Đồng nghĩa của disunite

Alternative for disunite

disunite /'disju:'nait/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho không thống nhất, làm mất đoàn kết, làm cho không nhất trí, chia rẽ, làm cho bất hoà
    • nội động từ
      • không thống nhất, mất đoàn kết, không nhất trí, chia rẽ, bất hoà


    To force or break apart
    part separate divide sever disjoin split sunder segregate disconnect break up decouple detach disassociate disband disjoint dismantle disrupt dissever dissociate divorce partition ramify resolve uncouple unlink unyoke alienate disengage disperse embroil estrange rive break dissolve split up undo set at odds set at variance remove unfasten isolate unhitch cleave disentangle unfix unhook disarticulate rend dichotomize cut off loose diverge free loosen splinter break apart factionalize untie take apart distance cut disassemble bifurcate abstract slice dissect break off come apart disaffiliate drive apart come between drive a wedge between tear asunder withdraw extricate branch luxate spread triangulate rupture section unbutton subdivide tear off unclasp dismount tear open set apart unbridle pull apart keep apart dislocate untether break down go separate ways go in different directions pit against one another cause dissent cause disagreement among unstrap fork move release displace relocate unbind dispel divaricate liberate shatter unlock crack segment scatter unbolt disentwine bisect clear unloose disintegrate unravel chop off hack off branch off dislodge branch out unclick divide in two cut up unhinge set against one another split in two stir the pot set free set against pit against cause a rift sow dissension among cause to disagree cause disagreement sow dissension put to flight sow disaccord go their separate ways cut in two part company abjugate delink decompose reduce unmarry unbuckle draw back put away dismember unpin break open wedge apart unsnap tear apart fracture burst quit fragment divide up dock amputate unzip rift crumble puncture breach lop off hew off shear off slice off unwrap particularise itemise factor itemize portion strip particularize articulate uncombine rip asunder carve unfetter unlace unmanacle unshackle bust move apart clip off nip off pull off prune off fork off schismatize shift disturb transfer put asunder draw apart come away strip off turn off unlash unseal fragmentize become disconnected become detached rip in two split down the middle demarcate hack reposition budge transpose rip off disembarrass untangle ease break away differentiate unloosen let out unshut unclose unblock unknot unstop polarise polarize create a rift in create a schism in distance oneself cause a rift between quarter rip chop halve slash dissipate disappear dismiss pierce smite insulate cut loose cut out leave vanish rout sequester crack open chop up split open lay open slice up quarantine seclude drive squander send demobilize banish chase cocoon rummage perturb misplace interrupt exclude cloister migrate clear out set asunder disject send off drive away demobilise drive off chase away move in different directions close off shut away unjoint slip subluxate get rid of seal off confine keep out screen off cordon off rope off fence off island keep in solitude put a cordon sanitaire around form a ring around block off shut off tape off partition off curtain off put out of place put out of joint put out anatomize snap break in two cross gape yawn intersect gap dislimb mutilate smash cut in half crush destroy demolish shiver trash cut across annihilate bust up eradicate make mincemeat of finish off torpedo make hash of pull to pieces total redivide end things snap off come off distinguish skim shear stand between group sort carve up fractionate abscind perforate pull out take off take out fall to pieces blow out fall to bits smash to smithereens truncate winnow space eliminate abscise remove surgically excise lop curtail analyse deconstruct hold erupt rip apart rip open cause a breach open wide yaw dehisce frondesce assay saw off single out put on one side decompound avoid adjourn open up joint butcher maim pop stretch expand cut away break from withdraw from place far off put at a distance walk away keep at arm's length break with move away cripple limb hydrolyze electrolyze furcate dimidiate hemisect fall open part ways vivisect tear limb from limb hack up cut off the limbs of parse determine exsect exscind operate prosect analyze X-ray separate into two give prize pry fold send home let go thin out cut open cut apart break into two give way lay bare cut into pieces crash batter damage


    To put an end to, especially formally
    dissolve dismiss end terminate suspend disband discontinue abolish adjourn cease disestablish finish abate abrogate annul avoid ax axe cancel conclude disannul invalidate negate null nullify overthrow prorogue quash repeal rescind vacate void break up dismantle scrap wind up annihilate close close down collapse decimate demolish destroy destruct discharge disorganize eradicate loose postpone roll back ruin sever shatter shoot split up strike down unmake wind down wrack wreck bring to an end do away with fade out get rid of render void resolve into put an end to stop drop quit abandon interrupt halt break off withdraw pause give up kick die elapse dead-end pass lapse expire cut let up can determine break go leave off lay off of wink out intermit belay phase out knock off dispense with disconnect bag it separate surcease knock something on the head lay off interpose disjoin desist from scrub cut off bring to a halt pull the plug on part shut off desist cut out give over blow off put a stop to give the chop dissever pack up pack in call it quits kill call a halt to refrain from intervene complete wrap up cut short round off bring to a close close out round out come to an end abort call off consummate wrap culminate crown ultimate arrest recess sew up top off shut down finish off call it a day put the lid on be over set aside put a period to call a halt draw to a close retract revoke check dissociate curb run down cinch bring down curtain play out draw to close put to bed cap clear bring to a standstill cut loose fold up button down be put to bed put a lid on button up liquidate bankrupt resolve relinquish sunder settle put into liquidation sell out end up switch off put paid to dispose of pull the plug get done get shut of nip in the bud pack it in get shot of prorogate put on hold take time out take a recess sideline drop it pigeonhole suspend proceedings call time take five take ten shake take a break take a breather rise scratch eliminate extinguish bring to a conclusion run out bring to an untimely end


    To interrupt or intrude on a conversation or activity
    interrupt intrude intervene break in cut in heckle interfere chime in cut in on disturb interpose barge in chip in horn in interfere with intervene in intrude on arrest barge in on bother break in on butt in check crash cut disconnect disjoin disrupt divide hinder in infringe inject insinuate interject intersect prevent separate shortstop stay butt in on chime in on muscle in bust in chip in on come between crowd in cut short edge in horn in on muscle in on put in work in break train of thought get in the way obtrude meddle cut off put your two cents in have your say burst in pry poke snoop interpolate nose mess walk in interlope pester intermeddle chisel in push in breeze in rush in storm in muck about muck around speak up pipe up intrude upon put your oar in voice your opinion move in march in blunder in intercede impose join in stumble push charge shove gatecrash encroach collide join the conversation add one's pennyworth meddle with burst in on walk in on exclaim speak remark parenthesize comment bug butt into come upon break into trouble harass interpose oneself put in two cents involve oneself insinuate oneself mix in get involved step in hassle plague molest interrupt with put one's pennyworth in chivvy chivy insert collaborate partake participate distract introduce intersperse intercalate sandwich take part say what you think put in your two cents worth put place add fit into fit in sandwich between sandwich in throw in charge in stick your oar in stick your nose in poke one's face in get into the act

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