Đồng nghĩa của infectious

Alternative for infectious

Đồng nghĩa: infective,


Of, relating to, or caused by bacteria


Suffering from disease
diseased unhealthy ailing sick infected rotten sickly unwell ill unsound unwholesome infirm bad blighted contaminated crook septic tainted abnormal peccant afflicted indisposed poorly weak peaky sickened bedridden peaked in poor health feeble frail under the weather run-down debilitated below par invalid down queasy run down off colour funny lousy not well punk in a bad way seedy not oneself sick as a dog out of sorts delicate liverish nauseous valetudinarian crummy under par peculiar rocky queer wabbit not very well laid up not in good shape nauseated suffering disordered rickety impaired feverish grotty rough ropy not up to par laid-up off-color not up to snuff on the sick list green about the gills plague-ridden hospitalized incurable polluted infested disease-ridden invalided broken down iffy under medication groggy hospitalised off-colour like death warmed up laid low at death's door qualmish declining tottering imperfect defective confined wobbly not so hot mean off unfit grim pale squeamish sickish bummed woozy haggard dragging feeling awful out of action out of shape green dirty impure poisoned catching unstable languishing dying off one's feed not feeling well contagious toxic bug-ridden the worse for wear wasting enfeebled awful terrible achy hypochondriacal in pain decrepit in bad health down with pestilent pallid weakly shaky anemic anaemic puny lacklustre cranky pining chronically ill often ill low always ill faint lackluster laid-low washed out in ill health in poor shape ill-looking in poor condition in a decline out of condition wretched not healthy queerish queazy running temperature on sick list off one's feet feeling rotten a wreck got the bug feeling terrible dreadful peely-wally peakish dizzy giddy tired enervated exhausted prostrate incapacitated weakened drained fatigued carsick wasted bilious languid sapped lightheaded prostrated asthenic seasick down-and-out light-headed slight effete airsick tender unsteady failing doddering wimpish wimpy unsubstantial lame worn-out worn out rundown drawn out of commission thin pinched soft softened sick as dog barfy doddery fragile insecure flimsy wavering wan disabled injured spent sickly-looking emaciated weary travel-sick pooped beat etiolated confined to bed knackered pukish poor crippled broken-down weedy worn tottery gaunt spindly raddled tired out tuckered out out of gas vacillating doubtful tenuous vitiated trembly meagre pathetic strengthless sapless meager in bad shape green at the gills hollow-eyed not yourself about to throw up not a hundred percent not up to the mark horrible strange slightly unwell ugly travelsick unsightly ghastly qualmy reeling pasty pasty-faced ropey paltry valetudinary handicapped disgusted housebound immobilized uneasy ashen whey-faced ashy gray colourless bloodless grey ashen-faced in bed corpse-like cadaverous sallow off form ill in bed miserable slender stricken hors de combat chunderous deathly pale sinking reduced sensitive nesh susceptible got a bug immobilised green around the gills nauseatic sick as a parrot peelie-wally powerless as white as a ghost as white as a sheet colorless without energy dainty fishy shatterable brittle fracturable shattery wispy trainsick bockety languorous depleted sluggish upset uncomfortable helpless impotent burned out low-energy irresolute stressed shilpit restless dubious unsettling odd concerned uncertain troubling suffering from motion sickness unsettled fidgety faltering out-of-action not feeling up to snuff experiencing nausea feeling queasy ticklish quaking feeling nauseous feeling nauseated feeling woozy inconstant staggering tricky trembling suffering from altitude sickness indecisive unsafe unbalanced uneven tense strained half-hearted dopey emasculated flabby gentle insufficient flat aged halting anile sensile out of humor down in the mouth green around gills in declining health careworn wonky precarious withered fraught hollow-cheeked teetering dead loggy aweary bushed jaded logy washed-out wearied beaten bleary done limp teetery fluctuant rattletrap wavy wiggling unsure dilapidated tattered unkempt dishevelled disheveled coarsened debauched feeling sick wiped out played out stressed out burned-out all in tapped out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks worse for wear

Trái nghĩa của infectious

infectious Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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