Đồng nghĩa của safe keeping

Alternative for safe keeping

safe keeping /'seif,ki:piɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự che chở, sự bảo vệ, sự để ở nơi an toàn


The protective care or guardianship of someone or something
custody care guardianship charge keeping protection custodianship ward supervision aegis auspices trust trusteeship tutelage wardship responsibility safekeeping superintendence guidance hands keep possession preservation control escrow surveillance conservation management observation salvation watch patronage protectorship stewardship oversight superintendency regulation headship handling maintenance administration intendance government direction governance support presidency looking after championship umbrella ministration inspection guard leadership safeguard parenting mothering lap operation fathering provision of care liability moment store account backing cover shelter agency refuge egis authority sponsorship providence safe haven saving upkeep safeguarding preserving guarding conservancy protecting husbandry preserval sustentation sustainment conserving supervising cherishing managing governing storage care and feeding careful management keeping alive keeping going keeping up running conduct overseeing command organization rule orchestration organisation controlling manipulation coordination execution directing check regulating conducting ruling commanding advocacy administering orchestrating treatment masterminding instruction approach wardenship caretaking tutorship tutelarity influence performance regiment mastery sway containment safety reassurance insurance assurance security certainty reins countenance prosecution auspice wing defence defense favour favor comanagement generalship codirection coadministration plan policy tactics regimen strategy aid guaranty assistance help carrying out transaction wielding red tape monitoring policing ordering arrangement good hands adaptation classification alteration reorganisation systematisation settlement regimentation reorganization reconciliation responsibility for standardisation organizing codification standardization organising systematization moderation


The state of being insulated
insulation isolation segregation sequestration protection defence defense screen separation shelter aloneness cushion privacy safeguarding secludedness seclusion separateness shield shielding solitariness solitude closeting detachment exclusion quarantine setting apart withdrawal retirement loneliness privateness reclusiveness reclusion remoteness retreat concealment desolation peace and quiet lonesomeness hiding confinement peace loneness seclusiveness aloofness self-sufficiency partitioning silence singleness disconnection purdah keeping apart insularity peacefulness quietness beleaguerment secrecy quiet freedom from interference lack of interruption lack of disturbance inaccessibility friendlessness exile waste wilderness wasteland desert emptiness monkhood apartheid confidentiality clandestineness blockade penetralia space discretion division partition discrimination dissociation ghettoization disunion sorting out exlusion ivory tower an ivory tower time alone one's space splitting up distinctiveness individuality uniqueness character distinction originality particularity peculiarity singularity selfhood individualism difference identity oneness discreteness oddity dissimilarity humor idiosyncrasy temper ipseity air singularness humour eccentricity disposition temperament makeup disconnectedness manner independence selfdom habit seity unlikeness selfness rarity unity nature complexion way sanctuary obscurity Quran retreat prayer retreat meditation retreat bible retreat cordon sanitaire detention solitary confinement lazaretto spiritual retreat lack of company respite liberty latitude freedom breather relief repose forlornness unpopularity abandonment forsakenness rejection dreariness time out breathing space breathing room desertedness sadness unhappiness despondency heartache alienation lack of friends lack of companions

Trái nghĩa của safe keeping

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