Đồng nghĩa của cocoon

Alternative for cocoon

cocoon /kə'ku:n/
  • động từ
    • làm kén


Envelop in a protective or comforting way
wrap swathe envelop enclose enfold muffle pad swaddle encase lap bosom bower circumfuse cloak cover embosom embower embrace encompass enshroud enswathe enwrap inclose invest involve mantle sheathe shroud surround veil bundle up fold wind cosset truss drape mask wrap up encircle hide conceal blanket engulf screen obscure envelope immerse obnubilate girdle bandage overlay clothe disguise contain entwine cloud pall bind curtain furl infold cover up overspread coat camouflage roll protect twist turn shingle imbricate consume captivate wreathe lace bedeck circle confine pave press clinch grab cinch clad absorb shelter twine sheath muffle up lock cradle bear hug roll up suppress belie box encapsulate occult overwhelm dissemble dissimulate shield paper over blot out dress up wrap around superimpose hem guard coop gird fence inundate shower heap shut in trap smother bury hug clasp squeeze clutch submerge eclipse cuddle carpet ensconce crush flood bundle shadow obstruct package grasp enclasp shade swamp cache block out overrun overlie darken hold strain adorn adumbrate hold tight hold close deluge submerse plaster smear top cap dim whelm encrust daub crown overshadow bedaub befog sheet blur fog mist haze blacken bedim blear overcast overcloud becloud pack dislimn swallow up cling stash blind enbosom seize extend over shutter snow under take in arms block off fold in arms cling to suck decorate house embed line inwrap cake don sink grip gift-wrap wedge fondle stifle let fall in folds seclude heatproof soundproof lag grapple besmear close separate umbrage secrete grab tightly shut off shut out wall off board up do on the sly stop something being overheard bush up cushion wash over gather take hold in one's arms giftwrap throttle insulate gloom obfuscate lour curl coil spread over spread around parcel affect sweep twirl fuzz up cloud over grow dim become cloudy become gloomy become overcast be overcast be overshadowed make shockproof spread thickly over veneer laminate whirl block face surface inlay clasp to one's bosom press someone to one's bosom follow closely welcome receive be near to nestle coll follow the course of keep close accoll lie close love hold onto enfold someone in one's arms stay near flow across surge over tie case swivel spin round overlap plate ornament glaze curl up fold up wind up wheel obliterate wash varnish suffuse hinder benight bemist pettifog stonewall murk spread parcel up tie up pack up blank out put over cast a shadow over keep out of sight put out of sight drown plunge overcome gulf overflow overtake flood out engross wash out imbibe


To keep apart or isolate from others
isolate separate segregate detach insulate sequester divorce quarantine seclude cut off alienate cloister distance exclude keep apart disconnect set apart break up close off disunite estrange shut away abstract confine cordon off disengage divide fence off island keep out part remove rope off screen off seal off sever split up sunder curtain off partition off shut off tape off block off form a ring around keep in solitude put a cordon sanitaire around close sort out enclose dissociate protect withdraw seal separate out set aside closet block distinguish sift barricade separate off filter out screen shield split off cordon put to one side blockade differentiate restrict shelter shut single out fence divide off section off tape sift out weed out limit encircle surround mark off partition put at a distance bound retire choose cushion circumscribe select defend bar rope hide mark safeguard disaffect demarcate winnow disaffiliate keep safe antagonize identify alien sour disgruntle leave drive apart turn away disassociate keep from harm set against break away wean pull out antagonise set at odds avoid break with withdraw from make unfriendly push away turn off set at variance make hostile to drive a wedge between turn your back on shut in separate the wheat from the chaff move away maroon rend strand stipulate specify extract sieve ghettoize encompass circle get rid of discriminate against ghettoise dam shy look after keep on one side impede retreat sunder out find clog care for take care of withdraw from the world make hostile withhold free shut up lock up engird gird girdle compass decouple ring-fence lose sort pick out pick on pluck out dissatisfy disillusion disunify disenchant split divert ferret out delink save thresh drive away divide up quit defect seclude oneself enisle secrete isolate oneself set at odds with cause antagonism between burn your bridges sow dissension between put on the outs destroy the affections of sever connections between winnow out delimit break from treat wad inlay fill coat line place far off walk away keep at arm's length closet oneself shut oneself away withdraw oneself cut oneself off segregate oneself hide oneself away shut oneself off set oneself apart remove oneself become estranged secede from form a ring round form a barrier around cover conceal evict ostracize embargo immure boycott set off draw back ostracise bust up part company with sever connections with define determine wrap up in cotton wool keep away reach a parting of the ways break off relations with fix demark terminate delineate draw establish discriminate mark out distinguish between sow dissension break off make indifferent come between withdraw the affections of


The pupa of a butterfly or moth, enclosed inside a cocoon, in which metamorphosis takes place

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cocoon Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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