Đồng nghĩa của indemnity

Alternative for indemnity


Đồng nghĩa: amends, damages, indemnification, insurance, redress, restitution,


A sum of money paid as compensation, especially one paid by a country defeated in war as a condition of peace
compensation remuneration reparation restitution redress reimbursement requital damages recompense satisfaction payment repayment indemnification quittance recoupment reparations reprisals comp guerdon meed solatium pay settlement amends atonement reprisal reward consideration remittance salary fee stipend allowance profit payoff earnings wage benefit reciprocity honorarium return premium bonus take offset expiation counterclaim quid pro quo gain retribution bread take-home emolument remittal deserts salt meet shake reckoning defrayal scale coverage advantage setoff propitiation redemption commission penance justice apology rebate wages dues income refund rectification payback emoluments squaring things fees restoration fine vindication penitence claim costs reciprocation penalty forfeiture forfeit replacement substitution reinstatement mulct damage making good something in return retainer salvo brokerage dividend retaliation royalty cut gratuity rate discount give-back consolation discharge kickback give-up acquittance something returned tip piece remedy tit for tat measure for measure lex talionis money back tooth for a tooth eye for an eye interest duty takings paycheck cure aid help ease relief bounty sum percentage perk winnings handout gross pay revenue proceeds handouts profits lucre hire comeback correction assistance net pay packet take-home pay perquisite bacon pittance defrayment pay envelope hand-outs stipendium amendment rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment vengeance renewal change remodeling reworking revision repair remodelling balancing remission prize award just deserts price incentive money accolade desert due gravy inducement gift punishment honour right share merit honor pay-off carrot perks crown revenge grant charge sweetener purse portion entitlement comeuppance nemesis garland goodies slice appreciation plum merits present fringe benefit feather in cap returns decoration chastisement discipline castigation wrath yield judgement endowment judgment pension annuity subsidy part scholarship expense alimony amount measure due reward prize money end piece of the action bite poetic justice what's coming to you what you deserve just reward cue need prerogative privilege rights grease card refund prem deserving blood money donation rewards purgation accrual benefits gate accruement perquisites pickings payroll expenses largesse koha lagniappe chargeback barter earned income net gross pot advance down support cash amortization amortisation outlay acquittal title rightful treatment fair treatment act of contrition whack cost stake extra quota complimentary fee baksheesh commish boon plume kudo distinction allotment sanction stakes sentence allocation lot instalment installment bribe toll slice of the cake ruling figure store stock value spiff ration something to sweeten pot bill tariff account just punishment deserved fate regard determination conviction punition decree verdict proportion stint freight ante backhander payola graft helping limit apportionment enticement blue ribbon rule condemnation fare house rake-off handle subscription juice price tag take-in chunk sop remitment giving paying cheque disbursement taste bequest budget permitted amount permitted quantity pin money inheritance legacy quantity fellowship allurement monies rap decision pronouncement boodle softener oil revanche counterblow avenging avengement transmittal transfer hush money punitive action retributive justice negotiable instrument transfer of funds money order an eye for an eye an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth money under the table plus


Security against or exemption from legal responsibility for one's actions
immunity exemption absolution dispensation exception exclusion exoneration freedom impunity privilege release relief derogation favoritism favouritism special treatment a let-off liberty licence permission carte blanche prerogative right amnesty license droit franchise charter birthright authority due advantage claim entitlement power liberation discharge reprieve sanction title protection authorization let-off consent warrant leave appanage apanage perquisite free pass authorisation get out of jail free card freeing deliverance dismissal non-liability pardon security nonliability interest latitude business freedom from punishment exemption from punishment call stay of execution independence merit priority benefit favour justification favor pretence pretense pretension dibs choice asylum resistance immunization inoculation invulnerability resilience legal exemption imperviousness immunisation insusceptibility indulgence acquittal remission exculpation letting off special consideration forgiveness allowance emancipation vindication mercy pardoning delivery clearing clemency remittal setting free scotfree respite extrication relaxation excuse being let off with giving a concession making an exception allowing to break the rules being let off the hook non-liability for clearance hall pass declaration of innocence discharging relief from releasing acquitting dismissing purgation shriving ransom walkout alleviation spring manumission acquittance condoning comfort ease quittance quietus compurgation shrift condonation


A grant or contribution of money
subsidy grant allowance contribution subvention aid allocation allotment assistance endowment support gift backing benefaction bestowal bursary donation funding help investment present sponsorship annuity appropriation charity entitlement finance handout relief alms donative stipend alimony bequest bonus bounty fellowship financial aid gratuity honorarium payment pension premium reward scholarship subsidisation subsidization tribute helping hand leg up financial backing award boon offering benefit money largesse dole financing hand-out funds income philanthropy capital concession ration lump provision presentation fee cash gifting patronage largess legacy welfare promotion giving koha write-off salary pay wage stake consideration resources financial support quota giveaway freebie beneficence favor favour fairing aegis lagniappe settlement freebee remittance handsel subscription compensation revenue dispensation portion sustenance apportionment inheritance baksheesh hire privilege admission assignment donations emolument auspice outlay limit packet paycheck loan benevolence financial assistance social security take comp share succor courtesy lot prezzie tip conferment perk perquisite sweetener pourboire goodie pay envelope measure wonga slice underwriting pittance egis maintenance bursarship furtherance expenditure budgeting recompense succour cut proportion stint championship a hand salvation helping budget price support encouragement part advocacy depletion allowance state benefit guardianship auspices protection advance tax benefit gifts hand conveyance transfer government subsidy recommendation currency transferal capitalization grants advancement compliment dues pledge zakat dowry fund exhibition input bequeathal guaranty subsistence supply role earmarking defence defense espousal souvenir token tithing whack percentage studentship upkeep pocket money keep expenses devise hereditament hand-me-down oblation douceur bonsela offertory tax write-off one's part weightage sharing investing endowing sponsoring stipulation official payment trust property sum of money contributions service deal security outgo costs care rescue assets nest egg benefits grace indulgence transaction turn mercy superannuation investment capital bail out venture capital vested interests investments setting apart setting aside benediction blessing boost honour benison honor bestowment quick fix fix reinforcement redemption a helping hand debt remission a leg up wages remuneration deed wherewithal IRA retirement pension retirement fund retirement income welfare payment retirement account fixed income reserves wealth stock affairs abetment matching funds assist doing one's part patronization earnings fees deliverance comfort safety net amount reimbursement rate price emoluments good turn kind act good deed piece end social safety net level of economic security guaranteed by government public assistance bread and butter government aid act of assistance act of kindness cash flow money management financial state financial affairs requital profit kindness financial condition goodwill gesture taste prize commission interest bite permitted amount permitted quantity quantity economic support net pay takings gross pay profits gain take-home pay lucre proceeds public assistance allowance unemployment benefit benefit payments social security payments sick pay insurance money government benefit pay-off sum down amends defrayment restitution repayment refund amortization amortisation redress return indemnification expense reparation retaliation defrayal acquittal quittance pin money broo buroo conferral accordance almsgiving wedding gift means winnings pool kitty dividend finances purse windfall disposal generosity munificence liberality foundation batch complimentary fee free sample meed incentive inducement treasury split chunk charitable donation guerdon dot free gift free meal exchequer coffers rake off achievement cut of pie granting tendering conferring accomplishment piece of the action bank deposit account lobola tocher marriage settlement parcel modicum pocketbook fisc child support child maintenance godsend advantage quantum total net division mite trifle distribution planned disbursement spending plan asset fortune marriage portion good apanage felicity appanage plus luxury bonanza manna acquisition winning riches pro good thing living wage plus point break stroke of luck good fortune piece of good fortune trophy accolade medal plume decoration kudo gong honours honors distinction citation order decree blue ribbon gold star feather in cap

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