Đồng nghĩa của busy with

Tính từ

To be heavily engrossed or immersed in a given task
involved engrossed absorbed immersed consumed interested preoccupied rapt caught up engaged riveted by focused on gripped by intent on up to one's ears in occupied enthralled deep intent captivated wrapped up busy focused focussed attentive riveted intrigued gripped hooked mesmerized observant spellbound into lost submerged tied up mesmerised all ears turned on hung up preoccupied by captivated by head over heels all wound up bound-up taken up abstracted eat sleep and breathe in a brown study buried ignorant entranced distracted bound up absentminded fascinated by distracted by entranced by absent-minded dreamy enthralled by taken up by spellbound by distrait in a world of your own miles away up to here somewhere else wool-gathering not there not with us with your head in the clouds fascinated industrious diligent assiduous sedulous held bugged monopolized gone monopolised engaged with beguiled by engaged in hypnotized by fixated by heavily into fiend for intrigued by mesmerized by really into caught up in taken up with up to here in attracted bewitched besotted enamoured enamored fond enticed crazed drawn agog smitten caught predisposed curious eager impressed moved inquisitive roused sold obsessed inspired touched lured stimulated affected excited mad taken inspirited keen on devoted to passionate about struck on mad about addicted to nuts about bewitched by partial to hooked on enthusiastic about smitten with fond of in love with eager for interested in sweet on gone on obsessed with crazy about twitterpated by love-struck by enamored of besotted with infatuated with attracted to taken with keen enamoured of hungry for enchanted by charmed by wild about attached to

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