Đồng nghĩa của overall

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Đồng nghĩa: boilers suit, boilersuit, total, whole,

Tính từ

Being predominant across, or applying to, a broad spectrum
gross comprehensive universal inclusive master ruling sweeping prevailing wholesale public blanket popular majority received umbrella global worldwide international all-around all-round broad pandemic across-the-board broad-brush nationwide countrywide coast-to-coast across the board all-embracing all-inclusive company-wide general extensive widespread total thorough complete wide-ranging full far-reaching common exhaustive generic wide overarching all-encompassing encyclopedic panoramic encyclopaedic indiscriminate compendious embracive catholic bird's-eye in-depth all-in nonspecific thoroughgoing mass wall-to-wall cyclopedic extended unlimited omnibus absolute expansive large-scale broad-gauge broad-gauged cover-all outright all-out pervasive whole broad-spectrum collective ubiquitous prevalent rampant pervading deep interdisciplinary entire multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary ecumenical rife omnipresent state unconditional unmitigated infinite epidemic ample permeating national overwhelming basic broad-ranging inescapable radical one-size-fits-all diffuse grand unrestricted rangy without exception out-and-out far-flung broad-based straight-out all in panned effective non-specific large unbounded panoptic everything all encompassing standard all-purpose nonexclusive net statewide predominant wide-reaching far-ranging boundless aggregate integrated cosmopolitan outspread preponderate wholistic replete maximal detailed full-scale regional rounded broad in content including all members including all categories thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective generalised exaggerated overstated overdrawn eclectic unanimous multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical accepted holistic on a large scale all over the place in the mass in quantity in bulk bulk quantitative non-selective clean interstate full-on big picture full-blown encircling containing integral plenary lock stock and barrel the whole shebang in depth compleat the big picture comprising intact of great scope discursive perfect synoptic the works all-over from Land's End to John O'Groats all over the country unconfined limitless endless catchall taken as a whole catch-all all-together in toto all together with everything included ball-of-wax vast significant major profound everywhere huge great big sizable important massive humongous hefty intercontinental unqualified immense ubiquitary encyclopaedical encyclopedical abundant undisputed very common all-present ever-present present everywhere all-pervading all-pervasive oversimplified over-general long expanded lengthy imprecise protracted scopic scopious unexclusive planetary wall to wall world momentous nondiscriminatory cosmic open-door open accessible to everyone free-for-all free to all non-restrictive non-exclusive welcoming open to the public life-changing ambitious influential weighty consequential leading spacious whopping thundering substantial bulky jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster heavy-duty roomy good mondo strapping enormous heavyweight packed healthy husky copious walloping awash capacious fat bull oversize ponderous colossal voluminous tremendous whopper mammoth commodious gigantic chock-full brimming considerable burly crowded of moment of significance of great import of consequence super colossal a whale of a

Tính từ

Total or entire
total entire whole complete full gross overarching unmitigated long-range long-term comprehensive perfect grand exhaustive integral compleat intact aggregate thorough unabridged undivided combined plenary broad extensive undiminished unbroken outright full-blown full-scale utter wide-ranging integrated categorical composite all-inclusive uncondensed faultless unreduced conclusive uncut unabbreviated unqualified inclusive full-length absolute thoroughgoing unimpaired maximal all-out pure whole enchilada whole nine yards far-reaching replete resounding unambiguous emphatic overwhelming final ample categoric lock stock and barrel out-and-out downright systematic veritable unshortened unified sheer finished clean all choate indivisible organic whole-hog whole-length full-dress full-out hook line and sinker full-on full-blooded the works all-encompassing added full-fledged before tax before deductions accumulated whole shebang in sum whole schmear whole ball of wax collected collective corporate mixed cumulative assembled piled heaped summative amassed completed detailed consummate unblemished unexpurgated untouched maximum unflawed unmarred undamaged uninterrupted unmarked unedited sound solid in one piece uncensored unscathed unharmed unspoilt seamless unspoiled inviolate clear continuous imperforate virgin unhurt undefiled unsullied scatheless pristine unrevised standard-length undocked unitary long uneaten bright impeccable consolidated livelong round sweeping plain all-in-one airtight unstained one-piece bulletproof unpolluted stainless undisturbed sacred unprofaned advanced flawless uninjured unviolated developed unadulterated uncontaminated together unmutilated unsevered full-sized fully developed indiscrete fully fledged fully grown fully formed all in one piece

Tính từ

Generally accepted as correct or true
received common customary general popular prevailing accepted acknowledged collective conventional familiar generic prevalent regular ruling standard typical admitted average mainstream majority normal orthodox pervasive public routine shared stereotypical stock usual acquired commonplace habitual honoured honored household traditional ubiquitous universal widespread accustomed derived hackneyed prosaic proverbial stereotyped vulgar well established run-of-the-mill widely held bog-standard rife established broad predominant ordinary rampant in circulation current wide joint recognized wonted natural global communal blanket recognised in force in vogue across the board middle-of-the-road extensive conformist traditionalist pervading everyday net endemic confirmed set fixed chief favorite favourite uneventful humdrum main principal well worn matter-of-course time-honoured dominant major mass prime supreme preponderant dominating central foremost regnant national overarching outright comprehensive number-one focal pre-eminent nationwide societal sweeping wholesale epidemic total all-round broad-spectrum all-around across-the-board broad-brush pivotal preeminent mutual composite cumulative combined cooperative consolidated socialistic all-embracing unified complete concentrated collated united aggregate compiled assembled social expected classic characteristic unexceptional classical settled archetypal archetypical garden-variety frequent representative standard-issue unremarkable plain quotidian regulation workaday standardized typic standardised common or garden vanilla daily quintessential going model exemplary cut-and-dried cut-and-dry ideal prototypical day-to-day illustrative symbolic emblematic paradigmatic garden variety indicative essential staple time-honored old hat suggestive archetypic well-known prototypal patterned prototypic in keeping in character chronic approved sanctioned predictable understood simple constant basic true prescriptive long-established fashionable methodical bland known acceptable renowned authorized mediocre mundane repeated undistinguished indifferent periodic recognizable stipulated authorised rooted garden permanent recognisable plastic boilerplate well known canonical agreed upon comfortable present median valid formulaic discreet inconspicuous scheduled monotonous domestic next legendary famed notorious famous seasonal agreed orderly one-size-fits-all acquainted wont sop unsophisticated par for the course endorsed self-evident unquestioned axiomatic in established usage tralatitious ritual recurring homespun humble native same old touted prescribed believed standard operating procedure in the groove playing it safe by the numbers according to Hoyle in a rut reputed infamous preferred unopposed passed legit okayed unexceptionable identified documented perceived declared anodyne allowed realized remembered common variety matter-of-fact definitive steady periodical professed realised tried and true tried and tested arrived at textbook ongoing addicting repetitious practised practiced iterative disciplined mechanical reiterative perfunctory iterated consistent systematic cyclic seasoned automatic long-term stale imitable nondescript deadpan blank expressionless trite dull widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted official grind white-bread so-so dreary boring drab characterless dyed-in-the-wool inveterate indistinctive featureless neutral faceless noncommittal uninspired pedestrian entrenched vernacular folk unofficial informal unmemorable unexciting well-established neither one thing nor the other lacklustre forgettable lackluster middling amateur amateurish banal insignificant nowhere jake proven historic stable ingrained deep-rooted widely used second-rate not so hot nothing to get excited about a dime a dozen half-pie bush-league nothing to write home about run of the mill no great shakes not very good nothing special middle of the road plain vanilla ten a penny not much cop OK not up to much old old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized secure unshakable vested most important most common

Phó từ

With everything taken into consideration
generally in general altogether largely substantially predominantly mostly mainly chiefly principally basically all in all by and large primarily all things considered for the most part generally speaking on balance taking everything into consideration to a large extent all around all told as a rule collectedly collectively inclusively in the main on average on the whole to a great degree together typically usually commonly essentially effectively above all normally ordinarily especially customarily habitually as a general rule particularly first and foremost preponderantly in the general run of things taking everything into account in general terms in a general sense as a whole almost always fundamentally to all intents and purposes broadly to a great extent widely conventionally extensively traditionally in most cases everything included in great measure all together across the board in the aggregate materially taken together in total predominately notably naturally historically everything considered more often than not in toto most of the time almost entirely en masse for all intents and purposes in all regularly considerably roughly cardinally preeminently dominantly prodigally generously prodigiously liberally comprehensively immoderately copiously voluminously extravagantly abundantly lavishly expansively considering everything at large at the end of the day much as a body in particular pre-eminently given the circumstances on a large scale in a grand manner in a big way needless to say everything being equal in sum when all's said and done counting them all all up all-around invariably bodily conjointly holistically virtually routinely spesh standardly for everything for the lot most importantly with everything taken into account considering in most instances in the first place as a matter of course to the greatest extent most of all greatly hugely highly sizably vastly tremendously massively in effect in essence heavily really enormously astronomically colossally monumentally staggeringly monstrously stupendously in essentials in reality in fact in substance big-time grandly magnificently commodiously imposingly summa summarum universally natch popularly roundly faithfully of course many a time elementally centrally intrinsically inherently elementarily vitally crucially indispensably necessarily underlyingly integrally constitutionally importantly pivotally rudimentarily firstly primely critically primitively basally radically originally foundationally at heart quintessentially requisitely structurally significantly innately at bottom first of all focally supremely introductorily constitutively when all is said and done paramountly characteristically saliently majorly deep down au fond ingrainedly capitally constituently when you get right down to it ultimately often mandatorily imperatively compulsorily necessitously obligatorily consequentially frequently foremostly initially primordially most often organically substantively profoundly immanently before anything else at the heart of tellingly beyond everything before everything specially primally specifically causally nuclearly practically overarchingly in many instances in the majority of cases many times when it comes down to it after all needfully burningly axiomatically deeply theoretically axiologically actually connectedly consistently sometimes unremarkably occasionally USU wontly wontedly approximately determinately as is usual as usual truly factually intimately as is the custom now and then now and again once and again more or less divisionally fractionally compositely formatively partly partially factorially first throughly arterially incipiently truely natively connately congenitally indigenously in the early stages to start with to begin with by birth from day one at the outset at the beginning from the start by origin at first in the early days at the start in the beginning from the word go in the first instance at the bottom

Danh từ

A garment worn for manual labor

Danh từ

A sleeveless dress, often similar to an apron, generally worn over other clothes

Trái nghĩa của overall

overall Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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