Đồng nghĩa của halt

Alternative for halt

halts, halted, halting

Đồng nghĩa: arrest, cease, check, end, quit, stop,

Trái nghĩa: march,


The ending of an activity
stoppage cessation stop end discontinuation termination finish ending close pause conclusion discontinuance arrest break suspension closure stay shutdown standstill interruption interval lapse cease expiration cutoff intermission arrestment check respite rest interlude surcease deadlock closedown impasse stalemate hiatus shutoff breather logjam gridlock standoff stopping offset letup freeze layoff stand Mexican standoff breathing space time out break-off screeching halt grinding halt screaming halt delay lull recess downtime closing wait desistance gap adjournment let-up stopover disruption full stop halting abeyance finale discontinuity completion interregnum interim dead end wind-up wrap-up culmination breathing spell ceasing moratorium holdup checkmate breath time-out breaking off windup latency entr'acte stand-off finis hold-up remission blockage spell hold denouement consummation period lag dead stop endgame finishing breakdown homestretch capper winding up cut-off layover grand finale end of the line coffee break mop-up postponement hindrance obstruction hiccup interstice parenthesis hiccough resolution quiescence doldrums dormancy block obstacle truce lacuna expiry abeyancy reprieve dissolution smoko stop-off holdback result cutting short terminus payoff time off holding pattern embargo hesitation abandonment deferment severance failure draw separation hitch inhibition concluding five caesura blackout repose deferral suspense wash disconnection impediment climax snarl-up holding catch-22 winding-up holiday vacation time break in your journey leave intermezzo retardation lapse of time stall jam desuetude epilogue wrap coda ten peroration detention epilog prorogation execution dead heat outcome happy hour fulfilment accomplishment achievement curtains curtain retardment slack issue consequence fulfillment breakup ado end of the road traffic jam tie-up time wasted time lag period of waiting limit fix tie withdrawal suppression disjunction curtailment pausing alternation disturbance restriction buildup quiescency port of call half-way house staying prevention restraining restraint checking stalling intrusion blind alley disbarment disbandment winter vacay cloture folding relief occlusion complete stop sojourn visit lessening slackening brick wall roadblock relaxation episode discontinuing shutting rupture division rift split disuniting breach outro eventuality wall slowness blow short break hols shutting down closing down bitter end meanwhile idyll meantime cancellation hole schoolie determination retirement cesser abortion desisting remaining terminating deterring final thoughts upshot realization realisation temporary cessation of business day off temporary closure cessation of business cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect sit-down inaction omega perfection lunch break disjointedness tea break disconnectedness cut-off point end result closing stages bottom line last word final word sign-off last part deliverance discharge release exculpation leisure pardon acquittal protraction forgiveness immunity ease level toss-up beat freedom finalization incoherence immobilization stagnation inactivity fruition hush silence pausation stillness comma pigeonholing shelving rescheduling ban prohibition pause in the action staging post showdown collision dénouement death disunion setback communication breakdown liquidation finalisation breathing room spare time free time tabling mothballing break off rest period awkward moment time to burn time to kill lack of unity cutout lack of coherence last stage last even money time on one's hands hangup detainment final part final stage sewing up final act even game photo finish drawn battle paralysis immobilisation encumbrance curb polishing off armistice deep freeze cold storage suspended animation run-in cross-purposes retard fetter interference snag carrying over bind trammel problem filibuster grace period showstopper putting back putting off peace ceasefire treaty waiting period cooling-off period clog congestion snarl backup bottleneck barrier tailback détente cease-fire sig alert wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente cessation of hostilities olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities


The act of precluding
preclusion bar disqualification exclusion prevention avoidance blockage determent deterrence forestalling hindrance impediment inhibitor interception interruption obstacle obstruction obviation prohibition stoppage thwarting deterence forestallment elimination precluding precaution anticipation averting safeguard prophylaxis inhibition restraint stop restriction curb limitation check block preemption deterrent barrier encumbrance handicap trammel drag hitch suppression interference stopping clog crimp cramp discouragement repression preventive measures preventive action disincentive embargo drawback snag hazard hampering preemptive action hurdle stumbling block let shackles chain embarrassment holdback fetter manacle balk inconvenience impedance baulk millstone burden ball and chain crackdown dissuasion shutdown squelching intimidation deadweight stamping out clampdown weary load difficulty brake setback delay complication protection hiccup catch facer lock albatross sabotage gridlock catch-22 cumbrance hang-up intervention baggage glitch jam-up cumber joker fly in the ointment spanner in the works monkey wrench excess baggage foot dragging monkey wrench in the works preventative palladium fail-safe protective shield defence caution remedy security neutralizer prophylactic precautionary measure preventive measure preventive defense protective measure anticipatory measure checking constraint bridling curbing retardation frustration holding back stifling blocking shackling smothering arrest baulking cramping fettering halting quashing foiling straitjacket interdict hangup sublimation balking putting an end to nipping in the bud putting an stop to


A checking or restraining element


A sudden failure of an institution or undertaking
collapse breakdown failure disintegration end foundering malfunction miscarriage undoing cessation crash decline degradation deterioration disruption downfall interruption slump disorganisation disorganization fall flop folding ruin rupture seizure stoppage termination bankruptcy defeat fizzle nonachievement nonsuccess shutdown lack of success breaking down non-function disturbance hitch hindrance impediment wreck mishap crumpling crackup ruination crumbling break cropper falling through falling apart fizzling out seizing up falling down conking out falling to pieces failing botch abortion bust fiasco misadventure washout mess bomb frustration lemon bungle misstep turkey debacle rout nonperformance implosion blunder loss fail miss catastrophe false step faux pas dud clinker hash clunker overthrow sinking ship bummer loser disaster calamity checkmate shipwreck stalemate snafu foul-up let-down screw-up total loss lead balloon balls-up flash in the pan decay inadequacy deficiency deficit unsuccessfulness tragedy frost non-fulfilment setback misfiring error misfire misfortune shambles car crash liquidation coming to nothing dead duck damp squib dead loss insolvency letdown devastation mistake reversal non-success unsuccess trainwreck whammy non-starter no-hoper train wreck nonaccomplishment oversight neglect default negligence misprision dereliction delinquency thwarting omission muck omnishambles muddle bodge mismanagement perversion impecuniousness pennilessness penury beggary rabble trouncing pig's breakfast nonfeasance administration indebtedness pauperdom receivership stumble capitulation shit show vanquishing flameout trouble mischance aborting financial ruin stalling shellacking crack-up beating farce vanquishment havoc licking dissolution smash smashup defeasance drubbing insufficiency lapse miscarriages fall from grace closure faultiness vain attempt spontaneous abortion still birth blue ruin sinking closing cutting out playing up fault shutting down close-down going under winding up glitch impairment defect flaw gremlin bug blip slip disappointment discomfiture reverse rejection


To come, or cause to come, to a stop or end
stop end cease check discontinue quit finish terminate arrest block conclude curb drop impede close obstruct interrupt break suspend frustrate can elapse stall bar lapse stay hamper determine pass expire go still die pause catch hobble stem belay freeze staunch hesitate falter waver immobilise immobilize balance dither scruple stagger teeter vacillate wabble wobble limp stumble whiffle break off leave off break up wind up cut off cut out desist from hold back knock off let up dead-end lay off hold up shut off put a stop to cut short give over pack in bring to an end wink out put an end to pack up draw up nip in the bud pull up come to an end bring to a stop come to a stop be over bring up call it a day bring to a standstill come to a halt close down fetch up pull the plug on put the kibosh on shilly-shally come to a standstill draw to a close hang back come to rest bring to standstill come to a close draw to a stand stand still wiggle-waggle stem the flow be abandoned be broken off be suspended blow the whistle on hold at bay put a cork in put a sock in prevent thwart desist restrain hinder inhibit give up foil restrict abandon retard forestall baulk cancel balk suppress stymie complete wrap up call a halt shut down call a halt to prohibit repress bring to a close delay stifle kill slow forgo interfere with curtail derail slow down refrain from avoid cut limit quash adjourn bring to a halt avert fetter circumvent preclude withhold dissolve neutralize forbid cramp close out scotch counteract debar scrub extinguish head off shelve deter call off defeat neutralise shut out counter nullify abort kick baffle subdue lessen quell obviate hang up axe ward off ruin stave off renounce stonewall hold off dam hamstring intercept stand in the way of call it quits oppose finish off contain ax abstain from control interdict diminish put a brake on trammel forfend reduce bridle decrease encumber cripple lay off of peter out deactivate put paid to postpone relinquish brake put the lid on withdraw surcease clog hold resist forsake choke settle dash squash annul destroy round off round out do without scrap shackle scupper beat crimp dispense with rule out squelch fade dwindle outlaw constrain turn off do for crush culminate abolish recess eschew prorogue abate exclude put off take a break discourage checkmate enjoin park crack down on rein in remit fend off run down rest pack it in fade away proscribe abstain disappear rescind repeal run out revoke cool vanish refrain consummate ban pull in veto defer wane forbear ebb disallow eliminate moderate handcuff stamp out intermit keep scratch spoil forbear from shun slacken disappoint cumber cry off ultimate sink sew up snooker switch off turn aside wind down discomfit embargo pass up die down put back hog-tie steer clear of swear off criminalize die away hold in taboo tie up plug put down put out make illegal have done with die out arrive melt away clamp down on criminalise keep off set back stanch handicap sabotage disable subside bork decline close off not continue repulse manacle disconnect occlude embarrass congest nip something in the bud interfere wrap regulate smother take five skip stuff top off decelerate overturn jam shake defend against bite the dust divert silence have a breather dodge crab negate get done take a breather weaken stop up short-circuit get off end up prorogate stop dead give something the chop fizzle out knock something on the head contravene hold down hold over ditch withhold from ease up close up remove ward run its course ease off outwit put a lid on lay aside dissuade spike put a spoke in someone's wheel jack in get in the way of put on ice plug up choke off slap down snuff out slow up foul up put in cold storage place an embargo on screw up throw a spanner in the works of tail off put the stopper on stop trying wait call recall fail shorten stop work unplug shut fence pull over draw in sever evaporate estop save disrupt forego ignore evade crown intervene wilt bottleneck rein abbreviate abridge detain invalidate evanish screen offset disengage repel sidestep clip pigeonhole stand obscure fix skirt finalize refuse recede wither sandbag bottle up help conquer shrink clot restrain from abjure leave throttle deflect reject keep in check table parry pass on stop short throw in the towel throw in the sponge deteriorate droop decay stay away from keep back keep under control smash degenerate back off shy from pre-empt bung mothball block out fill up clog up fill stem the flow of lower have a break go without waive take ten set aside keep from censor cut it out nobble chill jam up bung up cease to exist muzzle finalise become invalid pull out of get out of protract disconcert duck turn out hold in abeyance relax put on hold get in the way bury rattle skip out on become void become obsolete not touch pass away blow over nix draw to a halt taper off crumble queer bottle dull cross faze bring to a conclusion trail off stump bog down leave alone stopper bring to naught cool it reach a standstill overcome lay on the table cramp one's style quit cold throw monkey wrench in take a rain check on keep at bay lock up put on the back burner give a rest keep in box in put the brakes on withdraw from fall away pour cold water on put the mockers on beat down declare illegal kick the habit upset the apple cart bilk finish with mess up throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works keep lid on bring to screeching halt throw up retire from not do be a hindrance to wipe out take the cure gum up cork throw cold water on buck kick over louse up land eradicate strangle at birth put a stop to something clobber bring to end withstand sidetrack brace kill off turn back flick off stop working cinch disturb abrogate close shop finish work finish working clock off surrender despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat bring deny yourself jack it in censure cap yield resign circumnavigate achieve succeed retardate depart douse clear forlet collapse stop in one's tracks leave out back out of bring to an untimely end leave work wreck shatter withcall phase out accomplish discharge shutdown quit cold turkey bit confront power down be at an end be no longer valid stave anticipate disjoin interpose disunite part do away with dissever get rid of separate pick off down tools confine prolong take a breather from put on a back burner polish off get on the wagon hang it up draw to close put to bed put a period to ease render powerless crash call a stop to put on brakes put an stop to forswear say goodbye to lose speed cut into slam on the brakes break into crool banjax burden bring down curtain simmer down compose collect detach log off put the brakes on take out of play dish give up hope abandon hope stop doing lie by spell back out renege bag it blow off clinch shutter render null and void give the run around dash one's hope lick upset the applecart overpower fold up be put to bed button up cut loose button down take down hold off on make late stop oneself transpire reschedule put a stopper in put half nelson on put chill on put a lock on zing gridlock stop midstream fold extirpate snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate usurp delete extract overlook excise shirk retreat be the end of drop out tie up loose ends liquidate clean up come to the end do be through with finish up take time out take time off elude disband bypass barricade seal caulk black decommission come to a conclusion round up give notice throw a spoke in the wheel of knock it off back off from break the habit of shrink from check out from root traverse relent drop off put aside carry out fight shy of resist the temptation to take the pledge give a wide berth to go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate have nothing to do with banish boycott blockade kibosh surcease from escape from call it quits on constrict scuttle hit the switch halt in its tracks give the slip shake off give the run-around buffalo promote shuffle off juke run circles around run rings around bollix throw a monkey wrench in the works resolve carry through bring to fruition damp vanquish overthrow push back procrastinate inactivate hang fire omit put on back burner count out put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance lay over put on the shelf look away turn turn from veer shunt shove aside confound upset blackball disqualify complicate cut dead take out marginalise take away choke up pack block up throw a curve set the seal on obturate quench cow switch something off get there haul up let taper de-escalate pall drop away fall finish the working day forfeit undo bulwark defend guard declare ineligible pass by illegalize ice out curse officially forbid sunder be no more fly by divorce sacrifice jilt triumph over block off continue respite put over suspend proceedings blank counterplot attenuate dampen disadvise scare stunt slip away dam up gibbet gunge up wring noose squeeze drown silt up put out of business put out of action bring someone to their knees escape deprive deny overwhelm dominate annihilate clamp shush trample pull off the road muffle swallow slack phase down coast cool off drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down gag unaccustom take a recess break short stop cold evanesce cover fend put lid on keep inside put kibosh on drive underground trample on sit on go by weigh down declare taboo take wind out of sails get the better of upset one's apple cart cause setback put end to leave unfinished stop in full flow govern fight back dispose of wind something up monkey with resign from eighty-six dust off part from forget about turn your back on part with break with write off retrograde bate tame rebuff choke back give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no pull the plug molder dilapidate moulder take a rain check deliberate dock languish flag talk out of keep from happening get shut of safeguard against secure against protect against shield against put a damper on act like a wet blanket run low go downhill fade out wear away go down grow less go dead keep a lid on slacken pace bite back get shot of stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against fight off keep at arm's length wean cut back mark time linger sideline take a breath reflect tarry lag emaciate tire shrivel sag truncate retrench stop briefly play for time counterbalance think twice call time minimize totter faint lose spirit impoverish debase minimise give way depress grow dim waste away wear off grow faint thin out fall off relapse vitiate lose tremble grow weaker pare down elide cut down lop trim syncopate chop break it up come to standstill catch one's breath minify tighten up crop slim down downsize contract slash stand off not move deaden counterpoise negative countervail cancel out stop what you're doing dumb clam correct remedy compensate for boil down rein back get to meat put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on put a limit on keep down say nothing prevent oneself from cease to indulge in restrain oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to stop oneself from equilibrize make up for counterweigh balance out even out countercheck respond rectify stabilise redress right go against stabilize counterwork


To pause in indecision before doing something
hesitate waver vacillate dither falter delay stall fluctuate teeter haver stagger pause swither wobble oscillate scruple dawdle equivocate temporise temporize dally wabble linger wait hedge alternate shillyshally tergiversate demur dillydally hover seesaw pussyfoot stumble defer deliberate doubt stop baulk balk boggle flounder debate hang mammer ponder weigh shilly-shally be indecisive dilly-dally hum and haw hang back be unsure be uncertain think twice hold back be doubtful hem and haw be hesitant shy away be reluctant hold off be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence balance be undecided blow hot and cold sit on the fence be irresolute procrastinate yo-yo pussyfoot around sway be unable to make up your mind tremble change waffle reel get cold feet waste time run hot and cold be unable to decide hang about hang around hang fire be ambivalent faff about be in two minds flicker tumble vary quiver bobble lurch roll quaver palter trim shudder dodge trifle whiffle waffle fence-straddle rock swing whiffle straddle mess around straggle lag discontinue cease change one's mind um and ah change mind chop and change keep changing your mind hold on keep changing one's mind stay back shrink back drag your heels drag your feet stay in the background be reluctant to come forward adopt Fabian tactics sit tight baulk at stick at be loath stick have misgivings about have scruples about think twice about fret demur about stickle balk at recoil from question demur from worry have reservations about shrink from shy gag flinch from vacillate about boggle at hang back from disrelish something waver about mind doing something shy away from have qualms have qualms about drag one's heels over drag one's feet over veer shift flutter see-saw vibrate wave tarry mutate shake undulate switch pivot go from one extreme to the other morph mess about deviate flip-flop move to and fro alter turn evolve faff around digress idle pulsate ebb and flow move transform snap wag loiter drift palpitate slip diverge metamorphose rise and fall ripple drag go up and down poke convert transmogrify progress have doubts goof off modulate play a waiting game prevaricate stir jib differ flap heave twirl shiver totter quake loll swell surge be unsteady flow diddle creep crawl while away time waggle wigwag lollygag lallygag come and go tremor mope putter move back and forth put off take one's time use delaying tactics mark time drag one's feet play for time kill time drag one's heels be dilatory take your time lag behind put off doing something let the grass grow under one's feet wobble about be on the fence will and will not potter trill teeter-totter warble move slowly be on the horns of a dilemma slouch thrill beat around the bush shrink back swerve change direction second-guessing oneself doubt yourself have misgivings doubt oneself flourish sit around be tardy be long fool around twitter move backward and forward brandish wield adjourn postpone retard prolong protract hesitate to scruple about goldbrick cool raise dangle refuse stay billow be chary of be coy about be cagey about be shy about be reluctant about flinch quail note judder express misgivings express reservations express reluctance kick the can down the road postpone action defer action suspend action let slide take a raincheck wiggle move backwards and forwards convulse jiggle flit waft swirl flail thresh jerk jolt be tentative sweep whirl twist flick thrash blow ruffle agitate jar be divided fly stream pulse bucket jounce joggle better turn around deteriorate reverse diminish second-guessing yourself wait and see be cagey feel uncertain wonder about think something unlikely be dubious lack conviction be sceptical worsen divert harbour suspicions about express reservations about harbour reservations about fluctuate on have doubts about feel uneasy about have hesitations about express suspicions about entertain doubts about have suspicions about have one's doubts about rotate loaf interchange intersperse swing backwards and forwards swing back and forth chill footle bum drone lazy laze lounge curl take turns stonewall swish follow one another act reciprocally act in sequence follow in turn relieve be staggered occur in rotation work in sequence take it in turns occur in turn substitute move between be interspersed fill in for follow amble plod coil motion filibuster hack around kick around veg out kick back horse around potter around hang on be slow fall behind buy time stay put potter round potter about not keep pace wait around be unstable fritter hang out


To cause to be ineffective or immobilized
immobilise immobilize disable cripple paralyse jam stop deactivate disenable freeze hamstring inactivate incapacitate paralyze prostrate clamp wheel-clamp action arrest attenuate batter blunt damage debilitate disarm disqualify enervate enfeeble exhaust handicap harm hock hogtie hurt impair invalidate kibosh maim make inoperative mangle mar mutilate muzzle pinion render inactive ruin sabotage sap shatter spoil tie total unbrace undermine unfit unstrengthen weaken wreck bring to a halt prevent from moving prevent from working render inoperative knock out render incapable shoot down take out put out of action throw monkey wrench in bring to a standstill restrain bring to a grinding halt put out of commission seize unplug scupper idle turn off render inoperable become unable to move become stuck seize up become immobilized grind to a halt appall appal stun astound anaesthetize palsy benumb destroy numb transfix anesthetize stupefy bemuse petrify daze close deaden demolish daunt nonplus lame bring to grinding halt make inert shut down stop dead make nerveless torpefy dull devitalize dampen tire reduce stifle injure depress unnerve desensitize suppress fatigue diminish obtund weary damp drain drug cauterize retard repress frazzle desensitise indispose render insensitive poop knacker etiolate waste soften cauterise wear out make powerless subdue do in wash out lay low fag out hobble make unfit spike restrict render powerless disfigure tranquilize lay someone up sedate deface dislimb sideline dismember make weak make feeble take it out of one deplete vitiate sap your strength wear to a frazzle jade stultify narcotize tranquillize dullen make lame chill alleviate lessen defuse deprive of sensation moderate mitigate check cushion abate palliate assuage decrease soothe ease relieve smother get rid of slow quiet put out of order dim frustrate take the edge off gas etherize chloroform deprive put an end to consume KO drown lay out dope put to sleep disband make safe subjugate occupy make harmless deescalate neutralize remove the fuse from skin unarm neutralise render defenseless strip fell floor drop overtire level tax down overtax whack overthrow mow defeat knock down tire out knock over bowl down bowl over make weary make helpless make impotent tucker out bring someone to their knees mow down bring low take it out of


To try to prevent by action or argument
resist oppose defy hinder impede obstruct block challenge check combat confront contest counter dispute fight frustrate inhibit prevent protest restrain stem stop thwart battle curb reluct counteract countervail refuse stonewall fight against object to baulk at go against be hostile to contend with dissent with be anti kick against rebel against take on be in opposition to refuse to accept stand up to strive against be in defiance of lock horns with struggle against take a stand against take issue with face down take up arms against put up a fight against speak out against set one's face against dig in one's heels eliminate withstand end tackle oppugn war resolve repel buck battle against make a stand against cope with bring to an end to put an end to fly in the face of contradict controvert attack deny negate cross gainsay face contravene contend rebut disagree with argue with duel argue impugn counterattack be against beat assail assault ward off argue against quarrel with disaffirm fend off disapprove of negative speak against debate disagree rival refute question set your face against call in question stand up and be counted against take a stand disprove traverse dissent from hold out against take up arms balk unseat meet head-on baulk campaign against tangle with oppose action compete against compete with repulse rebuff spare no effort put up an argument stave off wrestle fight off meet repudiate hold at bay match denounce struggle with hold off disclaim disown explode debunk disallow reject disconfirm discredit disavow demur against take exception to call into question demur about enquire come to blows with address be a dissenter from test query face off feud with impeach call out inquire litigate rally against protest against remonstrate throw down accost investigate undermine interrogate fight back hold one's ground against remain firm keep at bay turn down stand firm stand one's ground against face up to put up a fight declare untrue confute try to put out try to extinguish naysay shoot down in flames shoot down shoot full of holes brush aside bar dislike take gainstay dissent expose neutralize disapprove reverse neutralise bombard withstay encounter taunt frown at not countenance search out take issue turn the tables run counter to


To remain in a specified state or position
stay remain wait linger bide tarry abide loiter stand dwell hover rest settle stick await dally hang pause reside stop lodge bunk continue delay endure lag nest outstay perch roost squat hang around stay put stick around hang about hold on hang round hold the fort sit tight sweat it out wait around be left establish oneself establish yourself hang on hang out keep on stay out put down roots remain behind stay behind last persist stay on carry on live hold survive prevail be present be keep up run on keep going haunt be there perdure go on live on sojourn frequent persevere exist make a night of it stop out attend keep out be in attendance turn up hold up inhabit be out spend time hold out stay over dawdle extend take occur kick around pass time lie around lie grind kick your heels bear recur repeat cling on happen carry through proceed have no end stay around hold good be the case remain standing stay still be located stall last out live out standby are bivouac cling kick about make camp hold over be protracted hang back die slowly cling to life be situated roam continue to exist wear resist stay round cool one's heels hang in the air be extant perpetuate see out waste time protract be found be in existence be real be existent be met with be latent maintain pass progress project sustain grind away press on hold fast be prolonged plough on drag on hold true remain unchanged footle loll bum dillydally chill drone loaf lazy laze lounge idle be patient wait up stand up outlast remain true stretch out draw out stay staunch goof off hack around veg out kick back hold your horses wait a minute perseverate obtain strive pursue take place advance execute ramble act come about behave deport go ahead comport conduct outlive tough it out stick at follow up see through go the limit keep at be stubborn go all the way refuse to go away stick to guns follow through be resolute be timeless be durable wear on be long lived ride out stick to wear well apply never say die rule reign hold sway be in force remain valid be valid remain in operation be in use remain operative remain in force remain effective be employed remain motionless subsist last longer than bear up live longer than stay alive withstand remain alive make it come through endure beyond weather stand firm be alive stick it out outwear evade death escape death abound predominate preponderate stand fast be rife cheat death be current be prevalent remain alive after be rampant be common be customary be established be widespread hang in there have life live on after hang in be animate be in this world walk the earth go the distance be in effect be in the land of the living have being draw breath be the order of the day see it through stand your ground live through make it through suffer be comfortable be stable live after stretch prolong bear on run operate handle have legs outride wear down breathe be persistent be supreme stick at it hold your own spin out lengthen get along get by move keep lie in wait hold the phone watch for sweat it chug away plug away drag out do clutch grasp latch on grip keep it up keep a hold on be tough cut it make the cut outstand stand wear prove durable resist wear withstand wear hack it hang tough stick with it stay the course stay fresh soldier on crack on stand up to wear fight for your life sustain oneself keep your head above water sustain life keep afloat keep body and soul together exist generally


To move or act at a slow speed
loiter dally dawdle delay linger loll saunter stroll lag idle loaf crawl creep diddle dillydally dilly-dally drag lallygag lollygag mope poke shilly-shally tarry mooch mosey skulk amble dabble drift flag go slowly hover lurk pause procrastinate ramble shamble shuffle slacken slough trail traipse wander hang about fritter away hang out pass time put off get no place fast wait hang around plod waste time stay putter straggle remain fall behind kill time drag one's feet drag your feet stall meander lag behind goof around potter mark time stay put stick around horse around stop limp dither tootle pootle hesitate temporize trail behind take one's time temporise drop behind walk slowly move slowly fool around toddle potter around hang fire bide rest trudge inch swan tail hang back while away time bimble ooze maunder vacillate walk roam not keep pace take your time retard trifle tramp hang round tromp fanny about kick around wait around lounge about hang on hum and haw bum around do nothing much play a waiting game pass the time abide tool slouch lose time nose filibuster snail stagger lodge lounge fribble hold back dwell doodle totter falter goof off promenade perambulate stray defer postpone stravaig be slow bring up the rear hike creak along drop back warm a chair fool about potter about rove waver haver putter around fiddle around beat the meat monkey around potter round swither stump adjourn play for time sit tight ankle put off doing something use delaying tactics take a stroll let the grass grow under one's feet take the air mess around spin one's wheels fart around go for a walk sashay hold off stay behind take a walk be indecisive percolate prowl creep around twiddle your thumbs idle away the hours fill in time fritter burn daylight fiddle about piddle fritter away time take one's own sweet time while away the time slack streel shirk schlepp along coast float trill go for a stroll kick about diddle-daddle traik stonewall fluctuate boondoggle fritter time away lie in wait for take it easy stroll along pussyfoot around drag your heels hem and haw blow hot and cold shlep along sit around scrounge around fall back decrease drop fail diminish loiter along sit on one's butt fool with while away trifle with wane drag behind ebb go aimlessly buy time slow hobble jelly play games with twiddle fall off inch along be behind slow up lose strength stay close wait about wait nearby range move at a snail's pace prolong protract stumble play stay nearby goldbrick cool dangle droop sag lumber futz around kick the can down the road postpone action defer action take a raincheck be undecided suspend action let slide drag one's heels be dilatory remit shelve straddle hang down err scramble spread stop over dodder waddle peregrinate be late string out be strung out poke around hold the phone galumph clump stomp lump flounder scuffle scuff stamp barge slog hold up put over lay over hold over draggle hoof it get some exercise boogie get some air walk casually gander stand lurch shift pound flog change stick settle scuff one's feet put on hold put back hold off on put on ice leave to another time suspend prorogue reschedule put on the back burner hang reside await limp along creep along perch endure nest continue outstay squat bunk roost hang heavy wear on advance slowly appear to pass slowly slow down go on too long go on and on relax go at a snail's pace become tedious hold on sweat it out hold the fort keep on remain behind put down roots establish yourself be left stay out establish oneself play the fool prat about have a laugh muck around loll around have a lark act the fool lounge around chill out laze around rest up lark around play around mooch around faff about fiddle amuse oneself muck about clown around clown think twice equivocate oscillate hedge gain time prevaricate teeter tergiversate wobble scruple wabble obstruct deliberate beat about the bush cease sit on the fence discontinue yo-yo be irresolute be uncertain balk shillyshally get cold feet baulk desist balance be unsure take a breather let up take a break stop briefly take ten call time have a breather take five hold your horses hold your fire bide one's time see-saw refuse avoid rebuff evade resist be evasive be ambivalent palter adopt Fabian tactics be in two minds be tardy be long prevent block avoid committing oneself use dilatory tactics hinder distract divert stall for time use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision put something on the back burner employ delaying tactics tumble tremble surcease refrain take too long be leisurely proceed in a leisurely fashion not hurry refrain from roll quaver sway bobble reel avoid the issue beat around the bush put something off take no action avoid doing something sojourn change one's mind break keep from doing something hold one's horses bivouac live inhabit cling interrupt break off stay over make camp stay on pull up sideline shake take a breath reflect look forward lie in wait be patient lie low keep shirt on hold one's breath save it sweat it hang onto your hat cool it hold everything wait in the wings sit up for twiddle one's thumbs stand by wait on kick your heels cool your heels stay up for bide your time alternate come to standstill catch one's breath break it up demur seesaw pussyfoot stop what you're doing doubt boggle ponder mammer debate weigh be doubtful be hesitant shy away be reluctant be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence


Horse command


Unable to walk properly
lame hobbling limping crippled game deformed disabled handicapped debilitated incapacitated infirm maimed mutilated defective gammy bruised gimp gimpy pained raw sidelined sore stiff physically challenged damaged housebound paralysed bedridden wheelchair-using immobilized injured quadriplegic tetraplegic monoplegic hemiplegic paraplegic ruined destroyed impaired weakened paretic paraparetic enfeebled having a disability spoiled palsied hog-tied immobilised confined to bed harmed physically handicapped spoilt differently abled hamstrung mangled physically impaired broken paralyzed marred laid up out of commission helpless hurt powerless wounded weak immobile impotent incapable numb disadvantaged learning-disabled invalid benumbed paralytic insensible restrained restricted dead useless feeble impuissant broken-down laid-up out-of-action confined frail handcuffed inert having special needs having learning difficulties inactive high and dry having a mental disability torpid hors de combat nerveless fractured unfit indisposed ailing disfigured dismembered compromised wornout undermined humpbacked hunchbacked lifeless limp unmoving bad out of action disadvantageous battered deterred foiled stymied blocked hampered impeded checked obstructed curbed balked limited burdened encumbered deadened tender strengthless impoverished diminished unfeeling frozen exceptional challenged at a loss scarred hindered baulked disarmed worn-out out-of-commission run-down wrecked stalled decrepit insensitive insensate desensitized toothless diplegic palsified ineffective mentally disabled physically disabled unable effete incompetent desensitised enervated with a disability gutless unproductive forceless inept past it infecund prostrate paper tiger puny dud

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