Đồng nghĩa của round off


To complete or finish something
complete conclude crown cap climax culminate settle close top off finish off bring to a close finish fulfill perfect fulfil achieve finalize consummate accomplish realize carry out finalise realise end execute do terminate wind up round out add the finishing touch to bring to fruition nail polish actualize complement add the final touch to wrap up sew up sort out carry off get through put to bed polish off put the finishing touches to effectuate perform call it a day bring to a conclusion make good make perfect bring to an end make up go whole hog put the finishing touches on go through with bring to maturity do thoroughly go the limit set the seal on put the last touches on attain effect reach put the final touches to put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to carry through be a fitting climax to cap off follow through with ultimate follow through clinch put the lid on top it off idealise bring to perfection reach the summit of produce idealize be the culmination of put the tin lid on be the climax be the climax of add the finishing touches to refine bag be done with make short work of get out of the way make determine end up peak terminate with rise to crescendo lead up to come to a crescendo conclude with close with rise to a crescendo reach a pinnacle end with shoot one's wad go over the mountain go the route build up to finish with come to a climax reach a finale come to an end with come to a head discharge pull off bring about bring off engineer negotiate implement conduct perpetrate commit establish put through prosecute manage enact compass succeed in take care of make happen enforce act out deal with administer see through set up hit build secure dispatch agree meet put into effect transact observe deliver on undertake follow through on pursue bring to completion take care of business contrive fix arrive at apply agree on hammer out yield administrate chalk up clock up render notch up initiate rack up score act upon work get done satisfy turn out work out make it get there carry to completion dispose of do justice to do the trick deliver the goods put into practice make it through deliver survive acquit oneself of erect excogitate form construct go the distance undergo bring something off bring to the end have hash out decide on fight through take expedite succeed arrange get something done affect act on run with the ball go that route do to a turn tick be engaged in accelerate put into action actionize tackle follow up on wrap can act practice practise engage in exercise follow stage push through cut swing present knock off mop up put away operate work on hack button down start in on action take action on come through do to a T earn one's wings put over do the job sail through put on play out put lid on fold up clean up call a day fabricate put in force decide manufacture grasp honour conquer seize strike honor land earn confirm resolve seal log ring up wrest acquire gain net win procure snag broker tie up process make good on pull something off get someplace live up to nail it latch onto reach terms on shake hands on shake hands thrash out keep faith with fulfill one's potential make hay be true to put the icing on the cake come to terms on firm up complete the arrangements for reach an agreement do a bang-up job put it over do one proud launch organize put out bring out churn out cause bring generate put in place provoke create arrange for call forth give rise to occasion bring to pass originate engender start actuate precipitate cause to occur cause to happen wreak run kindle induce draw on breed prompt invoke bring on catalyze beget spawn turn the trick catalyse organise begin result in translate into put across


To bring to an end
terminate end conclude finish close stop cease discontinue abort ax axe complete wind up break off expire lapse close out dead-end determine die elapse go halt pass quit round out wrap up belay abolish adjourn annul break up bring to an end cancel cut short desist dissolve drop eliminate extinguish leave off let up prorogate prorogue recess scratch scrub ultimate wink out wrap bring to a close bring to a conclusion cut off lay off put a stop to wind down bring to an untimely end put an end to run out come to an end pull the plug on settle culminate sew up consummate draw to a close top off finalize finish off knock off call off finalise shut down call a halt to be over end up crown pack in close down get done call it a day round up liquidate put the lid on put a period to suspend cap clear wrap-up resolve discharge accomplish climax scrap break can relinquish sunder cut loose fold up button down be put to bed button up interrupt clinch shutter run down call a halt put a lid on fold cut out desist from give up switch off put paid to shut off pack up dispose of lead up to build up to come to a conclusion come to a close tie up loose ends be through with come to the end finish up do clean up pull the plug give over carry out cinch carry through bring to fruition get shut of nip in the bud pack it in knock something on the head nip something in the bud give the chop shut reach a finale hang up get shot of come to a head polish off tie up set the seal on result come to a halt turn out be brought to an end turn out to be wrap something up draw to close put to bed bring down curtain sell out terminate the account close the door on close the books put the finishing touches to bring to a halt abandon withdraw call it quits kill cut disconnect withhold forgo renounce avoid eschew kick the habit quit cold cut it out lay off of abstain from not continue get on the wagon refrain from surcease hang it up take the cure do without forbear from kick over come to a stop suppress quell subdue bring to a stop quash bring to a standstill do for stifle pause see to mop up deal with come to a standstill stop dead draw to a halt come to rest fade away peter out put the stopper on put the kibosh on die away hold die down die out stand fizzle out cool it run its course reach a standstill stop in your tracks collapse


To increase or improve in amount or value
supplement augment expand increase amplify enhance boost extend enlarge improve swell reinforce broaden strengthen widen pad enrich add fortify buttress subsidise subsidize supply top add to build up fill out step up beef up top up make greater make larger make bigger jazz up fill up heat up punch up add fuel to fire eke out develop magnify raise grow intensify escalate multiply build heighten compound aggrandize inflate embellish refine spread accelerate build on perfect elevate deepen polish advance up further expand on mount flesh out progress supersize ameliorate elaborate on hype proliferate enlarge on add detail to pump up jack up upgrade elaborate appreciate better snowball wax stoke redouble aggravate expatiate on add flesh to embroider hike up rise burgeon complement mushroom soup up accumulate bourgeon climb exacerbate increment boom lengthen gain inflame lift double expatiate put flesh on the bones of stretch pyramid sweeten slap on roll up balloon consolidate help optimize exaggerate detail triple worsen dilate distend annex thicken prolong parlay sharpen protract bump up teem swarm make worse reenforce make better crank up meliorate pullulate improve on upsurge cultivate mark up tack on annexe add value optimise pad out run up touch up make strides fine-tune smarten work up diversify maximize contribute pump upraise amass evolve economize husband fill diffuse fatten breadthen elongate ratchet up follow up blow up go up upscale shoot up collect jack become larger become greater surge garnish maximise skyrocket put flesh on give details uprise dilate on dilate upon increase in size increase in scope grow greater grow larger add fuel to the flames add fuel to the fire put salt on the wound fan the flames accentuate bump amplify upon expand upon wire-draw uptick assist flesh something out aid make up foster amp up amend revamp spruce up hone take to the next level take the next step propel gain ground add value to polish up on work on turn up make louder endow exalt shift upward tick upward fluctuate upward spike eke duplicate economise uplift work out promote make headway prosper update shape up move forward straighten out make progress fast-track brush up forge ahead smarten up scale up make richer repeat hop up soar dualize replicate dupe duplify double up increase twofold multiply by two grow quickly hike piggyback tag on overstate overemphasize hyperbolize overemphasise overdo overplay colour color dramatize emphasize dramatise emphasise overestimate blow up out of all proportion fudge overdraw make a mountain out of a molehill overstress intensate lay it on thick accrue rocket puff puff up rouse louden spiral stretch the truth make too much of something catastrophize make a big thing of lay it on with a trowel mount up blow something out of all proportion get bigger oversell bolster puff out spin out play up make a federal case of make a production out of make a big thing out of stress complicate distort bloat overvalue brag boast fabricate jump falsify put on supercharge stimulate overrate lie blow out of proportion over-elaborate stretch out add insult to injury concentrate boost up fan the flames of put up overpitch grow louder get higher add colour nurture pile it on become louder encourage lay it on with a shovel expound draw the longbow shoot a line overdramatize arise belabour caricature corrupt bulge overexaggerate get larger leap ascend make a drama out of a crisis cook up misquote misrepresent misreport make a big deal out of something brighten mend go to extremes belabor gild continue pile on overembellish ham up big up romanticise romanticize open lay on become more numerous vitalize intumesce tumefy pick up leap up invigorate become bigger spin rub salt in the wound pile up dress up draw swell up jump up reach envigorate speed up drag out push up proceed draw out lay it on prolongate make a production of make federal case make a big thing about give substance to let out string out go from bad to worse draw the long bow polish up make longer make a song and dance about make a fuss highlight renew breed crescendo exploit utilize hasten stroke crank something up thrive flourish bloom propagate sprout stretch a point manifold aggregate underline gather well grow stronger peak go up in price surge up charge power up modify send up increase exponentially pile bold enforce deteriorate scale increase in value make higher cram surcharge hot up become worse utilise grow loud blow out outspread bulk outstretch get taller increase in weight fuel tend advertise revitalize advertize confound confuse branch out support shore back up give a boost brace become distended drive up overcharge emphasize too much ramp up turbocharge become loud become wider rally revitalise goose up fetch up send through the roof go through the roof billow stack up pull out allow too much for make mountain of molehill make a mountain out of get stronger grow in extend operations stock up broaden one's horizons quicken gain strength bulk up varnish make intricate make complex explicate buck up lighten darken whet point accent blow-up overelaborate yeast exaggerate information go into detail about spread on thick make mountain out of molehill ginger up keep burning rekindle feed stir poke add fuel to temper drive tighten up make perfect illume burnish smooth shore up set off add fuel tone up heap on get fat explain fatten up gain weight get heavier grow fatter grow fat pour it on rectify sensationalize correct reform fix up transcend excel change for the better labor labour fix mitigate assuage forward remediate redress stoke up spread out put on weight make real bring alive play-act harp on dwell on put fuel on stage act perform splash burlesque produce tragedize present sensationalise execute playact melodramatize enact farcialize show overuse lay too much stress on attach too much weight to attach too much importance to carry go overboard with do to death overload camp up overburden overtax overindulge fatigue overtire pressure overreach overwork make something out of nothing provoke go over the top about go on and on about give color to play on heartstrings play to the gallery play to gallery make a performance of ham it up irritate titivate inspirit favour advantage favor impair romance scam excite talk big strain yourself make a thing about pull the longbow go overboard drive oneself make a thing of run riot wear down benefit infuriate exasperate enrage madden vex blow up out of proportion go too far wear yourself out embitter envenom pretty up loud talk pile it on about bite off too much run into the ground annoy lay it on thick about contribute to drive forward give a facelift to give a boost to encourage the growth of perk up give a lift to do up lay it on with a trowel about make matters worse compound the problem rattle one's cage to make matters worse egg on rub salt in a wound rub salt in the wounds feed the fire hit on

Trái nghĩa của round off

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