Đồng nghĩa của debilitated

Alternative for debilitated

debilitates, debilitated, debilitating

Đồng nghĩa: drain, enfeeble,


Frail, sickly or of a delicate constitution
weakly weak feeble frail ailing sickly faltering delicate invalid enfeebled ill decrepit failing unstable faint anile fragile unsound puny irresolute wobbly insecure shaky unsubstantial wavering vacillating anaemic anemic flimsy halting lame sensile insubstantial laid low infirm incapacitated weakened poorly helpless unwell prostrate unhealthy wasted enervated tender doddering in poor health powerless crippled languid disabled sapped asthenic prostrated down-and-out sick impotent slight effete paralyzed paralysed tottering wimpish wimpy low bedridden unfit strengthless vulnerable below par indisposed exhausted incapable doddery trembly defenceless valetudinarian soft softened dependent unsteady handicapped defenseless down out of gas aged trembling flabby tottery tired fatigued sensitive susceptible out of shape vitiated pathetic sapless meager meagre etiolated drained impuissant weedy weary hamstrung unable bad tenuous in poor condition handcuffed worn-out hog-tied run-down run down over a barrel high and dry out of condition under the weather crook in poor shape lacklustre poor lackluster rickety nesh indecisive valetudinary slender in declining health peaked hipped splenetic hippish needy washed out peaky on the sick list out of action needful reliant shattery dainty thin fishy wispy shatterable brittle fracturable spindly rundown superannuated old ancient senescent elderly senile clingy exposed unprotected spent shaking in bad shape past it rotten lousy desperate clinging over the hill long in the tooth no spring chicken languorous sluggish depleted beat pooped ineffective compromised injured off-color sick as a dog low-energy burned out worn out out of sorts laid-up tuckered out a wreck out of commission broken-down out-of-action tired out ineffectual unguarded unresistant undefended abandoned incompetent diseased rheumatic paralytic spastic tremorous neurasthenic arthritic sclerotic atonic disadvantaged forlorn destitute stranded hurt inadequate subject tied disadvantageous limp wounded inefficient shiftless friendless basket-case forsaken pinned inexpert unaided tapped useless disenfranchised unarmed stiff bruised sore wide open easily hurt easily destroyed wishy-washy supine without power blank disfranchised gutless resistless chicken wimp inert passive maimed up creek without paddle open to attack tapped out with hands tied impoverished diminished with no say not able battered deformed damaged palsied physically challenged game restrained hindered restricted impaired toothless shilpit gentle insufficient woozy half-hearted dopey emasculated flat


Feeling tired, fatigued or weary
exhausted drained fatigued spent beat bushed enervated knackered tired weary dead breathless panting pooped puffed puffing shattered wasted frazzled gasping jaded sapped weak bushwhacked effete enfeebled prostrated aweary beaten done flat fried jiggered limp loggy logy prostrate stonkered wabbit weakened wearied whipped worn zonked bleary fordone rooted toilworn whacked creamcrackered kaput shot worn out dog-tired burned-out burnt-out clapped out tired out bone-tired bone-weary dead beat dead tired out of breath ready to drop tuckered out wiped out worn-out all in done for done in fagged out knocked out puffed out puffing and blowing run-down tapped out washed-out whacked out extremely tired gasping for breath played out running on empty shagged out zonked out had it on your last legs out on one's feet out on your feet outta gas worn to a frazzle jet-lagged asleep on one's feet on one's last legs rundown worn-down crippled disabled weariful sleepy overtired fagged burnt out burned out drowsy tuckered flagging low listless languid done up out of gas drooping languorous depleted droopy asleep dog-weary far-gone dead on one's feet dead-tired dead-beat fit to drop blown used done-in lethargic bedraggled languishing faint lacklustre lackluster empty consumed lassitudinous hacked dragging dropping blasé lackadaisical overused narcoleptic collapsing overtaxed finished haggard dog tired sluggish low-energy sick bored infirm feeble broken-down very tired petered out taxed overworked washed out bleary-eyed somnolent wiped-out tired-out over-tired without energy worn down careworn drawn pinched strained gaunt hollow-cheeked hollow-eyed wan unwell peaky pale raddled stressed used up ashen blanched tense wrinkled fretted peaked fraught pasty-faced groggy spiritless sick and tired fed up the worse for wear run down etiolated sallow all-in wiped weather-beaten lined grim sleep deprived exasperated like death warmed up faded done with sickly torpid uptight slumberous dozy poorly run ragged on last leg dead on your feet dull stressed out in poor health adrenalized gone aching sore half-awake lived-in withered taut played-out heavy-lidded unhealthy footsore dilapidated tattered unkempt disheveled dishevelled coarsened debauched below par with sunken cheeks worse for wear under par waning weakening failing declining fading tiring wearying sinking deteriorating wilting ebbing decreasing giving up faltering diminishing slacking dwindling slumping leaden abating palling sagging slowing down


Feeling ill, fatigued, or generally unwell
run down ill unwell poorly peaky unhealthy crook peaked off ropy sickly crummy seedy wabbit weak queer peakish fatigued tired drained exhausted enervated knackered below par run-down off colour not oneself out of sorts under the weather washed out not up to snuff worn out in bad shape not feeling up to snuff sick indisposed infirm ailing in poor health diseased sick as a dog sickened bad frail bedridden feeble down invalid unsound queasy lousy impaired nauseated in a bad way laid-up not well rickety disordered funny rotten suffering infected delicate rocky feverish nauseous under par green about the gills under medication incurable hospitalized broken down hospitalised rough terrible peculiar off-color not very well liverish not up to par off-colour grotty awful punk valetudinarian laid up not so hot imperfect tottering defective confined declining wobbly unfit woozy pale on the sick list not in good shape laid low bummed at death's door qualmish green mean afflicted giddy dizzy faint strange dreadful unsightly ugly peely-wally groggy like death warmed up squeamish invalided iffy achy hypochondriacal in pain decrepit the worse for wear not feeling well haggard in bad health wasting languishing dying down with enfeebled feeling awful in ill health in poor shape out of action out of shape dragging shaky pallid ill-looking anemic in poor condition in a decline out of condition anaemic grim wretched not healthy lightheaded light-headed sickish queerish injured queazy out of commission confined to bed pukish on sick list feeling rotten slightly unwell horrible ropey not up to the mark poor paltry lame miserable qualmy reeling running temperature a wreck got the bug feeling terrible off one's feet ghastly failing low off one's feed uneasy in bed hors de combat got a bug not yourself not a hundred percent disabled incapacitated housebound immobilized bilious seasick ill in bed carsick trainsick airsick travel-sick pasty pasty-faced uncomfortable upset ashen whey-faced gray colourless bloodless ashy grey ashen-faced immobilised corpse-like cadaverous sallow uncertain green around gills restless dubious unsettling troubling odd suffering from motion sickness concerned unsettled suffering from altitude sickness doubtful fidgety wan pinched deathly pale sickly-looking drawn emaciated etiolated thin peelie-wally as white as a ghost as white as a sheet colorless


Affected by lethargy
lethargic dull sleepy sluggish inactive inert lazy slow torpid apathetic drowsy languid heavy listless slothful somnolent enervated indifferent comatose stupefied shiftless unenthusiastic fatigued idle indolent lifeless passive phlegmatic quiescent tired unenergetic weary blah dilatory dopey dormant draggy exhausted impassive lackadaisical lackluster lacklustre laggard laid-back languorous moony narcotic nebbish sleepyhead slumberous snoozy spiritless stolid stretchy supine unmoving wimpy without energy having spring fever out of it neb slow-moving hebetudinous unproductive flagging sedentary weak burned out lymphatic spent slow-going slow-paced somnific relaxed unhurried leisurely limp unconcerned uninterested leaden dreamy easy lax slack energyless languishing casual otiose dozy disinterested stagnant dawdling fainéant deliberate feeble insensible restful easygoing unresponsive pococurante sluggardly yawny measured lagging gentle plodding unrushed blahs pining dallying do-nothing motionless tardy loitering steady undemanding procrastinating careless passionless comfortable half-hearted Laodicean quiet faineant sedate lukewarm lacking in energy slapdash heavy-eyed asthenic logy half asleep neurasthenic cold sluggard inattentive peaceful nonchalant loafing insouciant easy-going faint sickly infirm uncaring still leisured creeping laid back static unhasty lingering snail-like negligent numb incurious tortoise-like effete bloodless sleeping snaillike pokey dragging crawling snail-paced poking poky dillydallying stupid stuporous delaying flat down unfeeling droopy lollygagging behindhand nodding unemotional slow and steady late slumbrous dozing remiss drugged insensitive work-shy being lazy relaxing taking your time calm patient bone idle depressed effortless spineless yielding dead vigorless vigourless vegetating acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant backward time-wasting unpunctual benumbed heedless chilled soporous soporose paralyzed sodden latent paralysed putting off tarrying unoccupied moratory problem neglectful unexciting uncurious bovine abstracted unanimated hibernating offhand perfunctory seated desk desk-bound sitting yawning inconscious out sleepyheaded stiff lumpish mooney sullen off drippy aimless complacent wishy-washy bland vapid lacking energy slap-happy vegged out out cold groggy sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted daydreaming dead to the world out to lunch unmoved unkind coldhearted anaesthetic anesthetic dazed emotionless knackered dopy easy going half-asleep done in hardly able to keep one's eyes open dog-tired dead beat all in ready for bed stationary cool stoical stoic spring fever uninvolved detached non-committal bored dispassionate settled deskbound ponderous undemonstrative unambitious impassible affectless cold-blooded unmotivated moderate what the hell dispirited callous untouched could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less laboured leaden-footed laggy tortoiselike postponing labored imperceptible


(of a place or economic activity) Suffering the damaging effects of a lack of demand or employment
depressed weak weakened devitalized enervated flat impaired inactive quiet slack slow dull sluggish stagnant static slow-moving dead dormant unproductive lethargic passive not busy stagnating declining moribund dying idle listless torpid inert fallow drowsing immobile unfruitful uncreative barren lifeless unenergetic sleepy tired dilatory laggard lax lazy languid limp languorous somnolent fatigued indolent slothful laid-back quiescent indifferent weary tardy apathetic yawny heavy unresponsive drowsy faineant fainéant logy insensitive dozy insensible neurasthenic asthenic lymphatic lackadaisical dopey comatose draggy slumberous spiritless shiftless snoozy moony blah supine impassive hebetudinous leaden uninterested otiose phlegmatic unhurried motionless peaceful relaxed unenthusiastic loafing dreamy heavy-eyed do-nothing having spring fever languishing sedentary lacklustre lackluster slow-going unconcerned numb stupefied energyless benumbed latent narcotic work-shy out of it tranquil unmoving stupid stuporous calm leisurely down lumpish resting gentle undisturbed lacking in energy slumbrous yawning slumbersome plodding inattentive easy restful nebbish exhausted stolid sleepyhead nodding negligent careless without energy half-hearted oscitant bone idle disinterested easygoing vigorless vigourless pococurante Laodicean neb effete laid back lacking energy sluggardly bovine half asleep lagging dallying procrastinating paralyzed sodden paralysed vegetating sleepyheaded stiff mooney sullen off sluggard drippy good-for-nothing insipid sleeping workshy uninspiring spineless yielding droopy blahs pining remiss uninspired acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant drony burned out slow-paced somnific flagging spent bleary-eyed soporous soporose vapid heedless characterless lacking vitality asleep on one's feet unoccupied stretchy wimpy pleasant soothing isolated untroubled relaxing unrushed measured comfortable still steady uncaring abstracted lukewarm silent serene smooth insouciant offhand easy-going dawdling deliberate undemanding passionless bloodless aimless deactivated slumbering in abeyance inoperative asleep placid slap-happy casual feeble chilled leisured unruffled unagitated incurious sentimental romantic laissez-faire slapdash halfhearted daydreaming sedate slow and steady unexciting easy going at rest spring fever

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