Đồng nghĩa của quash

Alternative for quash

quashes, quashed, quashing

Đồng nghĩa: annul, avoid, invalidate, keep down, nullify, reduce, repress, subdue, subjugate, void,


To defeat or suppress forcefully and completely
crush suppress repress squash subdue quell put down beat check destroy end extinguish quench curb finish squelch thwart abolish annihilate crack down on defeat extirpate frustrate overcome stamp out stifle demolish overthrow rout silence terminate clobber get rid of conquer overwhelm scrunch slap down snuff out squish trash wipe out clamp down on put an end to put a stop to snow under nip in the bud put the kibosh on stop kill deaden control inhibit restrain arrest smother halt vanquish put the lid on overpower cut off sit on gag strangle scotch hold back bridle settle subjugate muffle impede eliminate constrain master shut down hinder cut short dull restrict lick mute contain reduce quieten quelch shush lull triumph over dampen put a lid on soft-pedal put out curtail put an stop to choke off gain mastery over keep in check say nothing soothe hamper weed out eradicate allay assuage prevent mollify quiet tame ease moderate mitigate palliate still best censor discontinue appease hush abate queer dumb swallow dominate stem lessen alleviate temper tranquilize sink pocket submerge put paid to muzzle interfere with choke crack down clam throttle diminish choke back prevail over compose block out trample on oppress rein in hold in bring to an end tranquillize get the better of get a grip on close up drown suffocate cool keep the lid on bottle up shut up dummy up quiet down hush up keep back hold one's tongue get under control strangle at birth obstruct block censure stamp something out dismiss reject scupper torpedo nip something in the bud limit asphyxiate solve debrief dish clamp down bring to screeching halt surmount get over cow bring to a halt bring to a stop dispatch strangulate pour cold water on throw cold water on gain control over garrote garrotte damp down bring under control get control of deal with trample bottle spike overturn clamp interrupt bury calm drive underground bring to a standstill do for keep inside hold down keep in conceal put lid on put kibosh on bring to naught beat down win against pacify hide gain control of put the stopper on run down close call a halt conclude wrap up complete wind up snuff wreck swamp whelm prostrate overmaster floor devastate placate lullaby cork up shower bite one's lip rein fight back simmer down button up bite back shroud cork collect heap obliterate ruin break salve becalm ice blunt govern keep down bring to a close reassure balm stroke fall comfort cease qualify overawe grind down soften mellow damp blow away keep it down dry up rock to sleep take it easy settle down take the sting out clam up ease off chill out decrease the volume take the edge lay back cool off pipe down cool it hush-hush strike dumb tongue-tie hush one's mouth force down blot out bring someone to their knees bear down on banish dispel rise above tone down keep a lid on quieten down hold in check decrease cushion lower weaken take the edge off regulate relieve discipline numb retard depress benumb lighten slow bar paralyse paralyze blanket clog absorb mask attenuate stay stymie stall occlude jam dam order congest put a damper on stuff stop up fill regiment clog up hold up bung up plug up impair withhold devitalize deny foil hold discourage keep incapacitate stun unnerve stupefy cauterize stultify humble abase buffer upset control strictly gentle anaesthetize bolster circumvent deter plug cauterise anesthetize buttress dash intercept freeze counter baulk put damper on barricade catch clot bung block up blockade fill up relax balk pull up stopper gum up turn down keep under control come down hard on chill sate desensitize slake fetter trammel confine pillow cloud sedate brake delay chasten modify dilute help satisfy daze narcotize obtund torpefy drug lenify calm down dampen down insulate pad seclude guard surfeit sweeten suspend punish dispirit sap desensitise render insensitive dullen reduce the effect of tread trouble ail dishearten demoralize deject dismay make nice soak up pour oil on mortify fix scrub sidetrack draw up drop brace bring up can fetch up shake sadden daunt enervate constrict measure slow down rule detain retain waive tread on obturate knock off put a brake on perturb chagrin bother weary distress debilitate stunt die squeeze dam up gibbet gunge up wring silt up noose weigh down demoralise bum out cast down refuse hold off on lay off keep hold of dim exhaust etherize chloroform KO injure gas deprive consume tire dope resolve adjust let up slacken modulate reconcile dispose console tune down solace ease up make up cast a pall over staunch reclaim bust put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on ice put on the shelf pull in knock out lay out seal caulk water down put to sleep close out depreciate cut put out of order close off choke up stanch pack jam up shut off hold off neutralize forestall minimize make quiet ebb contravene obviate debar scuttle snooker invalidate derail minimise block off shut out stonewall discomfit repel nullify confound baffle de-escalate repulse undo spoil parry outwit rattle nobble checkmate manipulate manage organize systematize take the bite out wind down blank neutralise counterplot disappoint cross make less intense methodize put a spoke in someone's wheel mess up take wind out of sails foul up cause setback screw up put end to stand in the way of put the mockers on upset one's apple cart louse up bring into line rule with a rod of iron keep a tight rein on systematise organise


Reject as invalid, especially by legal procedure
cancel annul rescind reverse overturn repeal invalidate nullify overrule revoke void negate overthrow abrogate vacate countermand disallow override retract veto withdraw abate abolish avoid disannul dissolve null repudiate recall rule against set aside take back discharge kill render invalid roll back strike down undo vitiate watergate black out bottle up cork up hush up make void shut down put damper on declare null and void put the lid on obliterate do away with wipe out terminate annihilate put an end to remove nix eradicate end erase obviate recant eliminate stop stamp out destroy axe expunge extinguish scrap render null and void ax blot out exterminate rub out liquidate squash efface extirpate scrub snuff out drop get rid of dismantle reject abort dismiss renege root out lift zap discontinue ditch call off discard put a stop to delete dump take out sweep away suppress disclaim throw out decimate demolish finish off bring to an end clean up renounce neutralize deny put down refuse cut backpedal abjure defeat call back waste neutralise raze give something the chop knock something on the head wipe off the map abandon wipe off the face of the earth dispense with wipe from the face of the earth disaffirm prohibit upset forbid block finish trash backtrack on X-out disown wreck ruin torpedo excise shatter total wrack blackball cast aside cancel out blue pencil declare invalid crush back out of wash out do in make null and void turn down shoot down put paid to give the thumbs down to undermine alter suspend ban chop subvert counteract outvote deracinate call supersede cut out down counterbalance offset disestablish devastate squelch smash renege on counterorder forswear slaughter bar embargo massacre proscribe desolate ignore pulverize renig go back on nuke cry off vaporize cream purge get shot of close down outlaw scratch turf countercheck redress preclude weasel out rule out knock out exclude censor put the kibosh on vaporise pulverise tear down pull down phase out pass on take away cross out render void weed out quell dispatch discount declare butcher retreat vote down break off obscure give up bin pack in weaken back-pedal on banish disobey disregard dishonour waive get shut of call a halt to unfit impair circumduct disqualify go against off disrupt abnegate dishonor bleep backwater forget debar change exsect uproot overset KO blow refuse to fulfil dominate flout defy predominate prevail get off the hook prostrate do a U-turn on blow sky-high render meaningless omit check ride roughshod over trample underfoot rebuff edit black wangle out pull the plug on remit opt out stand down throw over back out worm out knock on the head elide dele disavow trample upon pull the plug crawl out of break put out cast out drive out knock down bring down countervail rebut disband retire refute redline throw say no to zing taboo disacknowledge restrict compensate limit nig confine adjourn cease make ineffective counterpoise belay ink out blank out strike out x out put a line through block out blue-pencil stroke out edit out X out white out contravene frustrate ding impugn traverse stonewall cross oppose belie disprove conclude prorogue keep back shut out forget it break up wind up disunite break with turn thumbs down fly in the face of take off pull back draw back split up close disorganize loose postpone unmake collapse destruct sever shoot wind down call all bets off render inert wipe slate clean go back on one's word cover bring to naught conceal stifle fade out resolve into shade obfuscate darken batten smother eclipse junk shed jettison cover up make dark cut off pass out hold back keel over negative interdict inhibit boycott put kibosh on overwhelm beat benothing pass decline disapprove discountenance censure burn dissent place an embargo on thumbs down pass by throw away refuse permission to give thumbs down not go for give the red light to balance compensate for make up for balance out redeem outweigh counterweigh equalize correct equilibrize even out equalise work against contradict halt counter square counterweight even up unsay rectify withcall atone for divorce devalue inter bring to a close lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under repel call in atone equal out amend equiponderate arrest antagonize antagonise redress the balance remedy tip the scales set off foreswear scratch out score out redact wipe off bowdlerize relinquish apostatize forsake deface fix right reduce stabilize respond lessen stabilise counterwork buck trim blank gut strike remove all traces of bowdlerise blot scrape off launder even level equate match deactivate subdue overcome conquer defuse render ineffective dial back back down backtrack welsh back off eat one's words worm out of bring square up desist lay to rest set tie collate adjust accord attune parallel readjust be an antidote to pull up quit interrupt cut short pair off come out even come out lay off stop midstream knock it off call a halt call it quits


To defeat, subdue or overcome with superior strength
overpower subdue conquer defeat beat vanquish subjugate trounce best master rout lick suppress overthrow thrash quell clobber worst repress drub cream stuff dominate murder own whip tank subject control smash break reduce pacify bury total hegemonize overturn subordinate overshadow throw upset trash wax prevail finish waste torpedo bulldoze stagger immobilise immobilize blank dumbfound overawe shellack stretch triumph over prevail over get the better of wipe the floor with make mincemeat of be victorious over bring someone to their knees knock out put away blow out of the water gain mastery over beat down bear down take out gain a victory over take care of gain control over render incapable bowl over render helpless render powerless roll over shut off lay one out get the upper hand over overcome crush overwhelm surmount destroy hammer win against skunk demolish walk all over slaughter dispatch stop overmatch upend get overbear paste take shellac crucify take to the cleaners run rings around get around do down trim massacre annihilate humble undo flatten put down tame marmalize pulverize outdo overrun pound cane trample excel floor slam pulverise blow out give someone a drubbing give someone a hiding turn inside out win over bust surpass walk over ruin outstrip curb drop triumph zap wipe out outclass subvert outplay outrun put paid to rise above bring to ruin pip at the post kill pick apart devastate defeat utterly beat hollow oppress better demoralize cow smother rule extinguish win top down steamroll whack wallop get the upper hand humiliate hurdle demoralise deck sink whitewash pommel grind down gain ascendancy over flog chasten gain control of slay whomp edge tan undermine route obliterate swamp outjump outmaneuver shipwreck outmanoeuvre lambaste skin flax outflank butcher outhit decimate ambush entrap enfeeble cripple work over plow under edge out run rings round nose out bring to knees be victorious take it all finish off run roughshod over KO mow down win a victory over get over shut down take to cleaners roll back put an end to bring down get a grip on bring to their knees pwn defeat heavily defeat easily eradicate render speechless astonish cut to pieces knock for six enslave nullify weather survive check shock stun outlive render knock over tyrannize colonize restrain bridle knock socks off come out on top of thwart foil checkmate circumvent frustrate outwit come out on top confound discomfit override overmaster compel enthrall coerce underyoke force bring to heel govern manage regulate keep down disable exceed win a resounding victory over colonise rule over enthral tyrannise cope with dismantle break down get control of deal with direct command transcend eclipse spank strike succeed over outshine cap hold sway bring under the yoke kick around outperform dispirit weaken degrade put in their place overtop trump wipe off map trample underfoot outmatch outgun reel back in hold sway over keep under thumb demote tower over outrival overtake hose outdistance knock spots off improve on slap about be better than incapacitate impair downgrade disrate sap put in the shade go one better than do better than shoot ahead of impoverish enervate cause instability gain the upper hand over squash deflate mortify take down a peg or two bring low cut down to size put someone in their place blow away smoke whup whop whap dust bomb tromp snow under give a hiding knock for a loop pass improve upon hide pummel baste roll put to shame outpace do gain the advantage over take a stick to chastise rough up bash punish maul pummelled batter belt mess up curry leather beat up outsmart thump whale buffet bludgeon slog thresh bung up give a drubbing to get one up on make a fool of do in clean up on larrup beat back put to rout blow out of water put to flight shut out throw back in confusion drive off topple capsize turn over outcompete outrank carry the day take the prize sweep prevail against be successful get last laugh come first take the cake win through gain mastery of take the honours be the victor win hands down win out take the crown gain a victory overstep put someone in the shade scoop be more than a match for outstep get one over on go one better outhussle go beyond shake off overpass shame shoot ahead knock off unseat


Cause the downfall or ruin of
undo ruin undermine defeat destroy mar overturn subvert wreck shatter spoil sabotage scotch scupper topple upset annihilate cripple crush devastate harm impair neutralise neutralize smash squelch eradicate mess up obliterate put at risk thwart blow botch cancel out foil frustrate hamper hinder obstruct put an end to make a mess of play havoc with render ineffective foul up abate abolish break cramp craze crimp decimate demolish do for have impoverish injure louse up muck up offset outfox outmanoeuvre outmaneuver outsmart overreach overthrow queer raze skin stymie unbuild vitiate wrack balls up put the kibosh on blow a hole in bring down make waves screw up work against bring to naught throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of rain on someone's parade dash prevent quell put a stop to put the lid on nullify block disrupt dish end put paid to impede stop banjax derail annul halt blight interfere with nix check do in cruel euchre crool bar make a hash of hold up bring to an end baulk fetter stifle arrest hobble inhibit balk prohibit damage slow retard attack extinguish baffle slow down circumvent forestall suppress disappoint kill counter snooker hamstring beat negate stump forbid cancel hang up put a brake on nip in the bud counteract scar disfigure stain decay afflict taint trash glitch up bilk buck put a damper on cease be the end of interrupt clobber disturb disarrange disorganize disorder terminate convulse delay unsettle dispatch confound spike hit turn upside-down derange incapacitate ravage cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into disarray throw into confusion eliminate disable threaten bollix abort break down break up intrude on discourage curb restrain constrain repress shackle restrict hold back bridle encumber trammel dissuade clog manacle short-circuit hog-tie smother handicap deter handcuff embarrass debar rein in sandbag ward avert taboo faze bit put on brakes put an stop to reduce stall hold in hold down interdict withhold outlaw tie up enjoin stem the flow of keep in confront discomfit checkmate render null and void cramp one's style overcome lick obviate upset the applecart preclude conquer stand in the way of dash one's hope give the run around outwit torpedo deface blemish tarnish compromise crab flaw hurt endamage mangle blast total defile maim wreak havoc on despoil cross up poison weaken desecrate desolate bloody mutilate depress diminish muller sink squash waste scuttle dismantle pulverize debase nuke prejudice pulverise rough up deflate subdue lessen deteriorate debilitate sully reduce to nothing enervate dilapidate enfeeble invalidate level gut corrupt vaporize distort ruinate nobble cream corrode blot scourge disfeature ravish rattle spoliate shock batter sap ding tweak vaporise knock down tear down pull down scratch put a spoke in someone's wheel cause detriment to bring to ruin make useless be a blot on the landscape take out wrench shake up lay in ruins put the mockers on dampen lay waste to worsen mess blunt decrease vandalize twist smirch nick besmirch bust flatten make of no use or value pollute overwhelm bodge handle roughly dump on vandalise do mischief to deplete bend bruise detract warp leave in ruins rub out reduce to rubble bring to nothing wreak havoc upon lay waste clean out wipe out leave desolate contravene repel destabilize unfit devaluate devalue cheapen disqualify repulse parry jeopardize lose strength blank counterplot cross bury harsh darken put the stopper on take wind out of sails cause setback get the better of put end to upset one's apple cart beat down wound devitalize cloud butcher inconvenience scorch wither touch overshadow bring a note of sadness to cast gloom over cast a gloom upon cast a pall over cast a shadow over be detrimental to jeopardise throw a monkey wrench into put out of action put out of commission do harm to detract from smash up destabilise take the edge off take the shine off lame hack take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of lacerate dismember mangulate cut adulterate expurgate cut up censor bowdlerize plunder depredate sack pillage disgrace amputate cut to pieces tear limb from limb hack up bowdlerise hash up tear apart take apart queer someone's pitch fell dynamite crash take explode smite bomb raze to the ground blow to bits blow sky-high blow to pieces blow up maraud oppose elude root traverse upset the apple cart halt in its tracks ditch duck run circles around throw monkey wrench in give the slip shake off give the run-around skip run rings around shake throw a spanner in the works disconcert buffalo promote dodge throw a monkey wrench in the works shuffle off juke


To demonstrate or expose to the falsehood of something
rebut refute disprove contradict deny negate controvert discredit confute disconfirm invalidate debunk negative belie counter explode confound falsify break cross overturn destroy defeat shoot down shoot full of holes prove false give the lie to prove wrong blow sky-high drive a coach and horses through gainsay challenge shoot down in flames repudiate expose prove to be false knock the bottom out of blow out of the water reject oppose contest call into question disaffirm demolish disavow disclaim show to be false contravene overthrow blow sky high puncture bust nullify dispute deflate disallow disown crush contend disagree with squelch debate silence argue against tear down show up give thumbs down to declare to be untrue take a stand against conflict with run counter to overwhelm ruin annihilate go against ridicule discard oppugn make a nonsense of prove impossible put paid to pick holes in argue cut down to size vanquish subvert blow up moot examine address question query altercate answer bandy canvass show in its true light canvas wrangle set aside pettifog shut up bring to naught put down knocks props out from under argue about object to contend over pick a bone dissent against quibble over put up argument hammer away at differ with quibble about agitate against pick an argument with prove to be wrong argue the pros and cons of take issue with protest against show to be wrong cancel top convict abnegate evert burn parry wonder about have an argument about bandy words concerning reply to burn down cancel out dispose of retract backpedal rebuff declare untrue dissent from take back curb ban disbelieve recant block begrudge spurn restrain exclude forgo withsay taboo doubt sacrifice revoke forbid prevent disacknowledge disagree call on not buy enjoin from hold back keep back take exception to say no to turn thumbs down stand in the way impugn undermine fly in the face of renounce weaken argue with confront abjure resist traverse combat fight be at odds with compromise call in question be against attack be anti defy abandon forswear withstand be hostile to eschew renege brush aside quarrel with take on forsake be in opposition to cast off buck cast aside thumbs down find unfounded reverse stand up to fight against give up disapprove of battle have bone to pick impeach face down refuse to acknowledge impair dismiss prove unsound criticize fault deceive surrender retort relinquish condemn censure respond backtalk find fault with deflect naysay call in discuss complain about knock cavil at find lacking denounce counterclaim dare withspeak counteract differ criticise carp at discount call out render null and void say the opposite of throw out poke holes in enquire refuse to accept defend against plead against retaliate against demur against demur about come to blows with be a dissenter from rebel against test face off tackle feud with inquire litigate rally against remonstrate throw down accost investigate interrogate rival shoot holes in raise doubts about defend oneself against pooh-pooh refuse renig welsh disinherit cast doubt on knock props out knock bottom out of put under suspicion ditch drop poke full of holes shake one's faith in cut off drop out weasel out of go back on word wash hands of worm out of end relations with send packing turn your back on cut off without a penny wash your hands of refuse to recognize divorce oneself from have nothing more to do with bar check counterattack face dislike hinder thwart obstruct repel contend with take struggle against gainstay dissent neutralize protest assail assault disapprove neutralise bombard withstay encounter taunt put up a fight against speak out against strive against turn the tables speak against frown at set your face against stand up and be counted against be in defiance of not countenance search out take issue take a stand


To injure a person's dignity and self-respect
humiliate disgrace humble shame chasten debase degrade abase crush embarrass subdue discomfit mortify abash put down chagrin demean deflate denigrate cheapen discredit dishonour dishonor foul lower sink smirch squash bemean blister break discountenance own pan rip slam smear snub wither confound confuse downplay vanquish bring down show up take down make ashamed bring low cast down play down put to shame run down shoot down take down a peg tear down cause to feel small cause to lose face cut down to size make a fool of make someone eat crow make someone eat humble pie put out of countenance take down a peg or two take the wind out of someone's sails settle someone's hash flatten downgrade devalue get the better of have the last laugh on put someone in their place expose show in a bad light dispirit cow discourage dismay disconcert dishearten destroy belittle debunk dash knock down puncture balloon let down easy knock the stuffing out of kick in the teeth let wind out of sails take the wind out of somebody's sails reduce demote blast silence upset squelch overcome pull down put away strike dumb pop one's balloon make eat dirt put one away make one feel small cut to the quick bring down a peg force to eat humble pie lower in rank lower in status relegate stain taint dismiss declass stigmatize sully defame undervalue tarnish besmirch bump set back depreciate revert blacken slander scandalize reduce to the ranks kick downstairs mark down bust injure spot besmear disparage lower the status of disrate desecrate disfavor defile ridicule disrespect disfavour blot slur disregard stigmatise deride scandalise attaint mock libel derogate reflect badly on drag through the mud drag through the mire bring shame upon lose face bring shame on put in a bad light give a bad name to tar and feather bring into disrepute give a black eye

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