Đồng nghĩa của unwell

Alternative for unwell

Đồng nghĩa: ailing, ill, indisposed, sick,

Tính từ

Not in good health
ill sick indisposed debilitated infirm poorly sickly diseased liverish nauseous queasy sickened unhealthy unsound weak ailing bedridden crook hospitalised hospitalized invalid nauseated off peaked peaky bad crummy feeble feverish frail grotty impaired incurable infected queer ropy seedy wabbit down funny haggard lousy peculiar punk rough suffering below par not up to snuff not well off colour under par under the weather in poor health laid-up not feeling well not in good shape not up to par off-colour out of sorts sick as a dog green about the gills in a bad way run down run-down the worse for wear at death's door not oneself not very well under medication broken down rotten awful washed out faint terrible dreadful peely-wally peakish delicate dizzy giddy off-color qualmish sickish enfeebled squeamish shaky laid up rocky tired enervated valetudinarian exhausted tottering afflicted prostrate woozy incapacitated low queazy queerish weakened rickety drained fatigued on the sick list laid low decrepit wasted bilious languid sapped lightheaded carsick prostrated asthenic seasick down-and-out light-headed green wobbly groggy slight weakly effete airsick tender pale out of action unstable disordered unsteady anaemic failing anemic doddering wimpish wimpy unsubstantial lame worn-out worn out like death warmed up confined unfit invalided mean rundown iffy drawn out of commission bummed puny thin grim pinched soft softened sick as dog barfy doddery fragile insecure flimsy wavering wan pallid declining disabled imperfect defective injured spent sickly-looking emaciated not so hot ill-looking weary travel-sick pooped beat etiolated confined to bed knackered dying wretched pukish poor crippled down with broken-down weedy worn tottery gaunt spindly in poor shape a wreck dragging raddled tired out tuckered out out of gas vacillating doubtful tenuous feeling rotten feeling awful vitiated trembly on sick list meagre pathetic strengthless sapless meager in bad shape lacklustre lackluster out of shape green at the gills hollow-eyed not yourself about to throw up off one's feed not a hundred percent not up to the mark horrible strange slightly unwell ugly travelsick unsightly ghastly qualmy reeling pasty pasty-faced ropey paltry languishing valetudinary handicapped disgusted housebound immobilized uneasy ashen whey-faced ashy gray colourless bloodless grey ashen-faced unwholesome in bed corpse-like cadaverous sallow wasting off form ill in bed miserable in bad health slender stricken in pain hors de combat chunderous deathly pale contaminated tainted septic blighted sinking reduced sensitive nesh susceptible got a bug immobilised achy hypochondriacal peccant abnormal green around the gills not healthy nauseatic sick as a parrot peelie-wally powerless as white as a ghost as white as a sheet colorless without energy infectious dainty fishy shatterable brittle fracturable shattery wispy trainsick bockety languorous depleted sluggish upset uncomfortable cranky chronically ill always ill pining often ill laid-low helpless impotent burned out low-energy in ill health in poor condition irresolute stressed out of condition shilpit restless dubious unsettling odd concerned uncertain troubling suffering from motion sickness unsettled fidgety faltering out-of-action not feeling up to snuff experiencing nausea feeling queasy ticklish quaking feeling nauseous feeling nauseated feeling woozy inconstant staggering tricky trembling in a decline suffering from altitude sickness indecisive unsafe unbalanced uneven tense strained half-hearted dopey emasculated flabby gentle insufficient flat aged halting anile sensile out of humor down in the mouth green around gills in declining health off one's feet careworn got the bug running temperature feeling terrible wonky precarious withered fraught hollow-cheeked teetering dead loggy aweary bushed jaded logy washed-out wearied beaten bleary done limp teetery fluctuant rattletrap wavy wiggling unsure dilapidated tattered unkempt dishevelled disheveled coarsened debauched feeling sick wiped out played out stressed out burned-out all in tapped out on your last legs with sunken cheeks worse for wear shot dead tired dog-tired kaput ready to drop out on one's feet bone-weary frazzled shattered outta gas worn-down done for done in burnt-out weariful had it dull listless faded whacked worn to a frazzle zonked lethargic inactive white waxen dead beat tuckered jiggered creamcrackered slack clapped out fagged out slow quiet lifeless bleached deathlike torpid whitish blanched stagnant static lurid doughy livid depressed hurt chalk-white chalky apathetic breathless puffed panting puffing gasping maimed indolent bushwhacked sleepy flagging slow-moving heavy whipped stonkered fordone rooted fried toilworn dog-weary fagged drowsy inert wrinkled droopy fretted hacked lymphatic puffing and blowing dead-beat knocked out shagged out far-gone dead-tired whacked out puffed out running on empty bone-tired jet-lagged gasping for breath wiped-out extremely tired out of breath zonked out deteriorated fit to drop encumbered hindered hampered lackadaisical hipped splenetic hippish bedraggled overtired bland lassitudinous dropping blasé dim waxlike ineffectual spectral inadequate insubstantial watery ineffective insipid white-faced waxy devitalized paled mealy wounded wheyfaced anodyne lusterless sore stiff bruised lacking in energy lumbering unenergetic idle battered deformed damaged waterish dilatory laggard lax somnolent lazy passive game wooden physically challenged slothful paralysed tardy dormant quiescent laid-back indifferent incapable undermined wornout sidelined paralyzed harmed wishy-washy neurasthenic dozy unresponsive insensitive insensible yawny faineant fainéant milky jaundiced asleep on one's feet ghostly tired-looking deathly characterless white as a ghost white as a sheet

Tính từ

Having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something
rabid wild violent extreme fanatical fervent bigoted extremist frantic frenzied furious intolerant mad maniacal uncompromising crazed diehard over-enthusiastic overzealous passionate biased delirious ferocious feverish fierce frenetic gung-ho illiberal irrational one-sided partisan prejudiced raging raving unreasonable zealous berko berserk infuriated intemperate narrow-minded perfervid swivel-eyed ardent bitten corybantic crazy dedicated deranged diseased enthusiastic flipped ill infected insane intense keen mad-dog militant naked nutty obsessed overboard poisoned sick sizzling smoking ultraist virulent freaked out hysterical excited manic agitated uncontrolled distraught hectic overwrought hyper beside oneself demented fraught panic-stricken worked up out of control flipped out fevered unhinged wired unscrewed in a tizzy keyed up weirded out wigged out hyperactive energetic unrestrained nuts desperate confused turbulent distracted angry weird zonkers unglued unzipped at wits' end spazzed out hot under the collar shook up in a stew hot and bothered overexcited uncontrollable restless tumultuous panic-struck obsessive panicky confusing exciting unbalanced lunatic nervous chaotic neurotic busy distrait convulsive maniac fast and furious hysteric off your head in a state in a frenzy beside yourself dogmatic sectarian madding radical blinkered single-minded activist chauvinistic inflexible abandoned phrenetic furibund boisterous overcome demonic demoniacal ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited lost it overwhelmed incoherent sectionable in a lather stunned struck incredulous overawed affected gay riotous emotional babbling distressed unrestrainable psychotic up turned out hopped up freaky high overpowered uptight lightheaded hot hallucinating aberrant deviant disturbed light-headed rambling disordered bewildered wandering hallucinatory unsettled disarranged deviate devastated irrepressible fiery in a panic carried away impetuous impassioned maddened vehement driven to distraction rampant blazing tempestuous incensed fuming spasmodic very upset in a fit seething unnerved possessed out of one's wits worried last-minute anxious het up wound up in a flap having kittens in a tizz destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself in a flat spin at the end of your tether in a cold sweat heated out of one's head out of one's skull overactive impatient mental high-strung like one possessed ape amok bananas bonkers spare batty bats barmy barro crook porangi crackers postal on the rampage up the wall off the deep end through the roof off the air off your rocker out to lunch around the bend out of one's mind

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