Đồng nghĩa của refuge

Alternative for refuge

refuges, refuged, refuging

Đồng nghĩa: asylum, harbor, haven, port, protection, retreat, sanctuary, shelter,


Place to hide, have privacy
sanctuary haven retreat shelter bolt-hole harbour sanctum hideaway ark asylum foxhole harbor harborage hideout resort fastness hide-out querencia ambush anchorage bolthole cover covert den escape exit expedient fortress hiding place hole home immunity makeshift opening outlet place of shelter port preserve recourse resource safe haven safe house shield stopgap stronghold zoar bolt hole place of safety ivory tower port in a storm safe place way out nest protection security hidey-hole hermitage lair oasis concealment screen nook haunt safety hidy-hole defence defense armor safeguard armour sanctum sanctorum habitat place of security safeguarding guard dock safe harbor ward safe keeping aegis snuggery place of escape buckler shade dwelling aerie stash cache domain housing cloister joint purlieu pen weapon fortification barrier roadstead hangout rendezvous resistance resting place secret place moorage harbourage marina deterrent shielding deterrence guarding cushion roads mooring wall egis bulwark buffer stamping ground dockage wharf stomping ground fence shock absorber comfort zone private space snug recess penthouse brood study shadow office island private room secluded form earth lee a roof sequestered nook church convent port of call bumper preventative preventive hedge hiding hole-up docks barricade bastion cottage dacha lodging roof accommodation pier jetty cabin adytum digs pad quarterage shed crib seaport hithe ammunition accommodations boatyard piers landing dockyard living quarters somewhere to stay somewhere to live roof over head hole in the wall dive territory warfare weaponry munitions a roof over your head spot abode biosphere site roost habitation citadel arms patch bar manor favourite spot local honky-tonk natural home home ground meeting place hang-out realm centre spa berth quay moorings fount source cradle fountainhead watering hole social place honeypot slip hotel spring camp holiday destination center motel tourist trap holiday centre park inn lodge fat farm tourist center mineral spring tourist centre watering place hot spring holiday spot place of origin


A means of attaining an end, especially one that is convenient but possibly improper or immoral
expedient stratagem trick device manoeuvre scheme ploy ruse move means contrivance dodge artifice tactic measure method machination plan resource maneuver resort recourse medium step substitute plot way instrument stopgap expediency makeshift fetch lurk instrumentality tool invention solution course of action shift option alternative possibility wile course choice subterfuge deception remedy hope evasion hoax help source of assistance last resort possible course of action pis aller craft strategy agency gambit equivocation system contraption mode appliance replacement chance improvisation opportunity reference surrogate relief source of help stand-in temporary solution something to turn to someone to turn to band-aid temporary measure temporary expedient pretext pretence con intrigue fraud bluff smokescreen stunt masquerade sleight blind game racket scam caper duplicity deviousness wheeze appeal way out excuse cheat sham pretense route aid stand-by support available resource place to turn to person to turn to flimflam grift swindle gimmick set-up bunco rort flanker feint con trick play jig knack shenanigan sting juggle deceit gyp rig schlenter confidence trick imposture trap canard fastie trickery chicanery brainchild wrinkle misrepresentation fake setup lie angle twist line of action snare decoy leg-pull Trojan horse sleight of hand whitewash snow job design wangle loophole cunning scheming creation innovation coinage concoction guile craftiness slyness artfulness savvy fabrication formation slant project switch dirty work sellout sell humbug dirty trick spoof crocodile tears sweet talk soft soap smoke and mirrors action scenario gamesmanship bit scene one-upmanship bait and switch booby trap game plan little game hokum porky fast one hogwash catch jive bilk stall fast shuffle mare's-nest pork pie hustle con game chicane fallacy confidence game cover-up story shuck malarkey ride illusion crock fib imposition fakery conspiracy sharp practice ambush treachery falsehood cover distortion delusion rip-off double-dealing


The state of being protected, especially by someone or something serving as a guardian


A substitute (usually of a person, position or role)
surrogate substitute deputy proxy representative stand-in replacement agent factor fill-in stopgap understudy relief standby alternate backup delegate expediency expedient makeshift recourse resort resource sub pinch hitter substitute agent cover reserve envoy minister locum ambassador double emissary locum tenens commissary rep go-between attorney procurator assignee legate spokesperson depute pinch-hitter temp second supply designated hitter messenger intermediary commissioner nuncio assistant alternative stand-by lieutenant negotiator broker liaison frontman spokesman successor plenipotentiary consul spokeswoman mouthpiece appointee courier subordinate aide helper diplomat ancillary mediator adjutant mediary lawyer junior substitution auxiliary subaltern PA underling sidekick henchman apprentice second string adjunct mate temporary second in command vice number two personal assistant coadjutor second-in-command aid helpmate helpmeet right-hand man equivalent regent man Friday girl Friday abettor front temporary worker spare accredited messenger body double someone else herald supply teacher casual worker vicar catchpole member viceroy member of Congress senator people's choice nominee attaché scout internuncio bearer carrier trustee handler manager advocate hired gun officer middleperson promoter functionary actor steward proctor principal factotum business manager executor supplanter changeling succedaneum partner associate attendant vicegerent collaborator temporary expedient representant councillor dogcatcher councilor accomplice wingman second fiddle friend dependant running dog subsidiary serf P.A. servant secretary understrapper supporter gofer aide-de-camp flunkey beginner peon protege scrub body man companion trainee right-hand person coadjutant henchwoman ally dogsbody patron adherent inferior hired help accessory hired hand right-hand woman backer dependent cooperator confederate slave fellow worker skivvy aider help third string minion gopher novice abetter flunky lackey follower poodle colleague assembly member the second in command middleman arbitrator intercessor medium interceder speaker interagent honest broker intermediator conciliator intermediate peacemaker prophet voice mouth point man point person official spin doctor referee dealer negotiant interposer buffer talker entrepreneur organ moderator arbiter contact prolocutor champion protagonist fixer chargé matchmaker propagandist linkperson linkman linkwoman instrument channel vehicle PR person supervisor supervise monitor capitoul chargé d'affaires agency reeve forum attache intervener invigilator sales rep successor designate ambassadress legation executive administrator adjudicator bargainer haggler judge intermedium wheeler-dealer agent general ambassador plenipotentiary ambassador extraordinary intervenor POC link journal periodical publication office-holder dignitary fugleman spox consul general papal nuncio officeholder premier special envoy minister plenipotentiary middle person cutout connection influence selectee designee contact woman interdealer broker contact person liaison officer contact man prime minister touchpoint single point of contact department head help desk cabinet member publicist runner point of contact harbinger public relations officer press officer publicity agent PRO PR consultant press agent PR officer public relations consultant message-bearer office holder postman message-carrier express page detail post detachment errand boy precursor dispatcher commissionaire crier schlepper forerunner flag-bearer errand girl dispatch rider delivery person delivery boy errand person

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