Đồng nghĩa của in depth

Alternative for in depth

Đồng nghĩa: in depth(p),

Phó từ

In a manner denoting great attention to detail
completely comprehensively exhaustively extensively fully meticulously rigorously thoroughly well assiduously methodically painstakingly scrupulously carefully in detail from top to bottom in great depth closely with attention to detail conscientiously intensively through and through minutely in great detail to the fullest extent at length sweepingly intensely from A to Z up and down inside out at great length sedulously earnestly diligently in and out totally systematically roundly efficiently detailedly leaving no stone unturned deeply blow by blow point by point item by item significantly properly effectively consummately entirely considerably competently from beginning to end categorically exclusively profoundly from the ground up from stem to stern undividedly up hard highly meaningfully in-depth attentively searchingly heedfully unremittingly keenly critically thoughtfully industriously scrutinizingly whole hog exactly precisely perfectly correctly accurately wholly punctiliously particularly reliably altogether utterly specifically unambiguously consistently regularly in order with full details at large fastidiously watchfully delicately concentratedly intently solidly entire plumb even dead out flat fast quite all soundly full heartily wide enough clean conclusively faithfully raptly purposefully sharply alertly fixedly doggedly to the limit to the max en masse in toto all the way hook line and sinker in all to the end heart and soul absolutely in full without omission to the nth degree in entirety on all counts to the core very well intimately all of all over determinedly regardfully steadily observantly finely laboriously trustily dependably faultlessly right notably in specie definitely indicatively especially pointedly concretely honorably providently validly explicitly authoritatively with a fine-tooth comb honourably with forethought without error bang on word for word spot on on the money

Phó từ

In a comprehensive, exhaustive or extensive way
at length completely fully thoroughly totally all altogether clean comprehensively dead detailedly enough entire entirely even exactly exhaustively fast flat full heartily minutely out perfectly plumb quite roundly soundly sweepingly systematically utterly well wholly wide all of all over extensively in detail inside out through and through to the fullest extent from the ground up from stem to stern up and down meticulously painstakingly closely scrupulously rigorously effectively methodically intensively to the max carefully from beginning to end all the way from A to Z in and out from top to bottom earnestly intensely consistently regularly in order to pieces for fair to bits in whole to the hilt down the line down to the ground critically precisely properly conscientiously consummately punctiliously competently assiduously sedulously exclusively in great detail profoundly efficiently undividedly leaving no stone unturned with attention to detail categorically in great depth accurately finely with a fine-tooth comb solidly to the limit en masse in toto hook line and sinker in all to the end heart and soul absolutely in full without omission to the nth degree conclusively in entirety on all counts one hundred per cent downright in all respects just in every respect unconditionally outright totes unmitigatedly undisputedly all in all every inch wholeheartedly unrestrictedly unqualifiedly stark bang without reservation lock, stock and barrel to the maximum extent flat-out unreservedly radically without exception to the core positively in every way really extremely very right definitely unequivocally explicitly ultimately firmly top to bottom purely terribly full blast at all deeply unconstrainedly reservedly uniquely without qualification one-hundred percent out-and-out royally from first to last out and out plentifully from soup to nuts intimately abundantly all out amply plainly emphatically unquestionably adamantly directly round resolutely root and branch deadly hook, line and sinker finally plain a hundred per cent decidedly immensely exceedingly very much unco uncommonly extraordinarily most majorly fair mighty jolly real seriously exceeding way lekker powerful devilish ever so implicitly veritably unlimitedly limitlessly infinitely correctly strictly truly literally prompt faithfully smack-dab expressly sharp truthfully squarely due faultlessly specifically unerringly veraciously the ticket on the nose on the nail to the letter on the money no mistake indeed for sure on the dot severely bang on to a T for certain spot on for a fact square on the button

Tính từ

Covering everything and all that is relevant
complete comprehensive extensive broad exhaustive expansive full in-depth panoptic sweeping thorough universal compendious general global unrestricted blanket cyclopedic encyclopaedic encyclopedic wide embracive inclusive all-in cover-all panoramic omnibus broad-gauge broad-gauged wide-ranging all-embracing all-inclusive all-encompassing detailed total thoroughgoing all-out far-reaching meticulous intensive careful widespread profound minute out-and-out whole catholic painstaking absolute scrupulous overall across-the-board overarching clean full-scale particular wall-to-wall elaborate grand radical across the board unlimited deep entire blow-by-blow all-around assiduous full-dress particularized circumstantial exact concentrated whole-hog perfect umbrella rigorous interdisciplinary multidisciplinary ample broad-ranging cross-disciplinary conscientious specific full-blown particularised itemized pervasive efficient from A to Z intense all-round serious lock stock and barrel methodical dreadful searching concerted vigorous sedulous strenuous itemised major all-absorbing discursive intact proper integral plenary abundant plentiful copious compleat infinite wholesale significant consummate unqualified systematic worldwide regular categorical thorough-going precise extended far-flung rangy bird's-eye large-scale broad-brush soup to nuts clocklike tough all the way slam-bang royal plenty vast broad-spectrum broad-based full-spectrum encyclopaedical encyclopedical encompassing unbounded unabridged panned earnest considerable thoroughpaced definitive all in full-out life-size one-to-one unrestrained plenteous adequate common long choate uncut largest technical substantial meaningful omnipresent ubiquitous catchall the word most elaborated international no stone unturned collective functional dedicated expert focused profuse lavish rich explicit seriatim stage by stage step by step pandemic pervading generic prevalent important leaving no stone unturned permeating cosmopolitan ecumenical accurate liberal sufficient diligent considered purposeful in toto catch-all all together with everything included ball-of-wax without exception all-together momentous rampant inescapable focussed specialised specialized unanimous multinational mundane worldly astronomical diffuse accepted personal immediate satisfying life-changing ambitious intricate experienced demanding crash round-the-clock telescoped total-immersion all-over in detail generalized unselective generalised exaggerated overstated overdrawn influential far-ranging weighty consequential exclusive specially designed close utter firsthand direct penetrating of great import of moment of significance of consequence one-size-fits-all explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hellacious hard ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy determined blistering furious terrible resolute keen acute ferocious almighty fearful frightful downright outright sheer unconditional essential elemental persistent accelerated fast severe insistent speeded-up unmitigated rank pure intimate special unadulterated positive undivided unalloyed prize arrant real veritable first-hand eclectic bodacious undisputed dead categoric deadly definite ultimate blank stark stone very fair plumb unbroken unequivocal flat simple limitless blooming coast-to-coast nationwide countrywide uninterrupted right crashing unreserved totalitarian encircling containing comprising synoptic flat-out straight-out the works dyed-in-the-wool deep-dyed the whole shebang the big picture of great scope cotton-picking through and through popular rife prevailing usual conventional customary standard indiscriminate predominant established current public mainstream ordinary epidemic stock endemic typical planetary normal ruling cosmic recognized accustomed mass intercontinental commonplace boundless shared recognised habitual frequent orthodox all-purpose widely held majority immense present everywhere wonted familiar in circulation received natural well established flexible world company-wide unspecialized all-pervading everywhere everyday overwhelming all-pervasive routine in vogue large nonspecific traditional acknowledged endless wide-reaching great regnant multiracial multipurpose all over the place going versatile ubiquitary multiuse diverse varied diversified run-of-the-mill foreign constant transnational stereotypical in force adopted all-present ever-present insidious immanent quotidian permeative permeant suffusive outspread stereotyped household existing congruous set nonexclusive numerous traditionalist unspecified non-exclusive average general purpose all general-purpose fashionable proverbial huge scopic big sizable systemic massive humongous unconfined hefty stellar dominant preponderant vulgar never-ending in style in fashion widely believed supernational non-sectarian non-denominational unifying all-comprehensive systemwide non-specific vague all over bodywide gross everything mutual well-known basic ongoing national communal joint very common preponderate supranational celestial empyrean terrestrial repeated master admitted typic spreading contagious catching infectious embraced united like raging net societal acquired honored recurring latitudinous broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted can't get away from hazy nebulous obscure epizootic in use prosaic hackneyed derived multicultural offshore Continental expanded lengthy recurrent middle-of-the-road broad in content including all members including all categories undogmatic non-selective outstretched intermutual commutual on a large scale protracted many thronged multitudinous honoured thoroughly extensively commonest communicable aggregate integrated contemporary present latest extant modern taken as a whole open-minded world-wide multiculti unprejudiced perpetual predictable scopious maximal wholistic replete predominating circulating over-general oversimplified heterogeneous rounded unexclusive operative main preponderating principal indeterminate receptive charitable bog-standard holistic drastic reiterated incessant continual by the numbers fundamental steady full-on big picture superior desperate forceful stringent many-sided assorted imprecise nondiscriminatory draconian afoot wall to wall miscellaneous multifarious day-to-day monotonous daily revolutionary about all-encompassing all-embracing nonspecialized untechnical piebald raggle-taggle ragtag magpie manifold motley mixed patchwork multifaceted kitchen-sink promiscuous selective open-door non-restrictive open welcoming bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of reigning dilettantish ceaseless continuous unending nonstop on everyone's lips free-for-all open to the public multiform mingled garden free to all accessible to everyone stereotypable reducible garden-variety conformist common or garden self-evident straightforward unprofessional lay self-explanatory nonprofessional inexpert discernible apparent obvious observable evident illimitable immeasurable bottomless leading spacious bulky roomy good strapping enormous packed husky walloping capacious bull oversize whopper mammoth commodious chock-full burly whopping thundering jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster mondo heavyweight healthy awash fat ponderous colossal voluminous tremendous gigantic brimming crowded measureless incalculable nontechnical super colossal a whale of a everlasting inexhaustible untold countless generalisable broad based generalizable unfathomable unfailing horizonless indefinite immensurable fathomless inestimable wide open unfathomed no end to numberless incomprehensible no end of no strings interminable on tap ad nauseam eternal most usual most frequent

Tính từ

(of a measurement) Extending a specified distance from the top, surface, or outer edge

Tính từ

(of statements or instructions) Precise and clear
specific exact precise unambiguous unequivocal well defined pinpoint detailed explicit clear express accurate clear-cut meticulous categorical definite clearly defined correct definitive crystal clear defined strict distinct error-free direct literal unmistakable unquestionable univocal full thorough complete comprehensive exhaustive minute elaborate particular particularized all-inclusive circumstantial itemized all-embracing extensive blow-by-blow painstaking developed encyclopedic encyclopaedic elaborated particularised seriatim enumerated itemised finicky point-by-point at length concrete black-and-white cut-and-dried well-defined outright manifest set plain certain determined established obvious conclusive narrow determinate convinced hard straightforward absolute sharp clean-cut true decisive close faithful black and white hard and fast cut and dried emphatic stark understandable unambivalent indubitable nonambiguous evident unblurred transparent lucid spelled out right open-and-shut sharply defined clearly expressed proper veracious good bang on dead-on spot-on on-target on the nose surgical individual on the money on the button authentic inch-perfect fixed measured circumscribed confirmed finite bounded limited restricted sure positive assigned prescribed settled final decided firm unarguable guaranteed beyond doubt proven patent assured confident recognized crisp well-marked undubitable well-grounded silhouetted stated ringing forthright known distinguishable graphic incisive noteworthy palpable severe audible pronounced visible bold significant vivid recognised tangible as plain as the nose on your face not vague as plain as daylight

Tính từ

Most intimate or private
innermost deep private intimate personal profound deepest hidden veiled deep-seated inward secret true underlying concealed masked unexpressed unrevealed heartfelt honest in-depth real sincere unapparent inmost bottled up deeply felt unvoiced inner undisclosed undeclared confidential privy inside sneaking darkest unspoken nonpublic guarded interior internal esoteric hushed non-public individual covert clandestine reserved secretive shrouded closed closet unseen top-secret tight-lipped unavowed unconfessed undivulged suppressed exclusive inlying hush-hush behind-the-scenes psychological religious inner-directed within intellectual spiritual classified privileged restricted off the record top secret unofficial unpublished not for publication one-on-one close quiet protected mum mom backdoor under wraps not for circulation not to be disclosed not to be made public personalized discreet unknown censored sub rosa underground untold undercover personalised one-to-one incognito dissembled strictly confidential home bosom repressed buried ulterior obscured obscure strict tight unacknowledged uncommunicated dissimulated carefully guarded closely guarded sub-rosa under-the-table individualised individualized in private stealthy stealth surreptitious sneaky furtive backstage backstairs between ourselves between you and me and the wall between you and me between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the bedpost between you and me and the doorpost underhanded offstage sneak inconspicuous dark underhand not open hugger-mugger behind the scenes close to one's chest behind someone's back cloak-and-dagger under one's hat tête-à-tête in camera hole-and-corner not in the public domain face-to-face direct head-to-head sensitive soft low dern arcane

Tính từ

Done with or showing thought and attention
careful painstaking conscientious scrupulous meticulous attentive accurate fastidious particular punctilious thorough assiduous fussy precise deliberate diligent exhaustive heedful industrious judicious methodical orderly provident rigorous sedulous cautious circumspect dedicated exact faithful finicky full intensive laborious strict thoughtful concerned elaborate exacting observant prim regardful religious searching solid thoroughgoing chary correct discreet loving nice perfectionist pernickety persnickety picky selfdisciplined strenuous in-depth going to great lengths by the book by the numbers detailed close demanding minute systematic delicate complete choosy finical studious pedantic discriminating critical refined regular efficient ultra-careful choosey fine comprehensive punctual unerring ordered dainty persevering formal structured finicking scientific discerning fussbudgety overnice hard-working organized nitpicking selective old-maidish businesslike mathematical all-out hairline tough all-inclusive faddy logical planned methodic all-embracing pinpoint neat keen proper nit-picky extensive hard to please nit-picking faddish well organized conscionable organised systematized earnest sweeping spot-on intent persistent coherent rigid unflagging zealous fixed methodized out-and-out constant systematised severe discriminative literal profound well ordered choicy sharp difficult hair-splitting skilful skillful busy concentrated unmistakable defined acute squeamish tidy explicit over-particular active blow-by-blow full-dress disciplined well-ordered veridical tireless stringent true right engaged employed bustling well-regulated faultless reliable serious working matter-of-fact total well thought out plugging encyclopedic deep stiff sensitive particularized definite routine on the button all-encompassing far-reaching on the nose compendious itemized practical controlled hairsplitting clean clocklike inflexible universal embracive inclusive cyclopedic circumstantial intense panoramic omnibus perceptive arranged prissy hypercritical specific whole-hog from A to Z encyclopaedic systematical together authentic veracious cover-all all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged difficult to please indefatigable truthful factual well planned well regulated uncompromising untiring just genuine astute swotty tied-up hopping occupied particularised itemised deft concrete distinct perfect definitive discriminatory ultraprecise tasteful full-scale fussbudget hard subtle clear-cut steady determined nuanced widespread considered purposeful standardized dependable conventional sticklerish over-fastidious overcritical heavy hellacious select eclectic puritanical pass-remarkable inch-perfect global eager beaver overdelicate standard consistent exquisite slick rough well-organized finespun radical opinionated analytical coordinated fiddly spot on on the mark bang on standardised expeditious stickling joined-up effective impossible to please soup to nuts all the way royal plenty absolute slam-bang wary on the money watchful focused important stickler concentrating listening unwearied alert unremitting grinding whiz considerable professional thoroughpaced calculated measured focussed microscopic carping nonrandom mincing workaday meaningful substantial significant tricky duteous stilted decorous stiff-necked ceremonious starchy umbrella overprecise competent complex complicated pure prudish stuffy thoroughly extensively sure captious easily disgusted queasy very careful wall-to-wall fretful fuddy-duddy obsessive priggish full-blown catholic practised precision upright overparticular civil seemly formalistic overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous no stone unturned the word cultivated crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's ultra-fine fine-drawn dead on incorrupted winning superior nifty Victorian strait-laced schoolmarmish pragmatic unwavering hanging in hanging tough playing safe concerted lethal deadly on target well aimed shrewd insightful perspicacious right on good eye walking on eggs practiced accomplished enterprising hardworking direct vigorous all-absorbing errorless cultured discriminational differential minding p's and q's heart and soul into unambiguous flawless certain prompt timely artistic aesthetic specialized specialised infallible explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious fearsome ghastly high-pressure fierce terrible resolute frightful dreadful blistering furious ferocious almighty fearful wise with good taste individualising prudent individualizing esthetic error-free accelerated fast insistent speeded-up dogged driven tenacious lifelike fair convincing realistic committed steadfast pertinacious immediate seasonable on time early speedy unrelenting eager veristic verisimilar recurrent in good time on the dot periodic cyclic quick ready true to life slogging operose persisting plodding telling it like it is on the nail fact-based on the beam testing challenging to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed arduous gruelling taxing spot on time under the wire bang on time onerous toilsome word-perfect grueling burdensome leaving no stone unturned as it really happened murderous killer back-breaking tall uphill pick-and-shovel tiring moiling backbreaking killing Augean sweaty punishing formidable effortful rugged herculean exigent Herculean trying weighty grievous oppressive trim well-kept shipshape in order regulated framed set-up alike uniform spick-and-span rangé all together in apple-pie order to rights in shape neat as button neat as pin in good shape unequivocal clear unquestionable real valid unvarnished indubitable categorical undeniable conclusive veritable irrefutable indisputable honest actual good unembellished positive straightforward plain dead-on incontrovertible incontestable undistorted bona fide on-target obvious patent verbatim certified manifest legitimate authoritative proven unassailable sound express credible undoubted inarguable beyond doubt verifiable trustworthy so unfailing legit kosher evident beyond question objective sure-enough unadulterated final unarguable unchallengeable established word for word impeccable decisive demonstrable unimpeachable certifiable irrefragable unanswerable palpable emphatic historical dinkum accepted unembroidered unqualified compelling watertight self-evident decided transparent beyond dispute assured echt dead right open and shut undeviating pukka pucka natural unelaborated appropriate existent documentary nonfictional official downright authenticated firm very undebatable inerrant exactly right observable univocal de facto apodictic crystal clear uncontroversial surefire confirmed not in doubt sure-fire fail-safe unalloyed beyond a shadow of a doubt undisputed naturalistic on the level attested rich surgical simple creditable similar well defined unexaggerated unfaked fitting unabridged true-to-life outright acceptable unmistaken elaborated word-for-word dead inevitable seriatim without error all right guaranteed letter-for-letter fit ultimate bare sensible determinate safe verified demonstrative apparent foolproof failsafe nailed-on pronounced marked acknowledged clinching well founded settled set can't-miss honest-to-goodness double-checked airtight undisputable to the letter cold florid bull's-eye straight from horse's mouth as plain as a pikestaff nailed down just right as true as I'm sitting here staring one in the face for real no mistake stated as true as I'm standing here true story case just so clearly defined historically veracious resembling vérité topical intrinsic unswerving utter reputable unrefuted unshakable uncanny historically faithful individual believable what really happened what actually happened unmitigated consummate satisfactory sheer preferable inerrable invariable gospel stark uncontestable unequivocable well grounded well-proven in accordance with the facts well-defined on the ball admissible arrant irrevocable impregnable invincible irresistible letter for letter narrow in accordance with reality ideal hunky-dory overt recognized confirmable doubtless real life immaculate amen solemn sure thing no two ways about it learned plentiful copious profuse abundant lavish ample identical blunt secure unadorned pat well-founded well-grounded flat undoubtable scholarly based on facts ordinary written usual verbal liberal sufficient telling irrebuttable overwhelming forceful ironclad odds-on apodeictic in the bag as sure as eggs is eggs recognised questionless graphic characteristic archetypal representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical in every respect perspicuous lucid line-for-line just what the doctor ordered just what we need rational artless unaffected straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy understandable easily understandable clearly expressed documented righteous respected supported circumstantiated validated unbiased unprejudiced establishable down pat beyond a shadow of doubt for certain no ifs ands or buts without doubt on the right track free of error average unpretentious undesigning unpretending normal developed cinematic filmic vivid nof ifs ands or buts historically accurate can bet on it not figurative apt satisfying literatim enumerated honest-to-God straight sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly suitable dinky-di pictorial true-life card-carrying in detail broad-ranging point-by-point real McCoy orthodox original at length true-blue undeceptive due visual retentive unfabled on the numbers from the horse's mouth deductive experimental tested efficacious unfeigned applicable no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact lawful photographic camera-friendly photogenic picturesque sovereign proved legal high-principled uncounterfeited bonafide meet qualified felicitous pretty desired becoming suited befitting tried and true insured concluded stipulated tried and tested warranted ensured on the line on the up and up like it is de règle fair dinkum tangible material corporeal set in stone

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