Đồng nghĩa của shielding

Alternative for shielding

shields, shielded, shielding

Đồng nghĩa: cloak, cover, defend, guard, harbor, hide, protect, screen, shelter,


The situation, in NMR spectroscopy, in which a local magnetic field is weakened by the presence of neighbouring nuclei


The act of saving or protecting something, or a means to do so
guard defence protection security safeguard shield armour armor cover defense screen ward aegis safeguarding safety fortification sanctuary guarding conservation haven preservation salvation safekeeping upholding upkeep safeness saving immunity shelter invulnerability safe keeping weapon stronghold resistance deterrent deterrence ammunition buckler egis refuge barrier buffer fastness fence protecting shock absorber care armament assurance self-defense impregnability bulwark bumper cushion welfare asylum unassailability well-being inviolability public safety insurance strength freedom from danger freedom indemnity guardianship surety stability reassurance wall weaponry warfare munitions citadel arms support retreat safe haven bastion harbour harbor protector rampart maintenance provision hiding place guarantee indemnification hideout supporter defender precaution shade buttress earthwork mainstay prop port in a storm safe house safety net coverage warranty embankment hideaway keeping barricade breastwork parapet safe harbor precautions harborage safety measure battlement safety device continuation continuance custody preparation escape retainment backing concealment solace defences fort warrant surveillance peace redemption comfort relief stockade keep palisade sanctum preserving conserving defenses safety measures pad secret place fail-safe oasis den outwork perpetuation sustentation bolt-hole foxhole defensive wall preserval port bartizan hole mound preventive measure ivory tower bank shadow hidey-hole a roof resilience lee insurance policy trust mail absorber compensation payment safeguards endorsement hermitage cloister apron mask exception untouchability impenetrability imperviousness reimbursement charge supervision custodianship preventive fender barbican backstop privacy secrecy seclusion palladium caution prophylactic hiding housing allowance guards measures tutelage certainty protective device hill vallation ridge circumvallation vallum elevation convoy escort zoar covert querencia life assurance life insurance financial protection resort church convent safety guard fallback midst buildup disarmament ordnance hardware deployment rearmament mobilization arming dike dam head castellation battlements preserve hole-up evaporation storage tanning refrigeration heart prolongation continuity sustainment good hands sustaining something to fall back on care and feeding material gun heat centre partition protective wall buffet sustention circle core safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve keeping going keeping alive keeping up carrying on carrying-on place of safety pledge embrace center bosom levee breakwater mobilisation collateral redoubt castle fortress pawn bond underwriting gage hostage blockhouse earnest guaranty bail hold ravelin fieldwork fortalice covenant gauge contract embattlement presidio outpost block entrenchment garrison building up


The setting apart or separation of things or people, as a natural process, a manner of organizing people that may be voluntary or enforced by law


Excessively protective, wanting to give too much protection (especially to children)


Present participle for to protect or shield from harm or danger
covering screening protecting defending safeguarding guarding securing shading bulwarking conserving cushioning fencing fending forfending keeping preserving saving warding wrapping inoculating insulating keeping safe sheltering chambering concealing harboring harbouring havening housing keeping from harm roofing shotgunning stonewalling affording protection to providing protection for covering up giving cover giving shelter riding shotgun warding off covering all bases going to bat for taking under one's wing looking after watching over fortifying taking care of maintaining watching upholding hedging caring for minding assuring garrisoning supporting insuring preventing chaperoning averting giving sanctuary tending escorting barricading fostering policing hiding standing up for ensuring cocooning standing guard over giving refuge patrolling overseeing enclosing occupying manning overlooking alibiing attending sticking up for making invulnerable relieving conducting presiding over attending to giving sanctuary to covering for giving shelter to providing with an alibi giving an alibi to providing a refuge for giving asylum to keeping an eye on providing refuge prohibiting keeping from justifying strengthening sustaining isolating cloistering making safe halting salvaging salvageing keeping in good condition picketing stopping retaining retrieving reclaiming arresting surrounding championing sentineling sentinelling making immune rescuing supplying with troops standing guard on immunising covering up for immunizing mounting guard on guiding ruling nannying mothering cherishing keeping intact keeping in repair thwarting intercepting foiling making impregnable making sound standing guard keeping guard on being responsible for having charge of providing safety taking out insurance saving from harm taking under wing keeping a lookout over ministering to persevering with fighting for taking out insurance cover taking someone under your wing guaranteeing indemnifying tucking resisting opposing enfolding cupping swathing underwriting warranting accompanying investing capping crowning dressing withstanding holding cinching icing guarantying reinforcing canopying hooding clothing papering over overcasting managing superposing superimposing staving off administrating handling supervising running fending off putting something on top of beating off operating superintending controlling governing guarding against taking in repelling danger providing sanctuary placing under cover placing something over holding at bay registering stewarding regulating directing companying seeing companioning shepherding squiring tilling seeing to keeping tabs on ushering flanking piloting convoying bringing bearing consorting nursing babysitting childminding sitting with taking charge of raising nurturing rearing providing for tending to shielding from safeguarding from protecting from overwatching herding administering to guarding in transit nourishing feeding succouring succoring fending for mentoring bringing up providing sustenance for making a living for checking blocking repulsing repelling forestalling curbing deflecting dodging diverting discouraging baulking parrying escaping evading balking ducking holding off heading off putting a stop to keeping at arm's length skirting round safeguarding against keeping off pre-empting turning aside holding back protecting against shielding against keeping at bay defending oneself against fighting off


Present participle for to shut off from view
screening covering concealing hiding masking disguising veiling cloaking shading sheltering camouflaging shrouding blanketing curtaining enshrouding obscuring occulting shuttering suppressing adumbrating belying blinding burying caching enveloping secluding shadowing stashing closing ensconcing girding hemming obstructing separating sheathing umbraging blocking out blotting out covering up papering over shutting off walling off shutting out shutting in secreting clouding eclipsing befogging harboring withholding overshadowing mantling darkening harbouring casting a shadow over canopying whitewashing obliterating draping stonewalling bearding wrapping dimming overlaying blurring fogging overclouding bedimming beclouding overcasting misting hazing blearing dislimning blackening blanking out guarding putting up a front inumbrating holding back blocking off the light to isolating blocking fronting encasing pettifogging obnubilating murking hindering bemisting benighting dressing up putting out of sight keeping out of sight planting protecting squirreling dissembling smuggling laundering finessing stifling ditching enwrapping enfolding swathing hushing up keeping secret carpeting surrounding palling coating submerging casting a shadow holing up crowning overlying topping overspreading capping putting out of the way paving shutting out the light from shutting out the light extending over graying overhanging greying fuzzing up casting a shadow on enveloping in shadow muffling clothing cocooning smothering keeping hidden obfuscating sweeping under the rug sweeping under the carpet keeping dark sweeping something under the carpet sweeping something under the rug keeping under your hat drawing a veil over dissimulating minimizing stowing making inconspicuous putting up a smokescreen masquerading making up tucking away putting in a hole wallpapering minimising making light of censoring gagging redacting investing embosoming bowering lapping inclosing enclosing embracing enswathing bosoming involving embowering circumfusing encompassing muting banning burking muzzling misrepresenting outlawing proscribing distorting falsifying warping keeping silent about boarding up doing on the sly stopping something being overheard bushing up misinterpreting airbrushing colouring perverting coloring miscoloring garbling twisting misleading misstating trumping up putting a spin on giving a false idea of giving a false account of glossing over


Present participle for to keep apart or isolate from others
insulating isolating protecting cushioning segregating separating sequestering cocooning defending screening sheltering saving cloistering cutting off safeguarding secluding detaching excluding keeping safe coating filling inlaying islanding keeping from harm lining taping treating wadding closing off keeping apart setting apart wrapping up in cotton wool dividing dissociating quarantining disconnecting closeting severing partitioning divorcing sorting out choosing selecting ghettoizing ghettoising discriminating against singling out sundering out splitting up setting aside separating out parting removing cordoning off sealing off closing sundering fencing off distinguishing taping off screening off sealing partitioning off decoupling disassociating curtaining off separating off disjoining shutting off roping off disengaging disuniting uncoupling breaking up splitting freeing blocking off encircling enclosing surrounding unlinking unyoking dissevering resolving disjointing ramifying withdrawing abstracting splitting off cordoning shutting blockading putting to one side demarcating alienating undoing differentiating sifting sectioning off fencing dividing off unfixing filtering out forming a ring around marking off putting a cordon sanitaire around weeding out confining bounding circumscribing unfastening marking rending loosening estranging distancing unhitching disbanding disrupting loosing shutting away disentangling walking away moving away dismantling breaking disaffiliating disassembling delineating dismounting tearing off breaking off taking apart sorting marooning restricting turning off cutting barricading stranding stopping halting leaving abandoning extracting dispersing riving embroiling barring roping dissolving sieving getting rid of setting at odds unzipping unbuttoning unhooking untying circling encompassing setting at variance unbridling avoiding chopping off nipping off pulling off pruning off clipping off hacking off stripping off moving off ripping off withdrawing from putting at a distance keeping at arm's length breaking from placing far off breaking away breaking with engirding compassing girding girdling delimiting dividing up winnowing out sifting out retiring spreading tearing diverging defining forming a ring round forming a barrier around cleaving determining coming apart putting asunder stripping slicing moving apart particularising dichotomizing subdividing itemizing sectioning particularizing dividing in two portioning articulating itemising splitting in two drawing apart opening segmenting hiding enisling secreting isolating oneself secluding oneself scattering keeping out demarking limiting terminating fixing segregating oneself shutting oneself off hiding oneself away removing oneself shutting oneself away setting oneself apart withdrawing oneself cutting oneself off closeting oneself keeping in solitude individuating individualizing establishing drawing discriminating characterizing setting off drawing back marking out individualising differentializing characterising singularizing making different making something stand out making unique making distinctive distinguishing between

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