Đồng nghĩa của add on

Danh từ

A thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive

Danh từ

Expansion pack

Danh từ

Something that has come into one's possession

Động từ

To furnish with accessories
accessorize complement supplement adorn augment decorate embellish ornament beautify add to enhance garnish pretty suit trim bedeck grace accent bedizen deck equip festoon furbelow go with set off show off dress up pretty up add ornament deck out enrich array dress do caparison emboss fancify emblaze blazon drape brighten embroider engarland prettify gild fancy up prank glitz up do up gussy up doll up emblazon elaborate paint smarten primp ornamentalize prink polish fix up spruce up smarten up garland furnish perfect burnish frill wreathe finish idealise color illuminate spruce colour idealize trick out add finishing touches dress out jazz up accessorise tart up get up do out bejewel swathe furbish cover hang edge bespangle befrill titivate improve hem fringe make up border pipe braid glamorize preen crown glamorise spiff up refurbish redecorate renovate work fix shape clothe loop thread attire bedight beribbon apparel wallpaper paper fasten slick stud brighten up revamp gentrify bind set rig out add ornament to clean up tidy up style lard gem attach do something out wreath form package rig constitute flesh out adapt tailor glaze fit mense make beautiful show display present remodel spangle make pretty make attractive stencil retouch band inscribe illustrate add the finishing touch to lift varnish accouter appoint complete tassel zhoosh stitch sew toilet invest habit garment garb vesture costume robe gown enrobe cut gift-wrap ginger up rim overdo enlarge zhoosh up fudge amplify overstate aggrandize chase make overdress befringe purfle give details give something a facelift groom brush comb arrange smooth tidy fashion add bells and whistles pattern cross-stitch quilt knit fit out freshen become line tool trig plume tog out tog up sprinkle dot plaster weave pattern touch up freshen up prink up star light befit rivet secure boss sequin put in best light go well with look good on be appropriate to look right on do something for flatter show to advantage pimp out pimp up cover with paper hang wallpaper on paste up fit with studs

Tính từ

Completing or enhancing something
supplementary supplemental complementary additional auxiliary extra add-on accessory ancillary increased more accessorial accompanying appurtenant correlative further peripheral reciprocal secondary subsidiary reserve supportive augmenting top-up added supporting fresh subordinate optional contributory appended bonus other connected attached attendant surplus new superfluous affixed second on the side adscititious derivative incremental aiding enclosed assisting abetting assisting in farther another spare redundant excess extraneous concomitant associated needless unnecessary leftover joint associate concurrent related fellow supernumerary supererogatory inessential unneeded special coexistent coincidental attending coexisting coincident following with over and above remaining unused excessive unwanted left over in excess useless dispensable expendable nonessential de trop residual subservient adjuvant unrequired left exorbitant inordinate profuse lavish unessential uncalled-for extravagant surplus to requirements not required collateral gratuitous too much unconsumed over alternative residuary superfluent minor waste backup to spare second-fiddle second-class helping irrelevant worthless lesser disposable wanton surviving superabundant pleonastic odd beside the point available overflowing extreme abounding overmuch unasked adjunct satellite unproductive substitute junior fallback discarded unimportant else lower outstanding one more lower-level vestigial still available assistant too many fall-back insignificant smaller less sub in addition over-and-above second-string left behind second-rate repeat annexed undesirable uneaten undue free scrap unusable going begging emergency uncalled for avoidable fortuitous uncritical haphazard random extrinsic noncompulsory casual futile accidental causeless prodigal chance unprofitable on your hands new-found not needed untouched back-up in hand another one net unwarranted adminicular incident in reserve unwelcome experimental different nett remanent marginal a new a different a further yet another any more trivial vestigal balance continuing left-over tributary outranked paltry back up not wanted second-banana third-string of little importance of little account alternate unfinished lingering lower-grade deadwood petty luxury to play with younger inferior relief lowly excess baggage branch cooperative helpful serviceable useful subject tributory under youngest lower-ranking vice- low-grade low-ranking less important sub- rest of immaterial inapposite inapplicable inappropriate incidental unrelated unconnected impertinent pointless irrelative inconsequential inadmissible adventitious tangential inapt not pertinent not germane intrusive neither here nor there not to the point nothing to do with it off the subject out of place not to the purpose supererogative wide of the mark

Trái nghĩa của add on

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