Đồng nghĩa của powerless

Alternative for powerless

Trái nghĩa: powerful,

Tính từ

Lacking sufficient power or strength
helpless impotent ineffective vulnerable weak defenceless ineffectual dependent feeble impuissant inadequate subject tied unable disenfranchised hamstrung handcuffed hog-tied incapable paralysed paralyzed unarmed useless blank chicken debilitated defenseless disabled disfranchised etiolated frail gutless incapacitated inert infirm passive prostrate resistless strengthless supine unfit wimp wishy-washy without power not able high and dry with no say out of gas over a barrel incompetent pathetic inept lame worthless hopeless inefficient poor inefficacious unsuccessful puny toothless enervated no good feckless nerveless lousy lacking forceless inapt lifeless futile inexpedient counterproductive crippled enfeebled effete tame unfitted spiritless bad unproductive inexpert unskilful unproficient inferior deficient defective not good enough edentulous unavailing vain unpowerful fruitless profitless compromised disadvantaged needy disadvantageous needful reliant lacking feeling weakened impoverished handicapped diminished unskillful unskilled restrained hindered restricted impaired infecund dud a dead loss bum inproficient lacking ability noneffective past it clingy paper tiger rotten unsuitable pallid bland pale insipid desperate clinging lacklustre lackluster flat vapid uninspired ill-suited incompatible broken flimsy junk not proper insufficient unadvantageous inconsistent improper inappropriate limited unsuited half-hearted vigourless unimaginative bloodless halfhearted anemic anaemic unsatisfactory unequal amateurish substandard wanting unqualified imperfect irresolute faulty duff not up to scratch not much chop not up to snuff no great shakes leaving much to be desired not much cop unassertive spineless indecisive meek weak-willed cowardly fickle timid faltering soft dithering craven timorous pusillanimous undetermined wavering indeterminate fallible weakling vacillating invertebrate chicken-hearted corruptible yellow weak-kneed lily-livered hemming and hawing milk-and-water waffling faint-hearted characterless yellow-bellied yielding wet namby-pamby unreliable unsure limp-wristed undependable easily led

Tính từ

Lacking any form of defense
defenceless defenseless exposed unprotected vulnerable unguarded helpless undefended unresistant unarmed open susceptible endangered weak naked indefensible caught frail pigeon poor wide open hands tied in the lurch on the line on the spot out on limb up the creek like a sitting duck in line of fire like a clay pigeon assailable open to attack pregnable unshielded impotent unsafe impuissant insecure without arms at risk easily hurt unfortified paralyzed paralysed stranded destitute abandoned accessible resistless forsaken without weapons in peril in jeopardy easily damaged easily wounded out on a limb weaponless unarmoured unsheltered isolated vincible in the line of fire in danger without defences wide-open woundable open to defenceless against vulnerable to susceptive to receptive to an easy target for ill-protected attackable handcuffed without resources in difficulties hamstrung without assistance hog-tied without help marooned bereft sitting duck foundered stuck shipwrecked aground deserted high and dry dependent incapable feeble unfit incompetent weakly debilitated infirm forlorn invalid inefficient shiftless disabled friendless prostrate basket-case unable unaided pinned tapped inexpert easily destroyed over a barrel up creek without paddle tapped out with hands tied liable sensitive tender sucker ready undefendable thin-skinned threatened unpatrolled prone subject subject to conquerable defeatable laid open left open at the mercy of exposed to risk in danger unsecure unattended unwatched dangerous hazardous unlocked perilous disappearing dying out at-risk unfastened unsecured unbolted easily affected by wide open to susceptive of without protection in the firing line prey to warned imperiled jeopardized disposed permitting jeopardised imperilled at risk of laid bare allowing of

Tính từ

Unable or insufficient to produce any effect or result
in vain useless ineffective futile ineffectual unsuccessful fruitless unproductive vain abortive inefficacious pointless unprofitable unavailing profitless worthless bootless barren empty nugatory otiose thwarted foiled impotent balked baulked frustrated to no avail to no purpose without success idle failed void paltry trivial hollow unimportant trifling misfired senseless time-wasting unnotable puny shuck misleading no-win sterile petty insignificant delusory frivolous slight delusive hopeless not a prayer on a treadmill in vicious circle going nowhere inefficient non-successful inept inadequate feeble purposeless feckless counterproductive hamstrung weak inexpedient lame inutile unfructuous unable forceless to no effect withered neutralised null inoperative incompetent defeasible null and void unfruitful spineless invertebrate innocuous inferior limited neutralized indecisive anticlimactic valueless of no use meaningless Sisyphean inconsequential of no avail junky impractical for nought unsatisfactory no dice chaffy insubstantial impracticable no-good forlorn exhausted unrewarding doomed unreal unusable miserable no use unsubstantial banal aimless pathetic pants a dead loss of no value good-for-nothing not worth the candle scant failing botched inane motiveless disastrous defeated thankless miscarried cheap vapid unsalable of no earthly use dead pyrrhic unavailable emasculate slack-spined not effective bungled no go no way insipid specious save one's breath Pyrrhic lost groundless wasted insufficient resultless unneeded unworkable baseless lacking foundation rambling irrelevant casual unfounded without grounds not serious without foundation unhelpful without rhyme or reason no good to gundy unsuitable unserviceable nonfunctional desperate despairing despondent unattainable dysfunctional expendable broken not useful unpurposed stillborn scrap unuseful inoperable nonpractical unfunctional impossible unachievable beyond hope not having a prayer with no chance of success poor trashy deficient measly defective negligible silly wretched poxy rubbishy nickel-and-dime wanky piddling of no benefit rubbish not worth a hill of beans bogus a dime a dozen mediocre abandoned nothing unessential two a penny waste not much cop ignoble

Tính từ

Feeling, deserving of, or characterized by, severe unhappiness or sadness
wretched unhappy gloomy depressed disconsolate dejected downcast forlorn sorry distressed melancholy pathetic pitiful sad heartbroken pitiable sorrowful woeful crestfallen doleful down glum abject cheerless downhearted inconsolable poor woebegone worthless anguished grieving melancholic morose mournful mourning sorrowing sullen blue despairing devastated hopeless piteous rueful somber sombre brokenhearted comfortless saddened solemn spiritless bleak choked depressive despondent dolorous drear dreary droopy elegiacal hangdog heartsick heartsore heavyhearted joyless lonely lonesome gutted heartbreaking heartrending low afflicted bummed calamitous dispirited downtrodden hapless helpless hurting mirthless sour tragic broken-hearted cast down down-and-out grief-stricken cut up down in the mouth in the pits long-faced low-spirited chap-fallen down in the dumps miserable dismal desolate bad discouraged disheartened heavy-hearted lamentable lugubrious distressing plaintive tearful grievous harrowing pessimistic heart-rending fed up regretful weeping agonized upset bitter disappointed dolesome in low spirits plangent painful in pain agonised crushed moody suffering demoralized dragged wailing bewailing bemoaning moving deplorable aching bummed out unfortunate grim oppressed troubled funeral demoralised deploring distressful affecting depressing chapfallen distraught in the doldrums brassed off tormented cheesed off defeatist sick as a parrot touching agonizing saddening poignant funereal upsetting agonising disturbing lachrymose down and out in the dumps destroyed shot down in despair stirring dire gut-wrenching tortured tear-jerking bleeding all torn up anxious out of sorts weighed down unlucky desperate regrettable lamenting wistful pained angst-ridden dismayed pensive awful black ruthful ripped traumatic dolent cast-down heavy weary ill-fated dreadful ill-starred base catastrophic paltry mean terrible to be pitied disastrous in a blue funk as sick as a parrot singing the blues grieved wounded unconsolable devastating bereaved fatal traumatized dull shocking saturnine resigned teary daunted ruinous discouraging dour elegiac mopey crummy sick at heart nostalgic traumatised dispiriting heavy with grief disquieting destructive downbeat grumpy troubling sunk sunk in gloom torn up taken down shamefaced defeated scurvy vile commiserable broken agitated compassionate commiserative arousing shabby cataclysmic uncomfortable abashed overwhelmed beggarly perturbed harrowed disheartening disappointing sheepish suicidal shaken mortifying bothered appalling overcome discombobulated harassed concerned wrecked meagre meager dark crushing unpleasant spooked bugged shook racked tender derisible dysphoric vexatious weepy adverse uptight mopish broody sapped overcome with sorrow down-in-the-mouth bummed-out cynical jumpy antsy unglued fateful sepulchral shattered bereft Eeyorish strung out shook up subdued deadly enervated crabbed flat surly sulky adust morbid negative racked with suffering racked with pain in a stew in a tizzy down-hearted long-suffering on a downer in sorrow in mourning low-down let down full of sorrow ugly in the toilet low in spirits merciful feel-bad very sad cheap inadequate despicable contemptible insignificant lousy prostrated sorry for oneself luckless lame heart-sick lovesick prostrate with grief undermined melting mortified remorseful drab demoralizing difficult demoralising cringing browbeaten guilty cowed unable to be comforted unable to be consoled beseeching ruined entreating supplicating imploring dolorific afflictive dirgeful detrimental excruciating troublesome dejecting oppressive pining unsatisfied torn-up discontent misfortunate guilty-looking furtive beside oneself with grief worried distracted humourless humorless in distress cataclysmal harmful untoward direful apathetic useless petty puny discomposing cold brooding listless ashamed intimidated embarrassed sneaking afflicting fraught griefstricken damp lowered bowed grousing cranky bellyaching cantankerous crabby beefing bearish godforsaken disillusioned taken aback deflated threnodic dirge-like aggrieved lost jittery shaky miffed unpropitious off sluggish doomed horrific frightful dingy horrifying heart-wrenching emo cowering humiliated conscience-stricken forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned depressant in anguish bowed down moping churlish unmitigable without energy friendless destitute uncared-for disgraceful small atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging frantic ill-humoured huffy sorry for yourself peeved exercised wired let-down not happy emotional impactful intense impressive hurt ill-humored dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone have the blahs in a funk vexed unnerved discomposed disconcerted ruffled disquieted with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off up the wall bundle of nerves basket case distrait hyper fidgety feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny no-win strabilious up the creek without hope at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end irked discountenanced flustered aflutter plagued sentimental perturbing passionate agitating expressive galling haunted can't win horrendous gruesome not a prayer in the soup persecuted lethal mortal at end of one's rope at the end of your tether deathly grave tragical serious tristful cruel feeble worrying dangerous weighty severe earnest forbidding sobering sedate urgent strenuous sober unamusing acute critical far-reaching in tears crying sobbing displeased sniveling discontented snivelling blubbering thrown in grief in doldrums bawling howling disgruntled deterred disenchanted disturbed blubbing whimpering down in dumps close to tears larmoyant triste languid on the verge of tears languorous gray grey sore burned contused angry annoyed cross unmanned humbled drained sick down in mouth devitalized weakened strained put off languished shot-down ailing greeting unenthusiastic unenthused unconfident uneasy dissatisfied beat-down come-apart caved-in down-in-mouth beat blubbery moist watery wet longing frustrated discomfited lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart maudlin dreamy yearning reflective chagrined aghast beaten contemplative musing dreaming with cold feet meditative lost momentum worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked thoughtful in blue funk gone to pieces easily moved in floods of tears with tears in your eyes daydreaming at desirous wishful sob story in a reverie

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