Đồng nghĩa của matureness

Alternative for matureness

  • danh từ
    • tính chín; tính thuần thục, tính trưởng thành


Sense of responsibility
maturity sense experience level-headedness wisdom adultness discrimination practicality responsibleness shrewdness sophistication sagacity sensibleness sense of responsibility prudence judgment acumen tact gumption judgement foresight discretion tactfulness perspicacity common sense knowledge insight understanding intelligence savvy circumspection sageness judiciousness caution discernment perception consideration smarts wariness worldliness learning comprehension reason nous wit enlightenment sagaciousness rationality heedfulness policy levelheadedness thoughtfulness canniness observation providence forethought watchfulness good sense heed presence of mind vigilance horse sense care diplomacy carefulness chariness guardedness delicacy sensitivity discreetness subtlety concern solicitude deliberation responsibility calculation warning kid gloves considerateness precaution moderation attention penetration perceptiveness sapience astuteness acuity percipience perspicuity smartness rationale logic erudition perceptivity reasoning sharpness saneness cleverness pragmatism wits commonsense sanity balance good judgement clear thinking worldly wisdom arguteness sound judgment poise good judgment clear-sightedness brains ingenuity savoir faire pansophy soundness perspicaciousness skill expertise proficiency skills exposure familiarity involvement practice know-how mastery competence intimacy capability practical knowledge training qualifications impression professionalism talent qualification savoir-faire command education action finesse conversance acquaintance grounding contact authority expertness skillfulness intuitiveness refinement proof efficiency life skills prowess capacity knack grasp empiricism ability power inclination right stuff distinction evidence faculty awareness fitness scholarship profundity development touch resourcefulness doing hindsight technique dexterity participation suaveness genius intellect intuition keenness acuteness sharp-wittedness brilliance knowingness cunning brainpower brightness vision intellectuality quick-wittedness brain mind powers of reasoning braininess farsightedness thought mentality cognition foxiness caginess cageyness apprehension ratiocination ingeniousness grey matter adroitness hardheadedness intellection quickness lucidity inventiveness imagination flair native wit artfulness adeptness reasonableness loaf common learnedness aptitude creativity cognizance incisiveness culture rationalness precocity initiative mental capacity enterprise appreciation cultivation IQ profoundness artistry information mother wit art logical thought intellectual capacity craft head coherence skilfulness deftness prescience alertness omniscience imaginativeness grip sound judgement inspiration gift marbles logicality depth headpiece accomplishment science gray matter virtuosity brain cells good reasoning solidity stability attainments excellence insightfulness spirit consciousness conception native intelligence schooling foresightedness giftedness lucidness suss aptness guile precociousness craftiness book learning deduction brainbox lore good taste upper storey thesis keen-wittedness kop sound mind cerebration cognitive faculties soundness of mind powers of discernment deepness syllogism taste accomplishments advisability intellectual power mental agility brain power mental acuity mental ability study knowledgeability train of thought acquirements I.Q. edification illumination recognition reasonability selectivity realization deep insight mindfulness letters apperception sensibility thinking psyche forehandedness accuracy literacy get-up-and-go observance academic attainment analysis creativeness bent instruction nimbleness masterfulness address wiliness argument artifice oomph esprit sleight realisation bookishness trenchancy daylights basis hypothesis grounds premise sentience clear-headedness acquaintanceship discipline philosophy explanation interpretation case underpinning argumentation system rationalization cogitation proposition supposition intellectual capabilities story dialectics mentation reckoning rationalisation rationalizing rationalising syllogization quick wits quickness of mind thought process whys and wherefores line of reasoning process of reasoning why and wherefore line of thought clear mind weightiness weight body of knowledge scientific thinking what it takes chain of reasoning equanimity fairness sharp-sightedness fineness razor-sharpness brilliancy greatness practicability propriety slyness cunningness truths originality invention plain sense moxie chops hold clarity practical intelligence cavernousness fathomlessness reach immensity panache calculatedness innovativeness realism eye percipiency nose tuition background knowledgeableness sense one was born with idea innovation cool separation fastidiousness demarcation discreteness doctrine logicalness cogency savviness responsiveness ken forcefulness backbone nerve cautiousness divination culturedness connoisseurship aestheticism clearness precision courage mettle pluck grit spunk handiness dexterousness pundit egghead breadth of view humanities belles-lettres literature books economy thrift powers of intuition astucity competency native ability familiarity with intimacy with acquaintance with cop on sound sense sweet reason soundness of judgement studiousness scholarliness pedantry scholarism facility industry thriftiness great intelligence fine mind great intellect soundness of judgment assimilation conversance with quick wit lesson grace elegance good management guidance provision niftiness thinking outside the box knowing inside out ego faculties subconscious intelligence quotient ableness nippiness mental age careful budgeting letter academic training higher education academic knowledge focus cerebrum systematicness cordiality mannerliness respect decorum politeness courtesy polish respectfulness etiquette greater understanding better understanding enhanced understanding superior understanding comprehensive understanding improved understanding powers of thought function instinct couth enthusiasm drive spiritedness the right stuff book-learning gallantry amenity politesse repose smoothness control politicness urbanity presence delicatesse suavity energy ambition vigour vigor vitality zest push dash maneuver run-around con racket assurance manoeuvre feint gimmick grift research powers of comprehension method soft skills big stick intellectual attainment academic achievement planning approach way vim go pep pizzazz zip pzazz resource criticality academic study inference connection forethoughtfulness means relevance relationship link preparedness procedure routine style meticulosity branch linkage induction dialectic syllogistics provident foresightfulness syllogistic reasoning good reason tactics chain of thought course of thought formal system antithesis and synthesis field branch of knowledge area of study body of facts body of information analyticity inquisitiveness

Trái nghĩa của matureness

matureness Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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