Đồng nghĩa của break short


To stop earlier than intended
cut short end finish stop halt discontinue terminate quit suspend abort interrupt check freeze curtail postpone break off put a stop to bring to an end stop dead stop short call a halt stop cold stop in full flow bring to an untimely end leave unfinished bring to a premature end cease conclude wind up desist put an end to close drop pull the plug on elapse expire pass leave off let up pack in lay off shut down lapse determine close out dead-end die belay desist from wink out call it a day cut off break up arrest finish off come to an end axe nip in the bud bring to a stop complete bring to a halt call a halt to bring to a close put the kibosh on wrap up go come to a close cancel wind down knock off ax close down give up cut out pack it in give over pack up call it quits come to a stop curb draw to a close bring to a standstill be over adjourn immobilize stem immobilise scrub hold up pause dissolve call off come to a halt come to a standstill break round out round off abandon scrap can culminate come to rest stay scratch relinquish get done run out wrap end up ultimate abolish shut off pull up die down annul shelve fail resolve lay off of pull out of get out of forgo abstain from get off renounce throw in the towel forlet stop trying throw in the sponge forsake refrain consummate pull the plug sew up knock something on the head sunder get shot of put paid to give the chop dispose of crown settle get shut of put the lid on switch off top off nullify intermit cut it out back off refrain from surcease quit cold turkey bring rescind call revoke recall repeal block impede cry off knock it off stop midstream obstruct frustrate stall bar hamper stumble be abandoned wiggle-waggle waver staunch teeter be suspended blow the whistle on hobble dither put a sock in scruple hesitate draw to a stand falter draw up balance hang back wabble stand still catch still stagger vacillate be broken off shilly-shally hold at bay whiffle hold back put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill bring up wobble limp fetch up draw to a halt fade away peter out die away hold die out stand fizzle out cool it run its course reach a standstill stop in your tracks collapse turn back deactivate eliminate extinguish recess bring to a conclusion prorogue prorogate

Trái nghĩa của break short

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