Đồng nghĩa của obstruct

Alternative for obstruct

obstructs, obstructed, obstructing

Đồng nghĩa: bar, block, clog, delay, hamper, hinder, impede, retard,

Trái nghĩa: help,


To block or clog up a space or opening
block clog choke dam occlude plug stuff jam congest close clot bar stopper barricade obturate cumber hedge stop up clog up block up bung up plug up gum up dam up shut off cut off gunge up get in the way of stand in the way of stop fill seal bung fill up impede pack hinder cork check close off blockade close up caulk block off stem curb close out silt up suppress halt clutter up block out shut restrict retard slow hold back restrain prevent inhibit repress control stopple seal off stall stifle gag seal up fill in foul hamper overfill block something off crowd overcrowd glut leash entrammel tie burden hang on keep at bay hold the fort resist attack constrict confine overburden hedge out cover staunch secure cap gibbet kill stunt die drown squeeze noose wring contain brake arrest curtail shut up stymie hold in intercept stay jam up bridle hold off choke up stanch make airtight make watertight shut out interfere with limit stonewall thwart brim heap cram charge load choke off bottle muzzle ram top jam-pack lade throttle obscure hold the line ram in top off cut out lock out smother bottle up cork up tape up bind up throng overrun fill to overflowing pile crush swarm overflow mob mass flock squash pile up occupy all of congregate surge squish cram into crowd into congregate in press into squash into squeeze into bunch inside pack into pack like sardines pervade wedge into stuff into wedge compress compact stick force thrust chock swamp bear shoehorn pound sandwich cluster elbow push deluge stream bundle shove sardine huddle gather bunch troop muster justle press pack 'em in jam into pack in pack it in pile into cram full flock to flock into occupy


To block or halt the movement or passage of
halt stop arrest block hold up bring to a standstill impede interrupt hinder prevent check hamper stay curb end suspend still catch stall drop can freeze hold back draw up pull up bring up fetch up knock off bring to an end inhibit restrict frustrate limit restrain retard thwart finish slow cease discontinue quit put off baulk break pause cut short balk interfere with stem slow down put a brake on break off leave off break up shut down cut off cut out desist from lay off shut off give over stand still come to a standstill pack in nip in the bud pack up delay close off withhold renounce withdraw hold suppress bring to a halt intervene bring to end fix brace scrub sidetrack terminate conclude close elapse bar lapse pass determine expire go die hobble belay staunch hesitate falter waver immobilize balance wabble teeter stagger vacillate dither scruple wobble limp stumble whiffle immobilise wind up let up dead-end put a stop to wink out put an end to come to an end come to a stop bring to a stop be abandoned hang back call it a day wiggle-waggle come to a halt come to a close be broken off be suspended close down shilly-shally blow the whistle on hold at bay put a sock in put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill pull the plug on come to rest draw to a stand be over put the kibosh on draw to a close trammel stymie fetter forestall encumber shackle hamstring derail brake shelve stonewall bridle sabotage bork stand fence stand in the way of stand off not move peter out give up abandon desist cancel lay off of refrain from cut kick surcease axe ax call it quits remove forgo scrap call a halt to disconnect extract extirpate eliminate sever ignore excise adjourn abstain from not continue take away take out do without abolish call off dispense with abort scratch rescind cry off give something the chop knock something on the head revoke wrap up bring to a close kill repeal give a rest recess disrupt cut into disturb say goodbye to break into kick the habit sew up quit cold cut it out get on the wagon avoid hang it up take the cure eschew pack it in forbear from kick over stop doing lie by leave alone spell rest achieve leave succeed complete eradicate resect abate head off down tools stop work die away fizzle out fade away deadhead relinquish nullify turn your back on have done with divorce part with resign from withdraw from throw up eighty-six ditch retire from finish with dust off part from wipe out remit jilt break with shake shun sacrifice write off forsake forget about forfeit intermit phase out bring call knock it off call a halt recall stop midstream snub carve isolate exsect exclude marginalize usurp overlook oust delete defer postpone snip out cut away get rid of do away with bag it separate interpose disunite disjoin blow off dissever part refrain abstain dissolve cut dead marginalise put back lay aside put in cold storage put on ice take a breather from put on a back burner cut in on butt in cut in barge in edge in break in intervene in


To impede the work or ability of, especially intending to cause failure
hinder impede hamper inhibit block check curb restrain frustrate encumber restrict handicap trammel fetter cramp shackle retard delay hamstring halt hobble bar forestall limit manacle handcuff balk baulk embarrass stall interrupt slow derail prohibit cumber stay bridle stonewall bork interfere sabotage crab sandbag throttle obscure screen complicate hold up hold back interfere with hog-tie short-circuit slow down tie up hang up put a brake on stand in the way of get in the way get in the way of weigh down monkey with thwart stop stymie prevent foil clog constrain arrest cripple baffle avert preclude deter crimp confine disrupt throw a spanner in the works of scupper counteract stave off set back ruin ward off throw a monkey wrench in the works of repress debar quash defeat forbid detain spoil circumvent head off tie nip in the bud hold off interdict put the kibosh on scotch keep back dash oppose curtail put a stop to stifle cramp one's style obviate put an end to put off hold cut off fend off withhold beat suppress slow up intercept avoid shut out nullify decelerate counter upset ban neutralize brake bind crush proscribe choke neutralise screw up burden keep rule out wreck bog down straiten defend against postpone control reduce entangle disallow mess up foul up stump moderate put paid to evade intermit rebuff deflect quell smother close off forfend shut down mar suspend inconvenience squelch constrict devastate outlaw demolish impair snooker shatter enjoin overturn undo discourage entrammel slacken regulate remit discomfit procrastinate checkmate disappoint pre-empt leash louse up defer shelve retardate annul be a hindrance to rein in overload preempt put back hold down anticipate cancel put the lid on filibuster resist choke off cut short do for take down turn aside dam make late shut off give a hard time disturb pour cold water on put a damper on throw cold water on destroy saddle undermine exclude circumscribe subvert terminate smash clobber eradicate delimit unsettle incommode contravene weight discontinue discommode let dissuade catch estop bottleneck disadvantage break attack make a mess of load obliterate faze pause banjax charge harm dish disconcert lumber parry chain annihilate queer nix confound overwhelm overburden play havoc with laden lade freight repulse oppress mire lessen decrease negate abolish circumnavigate taboo decimate help loiter freeze strain hold in make illegal keep waiting prorogue blow a hole in pigeonhole ward sidestep skirt disadvise scare divert offset stem the flow of protract abate embargo muck up outwit quiet second-guess drag one's feet tie one's hands spike steer clear of chill cool let up back off saddle with hang fire prolong tie down play for time keep lid on hold over put on hold turn off get ahead of get in before bring to screeching halt put on back burner give the run around throw a spanner in the works talk out of throw monkey wrench in hold off on beat someone to the draw keep at bay lock up lose speed beat someone to the punch beat someone to it provide against cramp someone's style steal a march on refuse strangle at birth dissuade from stultify straitjacket subdue squash tie-up tie someone down plug cap get out of damage inc stamp out crack down on debilitate escape bypass worry bilk buck bother cause to wait cause to stay dispatch hit enmesh net ensnare capture incapacitate ravage repel snag end eliminate muzzle rattle blacklist boycott make difficult idle veto entrap disable threaten make impossible put the stopper on ditch take wind out of crash juke put a crimp in prevent from making progress sideline forefend nip something in the bud get bogged down hem in tether stave keep off cork put the damper on ostracize confront put at a disadvantage drag feet hold captive clip someone's wings bollix extinguish kill puzzle discountenance stand in the way immobilize immobilise slam on the brakes ease up abort give disadvantage take out mystify crool temper stunt put straitjacket on disfavour shake disfavor warn indispose deprecate frighten break down break up throw a curve criminalize stem not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of overcome lick conquer nonplus box in set limits on impose limits on place at a disadvantage preoccupy monopolize foresee predict forecast project expect envision intrude on put out of commission flummox upset the apple cart bit bring to a screeching halt ostracise rein monopolise down hesitate loaf falter bog dawdle flag poke hold at bay lag diminish deny deprive censor corner dead-end dash one's hope upset the applecart contain still muffle swallow throw a spoke in the wheel of waste time render null and void qualify embog reef declare taboo criminalise keep in forbid to govern staunch fight back affect put on brakes put an stop to tame choke back bottle up give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no declare illegal tamper influence buy time confuse draw up keep in check trouble jam conflict cut back back-water hit the brakes put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down anchor it damp pull up keep a lid on pull in keep under control slacken pace bite back fetch up adjourn save employ delaying tactics bring to a standstill throw a monkey wrench into disarrange disorganize disorder dampen topple commandeer table convulse put a spoke in someone's wheel mothball put over continue put at risk turn upside-down derange carry over respite cancel out botch blow blight cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disarray throw into disorder throw into confusion render ineffective extend lay on the table take a rain check on set aside lengthen put on the back burner put in cold storage put on ice waive lay over give rain check reschedule hold in abeyance be one step ahead of be early beat somebody to it pick off act in advance of prepare for head off at pass kick the can down the road act like a wet blanket wrack skin have impoverish raze craze overthrow unbuild injure overreach outmaneuver vitiate outmanoeuvre outfox outsmart do in balls up cruel make a hash of euchre bring down work against make waves bring to naught rain on someone's parade overtax stress tax


To physically make unclear or less visible
obscure hide screen cloak conceal mask shroud veil cover eclipse shadow blanket block enshroud envelop overshadow adumbrate befog bury camouflage cloud blur disguise fog haze mantle mist suppress becloud bedim blear curtain darken dim encase ensconce obliterate overcast overcloud shade belie bemist benight blacken blind cache dislimn hinder murk obnubilate occult pettifog shield stonewall wrap block out blot out cover up paper over blank out cast a shadow over keep out of sight put out of sight shut off close shut out block off obfuscate deny forget repress erase censor shelter wipe out shutter seclude stash sheathe separate hem gird umbrage shut in wall off fuzz up secrete surround overlay whitewash swathe cloud over keep secret hush up stifle muffle grow dim dress up enfold enwrap keep hidden keep dark sweep under the carpet sweep under the rug deepen sweep something under the rug sweep something under the carpet cocoon lour gray grey overspread dissemble smother drape grow dark withhold encompass enclose gloom wallpaper coat dusk embrace canopy plant embosom embower inclose circumfuse involve bower invest enswathe lap bosom extinguish dull beard muddy black out cloud up grow black make dim become shaded grow darker grow blacker make darker clothe make dark film become cloudy put up a front give a false idea of draw a veil over give a false account of keep under your hat forcover isolate bedarken dissimulate fade front carpet pall submerge sugarcoat downplay shower tarnish crown top overlie cap tuck something away become gloomy become overcast stow mist over pave minimize throw on makeup become black turn black be overcast be overshadowed squash masquerade extend over inumbrate overhang minimise finesse launder put up a smokescreen tuck away make inconspicuous make up put in a hole cast a shadow on block off the light to envelop in shadow squirrel harbour harbor make light of hush not divulge smuggle board up bush up redact gag ban mute muzzle burke do on the sly ditch stop something being overheard sit on keep quiet about proscribe outlaw not disclose keep under one's hat hole up keep silent about not breathe a word of close in put out of the way misrepresent make black make blacker distort falsify warp tone down encircle engulf cast a shadow airbrush colour misinterpret swaddle miscolor pervert misstate color garble mislead twist wrap up trump up put a spin on gloss over wrap around roll contain girdle superimpose guard protect coop fence


To defy or put up an opposition to
oppose resist defy withstand counter be against combat confront fight contradict take on bar block check counterattack prevent attack contest cross dislike face be anti challenge disagree with dispute fight against hinder object to thwart battle buck contend with controvert disapprove of gainsay oppugn rebut repel stand up to be hostile to go against struggle against take argue argue against argue with assail assault bombard debate deny disagree disapprove dissent encounter expose gainstay neutralise neutralize protest quarrel with reverse take a stand against taunt withstay be in opposition to put up a fight against speak out against strive against face down frown at not countenance search out speak against take issue take issue with be in defiance of call in question run counter to set your face against stand up and be counted against take a stand turn the tables fly in the face of frustrate impede counteract restrain stop inhibit halt stem curb rebel against contravene balk disaffirm impugn negative duel negate eliminate baulk traverse end meet head-on tackle war resolve battle against cope with bring to an end to put an end to make a stand against reluct stonewall refuse countervail baulk at lock horns with set one's face against dissent with take up arms against refuse to accept dig in one's heels kick against contend question face off meet brave refute disobey vie rival reject flout call into question compete repudiate dare protest against disregard disprove query engage clash lock horns outface brazen accost wrangle differ break object spurn beard violate confute repulse cross swords breast outbrave impeach come up against race quarrel infringe doubt go up against disconfirm ignore decline disaccord match stave off ward off squabble grapple rebel tangle wrestle grapple with cancel out face up to scramble for jockey for position take exception to breach transgress rebuff struggle fend off disavow stand litigate play off traduce affront strive infract altercate overstep refuse to obey fight off skirmish feud interfere with dissent from scorn front push square up to complain about criticize discord set at naught cope square up mess with set against pit compete against hold off hold out against play push back deal with compete with be at odds with call one's bluff make my day wage war stand up against beat off put down come face to face with quibble over go for go for broke fly in face of knock beat endure wage war on bear confound discredit tolerate work against debunk sustain criticise row call out blast suffer clash with battle with denounce be at odds be at loggerheads fail to agree be at variance be in dispute cancel skirmish with cut slight do battle with disclaim tussle stick provoke bicker strike demur disown zap invalidate address scuffle dismiss waylay conflict antagonize antagonise cock a snook at fracture offend quibble make a nonsense of pettifog nonconcur abjure jostle bandy scrap spat take aside threaten emulate turn down disallow agitate against spar call in jockey tangle with discept venture put up with undermine meet head on mock meet eyeball-to-eyeball tell off face with go one-on-one face off against shoot for jump on keep at bay outdare insult encroach trespass shoot down put up an argument brush off demur against go for jugular go for it neglect prove false argue about hang tough have bone to pick fail to observe wonder about vie with hold back demur about stick fast dig your heels in mix it up with cast doubt upon go head to head prove to be false pay no heed to throw doubt on shoot full of holes go for the gold blow out of the water be at variance with fail to comply with shoot down in flames show to be false go after keep at arm's length square off take one on put up a fight go for the jugular do battle be opposed be an adversary of take up arms grumble about rage against fault unseat grouse about gripe about beef about censure condemn campaign against scrimmage nullify offset take up on be at odds with somebody beg to differ throw down the gauntlet at find fault with contend against enquire be in contention withsay withspeak come to blows annul mess oppose action explode pit against collide with spare no effort test inquire investigate interrogate falsify sweat be rivals match yourself against counterbalance say the opposite of thumbs down cavil at find lacking engage with slam smear zing trash tar jar differ from diverge from remonstrate betray knock the bottom out of give the lie to drive a coach and horses through deceive belie struggle with get into conflict with be at each other's throats fall out bump heads be in opposition argy-bargy go at it take exception handle have a dispute set as rivals put in opposition come into conflict become involved throw down come to blows with feud with be a dissenter from rally against hold at bay interpose intrude interfere exclude transgress against conflict with offend against urge muster courage laugh at throw down gauntlet bully step over the line knock chip off shoulder run the gauntlet cross swords with backstab carp at pick holes in contemn experience discuss not see eye to eye gibe despise deride ridicule countenance risk stomach court eyeball swallow content against go one on one with go eyeball to eyeball with be pitted against be opposed to go toe to toe with come into conflict with brook allow abide think wrong come down on swipe at skin alive cut to shreds cast aspersions upon run down throw the book at pin on stick it to thumb nose at snub make a stand be drawn against submit to be confronted by bit the bullet play against take the bull by the horns brace for call someone's bluff double-cross commit a breach of err contaminate take no notice of meddle trample on sin encroach upon not comply with outrage sacrilege tamper with joust collide match strength try in the hunt match wits run for participate in tilt pit yourself against go up against in contest try to beat bid attempt pitch oneself against seek prize pit oneself against essay fence not support frown on shake one's head have a problem with not believe in treat with contempt hurl defiance at diverge come out against disdain cold-shoulder take issue with somebody two-time fight with renounce stickle kick over the traces set upon launch begin battle with shy divide vary stab in the back vie against tug run join battle refuse to accept the authority of discourage stiff-arm scrap with wage war against wrest with take wind out of sails sell out snout put yourself forward have at make play for push for give all one's got shoot at knock oneself out give one's all nominate yourself mount an attack on enter into combat with fall on express disagreement decline to support say nothing doing express objection not ratify say not a chance say no way break with express disagreement with withhold assent fail to agree with refuse to support knock back keep at a distance chide look right through cut dead tell someone where to get off reprove give the cold shoulder not hear of give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by give the brush pass up rebuke put off freeze out send away put in one's place lash out at suspect conceal get back at fight back suppress defend contain reply repress control bottle up defend yourself retaliate riposte come to close quarters with parry distrust mistrust give battle to join battle with dig deep dig deeper misdoubt disbelieve stand up for moot examine force back drive away beat back foil drive back answer canvass approach give it one's all misbehave riot insurrect shirk mutiny revolutionize desert revolutionise recalcitrate revolt revolution evade crush canvas detain entertain doubts about have reservations about squelch quash kick stand off turn away deter thrust back cool turn back palter brawl haggle nobble collar set aside refuse to comply not listen go counter to take law into own hands pay no attention to run riot not heed break rules rise in arms not mind be remiss break the rules harbour suspicions about puzzle over cast doubt on feel uneasy about raise objections to have suspicions about raise doubts about express reservations about harbour reservations about have hesitations about express suspicions about cast aspersions on see off drive off put to flight send packing contend over prove wrong tear down weather knock down force off chase away cast aside keep off keep away have words let have it contradict each other set to rip into each other be at sixes and sevens lay into differ with pick a bone dissent against quibble about put up argument show up hammer away at give cold shoulder to brazen out survive show to be wrong argue the pros and cons of blow sky high declare to be untrue prove to be wrong have an argument about pick an argument with bandy words concerning give thumbs down to brace live through ride out bear up against stand firm against prevail against stand fast hang on hold out win out go the distance against stand one's ground sit and take it persevere in the face of not give up hold one's ground hold one's ground against remain firm stand one's ground against take it hold the line against put up struggle stand firm


To prohibit or interdict the participation or inclusion of
shut out exclude bar ban debar except eliminate ostracise ostracize refuse evict cover conceal hide mask veil shroud seclude close beleaguer blockade discontinue screen close out rule out count out freeze out keep out shut off lock out block out fence off keep off close one's doors to keep at arm's length reject expel blackball proscribe preclude prohibit repudiate dismiss banish veto blacklist exile boycott snub disallow force out throw out prevent suspend embargo outlaw oust shun eject forbid spurn cold-shoulder ignore remove black interdict drum out stop bounce avoid leave out send to Coventry drive out leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder refuse entrance to deny omit block disregard deny entry bate ward off set aside pass over kick out turf out boot out turn out cast out drive away out extrude deny admittance to suppress obscure censor deprive separate lock someone out blot out vote against disfellowship kill cancel get rid of rusticate estop obviate discount cut out miss out put out put an embargo on blank pass by run off brush off chase steer clear of slang say no to taboo place an embargo on coldshoulder slight excommunicate chase out hand someone the frozen mitt give the cold shoulder to rout drive off press out express gouge out disentitle disqualify foreclose push out dispel declare ineligible exempt inveigh refuse to employ thumbs down consider undesirable hit list put on hit list enjoin squeeze out refuse admission to stand in the way of repress erase forget leave in the cold inhibit restrict nix down negative cashier override circumvent check thwart shut out of limit shoot down stave off avert put paid to abolish revoke discard not consider recant forestall forfend deter forget about put a price on someone's head condemn blank out wipe out neglect turn one's back on give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by give the brush stiff-arm cut off overrule disclaim throw declare null and void pass on disown put down overturn keep back zing give the thumbs down to countermand rebuff abjure reverse turn down squash quash disacknowledge invalidate disavow give the bum's rush show out give the old heave-ho chuck out expropriate defenestrate force to leave throw someone out on their ear dislodge heave-ho throw out on the streets give the heave-ho show the door toss out on ear heave out send packing wash one's hands of turn your back on have nothing to do with stay away from impose sanctions hold aloof from withhold patronage abstain from ice out refrain from strike hold back hold off give a wide berth to pass up refuse to take part in expatriate drop isolate do away with relegate send away discharge repatriate deport shake off extradite extradict expulse see the back of displace sequester chase away transport give something a miss pretermit cut not bother leave off dispense with miss fail to include bypass fail to mention let slide skip take out elide overpass withhold skip over factor out overleap cast aside shield disguise cloak shade shelter envelop ensconce cache occult shutter shut in cover up gird blind belie blanket stash paper over shadow hem wall off sheathe adumbrate enshroud curtain umbrage camouflage bury disbar deny access to disclude occlude sideline not count refuse to admit prevent from entering refuse admittance shut the door on

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