Đồng nghĩa của balm

Alternative for balm


Đồng nghĩa: ointment, salve, unction, unguent,


Something that has a soothing or restorative effect
comfort consolation relief solace cheer alleviation assuagement ease mitigation palliative support anodyne curative healing restorative succor succour cure easement refreshment remedy soother tranquillizer tranquilizer something soothing reprieve mollification abatement allayment appeasement amelioration release comforting rest palliation respite soothing softening easing alleviating allaying relieving mitigating assuaging deliverance dulling sustenance assistance restfulness extrication satisfaction contentment happiness aid care repose well-being lessening reduction salving secours calming lightening remission fix breather diversion lift letup hand break help maintenance quick fix load off one's mind cheerfulness joyfulness exuberance gratification peace of mind optimism buoyancy joy joyousness good spirits delight bliss gladness encouragement glee compassion sympathy pity commiseration moderation reassurance diminution fellow feeling improvement backing moral support a helping hand quelling slackening quenching slaking reassuring consoling cheering up solacing ministration guidance weakening cushioning extenuation deadening concern kindness empathy condolence vindication modification qualification justification understanding warmth kindliness grace gladdening condolement benevolence inspiration tenderness fortification lenity abetment cooperation abettance collaboration facilitation reinforcement service contribution benefit boost services assist furtherance benefaction ministrations intervention promotion a lift a favour a good turn offices a kindness a leg up a hand a break compensation


A hard, brittle, aromatic and transparent resin produced by this tree and used to make varnishes and chewing gum, and as a flavouring


A flowering plant of the genus Impatiens


A perennial herb, Melissa officinalis, of southern Europe


A drug or other preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease
cure medicine remedy antidote medication corrective medicament treatment curative physic therapy alleviation drug restorative specific vaccine inoculation nostrum panacea pharmaceutical therapeutic vaccination antibiotic antiserum counteragent elixir medicant medicinal pharmacon rectifier aid antiseptic antitoxin catholicon counteractant countermeasure dose fix help pill placebo potion prescription salve serum tablet tonic course of treatment healing agent elixir vitae lotion ointment redress cure-all assistance improvement healing quick fix anesthetic tincture quack remedy patent medicine sedative anaesthetic capsule liniment biologic injection modern medicine Western medicine unguent reparation recovery proprietary restora-tive solution resolution relief answer mitigation assuagement amelioration palliative support remedying counterstep counteractive counteraction easing magic bullet magic formula heal-all opiate essence poison depressant pharmaceutic narcotic dope preparation mixture stimulant preventive analgesic neutralizer antivenin lozenge pellet painkiller caplet theriac bolus pilule troche pastille cap formula jujube medical drug prophylactic tab drop ball rubric heritage tradition rule convention custom anodyne antibody antipoison edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation compound mithridate antivenene neutralizing agent counteracting agent negator nullifier rehabilitation healing treatment therapeutics method of healing remedial treatment concoction tranquilizer morphine aspirin demulcent alleviative embrocation diacatholicon panpharmacon cream creation substance plan scheme universal remedy sovereign remedy pain reliever tranquillizer wonder drug sovereign cure composition liquid paste application cure for all ills big idea home remedy quack medicine


To sedate or calm, especially with the use of a drug
tranquillize tranquilize soothe calm pacify lull compose settle quiet still mollify quieten subdue salve quell becalm lullaby relax hush sedate drug anaesthetize dope narcotize stupefy anesthetize unruffle zonk calm down quieten down knock out put out put under make calm settle your nerves administer a sedative to administer a tranquillizer to settle something's nerves put at rest settle one's nerves appease assuage allay alleviate mitigate comfort cool cool off ease placate palliate settle down temper repress check console soften lessen make up lighten heal relieve reduce conciliate stroke untrouble unburden dulcify pour oil on take the sting out take the edge off smooth down smooth over shut down tranquillise gentle steady dull ally take the sting out of silence deaden quash stifle diminish reassure fall cease qualify soft-pedal take the edge rock to sleep lay back take it easy put a lid on quiet down ease off chill out slacken regulate moderate modulate smother suppress solace resolve restrain rein reconcile adjust dispose treat propitiate nurse win over square cure succor attend make peace with make nice play up to butter up patch things up nourish remedy doctor hold in let up simmer down ease up tune down rehabilitate make better help succour attenuate control abate satisfy sweeten disarm contain collect decrease content assure rectify quench sort out iron out tone down fix up patch up put to rights cheer humour solve cushion hearten blunt fix dampen humor uplift condole harmonize gladden lift ameliorate modify clear up bolster elevate encourage lenify cheer up extinguish work out put right set right deal with harmonise make matters up straighten out buoy up give solace to bring comfort to bury the hatchet kill kiss and make up put at ease find an answer to reach an agreement about put an end to find a solution to recollect curb get control of square off mellow take sting out get a grip on dilute lower unwind pour cold water on pipe down dampen down throw cold water on re-collect put a stop to fill surfeit sate satiate gratify tame crush chasten put down grease con pacificate smooth loosen up make less uptight make less tense lighten up dispel refresh crumble loose slack relaxed disintegrate dissipate banish dismiss impose peace upon restore harmony to make peace eliminate destroy accede to somebody's demands slake give condolences to boost lighten burden reanimate support empathize with commiserate with envigorate revitalise make one feel at ease enliven give sympathy to quiet fears sympathize with buck up revitalize besoothe invigorate inspirit make well give a lift to condole with commiserate smooth someone's ruffled feathers clear the air with put to rest drive away drive off chase away put the lid on free reduce something cool out take the bite out reunite give respite to strangle muffle mend bring to an end set to rights conceal swallow key coordinate attune accommodate conform choke suffocate gag hold back sink pocket submerge choke back hide snuff arbitrate fit merge restore harmony between bring back together integrate get together on reconciliate resolve differences between restore friendly relations between re-establish intercede make peace between accustom bring to terms join come together bring back together again suit proportion mediate restore harmony arrange tune accord bring together re-establish friendly relations between bottle up cork up shower oppress bite one's lip fight back button up hush up keep back keep the lid on bite back squelch restrict shroud overpower cork keep in check heap

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