Đồng nghĩa của additional

Alternative for additional

Đồng nghĩa: extra,

Tính từ

Of less than primary importance
ancillary auxiliary optional secondary subsidiary bonus peripheral supporting accessorial accessory accompanying complementary extra subordinate supplemental supplementary supportive affixed appended contributory add-on on the side attendant second appurtenant adjuvant subservient assisting reserve backup collateral added aiding concomitant extracurricular top-up extramural coincident attending second-fiddle second-class more lesser further associate minor helping spare fallback satellite substitute fall-back abetting assistant adscititious incremental derivative relief vocational external adminicular incident another alternate alternative assisting in increased reciprocal correlative emergency augmenting back-up adjunct other associated lower-grade lower-level concurrent fellow joint related back up branch lower cooperative junior subject helpful serviceable useful tributory connected coexisting coexistent coincidental attached marginal smaller less following with tributary sub insignificant outranked paltry second-banana second-string third-string second-rate of little importance of little account inferior under support roundabout dependent adjunctive conducive corresponding instrumental valuable advantageous beneficial feeding side shoot younger bush-league flunky unused new lowly youngest one more in store in addition in reserve relating pertinent appropriate belonging appertaining relevant apposite low-grade lower-ranking low-ranking vice- less important sub- applicable germane material ad rem

Tính từ

Not needed or necessary
unnecessary unrequired incidental dispensable expendable extraneous gratuitous inessential needless surplus unneeded excessive extrinsic nonessential redundant unessential useless exorbitant irrelevant optional peripheral superfluous trivial unimportant unmerited unwanted cosmetic pointless purposeless non-essential not needed not required uncalled for surplus to requirements extra excess supererogatory spare supernumerary remaining unused leftover profuse lavish in excess de trop too much residual wanton beside the point adventitious inordinate uncalled-for extravagant undesirable unconsumed left reserve avoidable futile accidental worthless uncritical noncompulsory causeless fortuitous casual haphazard chance prodigal odd random supplementary left over too many uneaten adscititious unwarranted wasteful available disproportionate surviving over the top untouched discarded waste deadwood insignificant petty luxury in reserve to spare still available excess baggage immaterial disposable inappropriate inapposite inapplicable unconnected unrelated superfluent over impertinent irrelative inconsequential inadmissible inapt not pertinent tangential not germane minor intrusive neither here nor there not to the point nothing to do with it off the subject out of place not to the purpose wide of the mark replaceable undue not essential not necessary undesired unjustified groundless unprovoked indefensible unjustifiable residuary superabundant pleonastic secondary ornamental overflowing overmuch extreme unasked abounding to no purpose subsidiary subordinate accessory skippable unproductive removable wasted of little account on your hands no need unwelcome unfounded sacrificable consumable collateral inconsiderable usable undeserved unjust to no avail baseless senseless ungrounded able to be sacrificed immoderate brutish unreasoning indiscriminate careless without reason uninvited inexcusable unforgivable unfair not pertaining to off the topic not worth worrying about not the issue off the point not connected with nothing to do with the case not at issue without cause assumed unreasonable bottomless unsupportable reasonless supererogative


On top of one or ones previously referred to

Danh từ

Extra personnel sent to increase the strength of an army or similar force

Trái nghĩa của additional

additional Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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