Đồng nghĩa của collateral

Tính từ

Additional but subordinate in nature or function
secondary auxiliary ancillary supporting accompanying added subsidiary complementary concomitant roundabout sub subordinate accessory adjunctive adjuvant appurtenant coincidental related corresponding subservient tributary attendant resultant resulting contributory consequential supplementary consequent associated supplemental minor additional linked peripheral incidental ensuing satellite subsequent following second-class successive lesser sequential connected extra indirect backup attending coincident incident assisting supportive assistant second-fiddle concurrent coexistent contemporaneous coexisting synchronous simultaneous reserve coeval coetaneous coterminous contemporary coordinate lower due to lower-level helpful useful marginal second-rate aiding insignificant bush-league subject serviceable of little account contingent unintended spare accidental conducive derivative derived abetting instrumental helping coinciding adminicular lower-grade synchronic coextensive correspondent valuable advantageous beneficial understandable consistent intelligent inferable branch cooperative junior tributory smaller less flow-on trickle-down second-banana outranked second-string third-string of little importance paltry concurring at the same time as at the same time flunky accessorial associate subsequential succeeding coming follow-on unimportant inferior inessential tangential mean non-essential dinky dependent minor-league small-fry small-time under small second trivial substract inconsiderable petty less important associative isochronal synergistic adjoining fellow concordant conjoined joint agreeing belonging coefficient synchronal affiliated synergetic parallel contributing isochronous corollary associated with coupled with in tempo conjoined with in time inconsequential trifling negligible irrelevant slight immaterial casual piddling low little light frivolous nugatory nonessential minute extraneous fiddling Mickey Mouse optional unnecessary picayune two-bit low-ranking beside the point piffling reduced of no account measly unsubstantial inappreciable footling extrinsic minuscule niggling slighter of no consequence superficial meager add-on low-grade foolish meagre minus meaningless lightweight base no-account pointless worthless nickel-and-dime dispensable lower-ranking poorer expendable scanty tacky penny-ante contemptible minimal nominal of no great concern piddly pimping unessential purportless lowly below the mark not worth mentioning external cheap shoestring on the side de minimis borderline diminished bonus bottom more puny needless supervenient further undersized subjacent redundant nether younger subaltern tiny pitiful appended affixed shabby nondescript unwanted ornamental gratuitous cosmetic unwarranted insubstantial low-level chicken peanut pettifogging lower rung smalltime uncritical unrequired noncompulsory unneeded of minor importance infinitesimal useless senseless scratch shallow inconsequent not necessary not essential not needed uncalled-for not required trite sub- small-scale low precedence beneath extramural tinier ignorable adventitious parenthetical alien foreign second-best low-class petite local increased low preference not a priority outermost outside adscititious puppet reciprocal correlative token perimetric outer exterior lilliputian twopenny-halfpenny derisory by the by by the way surface sideline bordering obscure nothing ineffectual uncelebrated pathetic beggarly mingy poxy exiguous assisting in lessened small-bore top-up augmenting potty extracurricular bush by-the-way by-the-by background unconsiderable not worth bothering about lower than low priority side of lesser importance than less important than of less importance occasional fewer limited humble mediocre unpretentious menial a notch under shortened undistinguished unassuming negative depressed deficient declined demeaning miserable degrading middling common lousy ordinary inglorious flimsy not the main not so great scrubby wretched sorry plebeian ignominious servile sad ignoble humdrum not as great not so much low-born lower in rank lower in status of little consequence of no importance of no moment not worth speaking of of little import beneath someone below someone entry-level under someone's heel not very important lower-class bottom-rung back seat not so important haphazard futile causeless undesirable chance avoidable fortuitous random prodigal

Tính từ

Of relatively little significance, and therefore able to be abandoned or destroyed
expendable dispensable inessential replaceable unimportant unnecessary unneeded disposable non-essential superfluous extraneous nonessential consumable excess inconsiderable not essential not required redundant sacrificable unessential usable worthless able to be sacrificed needless useless gratuitous uncalled-for unrequired unwanted excessive optional surplus unwarranted peripheral supererogatory irrelevant uncalled for extrinsic avoidable extra beside the point de trop futile causeless trivial exorbitant additional incidental uncritical accidental noncompulsory casual cosmetic spare undesirable supernumerary minor profuse lavish fortuitous haphazard not needed chance prodigal random in excess surplus to requirements remaining wanton pointless secondary leftover purposeless unused supplementary superfluent too much undesired subsidiary insignificant subordinate inordinate residuary petty extravagant superabundant pleonastic unmerited overflowing overmuch extreme unasked abounding ornamental to no purpose left over not necessary throwaway groundless skippable removable unproductive undue immaterial waste to spare left accessory odd reserve on your hands wasted diffuse residual over deadwood luxury of little account no need going begging outmoded disused too many excess baggage to no avail needed like a hole in the head trifling negligible ancillary inconsequential supererogative by-the-way by-the-by background auxiliary nugatory foolish small-fry frivolous small fiddling little less important tangential slight minute available of less importance occasional spendable Mickey Mouse related contributing contributory accessible obtainable at your service free for use inappropriate unjustified indefensible superficial unjustifiable unprovoked meaningless unreasonable paltry inexcusable of no account senseless unforgivable unjust impertinent immoderate unfair not pertinent undeserved neither here nor there of no consequence inapposite unpardonable light inapplicable lightweight foreign irrelative piddling not germane picayune improper niggling of no moment unwarrantable disproportionate of no importance not to the point ungrounded unseemly without reason unconscionable without cause unbecoming bottomless blameworthy reprehensible fruitless insubstantial unrelated unconnected shallow adventitious empty silly lesser puerile flighty inane inapt valueless frothy fatuous nickel-and-dime idle unsubstantial ineffectual small-time low-ranking piffling footling nothing not worth mentioning second-rate of no matter minuscule infinitesimal out of place off the subject purportless of no great concern unwelcome uninvited inexpiable marginal culpable unacceptable remiss censurable regrettable unworthy more ill-advised wrong unsuitable indecorous parenthetical external alien supervenient added supplemental further without justification outrageous bush-league minor-league uncelebrated obscure smalltime inappreciable fresh illicit unlawful illegal by the by by the way illegitimate inferior special omissible aimless unavailing minimal of little consequence of little importance tinpot null dinky zero zilch zip twopenny-halfpenny shoestring indifferent criminal add-on absurd hopeless unprofitable nonsensical inconsequent tiny in vain immoral unethical detached disconnected inconsiderate over and above unfounded no great shakes not worth speaking of measly piddly pimping remote independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated outside insane inapropos separate inappurtenant not applicable off base not pertaining to off the topic not connected off the point not related nothing to do with not connected with out of order peppercorn exiguous hollow baseless felonious lawless inadmissible no big deal matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference impotent all the same nongermane no never mind without rhyme or reason ineffective de minimis not worth bothering about nominal no-account unreasoning indiscriminate brutish careless disliked unloved rejected dishonest evil wicked dishonorable intrusive shunned friendless forsaken dishonourable wrongful unsupportable assumed reasonless light-headed harebrained vain featherbrained light-minded ditzy giddy lightheaded goofy scatterbrained ditsy dizzy birdbrained yeasty uncherished nothing to do with it not to the purpose frilly lacking substance flippant unhelpful wide of the mark unpopular outcast uncared-for lighthearted empty-headed time-wasting without depth of no merit of no value annoying discarded uncared for more than enough

Tính từ

An additional amount
more additional extra added spare increased farther fresh further reserve supplemental supplementary surplus alternative another bonus new on the side other superfluous excess extraneous new-found complementary one more peripheral contributory supernumerary auxiliary add-on top-up else accompanying ancillary secondary subsidiary appurtenant accessorial accessory supportive supporting over-and-above aiding subordinate assisting experimental different abetting redundant assisting in a new needless unnecessary an additional a further a farther leftover in addition supererogatory inessential unneeded reciprocal correlative optional special a fresh augmenting over and above something else remaining unused excessive unwanted attendant left over in excess useless dispensable expendable nonessential de trop residual subservient adjuvant unrequired left exorbitant inordinate profuse lavish unessential uncalled-for extravagant appended surplus to requirements not required gratuitous second too much unconsumed over residuary superfluent minor waste backup to spare concomitant second-fiddle second-class attached helping irrelevant coincident attending worthless lesser disposable wanton associate surviving superabundant pleonastic odd beside the point available overflowing extreme abounding overmuch unasked adjunct satellite unproductive substitute junior fallback discarded unimportant lower outstanding lower-level vestigial still available assistant too many fall-back insignificant smaller less affixed sub second-string left behind second-rate derivative adscititious incremental repeat annexed undesirable uneaten undue free scrap unusable going begging emergency uncalled for avoidable fortuitous uncritical haphazard random extrinsic noncompulsory casual futile accidental causeless prodigal chance unprofitable on your hands not needed untouched back-up in hand another one net unwarranted adminicular incident in reserve unwelcome associated nett remanent marginal a different yet another any more trivial vestigal balance continuing concurrent joint related fellow left-over tributary outranked paltry back up not wanted second-banana third-string of little importance of little account alternate unfinished lingering lower-grade deadwood petty luxury to play with connected coexisting coexistent coincidental younger inferior relief lowly excess baggage branch cooperative helpful serviceable useful subject tributory with following under youngest lower-ranking vice- low-grade low-ranking less important sub- rest of immaterial inapposite inapplicable inappropriate incidental unrelated unconnected impertinent pointless irrelative inconsequential inadmissible adventitious tangential inapt not pertinent not germane intrusive neither here nor there not to the point nothing to do with it off the subject out of place not to the purpose supererogative wide of the mark

Danh từ

Something pledged as security for repayment of a loan
security guarantee assurance pledge surety bond indemnity insurance guaranty indemnification pawn backing bail deposit earnest gauge gage hostage endorsement promise warrant warranty monetary deposit covenant contract token down payment recognizance recognisance deal payment advance protection cover safeguard underwriting asylum custody gambit forfeit financial guarantee counter safety measure poker chip hostage to fortune installment instalment stake prepayment retainer credit drop part payment advance payment partial payment money up front front money agreement word compact obligation vow avowal oath engagement bargain pact understanding commitment transaction settlement treaty concordat solemn word parole accord troth word of honour debenture certificate convention undertaking arrangement stipulation entente disposition protocol deed affirmation indenture word of honor charter alliance handshake concord asseveration negotiation profession attestation swearing assertion gentlemen's agreement gentleman's agreement swear espousal declaration promissory note sacred word acknowledgment document acknowledgement compromise concession affiance commission lease affidavit approval business league testament truce consent sworn statement armistice paper pactum account concordance acceptance meeting of minds meeting of the minds piece of paper tacit agreement verbal agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement instrument betrothal marriage plight certification escrow record written promise trust papers dicker reconciliation sanction cartel averment permit terms accommodation writ adjudication privilege licence resolution solemn oath prearrangement codicil recognition solemn promise solemn declaration international agreement proclamation right franchise note avouchment statement common view quid pro quo the nod decision accordance harmony concurrence assent adjuration protestation testimony prerogative reassurance support lock shoo-in deposition toast health sworn declaration conveyance endowment grant allotment license patent lock on rain or shine sure thing nonformal agreement affair matter proceeding sale action enterprise event trade coup proceedings occurrence intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing purchase step play disposal business deal

Danh từ

A stock or supply or funds of assets that can be drawn on
resources assets capital funds reserve wealth holdings reserves riches stock supplies coffers materials money stockpile stocks stores supply wherewithal effects exchequer finances means possessions revenue bankroll belongings goods income kitty pockets savings credit equity fortune property worth natural resources nest egg deep pockets material goods store hoard source pool holding reservoir accumulation resource finance dough bread cash necessary rhino tin brass treasury silver specie lucre nut dosh securities proceeds budget profits needful shekels affluence backing currency treasure winnings earnings stakes money in the bank spondulicks petty cash ackers accounts receivable fluid assets dibs money on hand pork barrel cash reserve hard cash the wherewithal ready money the ready wonga investments kitties gold pelf fund investment jack loot kale nest eggs moolah financing green gelt ready lolly bucks scratch funding pools mazuma estate readies accounts splosh greenbacks bankrolls exchequers budgets substance stuff gravy coin oof stake tender chips purse boodle legal tender change sponsorship opulence principal dinero subsidy moola deposits wad bank grant Oscar long green cabbage stash wampum ducats simoleons shinplasters rocks valuables sheqels payment pocket grants big bucks coinage cash flow prosperity stashes financial resources purses contribution saving provisions fisc cache monies banks stockpiles jacks caches account banknotes filthy lucre deposit copper bills chattels allowance equities shares rainy day fund endowment loots lollies treasuries greens folding money richness megabucks support liquid assets worldly goods mad money ways and means security investment capital abundance pocketbook patronage charity big money jackpot financial backing financial support financial statement IRA business interests capitalization notes sterling scratches moolahs rhinos wads pocketbooks fiscs hoards harvests fall-backs Oscars paper money subsidization coins pot allocation promotion bonds folding stuff life savings ante gift bursary donation greenback plenty insurance contingency grubstake pesos financial plan ready cash outlay gleanings affairs share subsidisation underwriting costs banknote pots antes awards bursaries expenditure quota loan prosperousness lot bundle asset harvest lap of luxury top whack top dollar coin of the realm scholarship fall-back trust foundations money put by for a rainy day net worth mattress full planned disbursement collections spending plan endowments value revenues convertible assets contingency fund moneys CD vaults aegis auspice dineros liquidity coffer intangibles egis land clams clover available means inventory ready resources roll outgo prize wampums media of exchange rolls checks changes necessaries wages needfuls lettuce beans paper bank notes raw materials bullion cold cash the necessary kembla ace in the hole bill spends check wage dinars dollars provision skins pledge mazumah remuneration refund note buck valuable holding gifts presents valuable property valuable possession present valuable good takings valuable resource money for a rainy day worldly possessions almighty dollar budgeting emergency fund emergency supply tidy sum pretty penny matching funds medium of exchange stocks and shares ready assets green stuff chicken feed mint pile king's ransom wallet portfolio backups savings accounts sinking funds piggy banks sums amount one can afford ace in hole economic capacity investing convertible financial affairs money management financial state balance sheets balance sheet net condition conditions nets luxury financial condition stock in trade advance deal provision for a rainy day life saving transaction luxuriance mammon backup plunder blue chips commodities substantiality multitude Mammon booty sinking fund reserve fund unexpended balance savings account emergency funds piggy bank well-being vested interests bail out venture capital jewels gems valuable asset largesse ill-gotten gains contributions crown jewels valuable objects treasure trove precious metals catch forecast welfare benefit benefaction alms something to fall back on money put saved for a rainy day something for a rainy day spending money pocket money pin money donations spreadsheet statement benefits stocks and bonds advancement subvention sustenance offering financial estimate financial blueprint compensation alimony aid agencies movement charitable organizations cause exhibition stipends handout aid reward working capital financial assets fiscal estimate estimated expenses prediction of revenue and expenditure financial assistance tontines bread and butter hand-out whip-rounds appeals hats quanta quantities jackpots allotments rations totals slices helpings lots allowances quotas helping ration slice allotment award quantum total quantity

Danh từ

Old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value

Động từ

To agree to provide money for
underwrite finance fund back sponsor subsidise subsidize support insure bankroll guarantee pay capitalise capitalize endow float stake pay for angel secure contribute to provide for subscribe provide security take the risk for provide capital for provide financing provide security for foot the bill for pick up the tab for promote invest in grubstake help maintain put up the money for pick up the tab pick up the check assist put money into juice patronize patronise keep shell out for act as guarantor of be a patron of cough up for fork out for pony up for aid buttress buy into invest sink money into shore up spend money on lay out money on provide finance for give support to splash out on buy shares in provide money for prime the pump prop up vouch for chip in for put up money get a piece of buy a stake in take a stake in currency obtain bolster fend for care for take care of look after sustain plough something into revitalize absorb crowdfund crowdsource kickstart revitalise prop bolster up answer for be responsible for lend your name to act as a guarantor for bank furnish credit for indemnify raise dough go for loan shark provide funds lay on one set up in business dower enrich bequeath will cosign donate money for leave money for kick in for give money towards settle money on stump up for ante up for support financially donate money to bequeath money for vest in pitch in for put up collateral for give earnest money for provide surety for provide financial security for be ready to pick up the tab for give money to plough money into make a contribution to pay a subsidy to contribute give a grant to put up dough go in for get into salt away money in buy stock nurture advocate further feed champion endorse foster nourish encourage set up keep alive give a donation to put up money fo financially support settle up for treat someone to defray the cost of facilitate benefit favour favor abet sanction mind board advance succor succour shelter cherish safeguard pave the way for give backing to lend support to indorse provide board for provide sustenance for provide food for befriend protect plump for plunk for subscribe to make affluent make prosperous make wealthy make rich make richer feather nest line nest make well-off provide cultivate take good care of keep in existence

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