Đồng nghĩa của pandemic

Alternative for pandemic

pandemic /pæn'demik/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) dịch lớn; có tính chất dịch lớn (bệnh)
    • danh từ
      • (y học) dịch lớn


    (of a disease) Prevalent over a whole country or the world
    prevalent widespread global pervasive epidemic rampant rife universal accepted all all-embracing all-inclusive all-over astronomical broad catholic celestial common comprehensive cosmic cosmopolitan customary diffuse ecumenical empyrean extensive general generic multinational mundane omnipresent planetary regular stellar sweeping terrestrial total ubiquitous undisputed unlimited unrestricted usual whole worldly worldwide pervading inescapable international permeating wide-ranging predominant popular overarching wall-to-wall endemic penetrating far-reaching present everywhere prevailing full thorough across-the-board overall all over the place abundant across the board everywhere world boundless intercontinental insidious immanent suffusive permeative permeant complete wholesale exhaustive blanket wide deep overwhelming thoroughgoing all-round persistent wide-reaching spreading infectious contagious catching infinite ubiquitary epizootic inclusive communicable can't get away from collective compendious entire panoramic cyclopedic encyclopedic indiscriminate large-scale mass embracive omnibus encyclopaedic unanimous plentiful very common all-pervading all-present ever-present all-pervasive current raging frequent broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in broad-brush in-depth one-size-fits-all expansive extended rangy absolute outspread preponderate profuse numerous thronged many ruling multitudinous regnant far-flung out-and-out on a large scale all-encompassing all-around all-out vast large ample countrywide immense interdisciplinary multidisciplinary nationwide cross-disciplinary coast-to-coast big sizable great outright umbrella significant roomy capacious spacious expanded radical huge far-ranging scopic broad-ranging commodious sizeable generalized eclectic comfortable generalised scopious voluminous endless generous limitless broad-based broad-spectrum company-wide profound latitudinous outstretched open major airy palatial unspecified enormous uncrowded state systemic cavernous national spread-out spread comprising rambling thorough-going discursive unconditional unmitigated bird's-eye spread out straight-out enlarged systemwide widened copious vague bodywide simple high-ceilinged nonspecific panoptic everything encompassing substantial encyclopaedical encyclopedical unconfined important without exception obscure hazy nebulous momentous taken as a whole non-selective long lengthy statewide broad in content including all members including all categories protracted massive humongous life-changing ambitious whole-hog unselective exaggerated overstated overdrawn bulk quantitative detailed full-scale hefty regional influential weighty consequential broad-minded diverse liberal tolerant unsectarian unbigoted diversified clean unexclusive grand expanding stretching inflatable elastic dilating swelling in quantity in bulk of moment of significance flexible undogmatic interstate encircling containing integral plenary compleat intact perfect synoptic rolling immeasurable extendable stretchy enlargeable distending in the mass general-purpose multiculti open-minded world-wide varied all-purpose unprejudiced unqualified unspecialized of great import of consequence thick fat beamy wall to wall in depth the works from Land's End to John O'Groats all over the country dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed extreme lock stock and barrel the whole shebang the big picture of great scope indeterminate charitable receptive without end widely distributed reducible stereotypable far reaching wide physically wide-stretching wide-extending discernible apparent obvious observable evident far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending all-encompassing all-embracing dispersed scattered generalisable generalizable unconcentrated diffused broad based disseminated not concentrated circulated thin separated strewn propagated radiated distributed broadcast diluted


    Being predominant across, or applying to, a broad spectrum
    overall gross comprehensive universal inclusive master ruling sweeping prevailing wholesale public blanket popular majority received umbrella global worldwide international all-around all-round broad across-the-board broad-brush nationwide countrywide coast-to-coast across the board all-embracing all-inclusive company-wide general extensive widespread total thorough complete wide-ranging full far-reaching common exhaustive generic wide overarching all-encompassing encyclopedic panoramic encyclopaedic indiscriminate compendious embracive catholic bird's-eye in-depth all-in nonspecific thoroughgoing mass wall-to-wall cyclopedic extended unlimited omnibus absolute expansive large-scale broad-gauge broad-gauged cover-all outright all-out pervasive whole broad-spectrum collective ubiquitous prevalent rampant pervading deep interdisciplinary entire multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary ecumenical rife omnipresent state unconditional unmitigated infinite epidemic ample permeating national overwhelming basic broad-ranging inescapable radical one-size-fits-all diffuse grand unrestricted rangy without exception out-and-out far-flung broad-based straight-out all in panned effective non-specific large unbounded panoptic everything all encompassing standard all-purpose nonexclusive net statewide predominant wide-reaching far-ranging boundless aggregate integrated cosmopolitan outspread preponderate wholistic replete maximal detailed full-scale regional rounded broad in content including all members including all categories thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective generalised exaggerated overstated overdrawn eclectic unanimous multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical accepted holistic on a large scale all over the place in the mass in quantity in bulk bulk quantitative non-selective clean interstate full-on big picture full-blown encircling containing integral plenary lock stock and barrel the whole shebang in depth compleat the big picture comprising intact of great scope discursive perfect synoptic the works all-over from Land's End to John O'Groats all over the country unconfined limitless endless catchall taken as a whole catch-all all-together in toto all together with everything included ball-of-wax vast significant major profound everywhere huge great big sizable important massive humongous hefty intercontinental unqualified immense ubiquitary encyclopaedical encyclopedical abundant undisputed very common all-present ever-present present everywhere all-pervading all-pervasive oversimplified over-general long expanded lengthy imprecise protracted scopic scopious unexclusive planetary wall to wall world momentous nondiscriminatory cosmic open-door open accessible to everyone free-for-all free to all non-restrictive non-exclusive welcoming open to the public life-changing ambitious influential weighty consequential leading spacious whopping thundering substantial bulky jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster heavy-duty roomy good mondo strapping enormous heavyweight packed healthy husky copious walloping awash capacious fat bull oversize ponderous colossal voluminous tremendous whopper mammoth commodious gigantic chock-full brimming considerable burly crowded of moment of significance of great import of consequence super colossal a whale of a


    Not restrained or held in check
    rampant unrestrained unbridled unchecked uncontrolled widespread epidemic rife wild aggressive dominant excessive outrageous raging rank tumultuous violent abandoned exuberant flagrant intemperate pervasive prevalent rampaging raw runaway unbounded uncontrollable unhampered unhindered vehement luxuriant profuse riotous ungovernable wanton blustering boisterous clamorous extensive extravagant fecund flourishing furious growing impetuous multiplying out of control predominant proliferating rambling spreading threatening turbulent unruly exceeding bounds out of hand spreading like wildfire on the rampage mass unconstrained unrestricted uninhibited immoderate uncurbed ungoverned undisciplined unimpeded irrepressible profligate unsuppressed chaotic licentious incontinent full-on free untrammelled unmanageable unfettered inordinate untrammeled lawless disorderly reckless disobedient dissolute self-indulgent unstoppable uncontainable unquenchable noisy unlimited unconfined loose not controlled rowdy extreme wayward stubborn overindulgent running wild rough indiscriminate tempestuous anarchic untamed unreasonable dissipated refractory debauched immoral severe passionate uproarious obstreperous mutinous impotent unregulated driverless rabid enthusiastic unconcealed crazed madcap crazy hysterical berserk over-the-top unmanaged depraved corrupt unopposed unobstructed self-willed unconventional heavy incorrigible impulsive reprobate unprincipled sinful wicked unshackled attention-seeking extrovert shameless natural boundless corybantic incautious irrational unbound footloose undue unjustified prodigal unrepressed raving thrilled rash unwarranted spontaneous saturnalian frank plenary open flamboyant exaggerated candid audacious impertinent bizarre limitless blunt giddy flighty unsubmissive egregious lavish imprudent uncalled for dissipative O.T.T. over the top lacking self-control expanding augmented rapid change ascending rapid growth mounting greedy unbalanced rebellious stormy agitated intractable unstable exponential recalcitrant explosive seditious rugged unsettled roller-coaster willful untoward wilful defiant froward contrary rebel recusant insubordinate incompliant balky contumacious restive storming full of confusion fiery excited shaking roughhouse perturbed bitter full of ups and downs full of upheavals full of conflict demonstrative destructive rambunctious raucous vociferous stern termagant in turmoil unrestrainable without law and order fractious


    A series of things of the same type, especially when unwelcome, happening within a short space of time
    rash flood plague series spate succession wave deluge outbreak torrent boutade epidemic explosion flurry run eruption flush string outburst burst upsurge flare-up rush gush surge storm blaze fit flow flash ebullition spurt stream flare tide volley spasm paroxysm rise outpouring upswing spell inflammation barrage avalanche chain breakout shower battery flicker recrudescence blowup bursting detonation cascade groundswell sally gale gust sudden appearance contagion upwelling charge uprising onrush pest agony bout access onslaught swell current sweep escalation influx scourge endemic pestilence blow-up bubble welling up attack effusion bombardment salvo manifestation sequence blast start cannonade hail paddy blitz fusillade blitzkrieg vomiting spot drumfire drumbeat course train craze increase growth upturn cluster inundation welter mushrooming spread patch spree frenzy infection disease building up build-up sickness what's going around bubonic plague visitation lues virus Black Death contagious disease flutter commotion rending crash crack roar breaking brawl irruption occurrence effervescence break fury disorder sundering thunder discharge disruption tumult sortie convulsion gushing flux efflux spill broadside inrush heave push dash onset rain stab dart feeling pour river downpour flood tide outflow squall heavy sea tempest jet squirt large amount vibration exodus spout profusion splash touch billow draught overflowing overflow spray assault draft uprush blow advance show overrunning monsoon offensive fountain advancement outpour brief display sudden show sudden display sudden exhibition brief exhibition march passage progression emission spritz descent foray thrust raid incursion procession progress process din agitation violence aggression strife headway furtherance stampede going trend direction drift tendency movement wind leaning turn tenor swing ebb undercurrent race drag

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