Đồng nghĩa của ammunition

Alternative for ammunition


Đồng nghĩa: powder, shot,


A measure, means or method to protect someone or something
defence security protection guard shield safeguard cover armour armor screen defense ward aegis wall buckler egis buffer shelter armament bulwark safety safeguarding fortification immunity shielding guarding fence mail surety rampart bumper insurance indemnity safety device shade cushion pad fender protector support absorber protective device safety guard preservation invulnerability resistance protecting sanctuary salvation strength stronghold weapon safekeeping conservation guardianship barrier precaution deterrent deterrence plate breastplate panoply reinforcement preventive reassurance self-defense safeness stability safe keeping assurance weaponry warfare munitions refuge palladium fail-safe caution prophylactic provision citadel fastness arms convoy escort safety measure chain mail flak jacket armor plate suit of armor coat of mail suit of armour protective clothing bulletproof vest body armor body armour shock absorber safety net preventive measure guarantee care bastion custody hedge preventative indemnification buttress supporter defender warranty keeping coverage mainstay prop preventative measure hindrance block trust obstruction impediment curb restraint check precautionary measure haven remedy charge backstop maintenance protective measure asylum upkeep upholding barricade custodianship backing keep supervision saving warrant tutelage resilience insurance policy cocoon cushioning surveillance certainty insurance cover allowance endorsement good hands something to fall back on defenses defences apron mask financial protection hiding concealment housing fallback harbour retreat harbor life assurance life insurance preventative medicine preventive medicine preserving conserving sustentation harborage perpetuation safe harbor preserval evaporation care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration hiding place prevention protective safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve prudence forethought anticipation obstacle neutralizer foresight wariness providence circumspection possession disincentive discreetness canniness regard discretion breastwork embankment belt and braces anticipatory measure bank castellation battlements pledge protectorship patronage trusteeship battlement bartizan earthwork collateral partition protective wall parapet buffet pawn bond underwriting gage hostage earnest guaranty bail covenant gauge contract


A thing that sustains or inflames passion, argument, or other intense emotion


Evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement
proof evidence substantiation attestation confirmation corroboration validation verification authentication certification demonstration testament testimony witness documentation data facts testimonial case clincher voucher affidavit averment deposition establishment exhibit record trace argument documents goods grounds information reason reasons warrant paper trail smoking gun straight stuff affirmation support endorsement indication ratification manifestation credentials certificate justification authorization agreement sanctioning document sanction accreditation papers authorisation approval deed show consent assent passing nod okay exemplification passage declaration accord vindication admission proving avowal validating recognition affirming accepting verifying corroborating visa authorizing supporting authenticating authorising licence diploma credential monument green light go ahead instrument stamp of approval pass permit docket title warranty license sureness embodiment profession illustration reflection info cincher acknowledgment citations records statement circumstantiation bolstering weight sustainment backing reinforcement sign flaunting display exhibition tribute acknowledgement say-so determination explanation spectacle induction trial test description guarantee backup point testification coupon shingle sheepskin receipt paper ticket card passport ID missive remonstrance acceptance references recommendation bona fides identity papers ID card identification papers contract indenture character identification letters of credence badge identity card letter of recommendation token proof of qualifications letter of credence letter of introduction proof of identity legalization legalisation charter release bargain conveyance deed of covenant covenant title deed lease transaction compact legal agreement security legal document certificates vouchers deeds passes warrants permits dockets tickets tokens instruments coupons receipts stubs slips diplomas affidavits guarantees ducats carnets chitties chits checks note comps titles charters testimonials electronic signature letters of introduction indentures oaths title deeds pasteboard covenants leases proclamations notices counterfoils contracts badges compacts form confession imprimaturs I.D. sales slips entry permit photocard cataloging classification classifying detection tag apperception cataloguing bracelet assimilation identification documents statements declarations box tops advertisements credit slips testaments testifications shingles authentications travel documents rovers rainchecks season tickets laissez-passers invites rain checks board firmans identity cards missives ID cards recommendations passports letters of recommendation dog tag identity bracelet depositions IOUs debentures settlements pledges understanding arrangements deals accords ownership engagement bonds promise commitment pacts undertakings transactions conveyances releases bargains sheets

Trái nghĩa của ammunition

ammunition Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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