Đồng nghĩa của over

Alternative for over

Trái nghĩa: under,

Tính từ

(also used in adverb or preposition form) Finished or having been brought to an end
finished complete completed ended through concluded done closed terminated bygone gone past settled up accomplished dead discontinued down extinct no more over with wrapped up in the past done with ancient history over and done with a thing of the past finished with at an end dispensed with finalized consummated finalised fulfilled achieved sewn up realized executed effectuated decided effected realised out of the way resolved defunct sorted out discharged wound up polished off brought about finished off elapsed in the can forgotten final expired in the bag compassed performed spent buttoned up dead and buried carried out wrapped-up full-fledged all over out of hand determined lapsed attained perfected produced bypast gone by clinched made established over and done brought to pass out-of-the-way built run out run vanished nonextant departed exhausted depleted rendered set prepared effete wrought dead and gone kaputt obsolete kaput passed a wrap used up consummate left removed all-inclusive sweeping all-embracing that's it fini all over but the shouting home free dissolved dissipated burned up dried up moved on former quelled nonexistent ancient extinguished quashed stifled foregone earlier quenched smothered suppressed ago olden of old long-ago of yore full dispatched ceased entire satisfied knocked off tied up worked out come to an end actualized happy ripe content contented pleased organized gratified organised comfortable obtained crowned matured out of date at ease brought to a close made good materialized substantiated caused materialised handled invalid perf relaxed unrenewed void taken care of all up voided induced developed elaborate mature previous lost antiquated one-time conclusive thorough faultless fixed arranged outmoded erstwhile sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time dated oldfangled serene placid past recall delighted reached untroubled rewarded in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane put into effect at peace in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go

Tính từ

Excessively abundant
overabundant abounding excessive in excess profuse surplus boundless disproportionate dissipated dizzying enormous exaggerated exorbitant extra extravagant extreme immoderate indulgent inordinate intemperate limitless more needless overboard overkill overmuch plethoric prodigal profligate recrementitious redundant self-indulgent sky-high steep stiff stratospheric super superabundant superfluous supernatural too many towering unbounded unconscionable undue unmeasurable unreasonable way out fancy unmerciful baroque devilish overextravagant overdue insane overweening lavish intolerable very too a lot over the top outrageous unwarranted too much uncalled-for extortionate OTT a bit much unnecessary preposterous unrestrained uncalled for irrational unfair improper unjustifiable unwarrantable unjust pricey gratuitous dear monstrous too great uncurbed wanton imprudent illogical too-too absonant high costing an arm and a leg up to here O.T.T. over the odds unjustified unneeded out of all proportion heavy huge unrestricted unlimited punitive over-the-top criminal prodigious unrelenting ridiculous overindulgent senseless wasteful supererogatory far-out posh out of bounds unrightful unlawful wrongful peremptory arbitrary de trop excess expensive severe harsh spare unseemly drastic gigantic uncontrolled supernumerary extraordinary prohibitive overpriced colossal immense rigorous monumental massive remaining strict giant mountainous vast egregious dispensable expendable tough unbridled useless mammoth punishing austere great not required unwanted sharp oppressive whopping tremendous substantial draconian stupendous fantastic nonessential unacceptable unmitigated unyielding leftover ludicrous gross swingeing unrequired residuary nonsensical pleonastic superfluent overflowing unasked illegitimate costly absurd unreasoned untempered overblown reckless far-fetched blown up out of all proportion tall theatrical overdone dramatic very expensive wild imbalanced unprovoked imposing lofty violent decadent unbalanced dissipative riotous debauched radical elevated soaring unused unproductive disposable left over waste to spare inexcusable out of control surplus to requirements extraneous on your hands unessential dire striking multistorey impressive supreme sky-scraping ruinous desperate uncompromising stern unbending uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly horrifying unholy unsuitable inappropriate serious forceful momentous far-reaching inflated excessively high extremely high ornate outstanding paramount titanic magnificent Brobdingnagian surpassing superior altitudinous rigid zealous remorseless unusual exceptional consequential exacting non-essential fulsome rococo fanatical beyond the pale inessential transcendent hulking sublime stellar ginormous downright unconventional flagrant uncommon thorough absolute remarkable ferocious unmerited unbecoming undeserved daylight robbery highway robbery costing a bomb a rip-off out-and-out fabulous utter out of proportion sheer airy imperial preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping costing the earth out of sight over one's head exceeding inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable elaborate elegant decorated bizarre hard grandiose improvident grotesque over-elaborate flamboyant curlicued convoluted flowery fussy infinite immeasurable astronomic humongous astronomical unhampered mega unchecked mighty unfettered overgenerous thumping silly monster extensive epic gargantuan uninhibited florid ostentatious overelaborate overdecorated busy bedecked wedding-cake showy gingerbread supererogative stringent super-duper onerous cruel grievous rough embellished ornamental ornamented rich gilt decorative very elaborate crippling bitter brutal hardhanded rugged grim murderous trying strong excruciating burdensome searing hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable robust intense

Tính từ


Phó từ

To the greatest degree
extremely highly terribly very exceedingly significantly extraordinarily thoroughly truly ultra tremendously hugely immensely mega utterly especially exceeding excessively mighty really seriously supremely vastly blisteringly colossally enormously fiercely heavily incredibly specially surpassingly terrifically exorbitantly immoderately overly radically strikingly totally intensely particularly abundantly outstandingly decidedly greatly inordinately frightfully extra majorly mightily achingly almighty fabulously fantastically roaringly awfully severely fearfully eminently most real deadly ever much powerfully super drastically distinctly uncommonly unusually mucho bloody hellishly well badly beastly way so devilishly crackingly desperately mortally vitally wildly prohibitively violently deathly deeply profoundly completely entirely astronomically grandly monstrously monumentally staggeringly astonishingly in the extreme oh-so ever so to a great extent exceptionally markedly notably remarkably right stinking unco too awful too-too sore sorely jolly cracking spanking rattling archly filthy wicked thumping roaring whacking full dang bone corking far that singularly madly hellish devilish all that darned dead monstrous passing plumb fair such mad lekker unduly dirty unreasonably powerful ridiculously unnecessarily unconscionably beyond over- in excess to too great an extent to too great an degree prodigiously critically positively fully painfully dreadfully wholly gravely indeed strongly quite absolutely considerably downright firmly wonderfully immeasurably vehemently prominently heartily acutely incomparably perfectly intently suitably easily dramatically noticeably superlatively extensively materially dangerously obviously massively grievously largely sizably substantially appreciably altogether broadly plenty hopelessly stupendously chronically fatally hysterically conspicuously signally hard perilously very much passionately precariously uniquely clearly parlously irretrievably outrageously lots disturbingly big-time to a fault a lot a great deal a fair amount par excellence to the nth degree by far by much very badly as all get out by leaps and bounds by a great amount by a great deal to a great degree in a marked degree good and by a mile by a long way on a grand scale to the core extremely badly too much in all respects in every way in every respect a hundred per cent as all get-out one hundred per cent to the hilt every inch like mad like crazy no end by half impressively pronouncedly amazingly brilliantly magnificently stunningly spectacularly boldly awesomely emphatically unmistakably evidently manifestly splendidly patently imposingly sensationally breathtakingly showily marvellously glaringly noteworthily phenomenally marvelously vividly majestically superbly flamboyantly palpably blatantly commandingly astoundingly memorably plainly surprisingly apparently beautifully splashily gloriously perceptibly visibly saliently distinguishedly sublimely finely catchily discernibly heroically nobly rarely observably bodaciously movingly wondrously superiorly noisily graphically distinctively dazzlingly excellently statelily transparently startlingly definitely stirringly importantly mind-blowingly excitingly colourfully resplendently perceivably attractively colorfully peculiarly detectably recognizably flagrantly meaningfully unforgettably barefacedly augustly stimulatingly openly overtly picturesquely livelily loftily unequivocally momentously exquisitely recognisably miraculously distinguishably tellingly stellarly proudly unambiguously dignifiedly elegantly lucidly expressively forcefully primely shockingly divinely indisputably flashily undisguisedly grossly admirably unambivalently regally brightly superly famously imperially illustriously eloquently undeniably jaw-droppingly mind-bogglingly splendiferously effectively perspicuously affectingly grandiosely ostentatiously overwhelmingly inspiringly peerlessly capitally palatially sumptuously explicitly straightforwardly influentially royally transcendently thrillingly baldly luxuriously egregiously magnifically conclusively lovelily heavenlily preeminently coolly epically choicely rousingly baronially fascinatingly unbelievably obtrusively lavishly abnormally extravagantly self-evidently unreally rankly electrifyingly pointedly interestingly sterlingly gorgeously luminously matchlessly pellucidly tangibly compellingly richly charmingly gallantly unsurpassedly visually toweringly gaudily garishly hotly inescapably wickedly portentously opulently oddly ringingly exaltedly crucially pre-eminently touchingly smashingly notedly groovily persuasively whoppingly strangely unquestionably decisively sensibly energetically historically unprecedentedly classically refreshingly loudly cogently weightily neatly indubitably certainly fantabulously luridly bizarrely pictorially gigantically unwontedly impactfully dandily bigly eventfully keenly luculently curiously cosmically forcibly goodly animatedly giantly convincingly inimitably meanly evocatively categorically pivotally unfamiliarly mountainously anomalously vibrantly atypically audaciously incontrovertibly titanically emotionally pricelessly pleasingly formidably fancily histrionically captivatingly exhilaratingly niftily peachily slickly theatrically jazzily supernally invigoratingly statuesquely notoriously prettily spiritedly sizeably swankily invaluably freshly gargantuanly exclusively brashly poignantly hauntingly principally brazenly exemplarily unexpectedly toppingly renownedly consequentially glitzily enchantingly resoundingly dominantly definitively arrantly radiantly sovereignly righteously undoubtedly provocatively corkingly handsomely grippingly appealingly blindingly ginormously preternaturally aberrantly exotically alluringly detailedly starkly infinitely magically unimaginably worthily glamorously desirably sharply motivationally shamelessly engagingly differently dramaturgically atrociously meritoriously estimably inspirationally weirdly unaccustomedly scenically dynamically realistically revealingly uncustomarily racily gaily jarringly paramountly potently imaginatively outlandishly rivetingly arousingly authoritatively demonstrably redoubtably descriptively pretentiously axiomatically vigorously absorbingly thumpingly solemnly intoxicatingly enthrallingly ritzily discoverably suddenly pompously queenlily surely comically enticingly incalculably ominously suggestively valuably indelibly daringly vivaciously celebratedly newly delightfully scintillatingly funnily scandalously heinously solidly prestigiously lastingly incontestably originally by a considerable amount emotively humblingly encouragingly nakedly masterfully predominantly unqualifiedly effectually romantically unconventionally outrightly enduringly swashbucklingly queerly mainly irrefutably pertinently pleasantly expressly melodramatically bravely bonnily measurably plushly bewitchingly entrancingly insanely tensely artistically snazzily ideally enthusiastically centrally oceanically irresistibly ocularly trenchantly ambitiously inconceivably identifiably planetarily suspensefully pharaonically improbably affectively galactically thunderingly poshly macroscopically shamefully unthinkably implausibly uncannily punchily viewably electrically beguilingly supercalifragilisticexpialidociously heart-stoppingly unmitigatedly unsubtly photographically cryingly climactically astrally precisely bombastically pictographically comprehensibly symbolically dashingly screamingly photogenically loads jauntily heaps tons panoramically oodles wholesale overmuch tonnes novelly skillfully skilfully consummately a good deal upliftingly horrifyingly adventurously primarily a ton verifiably stylishly all in all to beat the band peppily enviably veritably chiefly legitly firstly airily terrifyingly actively certifiably fundamentally authentically unspeakably unknownly infamously ghastlily appallingly freakishly sportily rippingly incisively amusingly horrendously tastelessly inspiritingly concretely urgently intrusively focally essentially flauntingly obscenely baroquely immortally pregnantly commendably prepossessingly applaudably praiseworthily laudably pleasurably sheerly confirmedly downrightly efficaciously undisputedly floridly unpredictably unanticipatedly illustratively intriguingly disquietingly pressingly indicatively bewilderingly legendarily smartly revolutionarily groundbreakingly untypically direly nameably crisply foremostly unashamedly galvanically ornately horribly hulkingly validly entertainingly reprehensibly disgracefully efficiently instrumentally satisfyingly aggressively quaintly empirically preposterously crazily reputably venerably warmly capably understandably gracefully leadingly relevantly portlily engrossingly reasonably headily pioneeringly classily refinedly awakeningly assuredly heftily iniquitously villainously ably spiffingly univocally resonantly zappily purposefully burningly intelligibly cardinally soundly devastatingly operatively shiningly successfully tenderly exposedly preponderantly haughtily seductively newsworthily plausibly fatefully paradisaically farcically deliberately piquantly celestially idiosyncratically articulately luxuriantly paradisiacally mesmerically protrusively eccentrically flamingly credibly purplely meretriciously lusciously magnetically reliably all crazy rather pretty persistently ravishingly daintily delicately protuberantly unorthodoxly actually flowerily unaccountably enjoyably uber dearly specifically reminiscently Esp très provably soaringly zestfully in specie preciously moderately characterfully personably magisterially vulgarly steeply before all else abidingly permanently genuinely bangingly faithfully glowingly unsettlingly sonorously thickly audibly authoritarianly impossibly ineffably unutterably gleamingly trimly defly deliciously intrinsically redolently hardly legitimately utmostly on a large scale in great measure elaborately staidly formally controlledly aristocratically immodestly unmissably utopianly bouncingly zippily lucently sparkily perkily pertly springily friskily snappily animately kinetically briskly kitschly affectedly narratively incomprehensibly supernaturally ethereally sensorially blissfully apprehensibly discernably humorously wittily generously earthshakingly earnestly quantumly dreamily penetratingly saucily attestably evincibly sweepingly integrally ponderously unalterably veridically factually copiously profusely bitingly titillatingly fetchingly frighteningly basically far and away agreeably heartrendingly ceremoniously tragically scrumptiously delectably alarmingly plethorically stiffly overweeningly intolerably unmercifully exigently representationally flagitiously objectively robustly usefully responsibly honestly inducingly truely competently contributorily controllingly formatively substantively unabashedly nicely congenially tawdrily glitteringly ostensibly believably colorably seemingly individually ravingly impudently unblushingly coherently hilariously immediately almightily complexly egotistically unfathomably impenetrably heartbreakingly properly projectingly defiantly exhibitionistically iconographically diagrammatically insolently unembarrassedly provenly studiedly pithily tersely succinctly sufficiently rationally epochally upsettingly breathlessly sententiously heart-rendingly menacingly unmatchably unmeasurably aerially ultimately unrepentantly confirmably supportably sustainably fluently quantifiably speakingly idyllically fancifully debonairly uninhibitedly logically puissantly directly unanswerably performantly cleverly side-splittingly relaxingly cheerfully restoratively forbiddingly dauntingly overboldly brassily dubiously absurdly unrealistically exuberantly flakily gassily scarily camply familiarly distinguishingly nonsensically whimsically ludicrously irrationally doubtfully deducibly ascertainably consumingly charismatically tantalizingly spellbindingly meatily hypnotically tantalisingly invitingly compulsively relatably chillingly zanily wackily foolishly venturesomely breezily timelessly unfadingly alternatively mysteriously subjectively intimately dissimilarly idiomatically privately privily independently lushly undyingly eternally everlastingly perpetually intimidatingly harrowingly direfully dreadly chicly buoyantly raffishly pluckily imperishably aesthetically esthetically decoratively figuratively balefully hairily hellaciously satisfactorily spankingly fastly rapidly swiftly unnaturally puzzlingly paradoxically externally extrinsically extraneously kinkily enterprisingly venturously adventuresomely gutsily nervily swishly hardily intrepidly tall in the saddle distressingly fearsomely hearteningly indescribably voluminously urbanely dapperly exaggeratedly to a marked extent bulkily tidily huskily macabrely gruesomely grislily fearlessly alertly confidently disgustingly revelatorily ardently sympathetically meaningly anthemically revoltingly hideously unrestrainedly sort of gorily trashily demonstratively inspiredly visionarily allusively ribaldly kitschily salaciously pruriently cheaply repugnantly dirtily filthily savagely grimly frankly thoughtfully responsively representatively pathetically communicatively sensitively understandingly ingeniously morbidly juicily horrifically tackily horridly nightmarishly grotesquely publically yellowly offensively saltily fierily sinisterly raunchily bloodily roughly sanguinely

Phó từ

Undeservedly, not warranted
unduly excessively inordinately overly overmuch disproportionately immoderately improperly too unjustifiably unnecessarily unreasonably intemperately devilishly exorbitantly extravagantly inappropriately intolerably monstrously needlessly superfluously too much unacceptably unwarrantedly ever extremely ill-advisedly illegally immensely indecorously out of all proportion overfull underhandedly unfairly unjustly unsuitably to death to a fault with a vengeance out of proportion exceedingly very absurdly wildly over- ridiculously outrageously impossibly too-too very much to too great an extent to too great an degree unjustifiedly undeservedly unwarrantably indefensibly wrongly gratuitously unconscionably inexcusably unmeritedly groundlessly unforgivably unlawfully wrongfully steeply unprovokedly stiffly unpardonably criminally illogically irrationally preposterously unseemlily illegitimately immorally unbecomingly lavishly insanely baroquely plethorically unmercifully fancily toweringly overweeningly senselessly extortionately dishonestly blameworthily inconceivably wickedly reprehensibly poshly wantonly unrightfully arbitrarily peremptorily unsatisfactorily inequitably irregularly incorrectly dearly insultingly iniquitously injudiciously unfoundedly baselessly fulsomely culpably inexpiably remissly regrettably unworthily insupportably unthinkably knavishly ungodlily barbarously appallingly shockingly consciencelessly unholily sneakily horrifyingly nonsensically ludicrously illicitly unaptly forbiddenly unfittingly ineptly sinisterly unmeasurably inaptly unseasonably bottomlessly inessentially unwelcomely unessentially prosecutably unethically tortiously lawlessly feloniously optionally uninvitedly avoidably unwantedly fortuitously uselessly futilely accidentally evilly dishonorably below the belt actionably uncleanly troublesomely incredibly dishonourably thickly


Extending directly upwards from

Động từ

To be victorious over
surmount conquer overcome master beat vanquish clear prevail over best cross defeat dispatch exceed get lick overbear overmatch pass skunk stop subdue surpass take trim triumph over upend worst endure get over overpower resist better climb crest do down down get around hurdle leap negotiate outdo outstrip pass over prevail throw transcend triumph vault win against be unstoppable by cope with deal with get the better of make it over make it past make it round get through make one's way over make one's way past make one's way round jump hop spring bound leap over jump over scale lop saltate fly over jump across vault over skip bend leapfrog arch curve pole-vault bow overarch span ascend skip over bound over leapfrog over spring over sail over overleap mount soar rise trounce clobber crush quash overwhelm thrash rout subjugate wipe the floor with quell cream top drub whip own hammer demolish stuff excel outclass make mincemeat of slaughter rise above shellac paste overthrow walk all over run rings around take to the cleaners destroy outshine crucify tank murder blow out of the water outperform undo outplay bring someone to their knees eclipse annihilate circumvent flatten slam smash go one better than do better than suppress blow out dominate curb take care of resolve repress pulverize overrun reduce pound be victorious over trample cane solve trump massacre wallop outrun knock for a loop crack overshadow pulverise outmatch bear down get round control sort out give someone a drubbing give someone a hiding turn inside out tame break marmalize humble cap find the solution to find a solution to find an answer to find the answer to drop overtake floor trash total overturn put down subvert zap whomp outwit overtop go beyond outgun improve on outdistance knock out skin lambaste outflank improve upon override gain mastery over get a grip on tower over put to shame outpace put in the shade pip at the post wipe out bridle check subject pacify subordinate restrain kill traverse smother go over bust get past beat hollow overstep walk over thwart steamroll whack frustrate win over gain a victory over overpass hop over deck upset pommel ruin sink whitewash flog outsmart slay edge torpedo tan knock over outrank shut down get the upper hand over route shipwreck outhit decimate entrap obliterate swamp outjump outmaneuver outmanoeuvre flax butcher ambush be victorious outrival knock spots off bring to ruin take to cleaners take it all put paid to finish off work over outstep put an end to edge out KO mow down nose out win a victory over gain control of gain the advantage over be better than roll back go one better run roughshod over bring to their knees pwn run rings round plow under pick apart defeat utterly win a resounding victory over unseat knock off humiliate get control of govern hegemonize manage regulate shake off shame shoot ahead rule direct command outcompete make a fool of give a hiding do in get one up on bury put someone in the shade scoop get one over on be more than a match for outhussle hose smoke whup tromp shoot ahead of devastate weather survive whop bomb dust wax whap shock stun render oppress outlive win blow away snow under extinguish render helpless render incapable render powerless foil checkmate chasten grind down knock socks off come out on top of discomfit overmaster confound come out on top rank be superior to tower tower above outweigh outgo be greater than wipe off map bring to knees succeed over put in their place trample underfoot accept beat down withstand gain ascendancy over gain the upper hand over get the upper hand curtail squelch arrest squash stifle bypass spank strike overshoot overreach outreach stand up to take in hand get to grips with achieve do accomplish perform fulfill compass fulfil make commit execute prosecute perpetrate stamp out crack down on put the kibosh on slap about handle face up to come to terms with leave behind cut across navigate carry out bring off carry off pull off put through go above follow through with miss pass through go around

Trái nghĩa của over

over Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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