Đồng nghĩa của safety

Alternative for safety


Trái nghĩa: danger,


(of an object or structure) The state of not having the ability to cause harm or injury


(especially of medicine or drugs) The state of not having the ability to cause harm


A measure taken to prevent harm, damage or injury


The state of feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety
security confidence certainty comfort assurance reassurance conviction happiness sureness freedom reliance calm ease positivity self-assurance well-being ease of mind peace of mind self-confidence absence of anxiety absence of worry freedom from doubt feeling of ease feeling of safety serenity composure calmness positiveness equanimity tranquillity tranquility poise coolness aplomb self-possession level-headedness imperturbability sangfroid satisfaction presence of mind peacefulness contentment contentedness bliss felicity inner peace placidity joy nirvana high spirits content soundness steadiness levelheadedness ataraxia placidness peace even-mindedness ataraxy equability ataraxis comity compatibility heartsease assertiveness nerve self-reliance certitude courage phlegm assuredness cool-headedness faith self-esteem self-trust nonchalance self-assuredness impassivity surety collectedness cocksureness boldness cool face firmness doubtlessness equilibrium belief in oneself faith in oneself unflappability impudence aggressiveness audacity arrogance presumption trust temerity effrontery bravery countenance self-control composedness belief credence self-composedness hope repose tranquilness dignity stock dependence morale balance sang-froid cool head stability unexcitability optimism credit control hopefulness store determination coolheadedness self-command presence acceptance suaveness elegance urbanity dispassion even temper fortitude spirit heart mettle expectation sedateness loyalty tact steadfastness self-respect restraint self-discipline entrustment detachment impassiveness inexcitability stolidity support patience savoir faire self-worth faith in yourself pride in oneself abilities finality conclusiveness can-do attitude reliability inevitability inevitableness style stoicism self-restraint quickness gumption common sense sense alertness quick-wittedness savoir vivre indifference self-mastery definiteness imperturbation inner strength positive self-image high morale élan strength of mind sure bet earnestness fervor fervour resoluteness resolution pluck brashness fearlessness tenacity dash even-temperedness passion pride polish daring backbone intrepidity elan grit hardihood buoyancy spunk diplomacy tactfulness worth freedom from suspicion self-regard traction self-composure self-image savoir-faire devotion self-content sense of worth no shadow of a doubt accepting admitting weight authority admission ego pridefulness devotedness pride in yourself amour-propre dedication faithfulness commitment fidelity solace amour propre pride in oneself fealty allegiance piety troth constancy consolation consoling credulity attachment sobriety solacing adhesion assent fastness spirits temper comforting drive attitude vigor turn resolve esprit de corps esprit mood outlook humor disposition temperament team spirit vigour encouragement humour guarantee state of mind


The property of being roadworthy


A latching device that prevents accidental activation of a dangerous event


Hit allowing baseball player to advance


Resistant to shattering
shatterproof durable indestructible nonbreaking reinforced resistant strengthened toughened unbreakable imperishable lasting everlasting non-breakable infrangible permanent sturdy stout hard-wearing incorruptible indissoluble heavy-duty long-lasting adamantine armoured unyielding firm armored made to last solid strong nonbreakable rugged tight unshakable resilient tough brass-bound invulnerable hard perdurable immortal enduring inextinguishable abiding indelible undying deathless nonperishable unfading perennial endless ineradicable inexterminable undestroyable unchangeable perpetual immutable unwreckable rock-solid undestructable unruinable irrefrangible unalterable inextirpable irrefragable eternal steely robust impenetrable rigid hardened cast-iron inured inflexible secure sound vigorous fortified hardy rock-hard hard-bitten as hard as stone as hard as iron hard as nails infallible stable reliable established airtight unassailable fixed dependable adamant steady substantial impregnable safe well built lusty invincible stiff well-made well-built well fortified tried-and-true well-founded seasoned iron heavy cohesive really hard concrete flinty binding inseparable hearty bulletproof steel-clad covered very hard forceful flourishing inviolable well made storm-resistant unattackable fast stormproof well defended bombproof well-armed well-protected impassible immovable knockabout well protected protected shielded steel galvanized galvanised tempered thick steel-plated ironclad heavily clad leathery rock hard fit brawny strapping stalwart mighty dense steeled moulded healthy molded conditioned withstanding absolute tough as nails categorical unpliable unmalleable unconditional indurated rocklike set solidified impermeable indurate rocky stony stiffened unquestionable incontrovertible frozen concentrated rock-like renitent compelling effective cogent indubitable set in stone well-defined well-established well founded well constructed well-constructed

Trái nghĩa của safety

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