Đồng nghĩa của supplementary

Alternative for supplementary

Đồng nghĩa: auxiliary, subsidiary, supplemental,

Tính từ

Completing or enhancing something
supplemental complementary additional auxiliary extra add-on accessory ancillary increased more accessorial accompanying appurtenant correlative further peripheral reciprocal secondary subsidiary reserve supportive augmenting top-up subordinate added spare contributory fresh supporting other new minor substitute backup another subservient optional attendant extraneous standby unnecessary inessential adjuvant surplus farther lesser unimportant second assisting collateral replacement incidental alternative supernumerary superfluous second-fiddle temporary marginal needless immaterial relief alternate unneeded second-class insignificant bonus nonessential aiding fall-back emergency second-string lower fallback inferior irrelevant junior extrinsic redundant assistant tangential dispensable lower-level unessential non-essential stopgap expendable smaller less makeshift petty less important beside the point second-rate of little account on the side corresponding abetting acting satellite lower-grade adventitious concomitant helping associate leftover caretaker interim gratuitous excess correlated related supererogatory back-up unwarranted inconsequential trivial provisional accidental surrogate locum sub proxy small-fry small substitutive appended affixed third-string stand-in fill-in uncalled-for tentative over-and-above derivative adscititious incremental assisting in repeat else unused extramural side free extracurricular adjunct deputy slighter one more new-found unwanted lower than ornamental cosmetic younger in store in reserve provisionary intervening provisory lowly transitional uncritical unrequired noncompulsory of lesser importance than less important than branch cooperative helpful serviceable useful subject tributory under youngest negligible trifling pro tem pinch-hitting ad interim pro tempore short-term casual similar back up not necessary not essential not needed not required by-the-way by-the-by background non-operational parenthetical external alien foreign supervenient low-ranking connected dinky bush-league undersized subjacent nether reduced minor-league low small-time bottom bush fiddling little slight nugatory foolish frivolous inconsiderable minute lower-ranking vice- inapposite inapplicable inappropriate low-grade sub- unrelated unconnected analogous alike kindred of less importance occasional temp tributary outranked paltry a notch under matching impertinent coincident attending pointless Mickey Mouse contributing incident by the by by the way linked cognate adminicular irrelative inadmissible correspondent parallel inapt not pertinent not germane supply second-banana of little importance associated intrusive neither here nor there not to the point rough-and-ready slapdash dummy improvised quick-and-dirty make-do throwaway excessive nothing to do with it wide of the mark off the subject out of place not to the purpose deadwood luxury excess baggage special over and above

Tính từ

Of or pertaining to an appurtenance
appurtenant accessorial accessory appertaining apposite appropriate auxiliary belonging connected peripheral pertinent related relating relevant supplemental applicable germane material ad rem apropos fitting suitable apt proper to the point to the purpose suited relative linked significant pointed felicitous befitting congruous admissible fit applicatory on the nose on the button right useful becoming correlated salient legit kosher valid congruent fitted consistent right on on target having direct bearing on having to do with cognate referring important pertaining applicative opportune concerning correct pat good pointful compatible meet pertaining to relatable timely associable helpful apropos of of use dependent contingent about convenient expedient favourable auspicious with respect in regard propitious well judged seemly deserved well-suited in keeping key essential intrinsic vital happy seasonable favorable fundamental meaningful indispensable central primary cardinal substantive associated requisite allowable harmonious weighty consonant conformant conforming accordant correspondent of consequence in point allied akin analogous on-topic kindred of interest that's the ticket acceptable just fair rightful adequate due reasonable satisfactory competent decent qualified warranted justified ideal condign pretty merited advantageous sufficient perfect worthy comme il faut well-timed all right serviceable tolerable adapted agreeable legitimate ample desirable equitable fortunate commensurate comfortable permitted providential passable equipped in order tailor-made justifiable beneficial sensible decorous OK promising well-chosen permissible lucky choice benign fine okay welcome conformable nice unobjectionable enough proportionate good enough official well timed usable just right earned effective satisfying authorized exact heaven-sent equal commensurable preferable sound handy ripe required able presentable capable spot on authorised well suited needed desired respectable allowed golden accepted expected standard coherent employable fortuitous corresponding lawful pleasing pleasant concordant average legal precise sympathetic alright friendly cut out for likely best solid palatable sanctioned sufficing matching licit well deserved well earned optimal conventional up to standard pukka above board made to order obligatory up to snuff set ethical hopeful user friendly profitable within the law functional prepared feasible constructive chosen well chosen on the money by the book deserving ready necessary conducive judicious established well put well expressed specified intended preferred accurate commodious accommodating practicable approved benefic eligible proportional useable available usual orthodox comparable convincing matched salutary benignant nonconflicting gratifying pleasurable anticipated common selected healthful wholesome toward genuine copacetic timeous supportable tenable defensible recognized fairish tolerated flattering swell unexceptionable well-matched snug prosperous conformable to logical unexceptional very correspondent to correspondent with carefully selected model rational jake quintessential well qualified bona fide right up your street up to par congenial up to scratch supreme recognised fairly good well-founded so-so up to the mark in accord just the job destined fairy-tale encouraging good for designed richly-deserved conformed reconciled accommodated practical made well viewable of benefit well-deserved peculiar unique favourite favorite well-earned inspired fixed prescribed done kindly equivalent neat indicated quantified listed worthwhile entitled comely beneficent mandatory normal compulsory empowered cut out associated with behooving beseeming telling joyous within reason just what was ordered abundant professional cheering pleasureful reassuring plenty possible probable concedable productive coextensive licensed statutable constitutional statutory legalized customary bounden rightly due livable cushy consummate absolute prototypical on the mark formal flukey fluky trained symmetrical great healthy fruitful utilizable plentiful plenteous bounteous admitted right and proper predictable towardly seasonal archetypal not unlikely not impossible according to Hoyle wearable of choice what the doctor ordered aplenty copious minimal bountiful regular just the thing expert skilled proficient talented skilful skillful adept fit to be eaten consumable comestible versatile brave fit for human consumption safe to eat approving edible full of promise licenced legalised ultimate regulation serendipitous casual incidental enviable successful accidental efficacious in proportion equal to up to capable of practised accomplished experienced seasoned cozy user-friendly aligning in the running in line for commendatory salubrious hygienic favoring commending protean prudent sanctioned by law going by the rules honest moralistic moral virtuous principled canonical noble card-carrying right-minded appropriate to the time of year normal for the time of year enow as much as you need as much as is necessary sanctionable disposed just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs excellent wonderful reconcilable exploitable de règle middling moderate enjoyable indulgent accommodative obliging assuaging assuasive appeasing operable favouring utilisable holding water on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up in principle enhancing practiced goodish optimum perfectly fitted perfectly suited spot-on up your alley sufficiently good pretty good run-of-the-mill quite good delightful crying out not bad excusable pardonable venial prime peak top -worthy bog-standard middle-of-the-road ergonomic embellishing cosy prerequisite particular appealing engaging fair-to-middling totally fine idyllic foremost cooperative having good vibes harmonizing companionable in sync with attuned in step together adaptable on the same wavelength in tune cotton to interoperable in the groove harmonising hitting it off getting along with completely understandable A-OK sufferable cogent finest express grateful sweet delightsome darling blessed dulcet savoury charming luscious blest jolly relaxing dreamy tasty heavenly delectable delicious hospitable welcoming savory sustainable compelling reasoned sincere within accepted bounds choicest ornamenting gracing kind advisable agreeing looked-for plausible pragmatic lucid believable warrantable true viable workable authentic credible grounded reliable realistic righteous politic in keeping with best possible persuasive verifiable understandable dinkum called for fit for purpose in character copasetic pre-eminent best-case real acknowledged sought after ducky hunky-dory okey-dokey fair to middling

Phó từ

In addition


On top of one or ones previously referred to

Trái nghĩa của supplementary

supplementary Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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