Đồng nghĩa của fastness

Alternative for fastness


The state, quality, or property of being fast or quick


The state of being devoted to something
loyalty devotion allegiance faithfulness fidelity commitment dedication constancy devotedness fealty troth steadfastness faith attachment piety adhesion adherence staunchness obedience dependability trustworthiness duty homage reliability trueness true-heartedness trustiness bond ardor ardour support honour honor devoutness consecration patriotism obligation firmness submission steadiness integrity honesty deference surety certainty observance service observation respect divined obeisance fulfilment heed monogamy lealty attentiveness fulfillment care believability realism correctness trueheartedness inviolability bonding closeness scrupulousness resolution conscientiousness piousness religiosity religionism pietism devotement religiousness determination resoluteness doggedness perseverance fixedness tenacity trust confidence resolve credence conviction obstinacy application hope unfailingness love eagerness truthfulness decision abidingness principle single-mindedness zeal earnestness dependence belief expectation optimism hopefulness staying power reliance stock assurance sureness store credit acceptance certitude credulity entrustment assent reverence worship adoration praise admiration responsibility veneration trustability reliableness dependableness solidity solidness tribute respectfulness affection awe acclaim esteem liability recognition soundness accountability genuflection fear cohesion glory passion spirituality sanctity religious fervor enthusiasm keenness religious observance fervor religious zeal fondness intensity fervour approval approbation dutifulness compliance appreciation estimation adulation favour favor commendation eulogy panegyric accolade servility acquiescence subservience compliancy conformity stability encomium paean high regard liking great respect high esteem dulia accountableness pledge answerability conscience amenability rationality submissiveness docility complaisance conformability duteousness eulogium hymn acknowledgement acclamation salutation citation dithyramb safety apotheosis astonishment obsequiousness amazement bow prostration deification maturity reasonableness good faith security capitulation accordance mindfulness yielding laudation salute legal obligation moral obligation call of duty court acknowledgment kneeling reason blame sanity sense accuracy authenticity consistency sensibleness adultness competence soberness rap capableness level-headedness common sense uprightness efficiency competency capacity ability levelheadedness

Trái nghĩa của fastness

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