Đồng nghĩa của without end


Never ending or changing
perpetual eternal everlasting lasting abiding endless enduring immortal perennial permanent never-ending undying unending ageless timeless constant imperishable long-lasting unchanging deathless sempiternal unfailing changeless continuing dateless immutable indestructible indissoluble infinite invariable never-changing ongoing perdurable unfading unvarying intermittent never-ceasing recurring reoccurring repeating repetitious returning going on forever amaranthine ceaseless boundless unceasing illimitable indefinite termless always immemorial continued persistent continual never dying interminable classic incessant continuous uninterrupted unremitting limitless relentless unbroken inextinguishable ineradicable undiminished unforgettable atemporal agelong durable firm incorruptible persisting fixed steady unwavering sustained remaining steadfast lifelong stable unbreakable unfaltering surviving indelible non-stop undecaying made to last unchangeable shatterproof resistant regular chronic toughened unrelenting non-breakable unabating undeviating infrangible prevailing hard-wearing sturdy stout unrelieved heavy-duty unquenchable adamantine solid irrepressible fast armoured sustainable inexhaustible unyielding armored long-term long-standing unalterable standing immovable unshakable long-lived irreversible recurrent old longstanding running unabated nonstop prolonged renewable persevering dogged set round-the-clock in for the long haul binding tenacious inseparable never-dying memorable undestroyed unsuppressible unended unspoiled youthful fresh non-corroding non-biodegradable strong nonbreakable rugged traditional deep-rooted irreparable inveterate even uniform death-defying ever living ingrained secure established phoenixlike undeadly consistent brass-bound hard resilient tough tight invulnerable living not decaying annual yearlong yearly seasonal predictable perduring unflagging unwaning frequent dependable habitual repeated tireless inexpungible reliable consecutive for keeps uncontrollable that will never die that will live forever stationary invariant unchanged long-established untiring indefatigable current sustaining advancing pursuing maintaining progressing set in concrete forever and a day set in stone long-running staying monotonous repetitive always-on unstoppable in progress unswerving interminate round the clock around-the-clock unwearying oft-repeated same rigid equable inflexible static stabile unfluctuating till the cows come home uncorrodable carrying on extendable viable unconstrained unmanageable unrestrainable uncontainable insuppressible unrestrained nonperishable replenishable bountiful incorrigible intractable inexorable wild out of control undestroyable rock-solid undestructable unruinable irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced irrefrangible inextirpable


Impervious to limitation, without limit
illimitable unlimited infinite limitless immeasurable unbounded boundless unending endless eternal bottomless fathomless horizonless immense immensurable indefinite measureless never-ending unfathomable vast amaranthine ceaseless constant continual continuous countless deathless enduring everlasting immortal incalculable incessant indeterminate inestimable interminable monotonous multitudinous numberless overlong perpetual self-perpetuating unbroken undivided undying uninterrupted unsurpassable untold without limits no end of no end to unceasing inexhaustible without limit great permanent non-stop cosmic persistent relentless unremitting steady abundant unfailing huge unfaltering sustained nonstop round-the-clock unflagging abounding tremendous innumerable extensive unfading no strings no holds barred protracted prolonged long-winded unrelenting unabating long boring dragging wearisome lasting tedious long-drawn-out always-on rambling seemingly endless without number without interruption spun out on a treadmill timeless dragged out unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained unconfined copious unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled undefined unbottomed bountiful uncalculable lavish total myriad incomprehensible wide-open full utter beyond measure wide open no catch not stopping having no end unchanging no strings attached with no holds barred unfathomed uncounted supertemporal sempiternal perdurable extreme wide large million all-embracing stupendous without ceasing continuing continued dateless abiding unrelieved running ongoing consecutive repeated regular stable steady-going without respite with no let-up without a break for ever and ever day and night without surcease lengthy laborious ponderous meandering marathon unbound interminate looped strung out day-and-night dull enormous uncountable incomputable indeterminable extended spun-out time-consuming long-lived dragged-out far lingering long-lasting drawn-out long-term diffusive slow overextended tardy wordy late delayed prolix verbose dilatory diffuse unnumberable innumerous unsummed unnumbered for ages forever and a day unforeseen jillion uncertain iffy haphazard erratic unpredictable unreckonable unforeseeable unfixed capricious whimsical fluctuant not to be reckoned chancy zillion hit-or-miss numerous many legion manifold multifarious umpteen multiple very many several beyond number divers voluminous various sundry populous prodigious too many to be counted lank unquantifiable profuse multifold plentiful beaucoup loads of stacks of heaps of masses of oodles of a multitude of a multiplicity of bazillions of bags of a great number of zillions of gazillions of unknown indefinable a slew of thick on the ground considerable multiplex endless numbers of incalculable numbers of alive with teeming heaps frequent ample rife infinite numbers of scads of plenteous lots of a thousand and one all kinds of a bunch of quite a few diverse an incalculable number of an infinite number of unmeasured priceless invaluable unspecifiable unidentifiable precious valuable multitudinal beyond price plumbless plummetless stellar thousand-and-one far down very deep abysmal full-out all-out all-encompassing full-blown full-scale complete totalitarian universal prolific stack mucho mint loads oodles wad scads slew pile raft gobs immeasurable numbers of peck mess heap on tap ad nauseam unthinkable unimaginable indescribable massive colossal unmeasurable imponderable unspeakable unutterable inexpressible superabundant bounteous generous tidy sum whole slew passel of thick monstrous unexpressed ineffable private hidden titanic mighty staggering mammoth gigantic crawling with overflowing miscellaneous disparate liberal well-provided varied large-scale multiplied rampant rich replete assorted prevalent well-supplied motley mixed a lot of plenty of piles of a profusion of millions of a shedload of scores of a great many lousy with quantities of a great deal of billions of a quantity of dozens of a swag of tons of hundreds of thousands of an abundance of undreamed of a raft of a whole bunch of more than one can count more … than one can shake a stick at


Having a large scope or range
far-flung broad extensive wide sweeping widespread expansive extended deep comprehensive diffuse global rangy extreme far-reaching widely distributed wide-ranging wide-reaching wide-stretching wide-extending far-extending far-going far-spread far-stretched all-embracing thorough pervasive inclusive exhaustive across-the-board all-inclusive catholic all-encompassing significant vast universal overarching scopic interdisciplinary multidisciplinary across the board cross-disciplinary radical large wholesale far-ranging blanket large-scale complete scopious worldwide full expanded ample profound immense in-depth major encyclopedic great big sizable boundless wall-to-wall prevalent general outspread thoroughgoing compendious all-around all-out overall unlimited unrestricted encyclopaedic enlarged widened copious eclectic broad-ranging umbrella spread huge long lengthy protracted massive humongous comprising hefty indiscriminate rife wall to wall unexclusive epidemic pervading rampant ubiquitous prevailing permeating pandemic predominant out-and-out on a large scale all-round inescapable popular absolute all over the place international omnipresent total common preponderate overwhelming thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective overstated bird's-eye generalised exaggerated overdrawn important momentous ambitious life-changing expanding stretching inflatable swelling elastic dilating consequential influential weighty spacious extendable voluminous enlargeable distending stretchy of moment of significance capacious unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed roomy dilatant spread-out of great import of consequence panoramic detailed embracive cyclopedic all-in omnibus cover-all broad-gauge broad-gauged grand entire whole commodious enormous prolonged generous spread out elaborate nationwide infinite full-scale meticulous outright rambling generic mass lengthened drawn-out perfect cavernous minute intensive integral painstaking careful compleat rigorous intact open elongated outstretched full-blown ecumenical coast-to-coast long-drawn-out abundant sizeable penetrating particular in depth drawn out specific substantial broad-brush long-term endless serious comfortable utter everywhere plenary countrywide present everywhere unbroken lasting spreading marathon long-lasting unabridged stretched out continued undivided considerable uncrowded endemic drastic airy clean plentiful lock stock and barrel limitless far exact palatial uncut unqualified full-dress severe violent scrupulous faraway astronomical integrated worldly planetary distant long-lived long-drawn all broad-based broad-spectrum high blow-by-blow intricate enduring regular cosmic cosmopolitan panoptic multinational elongate concentrated of considerable length all-over undiminished stretched immeasurable yawning strung out spun out very long dragged out uncondensed replete colossal unreduced cavelike consummate particularized advanced insidious liberal immanent interminable circumstantial ubiquitary rich profuse precise permeative permeant suffusive unabbreviated revolutionary intercontinental continuing explicit full-out elaborated accurate persistent gaping heavy-duty maximal seriatim full-length fat searching the works desperate stringent aggregate sedulous itemized sustained draconian chasmal forceful categorical lingering all-pervasive all-present ever-present discursive assiduous encompassing unmitigated unconditional all-pervading particularised overlong full-on itemised considered diligent undisputed dragging one-size-fits-all longish mundane accepted remote tall stretch stringy running towering lanky gangling lofty company-wide far-off straight-out giant cushy proper panned broadly-based luxurious systemwide one-to-one life-size unrestrained unbounded earnest high-ceilinged collective bodywide straggly straggling completed definitive world unblemished final full-spectrum contagious catching infectious unexpurgated conclusive personal immediate spacey raging current frequent never-ending time-consuming lengthwise encyclopedical encyclopaedical abysmal wholistic plenteous adequate experienced meaningful maximum untouched rounded unanimous epizootic uncompromising excessive categoric choate largest unflawed definite holistic everything the word exclusive all over gross slow bulk quantitative ultra iconoclastic wide open technical developed pure sheer numerous scenic ruling regnant commanding many thronged multitudinous undamaged endlong unmarred long-run no stone unturned communicable without exception most efficient firsthand direct wordy prolix verbose long-winded well furnished very common enumerated finicky big picture all in from A to Z national systematic abiding durable unmarked uninterrupted purposeful broad in content including all members including all categories customary celestial empyrean terrestrial usual stellar essential elemental point-by-point delayed in quantity in bulk dedicated expert focused functional systemic non-selective broad-minded diverse tolerant diversified unsectarian unbigoted solid rolling faultless at length state top-to-bottom root-and-branch linear longstanding in the mass special intimate leaving no stone unturned thick latitudinous beamy intense flexible undogmatic long-standing long-running scattered first-hand specialized focussed specialised encircling complicated synoptic containing general-purpose open-minded world-wide varied unspecialized multiculti all-purpose unprejudiced lavish concerted hollow complex unshortened unimpaired sufficient longitudinal indeterminate receptive charitable leading bulky good strapping packed husky walloping bull oversize whopper mammoth chock-full burly whopping thundering jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster mondo heavyweight healthy awash ponderous tremendous gigantic brimming crowded all over the country from Land's End to John O'Groats far reaching sepulchral vigorous strenuous demanding all-absorbing radial widening growing the big picture of great scope the whole shebang dispersed specially designed wide physically unfathomable dark close conscientious methodical continuous sophisticated satisfying can't get away from whole-length full-blooded whole enchilada hook line and sinker whole nine yards super colossal gloomy concave resonant echoing reverberant sunken dismal explosive vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy terrible resolute frightful hellacious dreadful determined blistering furious keen acute ferocious almighty fearful all-encompassing all-embracing in detail difficult involved chambered deep-set alveolate socketed accelerated fast insistent speeded-up fanned out thoroughly extensively king-size increased oversized king-sized a whale of a unfurled unrolled proffered conferred curved inward tricky unfolded king size


Again and again in the same way
evermore always eternally ever forever forevermore endlessly ay aye ceaselessly constantly e'er everlastingly henceforth indelibly permanently perpetually unceasingly for always hereafter in perpetuity in perpetuum ad infinitum continually ever after for all time for ever for evermore forever more for aye for ever and ever until the end of time until hell freezes over to the end of time until the cows come home until the twelfth of never interminably continuously relentlessly on and on unendingly incessantly repeatedly unremittingly on until doomsday tirelessly until kingdom come at length regularly till the cows come home neverendingly onward consistently unrelentingly onwards never-ending unlimitedly to infinity forth nonstop forwards henceforward unfadingly unchangingly ahead hence without limit till the end of time persistently forward all the time without a pause 24/7 for a long time without interruption non-stop without a break into eternity having no end and beyond once and for all for good and all till hell freezes over for good moving ahead frequently considerably sine die indefinitely uninterruptedly without rest away without stopping without break for keeps enduringly for eternity for all future time immortally abidingly world without end invariably timelessly deathlessly perdurably sempiternally imperishably till Doomsday unfailingly for life until Kingdom come now and forever for ever more till death do us part till blue in the face night and day undyingly lastingly too long at all times till cows come home good never to return immutably inalterably steadfastly recurrently conclusively usually anytime definitively infinitely durably by any chance in any case decisively irrevocably to the end for all eternity to a finish till you're blue in the face day and night morning, noon and night the entire time for a lifetime for an infinite amount of time finally absolutely for the rest of eternity for ever so long

Trái nghĩa của without end

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