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Alternative for creaky

creaky /'kri:ki/
  • tính từ
    • cọt kẹt, cót két, kẽo kẹt


Sounding harsh, grating or unpleasant
squeaky grating rasping rusty creaking squeaking unoiled raspy hoarse husky gruff gravelly harsh croaky croaking rough scratchy jarring guttural coarse discordant gravel throaty dissonant stridulant deep thick growly growling low gular jugular snarling raucous abrasive strident dry cracked cacophonous screeching stridulous unmelodious sharp unmusical jangling clashing squawky piercing shrill scratching noisy grinding ear-piercing squawking rugged uneven hard scraping unharmonious earsplitting loud tuneless astringent caterwauling incompatible out-of-tune out-of-key off-key rough-sounding brassy indistinct tumultuous clamorous erosive blatant stertorous inarticulate boisterous disagreeing acrid glaring bleak unrelenting flat rigid jagged asperous severe grim unlevel sour bitter disturbing craggy blaring inharmonious not smooth tickly uncomfortable harsh-sounding glottal sepulchral muffled stentorian brittle distorted metallic riotous penetrating ear-splitting scarifying abrading tinny ragged croupy breathy whispering stridulatory stentorious forceful baying persuasive vociferous vocal vociferant obstreperous jangly slurred attritive tempestuous roily heavy choppy inclement dirty stormy blustery turbulent blustering violent squally stridulent furious ugly raging buffeting agitated wild polishing unpleasant incongruous offensive roiled irritating annoying inappropriate conflicting contrasting coarse-grained caustic scuffing rubbing grotesque disagreeable unsuitable unaesthetic displeasing irksome vexatious corrosive chafing frictional corroding eroding mordant unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic out of place smoothing grainy sharpening


Firm or inflexible


Something tediously familiar or outdated
archaic dated obsolete old-fashioned outdated antiquated obsolescent outmoded out of date behind the times antediluvian old ancient mouldy outworn anachronistic superannuated moldy mossy clunky medieval prehistoric quaint old-fangled old hat out of the ark out-of-date mediaeval old-time moth-eaten fusty antique old-world old-fogeyish square backward-looking horse-and-buggy unfashionable out vieux jeu passé past bygone defunct out of fashion out of style crusted feudal primitive fossilized olde worlde rinky-dink square-toed frumpish frumpy musty not with it fossilised aged conservative demoded rusty former behindhand as old as the hills horse and buggy hoary moribund neolithic Noachian kaputt kaput oldfangled vintage immemorial has-been past it Stone Age old-school old as the hills past its sell-by date dead unhip prehistorical elderly backward démodé retrograde old-timey retro back-number not current out-of-style venerable traditional historic hoar corny age-old olden dowdy of the old school passe cobwebby dateless remote fogeyish crusty timeworn antediluvial primeval primordial antwacky boring primaeval dull odd old-hat rococo unstylish disapproved neglected extinct past one's sell-by date of olden days out of it of old not modern grown old parachronistic tired superseded anachronous backwards early back number classical ageless enduring ancestral established lasting first ritual oldie ritualistic earliest decrepit tried and true long-standing long-established tried and tested time-worn long-lived of long ago very old time-honoured overfamiliar last year's worn-out disused of yore stale late historical relic expired discontinued gone hackneyed finished dinosaur previous redundant demode erstwhile senescent had it done for old-style lost unpopular unprogressive on its last legs discarded departed tacky exhausted tasteless passé cheesy deprecated fossil antiquarian forgotten fallen into disuse styleless drab trashy one-time heritage folk inelegant done sometime long-gone quondam veteran earlier past its prime orthodox dead and gone prior belated period nostalgic vanished foregone retrogressive fogyish out of commission long in the tooth button-down way back over the hill ticky-tack ticky-tacky done to death faded anachronistical yesterday overused threadbare abandoned inflexible broken-down classic well-established bent unusable archaistic hacky timeless aboriginal pristine crumbling decayed old as Methuselah unoriginal once onetime original cast-off gothic barbaric dry as dust old fashioned having seen better days out of use stuck in time old as Adam old school no longer fashionable clapped out no longer used withdrawn written off dropped unobtainable at an end no longer in fashion not in old style waning declining primal decommissioned of yesteryear in period style old world evocative not fashionable yesterday's atavistic deceased dying out grizzled silver-haired grey-haired white-haired silvery-haired grizzly senior doddering completed long-ago becoming obsolete ageing disappearing getting on longevous doddery bypast nonextant gone by geriatric demised on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline of an advanced age advanced in years worn older lot of mileage traditionalistic unremembered ex- unrecalled in oblivion forepassed water over the dam sunk in oblivion past recall water under the bridge down memory lane breathless cold fallen asleep low lifeless aging out-of-fashion no longer in use dusty obscure not long for this world past your prime not as young as one used to be not as young as one was no spring chicken nonexistent familial family deemed obsolete going out of use going out of fashion growing old way back when latter-day lost in time consigned to oblivion lost and gone gone-by back delayed preceding elapsed overdue invalid down the drain inanimate exanimate from the past ultraconservative reactionary lineal oral unwritten buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative handed-down ingrained ossified fixed deep-seated hard-and-fast bourgeois conventional straight stick-in-the-mud unadventurous Pooterish traditionalist fuddy-duddy conformist strait-laced diehard stuffy mumsy dreary shabby dingy daggy scruffy badly dressed blowsy homely stodgy poorly dressed badly-dressed baggy plain poky unkempt sloppy


Worn out or ruined because of age or neglect
decrepit broken-down dilapidated battered crumbling deteriorated ramshackle rickety ruined decaying tumbledown antiquated derelict rundown beat-up creaking decayed deteriorating falling apart run down shabby superannuated worn-out falling to pieces in disrepair in ruins rumpty weather-beaten worn out anile bedraggled crippled effete flimsy fragile haggard insubstantial quavering seedy shaking tacky threadbare tired tumble-down unsound used worn on its last legs in a state of disrepair worse for wear gone to rack and ruin run-down ill-maintained neglected unmaintained untended gone to seed dingy faded unkept uncouth treacherous perilous insecure hazardous dangerous unsafe precarious unhealthy contaminated blighted infected unwholesome septic bad rotten condemned tatty tattered scruffy ratty moth-eaten tatterdemalion old ragged mean timeworn mangy grungy dumpy sleazy miserable dog-eared scrubby frayed bombed-out ruinous down-at-the-heels down-at-heel disintegrating raggedy shaky unkempt shacky shoddy shambly uncared-for squalid poor tottering crummy well worn grotty the worse for wear holey down at heel falling apart at the seams damaged in tatters unsteady weak unstable wobbly slummy frail untidy having seen better days sorry broken raggedy-ass warby worn to shreds in rags impaired rocky infirm beat up insalubrious collapsing patched wretched crumbly on your last legs rent torn depressed in holes pitiful desolate scuzzy slipshod in poor condition degenerated injured frowzy messy broken down destroyed down-at-the-heel breaking up in bad condition badly maintained poorly maintained seen better days in a bad way jerry-built tottery in ribbons wavering ancient rotting decomposing useless hackneyed withering unreliable time-worn grubby stale well-worn trite dirty outworn wonky lined teetery passé clapped out disfigured bare meager marred wrecked meagre overworked eroding abandoned dodgy ripped out of condition poverty-stricken scraggy overused frazzled shaggy in shreds used-up ragtag caving in falling in out at elbows all the worse for wear used up coming apart at the seams poorly made badly dressed badly worn full of holes beaten-up clapped-out dishevelled disheveled unusable sordid dowdy underprivileged deprived old-fashioned peaked shattered downgone defective split uncared dismal decrepit. in ruins knocked around subsiding moldering putrefying peeling unfit flabby busted dinged totaled wizened under par below par manky scungy slovenly in bad repair desultory unpressed unfinished crude contemptible shredded raunchy unimproved beat delicate mouldering droopy overgrown wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging falling down filthy down at the heel worn-down wrung out pegged out loose coming undone not solid not safe not robust passe sere depleted etiolated shot imperfect feeble mediocre yucky skanky scabby rugged substandard ordinary tawdry base lousy paltry in poor shape debilitated out of shape uncared for beaten up middling low-grade menial second-rate two-bit sad fallen-in rinky-dink fallen in rank mucky indigent sick unpleasant impoverished sticky gunky gungy low-rent blasted munted rachitic unbalanced rattletrap geriatric dying declining torn to pieces unsecured hurt robbed plundered pillaged spoiled defaced botched spoilt mutilated uninhabited harried harmed waning degenerating unsubstantial banal failing perishing loosened slack slackened lax spindly relaxed shopworn cliche obligatory stock musty hackney hack cobwebby cliché-ridden stereotyped aged commonplace dated languishing forsaken weathered corroded oxidizing in decline rusting oxidising fluctuant defenseless vacillating endangered immature defenceless rootless hoary wrinkled clichéd disintegrated breaking crumbled on the decline corny unoriginal on the way out wearing away breaking down on the rocks at risk out of date old hat disreputable cure pot


Advanced in years
aged old ancient elderly hoary venerable grey older senior age-old antique getting on mature senescent decrepit grey-bearded grey-haired grizzled superannuated ageing aging antediluvian antiquated centenarian dateless doddering doddery geriatric hoar immemorial long-lived nonagenarian octogenarian over-the-hill senile septuagenarian unyoung advanced in years cobwebby longevous passé gray long in the tooth matured moth-eaten oldie past it ripened rusty shot timeworn worn over the hill as old as the hills been around no spring chicken senior citizen not as young as one was not long for this world worse for wear not as young as one used to be archaic old-fashioned obsolete out-of-date outmoded outdated olden primitive dated old hat outworn out of date anachronistic bygone prehistoric mossy old-time behind the times obsolescent old-fangled moldy mouldy fossilized medieval old as the hills worn-out feeble very old past mediaeval traditional primeval fossilised demoded primaeval weakly clunky historic frail oldfangled primordial of advanced years vintage time-worn of yore horse and buggy out of the ark long-standing musty quaint unfashionable moribund faltering neolithic Noachian prehistorical kaputt kaput passe past your prime of old hackneyed Stone Age early of a certain age stale former corny relic ripe past its sell-by date anile enfeebled remote unoriginal tired dead extinct fusty ancestral past one's prime up in years time-honoured broken-down lot of mileage long-established defunct retired on last leg antwacky vieux jeu out of fashion advanced antiquarian odd abiding long-lasting white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly patriarchal dotard of age along in years gray-haired on in years not young in one's dotage backward middle-aged done to death faded declining antediluvial disused full of years sometime decayed old as Methuselah quondam late once aboriginal erstwhile pristine onetime done demode original cast-off crumbling past your sell-by date well-established long in tooth of an advanced age on its last legs fixed rooted of olden days out of it old-hat unstylish out-of-style not with it neglected démodé rococo out dowdy not modern not current out of style grown old disapproved of the old school dry as dust timeless in second childhood in your dotage atavistic forever time-honored fallen into disuse no longer used clapped out discarded discontinued weak centuries old olde worlde wasted debilitated infirm rooted in the past past its prime old as Adam conditioned seasoned old-world retrograde old-school retro old-timey incapacitated having seen better days old fashioned weakened tottering major crippled fragile past one's sell-by date pensioned emeritus ex- out of shape threadbare well-worn trite Elder I First in bad shape banal leading above high-grade oldest higher over primary eldest first-born hackney shopworn cliche obligatory lined hack cliché-ridden stereotyped stock commonplace mellow ragged weathered rundown dog-eared shabby wrinkled clichéd the elder pensioned off resigned in retirement emerita classical ageless overworked battered tattered frayed used enduring next higher lasting established first ritual earliest ritualistic the worse for wear tried and true tried and tested of long ago overused platitudinous dull stereotypical common run-of-the-mill uninspired derivative bromidic unimaginative vapid prosaic pedestrian hacky cliché flat worn out conventional ordinary played out routine warmed-over cornball hokey set cliched jejune bathetic familiar tune exhausted chain drained mildewed stereotypic platitudinal used-up ready-made predictable humdrum truistic boring well worn formulaic overdone dusty superseded dime-store everyday tedious repetitious imitative tripe familiar warmed-up dreary monotonous tiresome uninteresting insipid mind-numbing ho-hum wearisome stupid deprecated dinosaur fossil had it done for dead and gone past their sell-by date naff passé lifeless orthodox cliché standard standardized silly conventionalized tarnished inane mass-produced typecast uncreative ineffective deep-rooted childhood from way back long forgotten primal mundane vanilla standardised foregone quotidian old-chestnut old-saw played-out uneventful worn thin foetid mawkish zestless fetid yesterday's bent effete unvaried facile cornfed pabulum zero trivial nowhere bland nothing noplace square dumb blah mimetic gone off like a dinosaur world-weary mimic dull as dishwater ho hum apish slavish jaded epigonic epigonous canned from the past emulative copied numbing slow wearying weary jading drudging tame drab leaden arid monochromatic heavy ponderous colorless dry stodgy tiring stuffy plagiarized stereotype counterfeit plagiarised world-worn colourless cut and dried fuddy-duddy out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use has-been more advanced

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