Đồng nghĩa của pensioned

Alternative for pensioned

pensions, pensioned, pensioning

Đồng nghĩa: aid, allowance, assistance, grant, help, stipend, subsidy,


Past tense for dismiss
pink-slipped dismissed sacked fired discharged released cashiered axed retired removed terminated canned bounced ousted booted displaced deposed unseated dropped bumped defrocked deponed deselected disemployed disfrocked disqualified furloughed impeached recalled shelved suspended unfrocked booted out kicked out laid off lay off mustered out let go turned off sent packing showed the door shown the door gave the heave-ho given the heave-ho gave walking papers given walking papers gave warning given warning let out shut out turned away washed out gave notice to given notice to put away gave the ax given the ax gave the gate given the gate gave someone the pink slip given someone the pink slip gave someone his or her walking papers given someone his or her walking papers expelled defenestrated made redundant binned off paid off kissed off turfed out given someone the big E gave someone the sack gave someone their marching orders gotten rid of gave someone the push given someone their marching orders gave the elbow threw out thrown out given the elbow gave someone the bullet given someone his gave notice given someone their notice given someone the boot gave someone the boot gave the old heave-ho given someone the air got rid of gave someone the air given someone the bullet given someone the push gave someone their cards gave someone his gave someone their notice given notice given the old heave-ho gave someone the big E given someone the sack given someone their cards ejected discarded supplanted excused nixed replaced busted superseded declared redundant deprived of office run out of town relieved of duty locked out frozen out froze out ran out of town ridden out on rail rode out on rail

Trái nghĩa của pensioned

pensioned Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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