Đồng nghĩa của flourishing

Alternative for flourishing

flourishes, flourished, flourishing

Đồng nghĩa: bloom, develop, display, exhibit, fade, flaunt, grow, parade, prosper, show, sprout, thrive, wave,

Trái nghĩa: decay, decline,


Having a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth
successful thriving prospering prosperous booming burgeoning mushrooming vigorous blooming buoyant expanding growing palmy strong boomy developing fruitful going golden halcyon healthy improving lucrative lush productive profitable progressing rampant roaring triumphant ballooning fast-growing snowballing blossoming exuberant going places luxuriant profuse rank rich robust doing well going strong on a roll faring well going well in full swing in the ascendant on the up and up in the pink in top form wealthy flush opulent affluent monied substantial fortunate moneyed comfortable well-to-do well-off well-heeled fat loaded remunerative gainful deep-pocketed moneymaking lucky prolific happy privileged snug well-endowed well-fixed fat-cat silk-stocking joyous money-spinning in clover uptown oofy glorious auspicious minted sitting pretty rewarding favoured favored on easy street well off in the money well heeled set for life worthwhile profit-making beneficial joyful idyllic bankable paying boom advantageous juicy economic propertied blessed on top of heap upper-class cash rich on velvet leisure-class quids in stinking rich filthy rich doing it easy rolling in money of means in the chips in easy street worth a bundle rolling in it of substance with deep pockets worth a packet made of money in luck rosy abounding carefree plentiful plenteous blissful contented upmarket prodigal sound working and up active thrifty busy promising on the up advancing arrived rolling cooking up-and-coming easy solvent efficient home free gangbusters boffo pecunious providential propitious main-line have it made have the wherewithal high-income fertile advantaged upscale favourable plutocratic financial enviable elite independent socially advantaged in the gravy money-making well-paid ongoing delightful precious best large cost-effective high-paying multi-crore having it made of independent means on Easy Street cushy fecund fructuous cornucopian paradisiac peak favorable encouraging win-win sweet good fatness jammy well paid in the black cost effective commercial useful helpful financially rewarding valuable expedient viable well-paying of use of value of assistance constructive positive effective serviceable practical commercially successful opportune beneficent for-profit benefic benignant of benefit of service generous saving worthy effectual instrumental paid off advisable convenient appropriate kindly behooveful suitable meritorious friendly worth it to your advantage in one's interests economical salable renumerative recompensing profitmaking financially worthwhile whopping sizeable tidy desirable paid wholesome plus thumping whacking satisfying agreeable benevolent supportive self-sustaining pragmatic sustaining conducive contributive assisting meaningful justifiable to one's advantage gratifying timely toward nice whopping great going concern very productive uplifting inspiring benign usable paying well in one's best interests thumping great whacking great purposeful excellent significant important efficacious of help exemplary priceless estimable sensible invaluable worth the effort salutary fitting strategic fortuitous furthersome for the best


Full of life, spirit, energy, or movement
lively busy bustling animated vibrant buzzing stirring brisk thriving kinetic hopping humming astir happening alive rousing abubble aboil abuzz active energetic full of life hectic spirited vivacious bouncy peppy buzzy festive dynamic perky spry bubbly zestful vibrating vigorous vital effervescent crowded alert exciting swarming dashing sprightly sparkling zippy snappy industrious jolly chirpy frisky teeming enthusiastic buoyant moving thronging jumping sparky boisterous electrifying pizazzy pizzazzy zesty full of pep full of vim and vigour go-go bright and breezy like Piccadilly Circus full of go full of commotion bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans whining whirring purring droning pulsating throbbing energized energised good eager paying lucrative rewarding money-making upbeat bright hyper refreshing chaotic afoot ebullient awake cheerful exuberant quick eventful involved remunerative fruitful gainful wild chipper entertaining heaving peart frantic live frenzied frenetic still going strong going strong full on the go zoolike merry furious full of activity thronged rushing on the move up and about in motion hustling hurried flamboyant forceful dazzling fiery animate airy impassioned colourful virile vehement vivid potent robust zealous indefatigable intense feisty driving colorful passionate lusty aggressive bold fresh determined spunky coruscating powerful intensive stimulating tireless storming unflagging resounding strong ballsy bouncing pert punchy racy stalwart enterprising sturdy springy sensitive untiring rugged breezy emphatic radiant gutsy effective responsive jazzy mettlesome jaunty pushy muscular hardy spanking sound forcible strenuous gay high-spirited full-blooded all-out high-octane red-blooded have-a-go full of the joys of spring hard-hitting alive and kicking full of get-up-and-go full of spirit ball of fire high-powered quivering trembling quaking shaking beating unsteady dynamical tough fluid invigorated locomotive demoniac motive mobile motile kinematic bounding leaping hurdling skipping irregular springing incisive impressive telling influential eloquent persuasive cogent compelling dramatic striking convincing effectual graphic authoritative great irresistible zappy in-your-face succinct terse pithy exacting tiring challenging hard arduous demanding laborious exhausting reverberant trembly pulsing shuddery trying turbulent severe restless unsparing testing harsh taxing quavering oscillating reverberative palpitating shivering rhythmic shivery cadent cadenced reverberating rhythmical jittery fluttering shaky quavery shuddering flustering tumultuous burdensome riotous madhouse jumpy atremble strident aquiver tottering lilting tremulous thunderous onerous full on unruly wearing imperious action-packed rowdy bumpy raucous wabbling sonorant wabbly tottery wobbling juddering rocky wobbly with a steady pulse


In a good physical or mental condition
healthy well fine fit aerobicized blooming thriving hardy hale hearty robust strong vigorous active sturdy athletic chipper firm fresh full of life husky lively lusty muscular normal potent restored rosy-cheeked safe and sound stout tough trim unimpaired virile OK able-bodied sound well-conditioned whole all right bright-eyed bursting with health bushy-tailed fighting fit fit as a fiddle fit as a flea hale and hearty in fine fettle in good health in good kilter in good physical condition in good physical shape in good shape in good trim in rude health in the pink in tip-top condition in top form physically fit right as rain the picture of health up to snuff energetic bouncing alive and kicking in good condition strapping wholesome powerful stalwart forceful red-blooded in excellent shape full of vim solid brawny rugged spirited dynamic vital burly sprightly peppy hefty perky flush thickset gingery beefy buff jacked staunch iron solidly built powerfully built thewy stark powerhouse well-built full of beans bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea sound in body and limb sinewy rude hunky able right sane healthful good roaring rough glowing in trim energised in fine feather as strong as a horse as strong as a ox in peak condition well-nourished green very healthy very well vitalized invigorated energized in perfect health bounding well-fed substantial mighty stocky Herculean well made well built animated meaty chunky secure shredded ripped sparkling high-spirited vivacious well-made durable effervescent zippy spry playful jaunty strong as an ox vibrant strong as an lion buoyant indefatigable strong as an horse intense zestful tireless decisive enthusiastic bulky hulking stiff stouthearted strong-arm strenuous bouncy upbeat go-getting spanking feisty forcible spunky wick steamroller snappy exuberant efficient persuasive take-charge brisk hard-driving driving take-over effective dashing enterprising built to last raring to go ball of fire full of energy manly muscly resilient stable masculine resolute tenacious inured hardened toughened resistant strongly made male manful reliable big capable hard-wearing manlike valiant as strong as an ox daring long-lasting fearless brave bold courageous cast-iron hard hard-bitten mannish swashbuckling macho in shape indomitable butch heavy dependable well muscled all-male gallant heavy-duty steady he-man enduring heroic lionhearted muscled unflagging redoubtable wiry man-size man-sized intrepid muscle-bound loyal faithful imperishable laddish indestructible constant mesomorphic well-knit steadfast well-developed two-fisted well knit thick devoted committed dedicated tiger trusty true unwavering bulletproof broad-shouldered audacious bruising chauvinist heavyweight unswerving unfaltering hard-working formidable true-blue ropy hulky herculean unhesitating pumped up tried and true aggressive obdurate tried and tested fearsome young ferocious bursting with good health fleshy gutsy A1 serviceable foolproof infallible chivalrous stout-hearted valorous influential important abled invincible significant flexible error-tolerant slim toned sporty physical perdurable safe impervious inexpugnable toned up agile nimble lithe studly fecund fertile bravehearted bombproof as right as rain heavily built imposing reinforced fixed unyielding puissant reproductive sexually potent procreative generative stringy musclebound swole great full-bodied built well-founded sure jock stud jockstrap confident beefcake noble lion-hearted colt stately self-reliant dignified hunk undaunted lumbering sturdily built tall mammoth towering huge gargantuan massive colossal gigantic well constructed hard as nails overpowering fast pious down-the-line trustworthy devout made to last cocky full-blooded supple aggressively male ultramasculine unpleasantly masculine unfeminine immovable airy pizazzy mettlesome springy animate frisky jazzy pert racy gay sparky pizzazzy acclimatised acclimatized seasoned irrepressible inflexible tried-and-true allegiant ardent liege gritty Amazonian unladylike plucky headstrong rolling with punches quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back aggressively masculine viragoish viraginous moving demoniac motive mobile untiring kinematic kinetic breezy high-powered dynamical locomotive motile industrious coarse mannified tomboyish masc unwomanly hoydenish all man bristly curly wavy bound unafraid hanging tough bound and determined unshakable determined dead set on nervy kinky fibrous scratchy


(of vegetation) Rich and profuse in growth
luxuriant lush rich prolific abundant rank dense thriving exuberant fecund teeming fertile productive profuse riotous superabundant excessive fruitful rampant verdant ample lavish overflowing overgrown plentiful copious cornucopian fat fructuous green grown leafy prodigal prosperous thick vigorous weedy jungly plenteous grassy abounding jungle-like verdurous blooming fresh wild fructiferous extensive diffuse grass-covered foliate graminaceous gramineous viridescent virid spreading semitropical overabundant tropical coarse luxurious junglelike high-growing generative creative proliferating high-yielding propagative inventive vivid breeding proliferant pregnant spawning generating reproducing propagating awash filled generous rife flush replete bountiful boundless fraught flowing considerable bounteous swarming full thronging lousy galore munificent inexhaustible thick on the ground well-supplied well-provided remembered unforgotten liberal plenty aplenty fulsome opulent crawling with no end lank unstinting extravagant bumper superfluous sumptuous thick with alive with a dime a dozen immoderate gushing profusive openhanded extreme heavy numerous great comfortable a gogo surplus in excess extra unsparing bushy infinite abundant in abounding in moneyed vast immense handsome affluent large impenetrable condensed compact concentrated crowded whopping princely tidy packed complete huge proliferous flushed dripping swamped overrun rolling in money serried impassable effusive rolling brimming saturated inordinate open-handed unrestrained gushy competent swimming unlimited appreciable sufficient chock-full lousy with enough improvident no end of stink with deluged big knee-deep stinking in plenty crawling close-packed over the top substantial manifold many innumerable multitudinous countless multifarious multiple in abundance prolix wordy verbose myriad a mess of coming out of ears


Not restrained or held in check
rampant unrestrained unbridled unchecked uncontrolled widespread epidemic rife wild aggressive dominant excessive outrageous pandemic raging rank tumultuous violent abandoned exuberant flagrant intemperate pervasive prevalent rampaging raw runaway unbounded uncontrollable unhampered unhindered vehement luxuriant profuse riotous ungovernable wanton blustering boisterous clamorous extensive extravagant fecund furious growing impetuous multiplying out of control predominant proliferating rambling spreading threatening turbulent unruly exceeding bounds out of hand spreading like wildfire on the rampage unconstrained unrestricted uninhibited immoderate uncurbed ungoverned undisciplined unimpeded irrepressible profligate unsuppressed chaotic licentious incontinent full-on free untrammelled unmanageable unfettered inordinate untrammeled lawless disorderly reckless disobedient dissolute self-indulgent unstoppable uncontainable unquenchable noisy unlimited unconfined loose not controlled rowdy extreme wayward stubborn overindulgent running wild rough indiscriminate tempestuous anarchic untamed unreasonable dissipated refractory debauched immoral severe passionate uproarious obstreperous mutinous impotent unregulated driverless mass rabid enthusiastic unconcealed crazed madcap crazy hysterical berserk over-the-top unmanaged depraved corrupt unopposed unobstructed self-willed unconventional heavy incorrigible impulsive reprobate unprincipled sinful wicked unshackled attention-seeking extrovert shameless natural boundless corybantic incautious irrational unbound footloose undue unjustified prodigal unrepressed raving thrilled rash unwarranted spontaneous saturnalian frank plenary open flamboyant exaggerated candid audacious impertinent bizarre limitless blunt giddy flighty unsubmissive egregious lavish imprudent uncalled for dissipative O.T.T. over the top lacking self-control expanding augmented rapid change ascending rapid growth mounting greedy unbalanced rebellious stormy agitated intractable unstable exponential recalcitrant explosive seditious rugged unsettled roller-coaster willful untoward wilful defiant froward contrary rebel recusant insubordinate incompliant balky contumacious restive storming full of confusion fiery excited shaking roughhouse perturbed bitter full of ups and downs full of upheavals full of conflict demonstrative destructive rambunctious raucous vociferous stern termagant in turmoil unrestrainable without law and order fractious difficult headstrong perverse obstinate bolshie disruptive uncooperative insurgent obdurate awkward stroppy troublesome incontrollable disaffected insurrectionary delinquent unbiddable intransigent badly behaved revolutionary noncompliant unyielding ill-disciplined pigheaded non-compliant mulish naughty mischievous resistant bloody-minded inflexible dissident errant nonconformist uncompliant factious impossible dissentient indomitable bull-headed indocile stiff-necked rampageous impish quarrelsome cussed ornery roguish rascally insurrectionist rude subversive loud iconoclastic unpredictable rioting roisterous traitorous radical unbending problematic anarchistic determined rackety bellicose insolent rumbustious annoying pugnacious uncompromising cantankerous thrawn renitent badly-behaved pervicacious immovable bad contrarious exasperating malcontent alienated rollicking dissentious disloyal dissenting treacherous unbearable intolerable insuppressible persistent adverse anarchical strong nonconforming mutinying robustious treasonable resisting unmalleable unorthodox undisciplinable knockabout hell-raising militant challenging contentious impudent argumentative truculent unaccommodating demanding up in arms strong-willed dogged lawbreaking disordered unpersuadable adamant insubmissive vexatious insoluble hostile antagonistic negative opinionated misbehaving capricious pertinacious stubborn as a mule evil unpliable inimical tough bullheaded playful resistive tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish pat cross-grained fiendish gallus wrong pig-headed full of mischief irreconcilable estranged haughty unsubduable renegade heretical maverick apostate schismatic nonobservant robust unwilling resolved malign malevolent maleficent malicious spiteful obstinately disobedient untameable untrained loutish disturbed maladjusted disobliging uncomplying complex burdensome unsteady unschooled swaggering swashbuckling cavalier tricky obstructive unhelpful opposing withstanding loudmouthed brawling ugly tiresome incurable nuts insurmountable as stubborn as a mule unadaptable inconsistent overwhelming intense freaked overpowering disputatious implacable daring provocative bold with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way rock-ribbed problem antisocial erratic fickle paradoxical contrariant discordant arsey disagreeing wild and woolly impossible to cope with belligerent confrontational unresponsive restless individualistic warring armed sabotaging attacking wrongheaded antipathetic converse unrelenting deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized beside oneself combative rip-roaring unlawful hard-line thorny locked resolute tenacious knotty roistering feisty hardheaded adamantine inconvincible hardened hard ossified piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous indisciplined scrappy hard-nosed self-opinionated deaf to reason loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant like a loose cannon undependable locked in tough nut hang tough raising Cain misbehaved disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy raunchy artful kiddish infantile ill-natured sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ill-behaved ruffianly thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful devilish drunk raising the roof untimely unfortunate aberrant arbitrary revolting terrorist ready for a fight out-of-line out-of-control inconvenient inopportune unfavorable unfavourable lacking self-restraint spoiling for a fight uncivilised tyrannous despotic heterodox fierce terrorising warlike savage barbarous unpeaceful terrorizing uncivilized nihilistic uncultivated infringing piratical impolite out-of-order teasing worthless unanticipated ill-timed unexpected on-a-tear unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed lacking control unendurable objectionable offensive unlucky unwelcome infelicitous inauspicious inapt irritating unsuitable inappropriate bad-mannered insupportable terrible painful insufferable malapropos badly timed unseasonable excruciating maddening infuriating dreadful improper unpropitious misfortunate disturbing unpleasant hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless frantic irresistible unacceptable mad forceful fervid frenzied maniacal manic beyond bearing not to be borne perfervid passional hyper carried away beside yourself like one possessed


Capable of withstanding great physical force
strong robust durable firm secure stable solid steady reliable safe sturdy impregnable invincible invulnerable unassailable enduring established hard hardy heavy heavy-duty immovable impenetrable indestructible reinforced sound tried-and-true well-built well-founded well-made dependable fortified hard-wearing rock-solid strengthened hard as nails hardened inviolable unyielding airtight armoured armored bombproof cohesive concrete fast fixed impassible imperishable knockabout steely toughened unattackable unbreakable lasting long-lasting resistant well made well protected stormproof storm-resistant well defended well fortified cast-iron everlasting hard-bitten seasoned well-armed well-protected inured tough stout resilient rugged impervious vigorous substantial stalwart bulletproof staunch steadfast resolute rigid permanent protected unshakable waterproof strongly made unshakeable set perdurable well built tight tenacious unwavering windproof forceful unconquerable iron unbeatable indomitable trustworthy inflexible adamantine constant responsible secured made to last tried riveted deep-rooted well constructed stiff insuperable immune honourable honorable determined unstoppable insurmountable stiffened frozen immutable true upright untouchable built to last stony faithful unfaltering unfailing lusty infrangible anchored rooted infallible taut unchangeable sure braced cemented abiding trustable long-lived long-standing nailed calculable snug insusceptible moored tightened continuing honest jammed fastened trusty eternal weatherproof lifelong lodged stuck repellent unmalleable consistent rocklike indurate bound solidified rocky proof against powerful impassable rock-hard rock-like as hard as stone as hard as iron safe and sound serviceable uncompromising compelling effective hearty cogent emphatic indubitable wear-resistant shatterproof shellproof inexpugnable unrelenting assertive non-breakable aggressive well-defined well-constructed well-established well founded nonbreakable purposeful foolproof clenched clinched bold zealous brass-bound indissoluble incorruptible tied vice-like risk-free immalleable impliable low-risk holy sacred hallowed sacrosanct surviving perduring diuturnal long-continued inspiring distinctive individual water-resistant unaffected as hard as a rock recognized attested riskless well-defended compact granite clasped fitted galvanized tempered galvanised certain locked error-tolerant fixed firmly insensitive reputable proven remaining long-established long-running done up buttoned down loyal good straightforward trusted never-failing unsurmountable unsusceptible to unaffected by repellent of impervious to invulnerable to immune to solid as a rock prevailing persistent persisting credible predictable unswerving unflinching dauntless indefatigable unbending ongoing perennial time-honoured immortal traditional long-term fortress-like sterling recognised committed invariable unalterable irrepressible undefeatable supreme irresistible tried and true tried and tested tried and trusted imperviable to safe as houses invariant irreversible changeless unpliable characterful balanced equable decided incommutable indurated impermeable settled embedded stationary motionless treated proofed rainproof imperviable perpetual inevitable unfading ineradicable inalterable hard-and-fast unvarying renitent concentrated childproof soundproof fireproof tamper-proof leakproof well balanced well-balanced proof unmovable unmodifiable unchanged damp-proof wedged unmoving welded unfluctuating able to withstand mounted bolted soldered screwed irremovable immobile hard and fast set in stone


(of plants or species) The process of maturation
growth development maturation growing germination shooting up springing up sprouting blooming thriving vegetation burgeoning pullulation evolution maturing progress ripening advancement blossoming progression advance expansion extension furtherance emergence metamorphosis evolvement unfolding rise transformation headway spread enhancement advancing unraveling improvement evolving refinement flowering unravelling betterment buildout buildup developing enlargement elaboration fruition success spreading escalation upgrowth coming-of-age momentum perfection adaptation maturity change reworking modification revision prospering transmogrification unrolling recasting reconstruction breakthrough working out order cultivation perfecting refining elevation amelioration flow succession movement sequence melioration augmentation procession march passage continuity enrichment polishing proceeding expedition operation process motion passing fine-tuning chain journey forwarding promotion scheme course onrush consecution string movement forward onward motion step forward forward movement onward movement steps forward forward motion addition augmenting reinforcement reinforcing elaborating supplementation incubation ongoing hike adding to upping boom upturn upswing traction prosperity boost gain increase innovation upgrading upgrade proliferation heightening gestation anabasis adulthood leap revolution going mellowing continuance accrual modernization break uptick rally mushrooming swelling accretion accession snowballing regeneration stride preferment scientific advancement technological advancement step up ballooning civilisation civilization build-up increase in size blow up blowing up capability ability transspecific evolution ontogenesis ontogeny inroads natural process boosting ground gained widening nurture thickening broadening macroevolution pregnancy finding leap forward inroad step discovery find invention quantum leap gravidity benefit raising accumulation incubate nurse nourish step in the right direction change for the better supplement increment addendum collecting amassing formation more gathering amassment raise plus cumulation parturiency intensification encroachment reproduction family way fecundation agglomeration bump increasing moving forward gradual growth making progress aggrandizement expanse multiplication magnification swell amplification diversification spike uptrend diffusion inflation upsurge unfurling embellishment aggrandisement spreading out opening out scaling up continuation career forward march giant strides getting ahead going forward


Present participle for to wave (something) about, especially to attract attention


Present participle for to draw attention to something, usually by waving it

Trái nghĩa của flourishing

flourishing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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