Đồng nghĩa của stop midstream


Bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault
abort halt arrest check end stop terminate scrub ax axe call off cease discontinue finish nullify abandon bring call cancel drop recall repeal rescind revoke scrap suspend desist cry off interrupt pull up quit scratch cut short pack in break off cut off lay off call a halt call it quits knock it off pull the plug on abolish give up put an end to withdraw postpone cut leave off forget about nix do away with wind up ditch bring to an end put a stop to shelve break up dispense with eliminate mothball turf conclude throw out call a halt to close waive take away give something the chop complete dissolve expire relinquish elapse break can lapse put off annul belay pass determine knock something on the head close out dead-end wrap up nip in the bud wrap ultimate round out round off chuck in wink out let up wind down cut out desist from put on ice knock off shut off give over pack up get rid of bring to a halt kill withcall phase out refrain from intermit discard jettison forget junk dump erase delete resolve sunder settle consummate crown call it a day pull the plug sew up get shut of wind something up get done pack it in end up get shot of put the lid on switch off put paid to top off nip something in the bud shut down finish off dispose of hinder block prevent thwart stymie put the kibosh on anticipate forgo kick shun forsake remit ignore forfeit jilt divorce shake sacrifice part from turn your back on wipe out have done with part with resign from lay off of break with withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from write off finish with dust off die go adjourn extinguish prorogue prorogate recess bring to a conclusion bring to a close run out bring to an untimely end come to an end

Trái nghĩa của stop midstream

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