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Tính từ

Displaying outstanding skill, knowledge, or experience in a given field
competent able capable qualified skilled good proficient adept accomplished adroit efficient equal expert fit gifted knowledgeable savvy skilful skillful excellent masterly polished suitable talented trained virtuoso wicked ace brilliant crack deadly great magic mean nifty wizard experienced habile sufficient clever complete crackerjack crisp dynamite endowed on the ball up to it up to speed au fait no slouch know one's business know one's stuff know the answers know the ropes know the score know ins and outs all-around all-round versatile dexterous dextrous handy multitalented adaptable multifaceted well-rounded all-purpose refined protean many-sided masterful versed flexible master multiskilled effectual deft practiced schooled practised veteran educated sure-handed fitted taught tutored functional varied consummate resourceful variable facile plastic conversant pliable ingenuous elastic puttylike ambidextrous ready mobile various useful seasoned effective multipurpose workmanlike complex complicated multifunction multiuse universal adjustable quick deep accurate reliable very well satisfactory proper balanced right on errorless dead-on sporting exact spot-on on-target precise thorough first-rate trustworthy stringent topflight serviceable suited sure-fire well well-balanced methodic methodical hardy all-singing, all-dancing systematic well-versed manifold multilayered polygonal multidimensional hot elite top-notch marvellous marvelous first class superb best class practical stellar apt a hand at professed A1 demon slick old employable long-term professional classic flawless impeccable elegant perfect exceptional outstanding faultless perfected cultivated graceful smooth urbane malleable cultured exquisite finished multiform polymorphic polymorphous sharp smart compleat well versed fine tasty genius artful ingenious intelligent first-class familiar magnificent delicate equipped bravura bright whiz impressive pro brainy adequate well-informed learned up to snuff prepared disciplined acquainted tested formidable big league a dab hand at astute vet splendid with it eligible knowing in the know tried out of this world supreme strong wise superlative versant dazzling superior appropriate alert hotshot perceptive keen cool certified au courant mature agile top-drawer hardened tuned in conscious worthy informed wonderful specialist sensible aware abreast nimble cognizant instructed sophisticated clued-up peerless there remarkable cunning phenomenal nimble-fingered canny smashing fab right good with numbers numerate well trained discerning up-to-date tip-top perspicacious highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained adapted wised up up on businesslike effortless understanding long-serving productive fitting time-served battle-scarred across preferable apprised mathematically competent neat dynamic extraordinary leet acute powerful ultimate sussed shrewd accustomed switched-on worldly fantastic fabulous terrific usable quick-witted awesome up precocious knowing the score sharp-witted old hand whip-smart worldly-wise observant cut out for well informed percipient sage tuned-in brill insightful at home clued up genned up exceptionally good fast supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent versed in sagacious on the beam with-it plugged in used to no stranger to well up in sharp as a tack top-hole class act very good no dummy quick on the trigger shining at quick on the uptake bred aimed prodigious decent impeccably credentialed destined kosher careful painstaking quintessential pitch-perfect happy organized well credentialed fluent leading exemplary hep hip prolific rangé handpicked capital deluxe choice drilled phenom good enough virtuosic good for designed ideal desirable organised specialized dominant well versed well up credentialed licensed chartered weathered established habituated ultraefficient champion artistic forward rounded sport certificated specialised easy sensational sik exo tremendous supremely skilled toughened matured feasible up to scratch responsible immaculate pure well suited well qualified top-shelf broken in prompt creative clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically crafty killer useable working realizable realisable hyperefficient practicable receptive highly endowed rad phat schmick the right stuff knowing one's stuff clean teachable quick-thinking authorized world-class grounded out of the ordinary having a knack for quick to learn worldly wise been there been around have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age know one's onions licenced proved authorised accepted acceptable sensitive introduced mindful admirable noteworthy of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years very able know stuff super sublime glorious know backwards and forwards nimble-witted quick off the mark heavenly mega mighty banging cracking crucial cognizant of in on not born yesterday nobody's fool active vigorous mercurial curt wired divine bosting having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer having know-how well-executed beautiful of the first water pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious all there smart as a whip wide awake quick on the draw intellectual academic having the right stuff has what it takes like a one-man band able to perform kept posted at ease with at home with like a pistol equal to the task up there rational logical genial erudite well-read sapient prudent egghead bookish cerebral heady seemly likely becoming confident unprovincial calculating sure enlightened judicious wily equal to up to in the running capable of in line for nippy sentient on top of things hot tamale clear-sighted having been around clear-eyed well versed in au courant with familiar with skilled in proficient in in control well up on au fait with competent at experienced in conversant with confident with top big time major league of use robust stupendous big-league of value major-league major important prescient energetic number-one big-time efficacious privy omniscient posted down appreciative earth-shattering epoch-making splendorous skookum earthshaking up to date in the loop switched on with an understanding of with a knowledge of

Tính từ

Being predominant across, or applying to, a broad spectrum
overall gross comprehensive universal inclusive master ruling sweeping prevailing wholesale public blanket popular majority received umbrella global worldwide international all-around all-round broad pandemic across-the-board broad-brush nationwide countrywide coast-to-coast across the board all-embracing all-inclusive company-wide general wide-ranging extensive far-reaching complete widespread exhaustive thorough full bird's-eye encyclopedic all-encompassing broad-spectrum common panoramic extended overarching encyclopaedic in-depth nonspecific wide total compendious embracive cyclopedic omnibus catholic all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged cover-all generic pervasive expansive wall-to-wall all-out mass indiscriminate collective outright prevalent ubiquitous basic predominant rife rampant epidemic unlimited deep grand rangy thoroughgoing far-flung large-scale broad-based large unbounded whole interdisciplinary multidisciplinary catchall wide-reaching unconfined infinite limitless pervading ample endless ecumenical far-ranging permeating inescapable boundless omnipresent absolute diffuse outspread preponderate overwhelming cross-disciplinary broad-ranging unrestricted catch-all all-together in toto ball-of-wax all together without exception with everything included out-and-out on a large scale all over the place taken as a whole panned mainstream approximate average shared regular orthodox unspecific loose indefinite national standard joint communal stock wonted rough ordinary routine customary usual accepted conventional natural societal established habitual commonplace vulgar typical vague unfocused widely held inexact undetailed ballpark hazy fuzzy imprecise woolly sketchy wooly in force in vogue in circulation middle-of-the-road non-specific ill-defined radical thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective overstated generalised exaggerated overdrawn entire state unconditional unmitigated one-size-fits-all straight-out all in effective panoptic everything all encompassing all-purpose nonexclusive net statewide aggregate integrated cosmopolitan wholistic replete maximal detailed full-scale regional rounded broad in content including all members including all categories eclectic unanimous multinational mundane worldly astronomical holistic in the mass in quantity in bulk bulk quantitative non-selective clean interstate full-on big picture full-blown encircling containing integral plenary lock stock and barrel the whole shebang in depth compleat the big picture comprising intact of great scope discursive perfect synoptic the works all-over from Land's End to John O'Groats all over the country

Tính từ

Including a wide variety of things

Phó từ

With everything taken into consideration
overall generally in general altogether largely substantially predominantly mostly mainly chiefly principally basically all in all by and large primarily all things considered for the most part generally speaking on balance taking everything into consideration to a large extent all told as a rule collectedly collectively inclusively in the main on average on the whole to a great degree together across the board in the aggregate essentially in a general sense in general terms as a general rule in the general run of things effectively broadly in all in total taken together everything included in sum counting them all in toto conventionally taking everything into account considering everything invariably naturally at the end of the day everything considered historically traditionally roughly as a whole more often than not all together with everything taken into account everything being equal summa summarum when all's said and done en masse given the circumstances needless to say as a matter of course pre-eminently typically usually commonly above all normally ordinarily especially customarily habitually particularly first and foremost preponderantly almost always fundamentally to all intents and purposes to a great extent widely extensively in most cases in great measure materially predominately notably most of the time almost entirely for all intents and purposes regularly considerably cardinally preeminently dominantly prodigally generously prodigiously liberally comprehensively immoderately copiously voluminously extravagantly abundantly lavishly expansively at large much as a body in particular on a large scale in a grand manner in a big way all up all-around bodily conjointly holistically virtually routinely spesh standardly for everything for the lot most importantly considering in most instances in the first place to the greatest extent most of all greatly hugely highly sizably vastly tremendously massively in effect in essence heavily really enormously astronomically colossally monumentally staggeringly monstrously stupendously in essentials in reality in fact in substance big-time grandly magnificently commodiously imposingly universally natch popularly roundly faithfully of course many a time

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