Đồng nghĩa của maturing

Alternative for maturing

matures, matured, maturing, maturer, maturest

Đồng nghĩa: adult, full-blown, full-grown, mellow, prime, ready, ripe,

Trái nghĩa: immature,


Becoming or appearing older


Beginning to develop
budding incipient nascent beginning burgeoning developing embryonic fledgling growing potential promising aspiring coming future rising aborning flowering germinal inceptive inchoate prospective up-and-coming blossoming fresh germinating opening pubescent pullulating sprouting vegetating wannabe would-be young in the making with potential bursting forth shooting up emergent emerging early undeveloped ambitious possible striving dawning infant talented likely hopeful evolving elementary immature rudimentary wishful eager enterprising initial flourishing just beginning gifted able keen optimistic latent dormant energetic zealous unformed arising starting longing aspirant unrealized commencing advancing expanding determined go-getting introductory pushing initiatory embryonal apt hungry initiative fundamental basic in its infancy likely to succeed primary incomplete originating to come to be up and coming upcoming seminal impending sunrise appearing new naissant unindustrialized probationary amateur start resulting emanating efflorescent emanant coming out outgoing fervid aggressive vigorous issuing forth in an early stage so-called professed amplifying thriving augmenting self-appointed unfulfilled self-styled probable intending soi-disant quasi- blooming succeeding soaring high-reaching climbing go-getter conceivable implicit imaginable viral go-ahead enthusiastic driven committed pioneering self-seeking motivated hard-driving progressive in bloom in blossom in flower first inaugural inherent impassioned endeavoring expectant purposeful endeavouring earliest bearing fruit original coming on strong get up and go on the up and up foremost eager beaver on the make antecedent imperfect formless virgin preliminary amorphous unshaped unfinished shapeless pioneer headmost just begun leading leadoff


(figuratively, of people) Lacking in experience
green inexperienced raw new unseasoned unpolished untrained inexpert untried unversed unconversant unpracticed unskillful budding developing unpractised unqualified primitive unskilled unschooled amateur unfledged immature ignorant unacquainted callow innocent fresh undisciplined amateurish young untested uninformed unaccustomed inept tenderfoot uninitiated naive unsophisticated unfamiliar untaught undeveloped untutored verdant sophomoric rookie unworldly wet behind the ears unused lacking experience unproven unfamiliar with incompetent kid prentice rude spring chicken wet behind ears fledgling naïve dilettante incapable unprofessional nonprofessional wide-eyed unformed jackleg juvenile puerile adolescent uninitiate inadequate unaccomplished virgin unripe unripened unequipped uneducated novice novel just starting out unrehearsed unlearned unenlightened underdeveloped bland ineffectual first-time dewy youthful inefficient unfit unapt useless bungling unproficient hopeless weak non-technical dilettantish manual menial labouring unchartered unlicensed uncertificated cowboy untalented non-professional lay not up to unhandy laboring inproficient awkward blue-collar ungifted half-baked half-cocked dabbling untamed uncultivated unprepared illiterate nescient wild not trained strange unattempted unheard-of unknown unprecedented original experimental prototype speculative unestablished trial exploratory test unproved pilot inexperienced in inexperienced at uninstructed not used newcome a stranger unsubstantiated conjectural unessayed born yesterday unconversant with not used to a novice at a newbie to unused to unacquainted with unversed in too green unpractised in not given to a newcomer to in the experimental stage unexpert artsy fartsy


The act or state of maturing
development growth maturation ripening evolution fruition mellowing progress progression advancement growing evolvement evolving transformation flowering flourishing maturity expansion advance improvement buildup unfolding advancing unraveling coming-of-age emergence metamorphosis unravelling blooming burgeoning blossoming change adulthood spread spreading enlargement upgrowth rise extension furtherance capability ability ontogeny ontogenesis betterment breakthrough germination shooting up springing up sprouting adaptation thriving vegetation reworking elaboration modification revision refinement transmogrification enhancement order pullulation unrolling recasting reconstruction flow succession movement sequence procession march passage continuity proceeding working out expedition operation process motion passing chain headway journey forwarding momentum promotion scheme course escalation onrush consecution string movement forward onward motion step forward forward motion forward movement onward movement steps forward addition augmenting reinforcement reinforcing elaborating increase hike boost increasing upping developing perfecting augmentation ongoing making progress adding to amelioration elevation enrichment gain cultivation melioration innovation upgrading upgrade proliferation heightening gestation anabasis incubation leap revolution going continuance accrual modernization break uptick rally mushrooming swelling accretion accession snowballing regeneration stride preferment upswing scientific advancement technological advancement step up ballooning civilisation civilization build-up increase in size blow up blowing up transspecific evolution inroads natural process boosting ground gained widening nurture thickening broadening refining macroevolution pregnancy polishing finding leap forward inroad step discovery find invention perfection success quantum leap fine-tuning gravidity benefit raising accumulation incubate nurse nourish step in the right direction change for the better supplement increment addendum collecting amassing formation more gathering amassment raise plus cumulation parturiency intensification encroachment reproduction family way fecundation agglomeration bump moving forward gradual growth aggrandizement expanse multiplication magnification swell amplification diversification spike buildout uptrend diffusion inflation upsurge upturn unfurling embellishment aggrandisement spreading out opening out scaling up continuation career forward march giant strides getting ahead going forward


Accumulating damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs with the passage of time


A result or outcome, especially from work or activity


(with reference to certain foods or drinks) Present participle for to become, or cause to become, ready for consumption

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