Đồng nghĩa của fiddling

Alternative for fiddling

fiddles, fiddled, fiddling

Đồng nghĩa: diddle, goldbrick, monkey, play, shirk, shrink from, tamper, tinker, toy, violin,

Tính từ

Of petty or trivial importance
trifling trivial insignificant small unimportant inconsequential inconsiderable negligible petty incidental minor slight footling paltry piddling foolish frivolous little minute nugatory penny-ante piffling small-fry twopenny-halfpenny futile nickel-and-dime pettifogging picayune Mickey Mouse of little account of no account niggling measly nominal irrelevant worthless piddly pimping immaterial of no consequence light no-account inappreciable de minimis peanut not worth mentioning chicken inessential non-essential of no importance pointless of little importance lightweight meaningless insubstantial of little consequence casual small-bore secondary not worth bothering about nonessential shallow silly minuscule lesser peripheral valueless superficial marginal dinky minimal meagre small-time shoestring meager of no moment subordinate inferior not worth speaking of exiguous neither here nor there ignorable scanty tiny idle derisory puny pitiful pathetic mingy extraneous inadequate poxy unnecessary infinitesimal low-ranking unsubstantial base cheap two-bit second-rate purportless of no great concern subsidiary time-wasting token trite flimsy miserable insufficient contemptible lower junior scratch inconsequent smaller mean useless nothing nondescript unessential beside the point senseless of minor importance minor-league hair-splitting imperceptible fussy impractical niggly hairsplitting potty of no value slender neglectable lilliputian beggarly ancillary bush-league obscure smalltime ineffectual uncelebrated empty of little import frothy zero zilch tinpot zip null indifferent by-the-way by-the-by background auxiliary shabby unconsiderable minus accessory tacky dependent low second-string extrinsic tangential less important skimpy unconsidered runt inappropriate wimpy shrimp vain hollow loitering jejune inane idling vapid insipid banal below the mark no great shakes expendable of less importance occasional dispensable no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero everyday all the same commonplace related contributory supplementary contributing no big deal no big thing wanky momentary diminutive atomic microscopic skin-deep evanescent vanishing hardly worth mentioning scant poor ordinary sparse wretched mediocre deficient modest undistinguished reduced common limited unremarkable stingy lowly scarce average pitiable sorry subtle vague minimum middling short miserly run-of-the-mill ungenerous fine weak slim humble lousy impalpable indistinguishable lean inconspicuous uninspired undetectable pedestrian fractional barren unexceptional indiscernible forgettable second-class unimpressive gradual insensible humdrum prosaic bog-standard unmemorable unexciting workaday inaudible shadowy ephemeral subnormal less indistinct sad so-so nothing special unnoticeable invisible ignoble imponderable middle-of-the-road vanilla wanting intangible mere despicable sparing faint fair diminished unproductive lamentable trashy unknown unobservable unpretentious nothing to write home about bland unsatisfactory normal unavailing ineffective uninspiring routine standard OK bad half-pie dull lower-level off thin inapposite feeble plain vanilla abject passable tenuous not much cop slighter impertinent little known medium uneventful inapplicable anonymous tolerable subservient lacking usual inglorious fragile irrelative unimposing adequate undersized remote typical unusable few frail run-of-the-mine run-of-mine shoddy unsound poorer inutile outside bogus sterile unprofitable profitless waste counterproductive abandoned second-fiddle low-grade plain lackluster lacklustre fair-to-middling quibbling amateurish amateur substandard lame conventional unnoteworthy characterless unacceptable third-string cavilling nit-picking standard-issue garden-variety of no matter bush unsung not very good common or garden dismal not so hot not up to much a dime a dozen restricted little-known unrenowned frugal scrimpy dubious doubtful unfamiliar invalid caviling plebeian wee unconvincing good-for-nothing unfamous disappointing unheard-of spare moderate nanoscopic implausible woeful distressing rare bottom simple puerile smallish drossy forgotten flighty unrelated scrubby unhonoured foreign stock superfluous subpar dissatisfactory subjacent unperceivable indefinite decent teensy-weensy basal lower-ranking skimp unheard of of no merit low-born crummy cut-and-dry cut-and-dried regular imperfect not germane not pertinent defective dwindling lower-class uninteresting junk lemon mainstream junky lower-grade extra boring familiar wack crumby punk not to the point negative low-quality customary suboptimal rubbish no-good second-banana additional wrong sour ill bog standard fair to middling next to none collateral a minor point ten a penny below par next to no garden variety tributary seldom seen second rate from hunger off the subject perfunctory twopenny sophisticated mild ne'er-do-well small-scale picky symbolic insulting toytown local barely perceptible finicky ridiculous outrageous risible preposterous absurd ludicrous laughable captious casuistic equivocating sophistical narrow unconsequential set sleazy disregardable peppercorn undemanding acceptable bitty little bitty fragmentary supplemental unintellectual depleted inconsiderate diddly menial rinky-dink nether unapparent too little too late unassuming no never mind matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference unobtrusive teeny-weeny featherweight failing imponderous incompetent fatuous flippant unhelpful not enough lessened gentle scattered illogical purposeless unclear outclassed déclassé demeaning degrading sporadic fruitless no use shy irrational boilerplate par for the course undistinguishable imperceivable uncommon infrequent general a notch under unreasonable attendant ignominious servile chaffy rubbishy lower rung low-level least smallest littlest slightest impossible to detect fewer merciful nowhere jake garden plastic satellite outranked adjuvant sub worse tawdry low-rent hack unestablished of no benefit bootless unfructuous pants to no avail cut lowest just substract under subject second reserve crude barely visible hard to make out lower in status lower in rank minutest tiniest merest fewest nothing to get excited about middle of the road run of the mill shortened nameless plain-Jane homely unextraordinary unvaried hackneyed generic stereotyped off-the-shelf stereotypical at a low level in short supply run-down faulty nasty rotten unworthy unreasoning two a penny straggling light-headed harebrained light-minded ditzy lightheaded goofy yeasty featherbrained giddy scatterbrained ditsy dizzy birdbrained ropy duff unsuitable unsatisfying offensive unlikely empty-headed without depth fallacious declined depressed not worth a hill of beans a dead loss unfrequent entry-level bottom-rung beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat below someone not so important merely only displeasing distant needless frilly lacking substance unrecognized nonrational few and far between jerry-built below average no good minor league tenth-rate below standard poor-quality not up to par not up to scratch not satisfying not up to snuff damaged not so great unseen moving compassionate afflicted stirring joyless heartbreaking scurvy grievous arousing mournful rueful piteous heartrending vile touching affecting cheerless deplorable commiserative tearful suffering sorrowful distressed comfortless gratuitous thin on the ground lighthearted low in numbers hard to find hard to come by at a premium unnoticed unacclaimed noteless very little least possible unneeded illegitimate not so much beside the question wide of the point nihil ad rem not at issue not to the purpose not significant wide of the mark smallest amount of not important shaky questionable improbable not as great unnoted overlooked unappreciated proletarian unwarranted unfamed unrecognised unglorified unlauded odd unapplauded unhailed unhonored far faraway outlying sketchy nebulous baseborn underprivileged unacknowledged void unrefined severe unwashed rough nothing more than no more than no more important than no better than no-name far-fetched meh excessive vulgar lowborn prole out-of-the-way colorless fairish colourless intermediate ruthful mundane drab lumpen plebby uncouth unfit sordid hazy unspecific suspect working-class luxury deadwood of poor quality indeterminate unsubstantiated whatever excess baggage uncalled-for neat pocket pocket-size bantam Lilliputian miniature dwarfish half-pint shrimpy pint-size petite trim undersize pint-sized dainty dear mini pocket-sized fun-size toylike adorable cute pygmy unconnected nonvalid nullified annulled null and void cancelled nonbinding inoperative of low birth low-life of low rank inapt dime-a-dozen adorbs compact natty teeny little-bitty rescinded revoked repealed abolished disconnected detached independent unassociated disparate unapt dissociated inapropos separate inappurtenant fun size absent nonexistent untrue powerless canceled unsanctioned unreal imaginary inefficacious teeny weeny off base out of place not connected with out of order not applicable not pertaining to off the topic not connected off the point not related nothing to do with

Danh từ

The act of beguiling others through deception
cheating artifice cozenage craft craftiness crookedness crookery cunning cunningness deceit deceitfulness deception deceptiveness dishonesty dissembling dissimulation double-dealing dupery duplicity fakery foxiness fraud guile guilefulness wiliness chicanery deceiving defrauding embezzlement lying misappropriation trickery deviousness fraudulence slyness underhandedness hanky-panky chicane sharp practice treachery flimflam artfulness unscrupulousness sneakiness falsity trickiness jiggery-pokery subterfuge criminality mendacity racket corruption perfidy hocus-pocus monkey business fourberie falsehood shadiness swindle knavery perfidiousness faithlessness skulduggery shiftiness improbity funny business hypocrisy shenanigans wile infidelity rascality wiles graft stealing swindling codology insidiousness bunk infamy pretence subtlety pretense monkeyshines management legerdemain slickness subtleness imposture canniness imposition cageyness caginess indirection falseness gamesmanship intrigue sophistry ruse con dirty pool bluff hoax jugglery skullduggery duping hoodwinking dodge kidology stratagem trick scam feint knavishness unfairness two-facedness tricks sting sham cleverness dissemblance fast one smoke and mirrors dirty dealing bluffing shrewdness misrepresentation stratagems insincerity scheming two-timing scheme cheat betrayal extortion snow job evasion shell game roguery foul play schemes manoeuvres ploys spuriousness ruses ambidexterity trapping ambidextrousness contrivance hustle gyp maneuvers shakedown blackmail cozening overreaching entrapping rip-off fast shuffle double-cross every trick in the book untrustworthiness dubiousness shady deal con game double-crossing roguishness unfaithfulness disloyalty treason bad faith untruth mischief corruptness shamming furtiveness misleading talk untruthfulness strategy inaccuracy unjustness gambit ploy manoeuvre treacherousness tactics misconduct hokum cant posturing subterfuges maneuver plot astuteness device prevarication ingenuity beguilement fiddle disingenuousness speciousness boondoggle humbug bunco stunt stab in the back twist sell canard falsification bunko diddle counterfeiting masking dirty tricks concealment grift dirty trick dirty work fake confidence trick con trick crooked deal illusion delusion slipperiness suspiciousness ability perspicacity machinations finesse back-stabbing art illegality mendaciousness nefariousness unlawfulness breach of trust dishonour malfeasance manipulation manoeuvring dualism duality twoness one-upmanship Punic faith fraudulency dishonourableness jive run-around sellout obfuscation swizzle exploitation swizz dishonor lawbreaking lawlessness wire-pulling surreptitiousness waffle talk verbiage nonsense machination unprincipledness unscrupulosity questionableness questionability Judas kiss footwork joke quackery sanctimoniousness blarney sophism dirt defraudation disinformation equivocation circumvention juggling trumpery monkey tricks fastie simulation phoniness unrepresentativeness unreliableness illusoriness inaccurateness unreliability stab in back sleight juggle shenanigan knack play jig gimmick fetch specious reasoning artful argument maneuvering double cross frame-up barratry skunk song hoky-poky string line bamboozlement smoke hot air phoneyness empty talk hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour Tartufferie fixing bait and switch sleight of hand snake oil wooden nickel feigning setup lure angle switch horseplay slant allurement game disingenuity ramp kite put-on spoof prank lies propaganda faking jobbery gerrymandering tiff quibble squabble fuss spat song and dance piousness disguising concealing fraudulent scheme rort fix hiding shrouding veiling misleading little game confidence game sucker game hosing disguise suppression camouflage acting pretending covering fabrication palace intrigue devilishness wickedness pettifoggery lie fallaciousness devilry baseness villainy play-acting hollowness fiction badness depravity iniquity vileness delinquency evil viciousness fallacy tale taradiddle tarradiddle whopper fictitiousness story erroneousness inexactness fable unreality fib porky unveracity turpitude wrongdoing evil-doing fairy tale incorrectness uncandidness hob impishness deviltry waggery waggishness devilment mischievousness diablerie pork pie evasiveness business backstabbing sedition breach of faith disaffection crime affectation invention traitorousness artificiality subversion mutiny magic distortion prestidigitation let-down false-heartedness revolt revolutionary seditiousness giveaway lèse majesté pretentiousness duplicitousness seditious act perjury misbehaviour inconstancy fudging carry-on sell-out inveracity lack of veracity fakeness carryings-on misbehavior goings-on conjuring lip service charlatanism co-option co-optation apostasy illegitimacy fibbing telling stories lese-majesty inauthenticity pretension affectedness make-believe persona unnaturalness conduct events happenings behaviour act rebellion conjuration escamotage attack posture posing pose self-deception imagination high treason wound attitudinizing recreancy whitewash act of disloyalty incidents affairs charade mistakenness wrongness act of treachery conjuring tricks illusionism hocuspocus simulacrum putting on an act activity casuistry dexterity trahison des clercs sweet talk skin game glibness unctuousness pharisaism mockery faithless sanctimony pharisaicalness terminological inexactitude behavior fooling around playing around mystification false colours tartuffery snide backhandedness display hankie-pankie being two-faced false profession economy with the truth high jinks muddying confusion hokey-pokey forgery perversion clouding obliqueness toing and froing comings and goings hustle and bustle doctoring debasement tampering adulteration changing alteration manipulating profiteering venality vitiation misapplication smoke screen subornation bribery demoralization sleaze bribing misfeasance malversation tampering with demoralisation payola shuffle nepotism palm-greasing dishonest dealings shady dealings being on the take

Động từ

Present participle for to cheat, deceive or defraud someone for personal gain
cheating conning defrauding swindling fleecing stiffing bilking diddling suckering cozening gypping stinging hustling rooking doing skinning flimflamming victimising victimizing bleeding shortchanging screwing mulcting hosing squeezing gaffing sticking shorting chiseling chiselling skunking euchring reaming chousing thimblerigging deceiving plucking nobbling beating hoaxing ripping off shaking down doing in tricking duping bamboozling taking for a ride gulling hoodwinking misleading fooling scamming taking to the cleaners deluding shafting hornswoggling finagling double-crossing buncoing burning exploiting pulling a fast one on snookering taking advantage of putting one over on swizzling having selling a pup to milking clipping snowing beguiling stringing along taking in gouging sandbagging pulling a swifty on humbugging stealing having on bluffing misguiding robbing selling a bill of goods to misinforming spoofing gammoning buffaloing catching juggling embezzling faking out sucking in gazumping overcharging chicaning rushing outwitting selling a pup pulling a fast one swizzing extorting kidding selling illuding short-changing betraying taking leading up the garden path roping in leading on stitching up taking someone for a ride double-dealing wringing goldbricking entrapping soaking inveigling fudging trimming gipping shucking jerking around selling down the river giving someone a bum steer putting one over on someone screwing over faking running a game on sucking dry pulling a fast one on someone doing the dirty on overreaching selling a bill of goods circumventing disappointing pulling one's leg doing a number on setting up doing out of putting on pulling fast one doing someone in the eye pulling the wool over somebody's eyes frauding jiggling penalising punishing baulking balking forfeiting penalizing fining extracting wresting expelling wrenching forcing bilking of framing pigeoning grifting pilfering befooling outfoxing manoeuvring maneuvering blackmailing impoverishing pauperizing jiving ensnaring juking ruining frustrating thwarting foiling crossing pulling something leading somebody down the garden path preying on foxing strong-arming seducing cribbing blenching belirting rogueing roguing lirting putting the screws to sucking the life out of suckering into doing number on taking to the cleaner's plundering playing a trick on play-acting having someone on making a fool of despoiling making a sucker of pulling the wool over one's eyes leading one down the garden path getting the better of pulling someone's leg tearing from bleeding someone of something hooking cuckolding falsifying taking out breaking the rules giving bum steer crossing up taking for lying to imposing upon stepping out playing away playing joke on taking for ride beating out of pulling the wool over someone's eyes taking to cleaners wheedling cajoling coaxing luring sweet-talking enticing lying leading astray outmaneuvering outmanoeuvring tempting two-timing baiting trapping outsmarting fabricating decoying prevaricating mousetrapping misrepresenting distorting alluring outslicking confusing manipulating disinforming letting down outthinking defeating selling out stabbing in the back misdirecting bewildering equivocating baffling throwing off the scent putting on the wrong track failing soliciting breaking faith with persuading misstating inducing outjockeying imposing on catching out outplaying pretending perverting outdoing jockeying fibbing stealing a march on topping outguessing taking someone in outgeneralling outgeneraling abusing capping jipping worsting pulling somebody's leg leading down the garden path perjuring paltering leading up garden path stretching the truth figuring out sending on a wild goose chase playing false entangling joking wangling soft-soaping playing enmeshing wooing playing games with propagandizing backstabbing snaring giving the wrong impression using propagandising wandering mocking steering bantering jollying feigning dissimulating buttering up covering up gaslighting four-flushing dissembling exaggerating putting on an act putting on false front double dealing playing trick on putting up smoke screen giving wrong information to talking into forswearing pulling wool over eyes running rings round departing from the truth telling a lie telling stories making up a story not telling the truth committing perjury bearing false witness telling untruths forswearing yourself making rings round inventing a story wrong steering telling a terminological inexactitude putting one over corrupting mistreating messing around depriving weaseling ducking dodging weaselling imposing trolling doing someone dirty leading off deking teasing copping out beating around the bush worming one's way out of slipping out bending the rules stacking the cards stretching the rules pulling something funny hitting below the belt pulling in stumping selling someone down the river slipping something over on defying dusting bunking shamming flirting fixing trifling dallying filching toying charming attracting enchanting entrancing coquetting winding up blagging wantoning rebelling against belying eluding disobeying outperforming hypnotizing mesmerizing bewitching captivating blinding spellbinding dazzling playing a jest on playing a prank on playing a joke on tripping up winning over giving away ratting on playing someone false heisting playing a practical joke on psyching out passing off challenging throwing welshing playing dirty overcoming besting trifling with toying with dallying with playing with giving the runaround swaying contriving cucking sending on a wild-goose chase flamming catfishing impressing bleeding dry shaving finessing mesmerising hypnotising fitting up going one better than making use of putting someone up to something pulling wool over biasing biassing cuckoldizing playing for a fool splitting hocus-pocusing laying a trap for lying under oath swearing falsely ingratiating playing for a sucker going back on wiling distracting ensorcelling tolling touting shilling fascinating inventing pressuring pressing horning hornifying putting horns on pulling strings playing games stage-managing pulling wires making a monkey of making somebody look an idiot twisting around your little finger egging one on coming on drawing promoting telling a little white lie making up trumping up shoveling concocting creating fiction telling a fib speaking with forked tongue planting shovelling inviting playing fast and loose with pulling netting bribing joshing chaffing japing yukking gagging yucking quipping funning wisecracking jesting capturing coming on to sweeping off one's feet bothering ridiculing ragging entoiling implicating bagging embroiling ensnarling meshing immeshing tangling blandishing flattering landing blarneying catching up betrapping involving benetting palavering misspeaking bulling misinstructing overdrawing poking fun at yanking somebody's chain making sport of making fun of brownnosing urging pushing softening getting round influencing massaging soaping prevailing on crowding bootlicking tantalizing stroking oiling telling an untruth telling a falsehood boxing in reeling in laying for concocting a story setting a trap for tantalising faking it perjuring oneself forswearing oneself saying something untrue breaking promise telling a white lie lacking candor framing someone putting up a front perjuring yourself BSing building up rubbing the right way making up to working over handing a line arguing into sucking up to playing up to spreading it on working on sweetening up getting next to laying it on thick getting around

Động từ

Present participle for to rummage in search of something
rummaging searching foraging scouring combing delving rifling dredging fishing fossicking raking rootling searching through digging through ferreting about in ferreting around in rifling through fishing about in fossicking through rooting about in rooting around in scrabbling about in scrabbling around in fishing around in ransacking exploring hunting through rooting examining hunting trolling ferreting in spying rousting around in leaving no stone unturned disorganizing going through fumbling looking through delving in poking around in rootling around in jumbling tossing grubbing mixing up grubbing about in disordering groping shaking beating the bushes looking high and low searching high heaven disarranging sorting through poking around turning upside down messing up disarraying disturbing ferrets about disrupting sifting through turning over seeking digging in poking shaking down sifting probing ferreting digging investigating poking about in scrabbling scrutinizing burrowing scrutinising enquiring rummaging through rummaging around in inquiring prospecting browsing going through with a fine-tooth comb ferreting out going over with a fine-tooth comb unearthing looking scanning rummaging in rummaging about in rummaging round in ferreting around beating raking through grubbing around in rooting through poking through tracking down fine-tooth-combing looking up and down nosing around looking into going sweeping rousting researching looking around in vetting foraging through hunting for mining shuffling through tipping over inspecting finecombing screening raking over grubbing about dragging going over poking about scratching about groping around fishing about feeling around searching about foraging around fishing around scrabbling around routing finding fine-combing deepening widening raising cleaning raking up checking out going through with fine-tooth comb leaving no stone unturned in looking all over turning upside-down scratching around digging down checking up on searching high and low going into searching thoroughly looking for looking high and low in prying peering shovelling burrowing in scratching tunneling troweling trowelling shoveling spading tunnelling excavating rootling around rousting around digging up bringing up flushing out really getting into jumping into digging deeper digging deep gouging out scooping out hunting around in looking all round turning out looking all over for surveying seeking out discovering scouting canvasing recceing reconnoitring skirring questing looking around reconnoitering giving a going-over pioneering staking out casing giving the once-over running reconnaissance giving a look-see

Động từ

Present participle for to engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreation
toying playing dallying disporting frolicking recreating rollicking skylarking sporting trifling capering romping gambolling gamboling frisking reveling relaxing resting cavorting having fun revelling amusing oneself entertaining oneself carousing larking clowning occupying oneself jesting jumping fooling kidding rejoicing fribbling diverting joking doodling disporting oneself fiddling around larking about fooling around puttering around kicking around monkeying around letting loose enjoying oneself idling away playing games amusing yourself entertaining yourself goofing around making merry having a good time messing around pottering around larking around hanging about messing about horsing around diverting oneself letting go engaging in games enjoying yourself playing around carrying on kicking up heels cutting capers occupying yourself cutting up going on a spree letting one's hair down skipping prancing curveting curvetting fooling about playing tricks monkeying about whooping it up indulging in horseplay clowning around kidding around kicking up your heels mucking about acting the goat mucking around wantoning bounding about roistering jumping around springing about bounding around celebrating springing around jumping about leaping about dancing leaping letting off steam playing about acting foolishly going on the town tripping hopping springing scampering playing the fool acting the clown caprioling bobbing bouncing rioting spreeing bugging out playing the giddy goat acting crazy engaging in high jinks playing the goat acting the fool playing for laughs horsing about making mischief footling about cutting loose raising hell footling around clowning about going on a tear kicking up one's heels playing up fannying about acting the giddy goat

Động từ

Present participle for to alter something from its true state, typically to deceive
falsifying altering distorting faking forging perverting doctoring misrepresenting counterfeiting fudging warping changing cooking fabricating adulterating garbling inventing misstating belying bending coloring corrupting debasing embroidering manipulating massaging misinterpreting misrelating misreporting slanting tampering with twisting colouring embellishing vitiating conning contorting contravening deaconing deceiving equivocating exaggerating fibbing fixing four-flushing glossing lying misquoting paltering prevaricating promoting rigging salting traversing dressing up faking it framing up trumping up putting a spin on putting on an act juggling spinning tinkering with patching overstating magnifying padding interfering with fiddling with cooking up confusing misconstruing mangling jumbling muddling obscuring blurring slurring mistranslating mixing up mutilating misrendering twisting around misarticulating disguising misleading abusing misusing parodying straining travestying concealing misapplying diverting snowing stretching puffing dressing angling miscoloring cloaking skewing biasing masking cheesing biassing overdrawing bearding pirating blarneying prostituting profaning misemploying subverting deflecting quoting out of context taking out of context building up giving a false idea of covering up giving a false account of passing off blowing smoke ruining animalizing spoiling outraging mistreating cutting alloying brainwashing seducing spiking desecrating steering watering veering doctoring up

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