Đồng nghĩa của intrigued

Alternative for intrigued

intrigues, intrigued, intriguing

Đồng nghĩa: amour, conspiracy, love affair, plot, romance, scheme,

Tính từ

Tending to ask questions or to investigate, typically for information or knowledge
attracted interested fascinated absorbed captivated charmed curious entertained excited keen inquisitive eager moved riveted gripped agog attentive intent engrossed enticed affected stimulated entranced roused inspired hooked impressed inspirited enquiring inquiring into focused drawn caught predisposed rapt obsessed sold beady-eyed focussed lured touched taken earnest snoopy nosy responsive awakened fired all ears gone occupied struck sympathetic open eat sleep and breathe on the case burning with curiosity bewitched besotted enamoured enamored fond crazed smitten mesmerised mesmerized spellbound mad keen on enthralled by devoted to passionate about struck on mad about fixated by addicted to hooked on riveted by interested in enamored of attached to enthusiastic about mesmerized by twitterpated by attracted to nuts about turned on gone on crazy about bewitched by besotted with infatuated with hungry for fascinated by intent on smitten with eager for sweet on love-struck by enchanted by charmed by hung up fond of captivated by wild about obsessed with taken with enamoured of beguiled by partial to gripped by intrigued by in love with questioning quizzical probing interrogative investigative querying scrutinizing examining inspecting enthusiastic enthused ambitious desirous avid ardent inquisitorial scrutinising enraptured beguiled hypnotized thrilled hypnotised delighted enchanted infatuated enthralled tempted won over sold on bedazzled amorous seduced transfixed titillated dazzled moonstruck mad on loving aroused in love breathless immersed involved tantalized transported head over heels stuck on of a mind to intoxicated tantalised under a spell crazy lovesick head over heels in love overpowered very interested sent very inquisitive extremely curious highly interested extremely interested very curious devoted ravished ensorcelled fallen for gaga about have a thing about awestruck dotty twitterpated silly about has a thing about swept off one's feet caught up overwhelmed amazed awestricken agape desiring inclined allured open-mouthed held starstruck under someone's spell stunned bent on concupiscent sensual impassioned warm salacious carnal frisky turned-on squirrelly

Tính từ

Preoccupied with something to the exclusion of everything else
engrossed absorbed immersed deep rapt intent involved engaged enthralled gripped lost occupied caught up fascinated attentive captivated focused focussed interested observant preoccupied riveted assiduous bugged busy consumed diligent gone held hooked industrious into monopolised monopolized sedulous submerged all ears beguiled by captivated by engaged in engaged with focused on gripped by intent on preoccupied by riveted by fiend for fixated by heavily into hung up hypnotized by intrigued by mesmerized by really into tied up turned on wrapped up all wound up caught up in head over heels taken up with up to here in mesmerized mesmerised spellbound hypnotized hypnotised entranced up to here locked in dialed in taken up distracted fixated infatuated intense eat sleep and breathe up to your ears deep in thought fixed transfixed hooked on concentrating enchanted enrapt obsessed passionate fanatical keen besotted buried concerned smitten devoted queer monomaniacal taken over single-minded preoccupied with sunk in nuts about stuck on dedicated to enthusiastic about single-minded about interested in gone on dotty about involved in hell-bent potty about possessed by crazy about engrossed in absorbed in wild on wound up wrapped up in hung up on devoted to immersed in obsessive about passionate about having a one-track mind beguiled happy connected charmed glued ignorant hanging on every word absentminded fascinated by distracted by entranced by taken up by distrait bound-up absent-minded dreamy abstracted enthralled by spellbound by somewhere else in a brown study wool-gathering not there in a world of one's own miles away with one's head in the clouds not with us earnest concentrated steady watchful enraptured studious enamored bewitched steadfast settled enthusiastic enticed alert enamoured set on deep in committed working employed delighted active bustling at work tied-up resolute transported dedicated motivated thrilled intoxicated hopping under a spell hard-pressed determined on the job on the go on the hop diverted taken knee-deep hard at it firm hard at work resolved obsessive prepossessed tickled pleased inflexible set ardent fervent amused exhilarated dazzled tantalized attracted seduced titillated entertained unavailable wrapped sent tantalised laborious overloaded in harness energetic snowed busy as a bee tied down rushed off your feet on the move have a prior engagement up to one's ears have one's hands full on assignment have a previous engagement busy as a beaver at it with a customer possessed up to your eyes up to your elbows entangled sunk steeped attached bent centered obsessed with busy with eager centred wackadoodle wackadoo infatuated with fanatical about paranoid neurotic insistent enfolded bound up on task laughing smiling besotted with impatient up to one's ears in fervid feverish crazy rapturous in the grip of ecstatic impassioned nuts full exclusive whole entire undivided all pleasantly occupied participating dotty on duty rhapsodic giddy elevated euphoric elated rhapsodical heady dutiful in a meeting blissful ravished influential faithful devout activist contributing on active service otherwise engaged cheered relaxed absent joyful inattentive dreaming overwhelmed content daydreaming unconscious oblivious strong-minded persistent pleasurably entertained dogged driven intensive in conference already taken tireless forward excited overpowered very interested aroused time-poor lively carried away blissed out having fun enjoying oneself having enough on one's plate having a full plate hustling harried having fish to fry efficient rushed off one's feet slaving in demand on the run having many irons in the fire hard-working hardworking go-getting two-fisted go-ahead fond of sold on in love with extremely curious very inquisitive highly interested extremely interested very curious utilized utilised clocked up on the trot too much on plate

Động từ

To have instigated the curiosity or attention of someone
interested attracted appealed to drew engrossed excited fascinated tempted captivated entertained enthralled lured snared tantalized titillated affected amused aroused concerned distracted engaged gripped hooked involved perked up pleased pulled touched mattered to mesmerised mesmerized moved riveted rivetted tantalised turned on beguiled bemused caught one's eye diverted enchanted grabbed immersed piqued absorbed absorpt aroused one's curiosity bewitched captured one's imagination engaged one's attention floated someone's boat held held one's attention lit someone's fire occupied preoccupied sat up tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite arrested busied enwrapped charmed spellbound allured entranced hypnotized seduced caught up hypnotised enticed enraptured transfixed magnetized magnetised bedazzled stimulated roused holden caught delighted won drawn dazzled wooed ensnared wiled invited monopolized won over held spellbound put under a spell monopolised ravished infatuated enamoured engulfed witched killed enslaved enamored courted held in awe sparked thrilled whetted captured provoked persuaded stirred employed fixed fixt inveigled fixated compelled kindled cajoled filled transported consumed gratified carried away overwhelmed inflamed soaked turned one's head gladdened held the attention of whetted the appetite of tied up made a hit with appealed swept off feet swept off one's feet teased wakened stirred up taken up took up spurred impressed encouraged incited impassioned galvanized instigated awakened decoyed gained seized buried led on coaxed enveloped baited betrayed solicited endeared influenced goaded wowed inspired vamped subjugated obsessed got going inclined taken took caught someone's eye got someone going got lost in held your attention become lost sucked in overpowered assimilated grabbed the attention of caught the eye of swept off your feet exerted influence on wrapped up tickled one's fancy rooted to the spot roped in tickled pink hogged applied turned one on come on attended revved up bound made someone's mouth water used up tickled your fancy kept busy cornered fired interested greatly exerted a pull on satisfied steered animated lost oneself in fired up galvanised upped on subdued caught hold of turned someone on held attention entrapped aroused the curiosity of intoxicated drawn one's attention drew one's attention bounden aroused curiosity gave the come-on to came on given the come-on to became lost sewed up sewn up thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in gotten going given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill done it for someone did it for someone raptured sent tickled bowled over exhilarated elated rapped humoured humored knocked dead mollified appeased placated pacified pleasured electrified cheered stupefied elevated induced rejoiced contented beckoned warmed suited indulged fulfilled set at ease pulled in brought in hit the spot picked up made happy tickle to death slayed hit on put off guard knocked out gladded agreed with pleased greatly stunned soothed converted misled petrified paralysed conciliated propitiated sweetened deluded gentled assuaged astounded quietened stilled solaced silenced delectated uplifted heartened tricked besotted befooled enlivened gorgonized halted overjoyed immobilized prompted led leaded regaled arrided disarmed tickled to death sent into transports reconciled made someone feel good obtained riveted the attention of stopped someone in their tracks brought around dragged paralyzed buoyed up got made a fool of secured brightened up trained slain grooved feasted comforted warmed the cockles of the heart stopped dead come on to palsied called forth slew immobilised convinced given a buzz brought forth held on to brought joy to urged made a hit with someone elicited gave someone a kick gave a buzz tranced won the affection of unarmed stopped in one's tracks sent into raptures swept you off your feet gassed drug given someone a kick subjected cheered up stopped one dead made content roped agitated rooted bucked up sufficed tickled the fancy of quickened besotten frozen froze argued into gotten gat drawn in drew in came on to taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away given pleasure to went over big got one's kicks gave pleasure to gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift gotten one's kicks gone over big gave joy to given great pleasure to gave someone a charge gave great pleasure to given joy to given someone a charge

Động từ

Past tense for to make secret plans to do something illicit or detrimental to someone
plotted schemed connived conspired machinated colluded contrived manoeuvred caballed compassed complotted devised finagled maneuvered planned angled cogitated operated cooked up framed up laid plans set up was in cahoots were in cahoots been in cahoots hatched a plot made secret plans worked hand in glove took part in a conspiracy taken part in a conspiracy put up wangled designed hatched masterminded participated in a conspiracy collaborated formed a conspiracy framed engineered consorted played games pulled strings abetted concocted coconspired promoted come up with put out a contract pulled wires thought up gotten in bed with got in bed with formed forged diddled confederated laid joined together collogued wired conceived brewed finessed manipulated negotiated hatched treason coordinated invented organized outlined arranged worked against cooperated fraternized projected drafted worked something out came up with sympathized worked together draughted organised fraternised sympathised worked closely wheeled and dealt wheeled and dealed roughed out cogitated on formulated plans engineered plans thought of conceived a plan dreamt up trumped up hatched plans gotten together got together assisted helped kept in countenance countenanced fostered aided and abetted fixed fixt fiddled holpen holp worked worked with bluffed jockeyed worked side by side with worked together with swung beguiled hustled exploited rigged influenced one-upped played brought off wrought lobbied swungen swang

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