent orderly unassuming ingratiatory mannerly agreeing conforming approving inferior sycophantic subject downtrodden snivelling fatalistic reconciled philosophical developmental amendable trained untroublesome convenient workable easily manipulated well-trained dancing sniveling ignoble mean adapted calm genial phlegmatic renouncing cordial satisfied stoic peaceable relinquishing adjusted accommodated dedicated responsible punctilious vulnerable acquiescing fictile tractile tensile game under control filial ingenuous disciplined at one's mercy a slave to obligatory binding decent facile elastic bendable developing Uriah Heepish honoring sheeplike venerating honouring hearsome unquestioning incumbent on nonviolent lifeless non-violent growing exploitable non-aggressive wrapped around finger on a string disinterested static reflexive sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid flat motionless poker-faced bearing moony flaccid idle unflappable sentient trusting naive sensile affectable wax-like sensible feeling affected foundational immature seminal creative hands off going through motions walking through it sympathetic interested friendly welcoming favourable approachable attuned broad-minded acceptant well disposed alert bright hospitable open to new ideas recipient pushover favorable sharp swayable quick open to suggestions ready to consider new ideas willing to consider new ideas quick on the uptake non-resisting spineless under someone's thumb domesticated obeying bowing down comformable giving-in kowtowing subordinate surrendering amiable placable lowly trainable disciplinable handleable


Moving gracefully with ease


Having the capacity to be expanded


Failing to act or protest as a result of moral weakness or indolence
supine passive inert apathetic indifferent lethargic careless enervated idle inactive lazy negligent sluggish spineless weak yielding acquiescent docile effete indolent languid listless lymphatic servile spiritless submissive uninterested heedless slothful torpid do-nothing dormant dull lackadaisical lax motionless peaceful quiet sedentary slack sleepy tired unoccupied unresponsive phlegmatic heavy leaden slow impassive comatose drowsy easy slow-moving dreamy leisurely languorous laggard shiftless blah laid-back dopey unhurried lagging lifeless snoozy dilatory unenthusiastic limp moony procrastinating languishing ponderous plodding weary unconcerned dawdling measured creeping energyless stagnant unenergetic crawling wimpy somnolent nebbish sleepyhead tardy deliberate snaillike delaying moderate loitering tortoiselike postponing slow-going relaxed blahs pining numb otiose stolid slumberous gradual slow-footed slow-paced flagging unemotional faint sickly infirm feeble inattentive vacant work-shy sleeping emotionless lukewarm stoical stoic bored hibernating passionless stupefied fatigued quiescent undemonstrative dallying half-hearted impassible affectless unambitious unmotivated narcotic insensible fainéant cold pococurante Laodicean draggy cold-blooded out of it stupid stuporous hebetudinous bone idle faineant droopy still debilitated loafing lacking in energy laid back lacklustre lackluster stretchy exhausted unmoving vigourless drugged without energy having spring fever matter-of-fact inexpressive unexcitable mopish insouciant inconscious out vegged out dead to the world out to lunch out cold deadpan catatonic empty blank expressionless absent neutral abstracted wooden placid easygoing gentle steady sedate calm benumbed sluggardly tortoise-like unrushed laboured comfortable undemanding asleep unindustrious pokey dragging leaden-footed snail-paced poking poky snail-like dillydallying paralyzed static sodden latent paralysed insensitive dry laggy lollygagging labored late behindhand imperceptible remiss unworksome unaspiring parasitic useless procrastinative good-for-nothing workshy bone-idle lacking energy slumbering dozing napping resting unmoved unfeeling cool reposing disinterested uninvolved uncaring detached non-committal dispassionate aestivating dispirited callous untouched flat what the hell could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less perfunctory tame uninspiring blasé vapid insipid characterless depressed casual bland down tepid uninspired sad unanimated dejected despondent irresolute disconsolate low melancholy downhearted boring downcast colourless blue cast down offhand down in the mouth unhappy down in the dumps miserable incurious nonchalant dead crestfallen muted sorrowful glum colorless low-spirited woebegone morose bloodless prosaic moody heartsick heartsore drab monotonous unexciting tedious uninteresting dreary wearisome unsympathetic gloomy unexcited unimpressed aloof melancholic halfhearted slapdash wishy-washy distant upset nothing heartless disheartened heavy-hearted desolate discouraged tearful fed up distressed broken unimaginative humdrum disappointed mournful doleful heartbroken pessimistic joyless inconsolable forlorn ineffectual heavyhearted saddened brokenhearted mundane dim troubled cheerless cursory reluctant ineffective desultory commonplace subdued unwilling vanilla coldhearted uneager dismal undistinguished impervious vigorless indecisive pathetic oppressed unenthused uncurious sombre somber unaroused objective frigid tranquil ho-hum run-of-the-mill weighed down broken-hearted cowardly inanimate uncompassionate unconcerned about dolorous lacking vitality apathetic towards offhand about uninvolved with nonchalant about uninvolved in hard-hearted demoralized bored by bad unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about unenthusiastic about hurt sullen emotional along for the ride in pain triste bummed out saturnine demoralised bored stiff down in dumps gray anguished turned off aggrieved grey tristful down-hearted comfortless in the dumps sulky being lazy taking your time unconvincing unkind anaesthetic anesthetic lame weakly selfish hardhearted bovine dozy meager paltry unperturbed superficial stiff vegetating unlively lustreless soporous soporose unflappable unimpressible carefree disimpassioned meagre stagnating desensitized groggy aimless damp hollow lumpish slap-happy desensitised dying moribund declining fruitless futile worthless drony mechanical pointless sentimental romantic daydreaming laissez-faire two-dimensional easy going not enthusiastic not caring pabulum lusterless zero prosy spent spring fever wistful languished out of sorts dysphoric bowed down teary in tears bereaved weepy lugubrious down in mouth in grief hapless regretful in doldrums crabby black bitter negative sick at heart pensive grief-stricken morbid grieved flaccid milk-and-water namby-pamby impartial jaded wearied unbiased equitable weak-kneed wet limp-wristed crummy destroyed cast-down down and out agonised rueful elegiac in the pits agonized funereal elegiacal uneasy casual about nonpartisan apathetic about regardless uncaring about unprejudiced heedless of uninterested in frivolous about evenhanded candid just reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of equal fair careless of cavalier about square oblivious to controlled ennuied wimpish soft nerveless frail invertebrate weakened weakling insentient insensate defunct extinct weary of nonaligned self-controlled clinical restrained impersonal inorganic mineral unsocial diffident supercilious highbrow scornful not giving a monkey's silent haughty uncommunicative superior jejune reserved level-headed businesslike cool-headed collected hard-headed meek low in spirits non-organic soulless exanimate unimpassioned mopy desiccated anaemic rational unagitated unsentimental unruffled sober serene brassed off bored to death bored rigid wavering flavourless watered-down flavorless vacillating sick and tired bored to tears mediocre sapless browned-off wretched complacent gutless drippy hopeless remote equable unimpressionable composed abiotic anemic dismayed despairing choked thick-skinned chill obdurate reticent marble hard-boiled glacial poker-faced woeful sorry defeatist daunted hangdog nonvegetable without life nonanimal not alive deceased inoperative nonliving azoic chap-fallen going through motions aloof from indifferent to detached from incurious about distant from in low spirits in despair dragged as sick as a parrot brooding chapfallen down-in-the-mouth mopey singing the blues sunk sick as a parrot shot down going with the flow rolling with the punches cool, calm and collected flat tire lacking in vitality

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