Đồng nghĩa của discreetness


The state or quality of being discreet
prudence wisdom sense discretion nous gumption wit sensibleness levelheadedness policy common sense horse sense shrewdness discernment judgement judgment judiciousness canniness perspicacity good sense sagacity acumen understanding astuteness insight intelligence sharpness reason smarts savvy vision intuition level-headedness native wit mother wit care circumspection caution forethought foresight providence sharp-wittedness common cleverness presence of mind precaution perceptiveness practicality intuitiveness wits perception rationality carefulness discrimination vigilance watchfulness native intelligence deliberation awareness anticipation brains provision prescience enterprise initiative resourcefulness wariness consideration tact ingenuity mind sapience chariness guardedness logic arguteness reasonableness knowledge planning heedfulness sound judgement know-how farsightedness foresightedness caginess intellect heed attentiveness attention prevision premeditation forward planning forehandedness penetration thoughtfulness loaf good judgment powers of reasoning sound judgment advisability good judgement plain sense sense one was born with sanity acuteness reasoning preparedness spirit acuity intellectuality intellection thought clear-headedness soundness of judgement brainpower brain gray matter ratiocination foreknowledge readiness alertness knowingness foxiness cageyness keenness comprehension percipience clear-sightedness hardheadedness get-up-and-go imaginativeness imagination cautiousness gingerliness mindfulness inventiveness restraint economy clairvoyance precognition preconception hindsight prophecy divination premonition prospect long-sightedness prenotion backbone forcefulness ability nerve risk avoidance Fabian policy belt and braces smartness esprit incisiveness mettle pluck oomph courage grit spunk native ability practical intelligence industry perspicaciousness commonsense sagaciousness diplomacy tactfulness subtlety delicacy sensitivity concern responsibility calculation warning considerateness moderation maturity solicitude observation kid gloves soundness experience realism capability cool cop on good reasoning sound sense sweet reason mentality perceptivity sageness grasp lucidity brilliance apprehension erudition perspicuity saneness headpiece head marbles cognition brightness enlightenment coherence genius lucidness capacity appreciation grey matter braininess cognizance aptitude sound mind IQ daylights quick-wittedness faculty quickness taste cunning profundity mental capacity stability balance pragmatism flair precocity soundness of mind savoir faire clear mind grip instinct rationalness intellectual capacity consciousness refinement rationale logical thought clear thinking soberness apperception competence learning expertise sophistication feeling sensibility creativity what it takes nose brain cells skill separation distinction poise healthy mind normality deduction cogency right mind clearness profoundness mental ability gut reaction realization cognitive faculties powers of discernment finesse talent astucity familiarity brainbox selectivity conception adroitness education kop knack senses ingeniousness realisation inclination proficiency I.Q. receptiveness sensation upper storey sixth sense mental health susceptibility scientific thinking proclivity good taste intellectual power mental acuity mastery ken preference differentiation difference decision bias psyche cerebrum sensitiveness inference connection adultness relationship composure selectiveness power take logicality linkage thesis induction dialectic syllogism philosophy syllogistics accomplishment worldliness urge hold the right stuff precociousness gift responsiveness faculties facility assimilation intellectual capabilities learnedness cultivation knowledgeability dexterity tendency adeptness propensity potential depth impulse precision artistry predisposition mental faculties acquaintance idea artfulness function connoisseurship sentiment capableness competency aptness right-mindedness second sight schooling mental agility brain power tuition train of thought course of thought antithesis and synthesis quickness of mind balance of mind weightiness weight knowing practicability propriety matter-of-factness argumentation nervousness sympathy reactiveness impressionability affectibility reactivity recognition logicalness deepness interpretation pundit cerebration egghead reasonability pate noggin noodle bean clarity deep insight matureness exercising judgment choosiness fussiness pansophy breadth of view ego subconscious fastidiousness demarcation discreteness impression soundness of judgment sense of taste intelligence quotient analysis responsibleness mental age focus skills scholarship conversance instruction culturedness aestheticism culture rigor strictness rigour observance powers of thought sentience upper story nimbleness trenchancy giftedness thrift expedience greater understanding better understanding enhanced understanding superior understanding comprehensive understanding improved understanding worldly wisdom instinctiveness intimacy acquaintanceship powers of comprehension bent thriftiness aplomb equanimity self-possession expediency accuracy good management guidance careful budgeting desirability helpfulness openness advisableness receptivity calmness self-assurance countenance assurance collectedness sangfroid self-control imperturbability desirableness bookishness suss deftness artifice knowledgeableness skillfulness masterfulness art craft expertness sense of responsibility endowment prowess suitability decipherment command insightfulness turn fitness relevance link visualisation vibes natural ability pistol property forte predilection leaning quality right stuff strength knowing way around peculiarity penchant liability dependability trustworthiness reliability insight into unflappability drive need compulsion proficiency in visualization familiarity with grapple absorption expertise in digestion skill in uptake acquaintance with wholesomeness quick wits syllogistic reasoning good reason finer feeling deep feeling emotional response urbanity grace style manners elegance confidence chain of thought formal system quick wit natural inclination wherewithal potentiality means accountability hunch reflex gut feeling funny feeling disposition inborn tendency natural tendency constitution nature character makeup natural feeling inherent tendency inner prompting savoir-faire social graces inspiration dependableness blame reliableness trustability flash surmise guile ESP sureness solidness conscientiousness physical ability rap faithfulness uprightness steadfastness loyalty honesty solidity efficiency firmness trustiness social know-how innate knowledge extrasensory perception


The property of being lowly
lowliness modesty humility humbleness meekness reserve unpretentiousness reticence diffidence bashfulness demureness coyness decency timidity quietness propriety inhibition inferiority submissiveness constraint unobtrusiveness celibacy prudery chastity delicacy innocence purity unostentatiousness commonness simplicity virtue self-effacement down-to-earthness lack of pretension plainness simpleness unassumingness economicalness shyness unsophistication self-consciousness self-efface discretion restraint lack of vanity decorum sobriety decorousness seemliness severity chasteness sheepishness reluctance timorousness timidness backwardness repression insecurity reservation apprehension embarrassment hesitation introversion nervousness hesitancy suppression self-restraint silence secretiveness self-control uncommunicativeness taciturnity unresponsiveness caution formality mousiness distance aloofness coldness retiringness unassertiveness doubt lack of confidence refrainment continence discipline self-command reservedness inhibitedness modestness wariness calmness unease control hesitance uneasiness guardedness stand-offishness self-abasement hang-up self-deprecation self-criticism hiding your light under a bushel self-depreciation fearfulness chariness suspicion abashment obscureness mansuetude disinclination unwillingness undemonstrativeness secrecy fear discomfort unforthcomingness closeness caginess nerves awkwardness coquettishness stiltedness woodenness unnaturalness forcedness uncertainty self-doubt unimportance psychological block mental block mental blockage skittishness kittenishness shame archness affectation flirtatiousness lack of self-confidence prudishness simpering primness coquetry evasiveness flirtation prissiness servility obedience resignation abasement nonresistance egolessness obsequiousness subjection passiveness docility subservience fawning humilitude mortification lack of pride self-abnegation inferiority complex detachment unapproachability coolness remoteness frigidity froideur self-containment lack of warmth unwillingness to open up

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