Đồng nghĩa của contributory

Alternative for contributory

contributory /kən'tribjutəri/
  • tính từ
    • đóng góp, góp phần, chịu phần, gánh vác
    • phụ thêm vào
      • contributory cause: nguyên nhân phụ thêm vào
    • contributory negligenco
      • (pháp lý) sự bất cẩn để xảy ra tai nạn (dẫn chứng nhằm giảm tiền bồi thường)
  • danh từ
    • hội viên phải gánh nợ (khi công ty bị phá sản)

Tính từ

Providing necessary support to the primary activities or operation of an organization, system, etc
ancillary accessory additional auxiliary extra secondary subordinate subsidiary supplementary supporting adjuvant assisting attendant helping supplemental accompanying adminicular appurtenant attending coincident collateral concomitant incident satellite subservient complementary peripheral supportive accessorial backup reserve minor assistant aiding bonus spare second-class second-fiddle add-on abetting lesser on the side optional helpful useful serviceable affixed appended added further more other second associate coincidental contingent assisting in lower-grade lower-level concurrent conducive branch lower cooperative junior subject tributory instrumental emergency adscititious contributing substitute fallback back-up adjunct fall-back valuable advantageous beneficial supervenient back up marginal bush-league flunky smaller less tributary sub insignificant outranked paltry increased of little account farther surplus fresh of little importance second-banana second-string third-string second-rate one more supernumerary extraneous another excess superfluous new new-found alternative relief alternate top-up standby related dependent puppet temporary replacement in reserve in store incremental derivative support roundabout adjunctive vassal client corresponding redundant reciprocal correlative leftover free augmenting younger inferior supererogatory coexistent lowly youngest under coexisting low-ranking low-grade lower-ranking vice- less important sub- associated connected acting surrogate interrelated interconnected unused proxy provisional deputy stopgap caretaker interim locum provisionary intervening provisory makeshift substitutive transitional tentative stand-in pro tem pinch-hitting ad interim pro tempore short-term fill-in in addition

Tính từ

Occurring by chance in connection with something else
incidental accidental chance casual fortuitous random adventitious fluky accompanying coincidental flukey inadvertent odd related serendipitous unintended unintentional unplanned unpremeditated unwitting aleatory attendant by-the-way concomitant contingent unlooked-for by accident by chance circumstantial concurrent fluke irregular occasional unexpected unforeseen unthinking lucky unanticipated haphazard involuntary unmeant unconscious fortunate arbitrary unforeseeable undesigned occurring by chance occurring by accident unpredictable spontaneous careless aimless opportune propitious auspicious happy timely extemporaneous undevised unthought providential erratic felicitous purposeless subconscious offhand uncalculated sporadic heaven-sent stray out of the blue successful unknowing advantageous scattered golden convenient variable expedient favourable uncertain promising unpredicted apt enviable meet proper just favorable nice efficacious fitting unconsidered unconcerned reckless hit-or-miss well-timed well timed unpurposeful ad hoc capricious impromptu spot welcome unlooked for at random right unhoped-for without warning not planned lucky-dog possible not bargained for benign good seasonable isolated mistaken misguided periodic ripe luck out luck in rare trial and error hitty-missy thoughtless appropriate correct satisfactory beneficial suitable befitting effective infrequent seasonal intermittent happening unexpectedly passing jammy chancy incalculable negligent prosperous privileged depending liable probable probably provisional likely subject reliant innocent unheeding heedless healthy unstudied feckless uncaring unmindful irreflective at the mercy of events fragmentary wholesome well-off profitable part-time unsystematic bright disorganized slapdash indiscriminate disorderly parenthetical nonchalant ill-considered not on purpose unmethodical favored fair slipshod chaotic catch-as-catch-can undirected desultory helter-skelter orderless hit-and-miss favoured off-the-cuff throwaway higgledy-piggledy unorganised designless unselective sudden uncoordinated disorganised any which way loose jumbled unorganized willy-nilly devil-may-care hit or miss any old way all over the map all over the place messy impulsive automatic reflex rash instinctive mechanical knee-jerk imprudent intuitive hasty mindless neglectful injudicious remiss reflexive precipitate unwise inconsiderate unconditioned incautious natural ill-advised foolhardy habitual blind unguarded unthought-out spur-of-the-moment instinctual foolish insensitive unlearned absent-minded senseless inattentive uncontrolled gut regardless robotic mechanic unreasoning improvident unprompted indiscreet deaf listless unmeditated hot-headed ill-thought-out naive simple subliminal untaught default uncontrollable naïve responsive unbewised conditioned unchosen uncircumspect headlong disregarding uninterested honest well-intentioned temerarious unfeeling derelict nonobservant delinquent unbidden hurried overhasty stupid silly hotheaded brash unwilled abrupt unsought surprise surprising coarse disregardful impetuous careless of blithe oblivious routine perfunctory unforced autogenetic unsafe sloppy rude slack crude lax asleep at the switch fast and loose out to lunch without regard witless tactless brutish indelicate outrageous napping vacant blunt untactful astonishing undreamed of unthought-of startling undreamed-of uninvited unsolicited cavalier unobservant undiscerning unreflective unreasonable harebrained unsympathetic innate without notice ditsy indifferent unrealized inherent uncalculating apathetic madcap undiplomatic irrational flighty undeliberate ill-conceived not thought through ill-judged hare-brained badly thought out hard-wired

Tính từ

Exerting power over the minds or behavior of others
influential persuasive effective compelling convincing crucial inspirational inspiring pivotal effectual instrumental motivating efficacious meaningful moving rousing stirring strong telling touching affecting alluring enticing guiding masterful motivational potent powerful provocative seductive swayful authoritative far-reaching formative impelling impressive inducing momentous operative stimulating swaying central cogent consequential controlling forceful forcible impactful critical decisive encouraging fateful able animating capable competent considerable dynamic efficient energetic hard-hitting imposing monumental responsible robust successful vigorous emphatic material purposeful striking useful weighty valid plausible sound conclusive satisfying eloquent irresistible well founded credible exciting provoking arousing significant unanswerable aggressive pertinent rational reasonable lucid important puissant spirited relevant reasoned logical solid clear inciting trenchant active triggering mighty inspiriting uplifting challenging emotional stimulative enlivening affective incisive coherent refreshing energizing urgent suasive satisfactory passionate animated charged instigative enthusiastic thought-provoking instigating coercive driving dramatic soul-stirring well reasoned electric enterprising piquing punchy lively assertive incontestable energising high-powered pushing well-founded vehement apposite fitting invigorating apt exhilarating galvanizing zestful authoritarian convictive articulate incontrovertible expressive vital compulsive electrifying go-getting go-ahead great productive awakening unmistakable sharp supreme galvanic pithy stringent believable vivid unassailable envigorating galvanising indubitable firm high-octane major assuasive in-your-face violent reliable intelligent categorical assured clear-cut powerhouse gutsy definitive unequivocal intoxicating go-go intense well-defined vibrant suggestive coming on strong full of get-up-and-go evocative sweeping irrefutable vivacious undeniable interesting graphic armed winning determinative shaping zappy drastic compulsory substantial revealing marked salient glib smooth-tongued silky slick silver-tongued smooth-talking sufficient key moulding determining succinct terse insistent militant well-established impassioned inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling pointed unctuous smooth likely heartening emotive applicable evident formidable crystalline gripping riveting memorable breathtaking on the ball probable constraining virile elemental take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch poignant exhilarative thrilling developmental forming urging propulsive impellent devastating conspicuous orderly systematic methodical grand direct theatric graceful obvious unambiguous intuitive decided undisputed infallible ingenious insightful distinct kicky anthemic exalting charming histrionical acute performant verisimilar hearty germane justified well-grounded consistent colourable magnetic ball of fire molding mind-boggling mind-blowing rip-roaring mind-bending heart-stopping hair-raising emotion-charged plenipotent appropriate apropos main chief true-to-life possible acceptable faithful carrying conviction trusty trustworthy presumable authentic believeable hopeful realistic dependable not taking no for an answer fast-track zippy peppy well organized serviceable adequate positive essential fundamental indicative driven ambitious pushy fruitful fiery flamboyant full-blooded bold red-blooded ballsy feisty tireless lusty flush spunky gingery sparky constructive beneficial worthwhile helpful valuable dominant ruling commanding have-a-go indefatigable virtuous advantageous charismatic play for keeps play hard ball hyped-up activating full of vim and vigour go-getter vitalizing self-motivated full of life highpowered full of beans of help of assistance highly capable in control in the saddle of use annoying offensive galling goading insulting officiating plenipotentiary presiding vexing aggravating inflammatory incendiary affronting maddening infuriating exasperating irritating all-powerful disturbing agitational edgy inflaming outrageous controversial agitative incensing stimulant rabble-rousing confrontational heady spurring fluent smooth-spoken vocal well-spoken voluble tenable suave fast-talking imaginable conceivable facile loquacious feasible creditable quick talkative garrulous grandiloquent unquestionable thinkable within the bounds of possibility able to hold water hard to resist easy ready definite indisputable urbane insincere flip slippery artful certain demonstrative smooth operator vocative hot-air communicative sensible sober justifiable just good sustainable presumptive magniloquent defensible illuminating well-expressed flattering supportable understandable congruent legit viable grounded true workable analytic supposable pragmatic real analytical well grounded disputatious bona fide legitimate reassuring cogitable ingratiating sycophantic obsequious smarmy conjecturable intelligible watertight airtight fawning admissible authenticating oratorical factual sincere comprehensible pat final validating nicely spoken correct warrantable genuine warranted proper fair neat unconditional disingenuous specious honest-to-god straight tried colorable aboveboard fiduciary credential verifiable dinkum rightful accepted hard unarguable shallow superficial oversimplified flippant simplistic fair-spoken propelling pukka acknowledged sweet-talking irrefragable true to life up front with a ring of truth absolute with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney Stone effortless well-versed natural resounding uncompromising tough like enough very likely serious rallying beyond doubt beyond question beyond dispute honest frank blunt forthright unsparing one hundred per cent wordy effusive prompt copious chatty confident verbose self-assured running mellifluous cursive mellifluent declamatory straight-talking condemnatory rationalistic pregnant strongly worded upfront dynamical bullish argumentative dialectical no holds barred all out pulling no punches revelatory meaning not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder right rhetorical fervid fervent well spoken ardent outspoken well expressed sententious facund prudent proven balanced perceptive sane perspicuous deductive commonsensical accurate maintainable defendable confirmed informed arguable astute practical levelheaded discerning commonsense contentious polemical vindicable stable consequent commonsensible uncorrupted intellectual kosher attested tested well-reasoned well-advised well thought out well advised dialectic down-to-earth holding water matter-of-fact clear-headed

Tính từ

Happening as a minor accompaniment to something else
incidental minor secondary subsidiary subordinate ancillary inconsequential insignificant negligible trifling trivial unimportant auxiliary background by-the-by by-the-way inessential non-essential peripheral extrinsic fiddling foolish frivolous inconsiderable less important little minute nugatory petty slight small small-fry tangential unnecessary dispensable expendable extraneous nonessential occasional of less importance contributing Mickey Mouse related supplementary paltry irrelevant piddling immaterial piffling picayune footling measly of little account niggling nominal pointless inappreciable of no account of no consequence marginal worthless nickel-and-dime lesser superficial meaningless piddly pimping light not worth mentioning no-account lightweight de minimis beside the point peanut of no importance of little importance insubstantial minimal casual of little consequence chicken meager meagre unessential minuscule small-time tiny small-bore neither here nor there not worth bothering about dinky needless redundant valueless unneeded scanty accessory shallow not worth speaking of silly accompanying accidental of no moment superfluous adventitious inadequate pettifogging optional derisory insufficient twopenny-halfpenny penny-ante mingy puny ignorable additional cosmetic useless unsubstantial inferior exiguous second-rate mean shoestring inapposite not required infinitesimal of no great concern idle gratuitous unrequired miserable trite unwanted lower token pitiful pathetic off the subject poxy collateral low-ranking lower-level wide of the mark uncalled for purportless minor-league not needed concomitant external corresponding correlated low unconnected not pertinent not germane borderline impertinent excessive inappropriate inapplicable indirect associated minimum flimsy unrelated not to the point irrelative skimpy out of place imperceptible everyday unmerited subservient futile unwarranted purposeless smaller nondescript diminutive uncritical noncompulsory two-bit nothing to do with it dependent slender nothing base cheap of minor importance bush-league not to the purpose senseless uncalled-for no great shakes parenthetical alien foreign supervenient surplus time-wasting impractical exorbitant supererogatory miserly by the by by the way ornamental lilliputian of no value neglectable stingy sparse limited adscititious beggarly frothy zero zilch tinpot zip null indifferent de trop second-class poor modest scant ungenerous frugal empty obscure smalltime ineffectual uncelebrated contingent not necessary not essential shabby scratch unconsiderable contemptible junior inconsequent minus tacky second-string surplus to requirements of little import outermost outside tenuous tributary under substract subject second reserve unintended perimetric outer exterior unconsidered runt wimpy shrimp below the mark vain hollow loitering jejune inane idling vapid insipid banal side similar commonplace surface sideline bordering weak little bitty bitty smallish no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero resulting all the same littlest least smallest wanky slightest connected beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not at issue not significant not the main on the side lowest momentary atomic microscopic skin-deep evanescent vanishing no big deal no big thing merest basal minutest tiniest fewest analogous alike attendant kindred derivative derived resultant consequential circumstantial next to none least possible very little smallest amount of next to no linked cognate correspondent extra inadmissible inapt intrusive disposable fortuitous undesired wanton wasted avoidable haphazard causeless prodigal contextual hardly worth mentioning random undesirable chance no need to no purpose to no avail ordinary wretched mediocre deficient undistinguished reduced common unremarkable lowly scarce average pitiable sorry subtle vague middling short run-of-the-mill fine slim humble lousy impalpable indistinguishable lean inconspicuous uninspired undetectable pedestrian fractional barren unexceptional indiscernible forgettable unimpressive gradual insensible humdrum prosaic bog-standard unmemorable unexciting workaday inaudible shadowy ephemeral subnormal less indistinct sad so-so nothing special unnoticeable invisible ignoble imponderable middle-of-the-road vanilla wanting intangible mere despicable sparing faint fair diminished unproductive lamentable trashy unknown unobservable unpretentious nothing to write home about bland unsatisfactory normal unavailing ineffective uninspiring routine standard OK bad half-pie dull off thin feeble plain vanilla abject passable not much cop slighter little known medium uneventful anonymous tolerable lacking usual inglorious fragile unimposing adequate undersized remote typical unusable few frail run-of-the-mine run-of-mine shoddy unsound poorer inutile bogus sterile unprofitable profitless waste counterproductive abandoned second-fiddle low-grade plain lackluster lacklustre fair-to-middling quibbling amateurish amateur substandard hairsplitting lame conventional unnoteworthy characterless unacceptable third-string cavilling nit-picking standard-issue garden-variety of no matter bush unsung fussy not very good common or garden dismal not so hot not up to much a dime a dozen restricted little-known unrenowned scrimpy dubious doubtful unfamiliar invalid caviling plebeian wee unconvincing good-for-nothing unfamous disappointing unheard-of spare moderate nanoscopic implausible woeful distressing rare bottom simple puerile drossy forgotten flighty scrubby unhonoured stock subpar dissatisfactory subjacent unperceivable indefinite decent teensy-weensy lower-ranking skimp unheard of of no merit low-born crummy cut-and-dry cut-and-dried regular imperfect defective dwindling lower-class uninteresting junk lemon mainstream junky lower-grade boring familiar wack crumby punk negative low-quality customary suboptimal rubbish no-good second-banana wrong sour ill bog standard fair to middling a minor point ten a penny below par garden variety seldom seen second rate from hunger perfunctory twopenny sophisticated mild ne'er-do-well small-scale picky hair-splitting symbolic insulting toytown local barely perceptible finicky niggly ridiculous outrageous risible preposterous absurd ludicrous laughable captious casuistic equivocating sophistical narrow unconsequential set sleazy disregardable peppercorn undemanding acceptable fragmentary supplemental unintellectual depleted inconsiderate diddly potty menial rinky-dink nether unapparent too little too late unassuming no never mind matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference unobtrusive teeny-weeny featherweight failing imponderous incompetent fatuous flippant unhelpful not enough lessened gentle scattered illogical unclear outclassed déclassé demeaning degrading sporadic fruitless no use shy irrational boilerplate par for the course undistinguishable imperceivable uncommon infrequent general a notch under unreasonable ignominious servile chaffy rubbishy lower rung low-level impossible to detect fewer merciful nowhere jake garden plastic satellite outranked adjuvant sub worse tawdry low-rent hack unestablished of no benefit bootless unfructuous pants cut just crude barely visible hard to make out lower in status lower in rank nothing to get excited about middle of the road run of the mill shortened nameless plain-Jane homely unextraordinary unvaried hackneyed generic stereotyped off-the-shelf stereotypical at a low level in short supply run-down faulty nasty rotten unworthy unreasoning two a penny straggling light-headed harebrained light-minded ditzy lightheaded goofy yeasty featherbrained giddy scatterbrained ditsy dizzy birdbrained ropy duff unsuitable unsatisfying offensive unlikely empty-headed without depth fallacious declined depressed not worth a hill of beans a dead loss unfrequent entry-level bottom-rung beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat below someone not so important merely only displeasing distant frilly lacking substance unrecognized nonrational few and far between jerry-built below average no good minor league tenth-rate below standard poor-quality not up to par not up to scratch not satisfying not up to snuff damaged not so great unseen moving compassionate afflicted stirring joyless heartbreaking scurvy grievous arousing mournful rueful piteous heartrending vile touching affecting cheerless deplorable commiserative tearful suffering sorrowful distressed comfortless thin on the ground lighthearted low in numbers hard to find hard to come by at a premium unnoticed unacclaimed noteless illegitimate not so much shaky questionable improbable not as great unnoted overlooked unappreciated proletarian unfamed unrecognised unglorified unlauded odd unapplauded unhailed unhonored far faraway outlying sketchy nebulous baseborn underprivileged unacknowledged void unrefined severe unwashed rough nothing more than no more than no more important than no better than no-name far-fetched meh vulgar lowborn prole out-of-the-way colorless fairish colourless intermediate ruthful mundane drab lumpen plebby uncouth unfit sordid hazy unspecific suspect working-class luxury deadwood of poor quality indeterminate unsubstantiated whatever excess baggage neat pocket pocket-size bantam Lilliputian miniature dwarfish half-pint shrimpy pint-size petite trim undersize pint-sized dainty dear mini pocket-sized fun-size toylike adorable cute pygmy nonvalid nullified annulled null and void cancelled nonbinding inoperative of low birth low-life of low rank dime-a-dozen adorbs compact natty teeny little-bitty rescinded revoked repealed abolished disconnected detached independent unassociated disparate unapt dissociated inapropos separate inappurtenant fun size absent nonexistent untrue powerless canceled unsanctioned unreal imaginary inefficacious teeny weeny off base not connected with out of order not applicable not pertaining to off the topic not connected off the point not related nothing to do with

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